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Name:Vivian Martin
Rank:Lieutenant Commander
Position:Chief Science Officer
Orientation:  Bisexual
Birthplace:Prosperity Ridge, planet Edessa, Ensis (Eta Orionis) System
Height:5’9” (1.70 m)
Weight:67 kg
Eye color:Brown
Played by:Laurie Bing
Writer:Character in Stasis
Working out
Alien planets
Alien life forms
Starfleet Academy, class of 2369
Service Record
2369-2375, assigned to the USS Telesto (NCC-70080)
2375-2378, assigned to Starbase 79
2378-2381, assigned to USS Resolve (NX-91985), MIA
2381, Declared renegade, believed to be serving aboard the USS Theurgy (NX-79854).

Lieutenant Commander Vivian Martin was the Chief Science Officer on the USS Resolve before she defected to the USS Theurgy after the Battle of Starbase 84. She briefly served as Chief Science Officer on the multivector dreadnought before she stepped down. Martin aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.

Unfortunately, she was fataly injured in April of 2381, and put into stasis.


Lieutenant Commander Vivian Martin grew up with her twin brother, Salem Martin, in a town nestled in the alpine peaks of the planet Edessa. For most of their lives, the Martin twins had little contact with their mother, as she spent most of her time away, running cargo between planets. The pair were mostly raised by their father who would take them into the Edessian capital, Providence, where they would be able to meet many travellers and Starfleet members who carried with them stories of other planets. From the dragons of Berengaria VII to the Wraiths of Dakala, Vivian was fascinated by them all and would dig up information about other worlds in her spare time, hoping one day to venture to those worlds herself.

At the age of 16 in 2363, a Starfleet recruiter visited Edessa and spoke to Vivian’s class. Seeing potential in herself in Starfleet, Vivian applied in 2365 and was accepted that same year. She did surprisingly well at the Academy, displaying a knack for fields in planetary science. While she was able to handle the workload, she was never able to develop personal relationships too deeply, and moved through a few paramours who did not remain as such for very long due to Vivian’s use of her time.

Upon graduating from the Academy, Vivian was assigned to the USS Telesto, an assignment which was largely uneventful until the outbreak of assaults by the Klingon Empire in the Archanis sector. At the end of the Klingon Chancellor Gowron’s time limit to withdraw from the Archanis sector, Klingon fleets pushed into the region, and the Telesto and another starship found themselves caught between two Klingon battlecruisers while gathering the members of an expedition on Goetia. In the ensuing battle, Martin was surprised by Klingon warriors who had beamed into her quarters while she and Zayah, another officer, were in the middle of scrambling to don their uniforms in response to the alert. Martin has little memory of the event save for suffering a stab wound from the Klingon’s bat’leth, and the panicked screams of Zayah as her vision faded to blackness.

After waking up hours later in the medical center of a starbase, Martin learned that Zayah had been violently killed before the Telesto’s security personnel arrived. Martin felt that she had truly failed, that she could have done something to save Zayah’s life. During the ceasefire in 2373, Martin was able to assist with recovery efforts in the devastated regions of the Archanis Sector and assist Federation medical teams with various diseases which afflicted survivor groups. Martin published a paper based off of this work titled “An Analysis of Epidemics Considering Interstellar Warfare as a Vector of Transmission”. This paper would lead to several others which began to spread into the realms of bioterrorism and viral warfare, especially in regards to possible solutions to the Fermi paradox, which would earn her attention steadily closer to the limelight in the biological fields, eventually focussing on Biology and Virology specifically which would eventually lead her to work on Bioweapon research, despite the fact the use of Biological weapons was outlawed on Earth due to the Geneva Protocol of 1928 and 2155.

However, peace did not last in the galaxy. Later that year, the Dominion would make its intentions known and invade the Alpha Quadrant with the Cardassian Union at its side. The Telesto would only participate in minor engagements and skirmishes during the war, until the horrors of the Second Battle of Chin’Toka in 2375. Within minutes of the opening engagement, the Telesto became one of the 311 other allied starships to be mercilessly destroyed by the newly revealed Breen forces. While her commanding officer and much of her crew did not survive to make their way to the Telesto’s escape pods, Martin did earn a degree of recognition for assisting many of the survivors to reach the pods that were available. For the remainder of the war, Martin was assigned to Starbase 79 where she abandoned any of her research into bioweapons and decided to instead work with terraforming and mycology for a while.

In 2378, Martin, now a Lieutenant Commander, was reassigned to the USS Resolve as her Chief Science Officer for a deep space exploratory mission. But as fate would have it, the Resolve’s mission turned out to be no ordinary assignment as the ship and her crew found themselves spirited to an unknown region of space, years away from the Federation, beginning a long and laborious struggle to return home. During this time, Martin pursued a relationship with Dr. Jessica Lyhn, the Resolve’s chief medical officer. Martin did her best to ensure her crew’s safety home, facing challenges not even the Dominion War presented, until they finally emerged from Romulan space at Starbase 84.

While at first they seemed triumphant, Captain Ian Hawthorne of Starbase 84 had other plans, and so Martin found herself thrust once more into the face of adversity as the Resolve fell victim to a sinister plot. While Martin and several members of the crew managed to evacuate the USS Resolve before the ship was destroyed, Jessica was not one of them, having died during the evacuation. After the Resolve was destroyed, Martin found herself aboard the USS Theurgy and asked to serve as one of its department heads.

After the Battle of the Apertures, however, she stepped down, her duties and the long voyage on the Resolve having taken it's toll. She was succeeded by Vael Kaeris, the former Chief Science Officer of the USS Endeavour.

Personality Profile

Image: Martin's Artifical Spine

Martin seems like a model science officer at first. She appears dedicated, achieved, and energetic, but in reality this is front which she has crafted over the years. In reality, Martin works as hard as she can almost to a fault and seems to subsist upon caffeine. She has not much in the way of a social life, although is not necessarily averse to interaction, and can be found absorbed in her research materials and various personal activities. Martin tries to do as much as she can after watching thousands of people die during the Dominion War, especially during the Second Battle of Chin’toka in which all but one of the 312 allied starships were destroyed mercilessly by the Breen in the opening engagement. This was furthered to form her current habits in the years since the Resolve and her crew found themselves stranded ages away from Federation space, as the need to carry the crew to safety became a necessity. Despite this, Martin is an idealist, believing that in the end they can succeed as they have already survived multiple years in hostile space, and, according to her logic, there are enough people loyal to the Federation to foil the conspiracy at play.

Being a practitioner of science, Martin attempts to establish a neutral perspective of all subjects, but some things close to her heart will sway her decision making at times. Since her primary reason for joining Starfleet was to explore alien worlds, Martin has always held a fascination for them, exploring foods from many different cultures and researching the customs of every visited world. She also has a tendency to assign names to equipment she will grow attached to, such as her favorite centrifuge attaining the name “Montesquieu IV”.

Physical Profile

While Martin hasn’t exactly been anything to physically speak of, she has been known to spend free time exercising as a form of mental relaxation and rumination. She can be considered lean, but not to the extent of someone with a proper regimen in place. During her time stranded away from Federation space aboard the Resolve, she suffered multiple breaks to her spinal chord, which has since been replaced by a vertebral prosthetic. She’s never really cared very much for appearing pretty, and although she has usually always possessed several nice-looking garments, she has often abandoned them in favor of simple sweats.