Narik Cinsaj

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Personnel FileCiv-blank.png
Name:Narik Cinsaj
Position:Consultant - Engineering
Age:Equivalent to a human’s 34 years
Orientation:  Heterosexual
Birthplace:The freighter Flastif Balstorc
Height:5’ 8”
Weight:140 pounds
Eye color:Slate Grey
Played by:Elena Paparizou
Martial Arts
Service Record

Before her death, Narik Cinsaj was an engineering consultant who briefly served aboard the USS Theurgy before she was killed in action. Narik Cinsaj aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.


Narik’s feet touched a planet’s surface for the first time when she was eighteen years old. When they did touch terra firma they were in chains. Her new owner, he preferred to be called Master Flonk, was a Ferengi who thought she may be useful at one of his supply depots until he could spend some time personally preparing her for a more intimate trade. He shipped her to a warehouse on one of the planets in the Ferengi Alliance where she was tasked with maintaining the machinery that moved inventory around the building as Master Flonk bought and sold materials.

Narik proved to be a meddlesome slave, though. Contrary to the Ferengi custom requiring all women to remain naked, she refused to remain without clothes. She made her first “dress” from the packing material she found in an open crate in the warehouse when she was moving a set of crates from the unloading dock to the storage rooms. When she returned to her quarters that evening her clothing was forcibly removed and destroyed while she was forced to watch. Each trip she made into the warehouses after that culminated with a new outfit. At some point, she doesn’t know exactly when, the overseers stopped confiscating her impromptu clothing. They realized she would continue to break into shipping crates and boxes and could eventually end up taking some of the finer garments that moved through the place en route to trade destinations.

Originally assigned to move the inventory around, the Ferengi learned she was handy with tools and could repair damaged equipment when she repaired a broken hovercraft that had been assigned to her to use as punishment for one of her usual defiant outbursts. She was reassigned to perform maintenance on the equipment to assess her skill level. They never learned the extent of her skills, though. After leaving her alone too long with a malfunctioning cargo craft she found a storage compartment that was so filthy that it looked like the staff had no clue that it was accessible. Narik managed to wiggle herself into the space and stow away when the craft was used to hunt for her after her disappearance was noticed.

She slipped out of her hiding spot at the wrong time, though. The Ferengi had left the craft in an open field and had climbed out to search for her. She thought she had counted enough time for them to leave but when she climbed out of the craft they were walking back and spotted her. Her racing legs carried her away from the two Ferengi who spotted her but couldn’t keep her from being run down by the three craft that were called in after her sighting.

Master Flonk decided that she wasn’t worth any more trouble. She sold her to the next passing slaver. She behaved herself and pretended to be docile until she was sold to another owner from whom she could attempt to escape. Then her sheer obstinacy would surface again. This sequence repeated itself until she was sold to a smuggler, one who wasn’t the brightest. He brought her into the Alpha Quadrant and was working a smuggling deal when Federation officials boarded his ship doing routine inspections for contraband. A slip of his tongue allowed them to search his records for suspected criminal activity. During their investigation they learned that his lowly, and troublesome, mechanic was a slave. She was dropped off at the nearest station and left in the charge of the CO since a Boslic ship was expected within the fortnight and she would be returned to her people.

Narik refused to wait for the freighter, though. She had been born on a Boslic freighter and spent the first eighteen years of her life on one. It was also on that freighter that her family was betrayed by Uncle Mateej, the ship’s Chief Engineer. When the freighter reached neutral territory meant for a marriage trade with another Boslic crew, the ship was met by a slaver vessel instead. Mateej crippled the freighter that three Boslic families, including hers, called home after their ship reached the rendezvous spot.

