Civilian NPCs

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The following is a list of named non-player characters who were civilians during the USS Theurgy’s battles against a corrupt and compromised Starfleet.

Samala, sister to Lorad


Born to a Reman father and Romulan mother, Samala's very existence was both proof that the two races could interact peacefully but also a constant challenge to prove who she was. This was made all the harder as she took more after her mother in the looks department. But anyone who spent an extended amount of time around her could tell that Samala had all the determination and dependability of her father and brother. At the age of just 18 standard years she was among the better pilots at the Bacury III installation as well as being an aspiring mechanic.

When the base was attacked in early 2381, Samala found herself on the run with her brother. Her piloting and engineering skills pushed to the limit, Samala held her own against what the universe was now throwing at her.

Until a trip through the Azure Nebula threw everything sideways. Now critically injured and aboard the USS Theurgy, Samala doesn't know what the future holds for herself and her brother, Lorad.

Bobo Agaixot

Bobo Agaixot

Bobo is a rainbow-furred de-sexed Tribble belonging to Zrinka Agaixot. He spends most of its time in Zrinka's quarters or sitting on her shoulder. Bobo came aboard USS Theurgy 2380 by means of Zrinka illegally smuggling him aboard the ship.

By the time Bobo was found, the whole outlaw incident had happened and it was given dispensation to stay aboard. When Zrinka was injured and put in stasis, Bobo was cared for by others and has been reunited.

Kamila Patel

Kamila Patel

During the original mission, Kamila Patel served on board the USS Theurgy as the ship's civilian cultural entertainer, event organizer and sometimes a freelance advisor. When the Theurgy returned to Earth, she was due to depart planetside when the entire conspiracy arose and she was trapped on board with the rest of the ship's crew, now a fugitive by proxy. Initially bitter at being caught in the entire debacle, she gradually learned of the entirety of the situation, and got to really know the crew better during this time, and became sympathetic to them, eventually throwing in her lot with as much gusto as a Starfleet officer. She helped out in any way that she could, and opted to use her skills as an entertainer to keep up the crew's morale and spirits.

She often operated in the lounge areas of the Theurgy, such as Below Decks or the Spearhead Lounge, giving performances, then mingling with the various patrons that sought her company. She developed a talent for picking up scuttlebutt around the ship. This made her an occasionally useful source of information on simple matters or well-known rumors, though she rarely betrayed secrets told to her in confidence, and she in turn provided sound advice to personal problems. She had also earned a civilian degree for handling ship sensors, which she has willingly contributed her skills in whenever needed.

† “Ensign” Sonja Acreth

Sonja Acreth

The woman calling herself Sonja Acreth was discovered by the officers of the USS Harbinger sending encoded messages to Starfleet Command. When captured she claimed to be working for Starfleet Intelligence but her story was a tissue of lies.

From this prisoner, the officers of the Harbinger discovered that Starfleet Command had been taken over by intelligent parasites that doctor Lucan cin Nicander theorized were interphasic, rendering them invisible to conventional scans or biological detection. When introduced to the officers of the Theurgy, she managed to free herself from her cell and kill Diadeniera Drovo, displaying enhanced strength and speed, an apparent immunity to pain, and a capability of withstanding multiple shots from phasers set on stun before being subdued.

During her second escape attempt she killed four more people, including resulting in more deaths, including Drovo's replacement, Lieutenant David Cerrato. Armed and dangerous, she almost made it the bridge before being stopped by the combined efforts of Commander T'Rena, Petty Officer First Class Dyan Cardamone and civilian communications specialist Selena Ravenholm. She was transferred to the USS Theurgy to be held for further study and to be held in a more secure faculty before T'Rena convinced her commanding officer to betray Captain Jien Ives.

Sonja Acreth remained in the Theurgy's brig up until the Battle of Starbase 84, where she escaped with the help of Dr. Maya, who had been hypnotised by Dr. Lucan cin Nicander to do his bidding. Nicander had no more than sent Dr. Maya to carry out her task when Heather McMillan, with her abilities as a Radiant, subdued the influence of Nicander's parasite. Heather McMillan had no idea what she had done for Nicander, but he convinced her to try and stop Maya. At the culmination of the battle, Heather McMillan and Doctor Nicander faced off against Sonja Acreth in the Theurgy's Temporal Observatory Lab, and Acreth fell through a temporal breach she had created, never to be seen again. In the end, Doctor Nicander's true role during these events were never revealed, and because of evidence suggesting that Doctor Maya was not herself, she would soon return to duty as well - not remembering that it was Nicander that had made her release Acreth during the battle.

Holographic Lounge Staff on the USS Theurgy



Originally designed and employed by William Regal, the Felicity program was later transferred to the Spearhead Lounge to serve as hostess there, although as part of the ship wide hologrid systems, she could still manifest in Below Decks if so requested.

  • Played by: Amanda Seyfried


Named for the Greek concept of hospitality and guest friendship, Xenia was designated as the primary hostess for Below Decks following Felicity's reassignment. She had a cool and professional demeanor and functioned as the proprietor during off-hours.

  • Played by: Jamie Alexander


Named for a minor Celtic god of barley and fertility, Taliesin served as the primary bartender for Below Decks. He was generally warm, welcoming and always happy to lend an ear to those who sought his confidence.

  • Played by: Marcus Hedbrandh