Kelistina (Kel) Kavot Droda

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Name:Kelistina (Kel) Kavot Droda
Position:Zaroodian Refugee
Orientation:  Heterosexual
Birthplace:Kavot - Droda, Zarood
Height:7ft 3in / 2.21m
Weight:118lbs / 54kg
Hair:Several shades of violet and red mixed, giving it a vibrant purple appearance
Eye color:Deep gold/green
Played by:Stock Model



2364-2367: Mechanics Apprentice - Level I training

2367-2376: Shipbuilder Mechanics Apprentice - Level II training

2376- present: Shipbuilder Mechanics Apprentice - Level III training
Service Record

Kelistina was a young female Zaroodian refugee. She and a small group had survived the destruction of their home world on board a small vessel and searched for a place to resettle. After she had decided not to stay with the others on a small primitive planet and continued her journey she was eventually stranded on Qo’noS when the small ship she was on was damaged in an ion storm.



Kelistina was born in the Kavot Community on the Droda Grass Plains of Zarood. She was one of seven offspring. She was in the second litter of offspring to Lovota and Beritas. As a young child she spent most of her days with other children of the community in the protected area of the community while the adults either raised crops or herds of Hanad. As early as the age of two Kelistina had begun to show an interest in how things worked. Instead of playing with a toy that had moving parts, she would often try to dismantle it to discover what made it work.

At the age of five she was chosen to become an apprentice to a Master Shipbuilder by the name of Getanevo. She studied from other apprentices of his during the first 7 years of her training. By the age of 16 she was training with the Master’s First Assistant in a small group of other Level III Apprentices.

She went through the normal training on Zaroodia as an apprentice to a master machinist from the age of 5. While her skills in much of the advanced computer systems were lacking, her skills as a mechanic had progressed, although not at Master levels of her home world, her skills had afforded her the ability to fix almost any machine she had so far come across, if the damage was not too severe and she had the supplies at hand.

As part of her training, Kelistina was tasked with the regular maintenance on a variety of low-level systems for the planet’s growing space program. She and a small crew of 6 others were off planet working on an orbital station when the tragedy struck their home world. A rogue asteroid struck and decimated the planet’s surface, killing everyone almost instantly. The station was hit by a shock wave that sent it spiraling into space. None of the survivors had been trained in astronavigation which meant they had no idea where the critically damaged station had ended up. Without help they would be unable to keep the station operational, so they managed to escape on the small shuttle after several hours.

While their ship was warp capable, it only had top speed of about warp 3 seeing as it was a cargo ship used mostly between Zarood and the orbital station and had only recently modified to go beyond their own system. With no home to return to they put the ship on a course and would only stop when it became necessary to gather supplies. For most of the past 5 years she had been scavenging what she could to survive, first with the others and then on her own.

Kelistina, being the youngest, had not created a mating bond. While the others had paired off. It would have become too crowded on the ship with all the offspring so when they found a planet that was similar to Zarood, the other survivors decided they would stay put and raise their younglings there.

Kelistina had decided to keep looking for other survivors, even if she did not really believe there would be any. She hoped for something more than living a life of solitude on a planet that was so far behind in technology where her skills would be almost useless. She had been patching up the ship as best she could, given the circumstances, but had serious concerns that her skills had not advanced far enough to maintain all the systems indefinitely.

Kelistinia, or Kel, arrived on the Klingon Home world after her ship was damaged in an Ion storm. For the most part she had avoided dealing too much with what she terms as overly aggressive Klingons while working to repair her small ship. A lot of this had to do with her inability to understand their language. She had seen several members of the crew of Theurgy on the planet, observing them from the shadows. She had determined that they are more like her in how they approach life in general so she wanted to try to see if she could join them, even if it was to scrub the decks. But she was not certain she would be welcomed.

Personality Profile

Kelistina was a female Zaroodian survivor. She was about 22 in Earth years but looked about 18ish by human standards.

Kel was a serious but lost soul, having suffered the loss of her family and home. She longed for a place where she can fit in. But her main desire was that she would just love to get off the planet where she felt like she had to watch her back every second, and the repairs to her ship were taking forever since she did not have the funds or equipment she needed, nor did she have all the technical skills for the more intricate tech on board. Being on a small vessel for so long had made her long for wide open spaces.

Being one of only a few known survivors of her race had left her with serious doubts as to her place in the world. Kelistina had a difficult time interacting with others since her life had been dedicated to working with machines. Most of her interactions had been lessons throughout her life or working on teams with other tasks needed to complete a job. She had little time or opportunity to socialize with others.

Physical Profile


The Zaroodian’s had a similar physiology to Humans. They were bipedal, they had an opposable thumb with five fingers. Zaroodians had a deep red complexion and small bone ridges protruding around their eyes, which are a deep gold/green in color. Her hair was several shades of violet and red mixed, giving it a vibrant purple appearance. The average height for a Zaroodian was just shy of 7’6”, however Kalistnia was 7’3”. Zaroodian’s had most of the normal internal organs associated with most mammalian creatures. Their heart, while similar to a human’s, was positioned much lower in their bodies. Instead of just two lungs, they had four, the first set acting as a filter which allowed them to run for a longer period of time in harsh conditions such as smoke or dust.

Special Notes

Due to the fact that Kelistina’s race had in general not interacted with other races, she did not have a universal translator and had difficulty with communicating with others at first.