Narik had been in the Engine Room trying to figure out why the warp drive and shields were malfunctioning when Mateej walked into the bay in front of several armed men. Narik, looking at him in confusion, asked what was going on. The men behind Mateej weren’t from the ship’s crew nor were they even Boslics like she would have expected from the intended marriage trade partner. “Uncle Mateej, it looks like the system lineup for the energy distribution to the drives and shields was done incorrectly,” she said as he gestured a man forward to take her. “It was,” he replied. “You always did have a way with the machinery here. I’m actually going to miss you.” She was escorted out of the Engine Room and to a shuttle craft that took her to the slaver’s ship. She reunited with her parents long enough to learn the extent of Mateej’s betrayal. Shortly thereafter the slavers separated her from her parents and the rest of her family and sold to Master Flonk. Her years of focusing on machinery, electrical wiring, and all the other systems that made the freighter run was nothing more than a selling point that raised her price. She cost each buyer quite a bit due to her engineering skills and mindset, her exposure to trading and bartering, her training in the administrative aspects of running a trading operation, and in no small part because she was a pleasure to view (which was the ultimate purpose Flonk had planned for her). With each sale her hatred of Mateej grew and her decision to trust no one intensified. So when she was left on the station to await the Boslic freighter, she found the first departing ship that was willing to take her on as a deck hand and left. She had just spent five years as a slave and she wasn’t going to provide anyone an easy opportunity to return her to that state.

The next few years were hard for Narik. She was a transient, always moving on to the next available job aboard a ship that was heading someplace new. Each new vessel, each new destination, exposed her to new technology and new machinery, new systems she learned about and mastered before moving on to the next job. And every trip ended in frustration and heartache when she found no news or information that could lead her to her parents.

Narik’s skills and knowledge grew with each trip. She slowly transitioned from crew member on the various ships to a consultant specializing in solving engineering issues. Though not as strong with shipping issues, including financing and negotiations, she would provide analysis and guidance in those areas as well. Her clientele included nearly anyone who was willing to pay the growing fees she charged. She minimized her dealings with Boslics, though, recalling Mateej’s betrayal. She also limited the jobs that required interacting with Ferengi.

Her talents gained the notice of Starfleet and soon she provided her services solely to them. Her latest contract was to provide assistance to the Harbinger, which had a dearth of engineers. The ship was on its way to a station to pick up supplies and Narik was going to debark, having fulfilled her obligation and finding the ship to be too mundane. The rendezvous was cancelled when ship’s CO received orders to find the Theurgy without delay.

Stuck on board, Narik remained in her quarters for most of the time to remain out of the way. She came out, though, when the Calamity struck and helped keep the ship operational. When the majority of the personnel was transferred over to the Theurgy, Narik remained on the Harbinger and reported to Selena "Luna" Ravenholm, who runs the skeleton Engineering and Ops staff on the Harbinger. She is continuing to help repair the ship so she can get to the nearest station and wash her hands of Starfleet and find a less dangerous client.

She transferred to the Theurgy to assist their Deck Operations personnel but was murdered by Riptor, a fighter pilot from the Harbinger’s Dor'GhItlh Squardon.

Special Notes

See the Boslic information page.

Personality Profile

Betrayed by trusted family, Narik was suspicious of nearly everyone. She was very careful with whom she shared information. Despite the barriers she erected between her personal life and everything else, she was considered to be relatively easy going. She was quick to point out how a process can be improved or a system repaired. It was this affability that steered her towards the role of consultant. But she could also be overwhelmed by dark moods where she snapped at everyone and thought no one, even herself, can do anything right.

Narik dedicated herself to maintaining her freedom. She believed the easiest way to do this was to ensure she was more valuable free than chained, to be capable of physically defending herself from capture, and to be more troublesome as a captive than a willing coworker. To achieve these goals she gained a large knowledge base in engineering and was always working to expand it. It was this SME (System/Subject Matter Expert) knowledge that allowed her to enter the consulting services and freed her from being bound to any one ship.

Since she was so slow to trust and had few confidants, she didn’t have many people to spend her non-working hours with. As a consultant she didn’t have any long term ties to friends or coworkers. This left not much for her other than work and removing stress. And she had the nagging feeling that if she had worked harder and found the problem on her family’s freighter sooner then the whole incident with the slavers could have been avoided. She was driven to solve problems when they arose and worked past the point of exhaustion and after everyone else had quit.

She also started training in any martial arts she could find. Since she was never in one place too long her style has become a mangled mix of Tai chi chuan, Suus Mahna, and mok'bara. She practiced to maintain and improve her abilities, determined to come out on top if someone were to try to take her again.

Stories captivated her. During the legs of the freighter’s trips and during her years of captivity stories provided a means of escape. She learned to tell stories and loved to listen to them. It was the one thing that would interfere with her work. She would sit all day and listen to a story, as long as it was told well, instead of working.