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Personnel FileY-e5.png
Name:Taa'gur Val Millox Kolla
Rank:Petty Officer Second Class
Position:Weapons Technician
Orientation:  Heterosexual
Birthplace:Rie'Dal (Devore home planet)
Height:5ft 8in / 1.73m
Weight:168lbs / 76kg
Hair:Light brown
Eye color:Ice blue
Played by:Tom Wlaschiha
Bharred (a rough Devore sport)


Holonovels (fantasy and old Japanese time)

Playing the guitar (since 2371)

Football (since 2371)
[2347-2351: Devore Basic Education]

[2352-2356: Region Academy: Advanced Education Program]

[2356-2359: Royal Academy]

[2371-2372: Federation NCO training]
Service Record
[2359-2361: Lt. JG, Engineer, DIS Kellos]

[2361-2362: Lieutenant, Asst. Chief Engineer, DIS Kellos]

[2362-2363: Lieutenant, Chief Engineer, DIS Nillon]

[2363-2364: Lieutenant, Chief Engineer, RDS Nillon]

[2370-2371: Civilian, Asst. Engineer, USS Interceptor NCC-3012-C]

[2372-2379: Petty Officer, Weapon Engineer, USS Interceptor NCC-3012-C]
Starfleet Medal of Commendation

After ending up in the Alpha Quadrant, Taa'gur Val Millox Kolla AKA T'Kolla became a petty officer aboard the USS Interceptor. After quitting his former job for the Starfleet R&D at the Daystrom Institute, he was contacted by Rear Admiral Andersson for investigations and asked to aid the USS Theurgy on its mission. T'Kolla aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24{sup]th[/sup] century.


Most of this information was extracted from the boardcomputer of the SS Maccavia, but everything in () was a comment of T'Kolla. (Obviously)

Early Life [2341 - 2359]

T'Kolla was born on Rie'Dal, the Devore home world. His parents, Juna Kolla and Dossan Hann Kolla, were both scientists of the Imperium. Dossan worked at the imperial shipyards of Rie'Dal and Juna was in a leading position of the Imperial Defence Agency. The Kolla family was one of many lower noble families across the Devore Imperium. (15% of the Devore citizens were lower nobles, but if you would count all lifeforms, as the Federation would do it, they made only 6%) T'Kollas early life was affected by his desire to be more, than what his birth entitled him to be. As all Devore did, Taa'gur joined the basic education program at an age of six and passed it after four years. Taa'gur had the chance to participate in the advanced program (The advanced program was a four years long drill and loyalty training. The "students" of this program were called cadets first class and normally joined the fleet afterwards.)

There was a huge lack on information about the time at the Region Academy, but according to Taa'gur the academy was "a place to brake its students and rebuilt them as loyal soldiers, who would fight till they died for their leader and the Imperium." Every misconduct was punished with violent methods. (I would call it whip-and-stick) Taa'gur passed through the exams, despite those methods and reached some of the best grades of his year. His family tried to give him the chance to join the Royal Academy, but in the end was the reason for the admission of his application captain Gulner. (The Royal Academy deserved its name. Almost every student of this institution was from a higher birth. During the 300 years of its existence, only five not high born studied there. If you were a student of this academy, you were called a Second Class Cadet, and you were very likely to reach the rank Commander or higher in your first three years. Such cadets second class began their career as a Lieutenant aboard a warship.)

The High Command decided to accept Taa'gur as a new cadet of the Royal Academy. T'Kolla showed a huge interest in engineering and passed the final exams in this category with the best grades of his time. (Not surprising, since ALL the other student were just there because their families had a high reputation and not because they've fought to earn their place there.) The High Command decided to use him as a motivation for the most other Devores to show them that you can reach everything you want, as long as you were loyal to the Imperium. Still, they didn't want him to get in any higher position, than Lt. Commander to "keep the leading staff clean of contamination."

The Brenari War [2359 - 2363]

T'Kolla served as Lt. JG aboard the DIS Kellos during the first two years of the war. (The Kellos was nothing more than a patrol cruiser and a Lt. JG aboard such a ship had no higher reputation, than an ensign aboard a warship.) The war was started by the Devore to end the threat of the Brenari and their fleets. The first fleet attacked the home world of the Brenari, but never returned from their mission, since the Brenari had known the plans of the Devore from the beginning. The Kellos was a part of the second fleet and got the order to return to Rie'Dal in the year 2360. Taa'gurs captain, Oharra Gulner, was the only reason T'Kollas promotions, since her and his family had some contact in the past. (Her daughter Ral were a friend of mine before and during the Royal Academy) The fleet reached the Rie'Dal system a few hours after the attack of the Brenari fleet and before the admiral could react, the fleet was attacked by the Brenari fleet.

The surprising attack of the Brenari hit the imperial forces unprepared and only a third of the fleet was able to flee. The Kellos was one of the few ships with minimal or less damage, therefore the ship was ordered to meet the third fleet in the ICC - 74. Captain Gulner was promoted to Turan, a rank equivalent to that of a Rear Admiral but for only three to four ships, and she promoted Taa'gur to Lieutenant and Acting Chief Engineer aboard the Kellos, since the ship has lost his former chief engineer during the battle. Their orders were to patrol the outer systems of the Imperium. The first goal of the new formed Defence Fleet 3 was Zunas and its surrounding ICC - 33 (Imperial Control Center).

The next year the DF3 encountered twenty enemy contacts in their patrolled space. They had the upper hand in the fights, but the news of the rest of the Imperium were not so positive. According to the official lists the Imperium lost around 200 ships and the Brenari just 93. The morale of the fleet got worse with every new message from the Imperium and therefore the crew of the Nillon revolted at ICC - 33. The mutineers took the captain and the leading officers as hostages, to make sure, that the other ships didn't attack them. Only through some fights between the still loyal and the renegade crewmen was the Kellos able to deploy a spec ops team aboard the Nillon. The team eliminated the rebellious crew and rescued the hostages. During the fights aboard the ship, the chief engineer of the Nillon died and Rear Admiral Gulner assigned T'Kolla to the Nillon to calm the situation aboard the cruiser.

In 2363 the Imperium the remaining fleet in the ICC - 74 rallied to launch a massive assault on the main fleet of the Brenari above Rie'Dal. The mission was called Umbahr'Fargus as a reference to an old military operation on Rie'Dal, which ended the third Devore World War. The plan of the Imperium was to launch the first wave as a distraction for the Brenari fleet and when the battle began the remaining fleet would attack from behind. Due to bad planning and some little obstacles on their route the second wave arrived over two hours to late.

The Nillon was a part of the first wave, which contained over 60 ships and 40.000 crewmen. The Devore lost over half of the attack wave in the battle and the commanding officers of the first wave ordered their ship to retreat before the looses reached more than 75%. The High Command, however, ordered the fleet to hold their position.

As the battle continued the Kellos attacked the Brenari flagship and as her last action rammed the ship into the flagship and activated a warpcore breach. The flagship got disabled and the remaining Brenari fleet was leaderless and retrenched to rally their forces again. Their second attempt was encountered by the second wave of the Devore fleet and got defeated by them. The first Devore fleet entered the control center of Rie'Dal. They discovered a report of the Brenari intelligence service and their manipulation of the Empress and the High Command, with their telepathic powers. This finding and the whole war against a telepathic species led to the founding of the Devore Inquisition (I guess you know the little idiot Kasyhk, he started as a lower Inquisitor. After some time they called themselves Inspectors to create the impression of being a serious organisation and not only a bunch of cowards.)

The Devore Republic [2363 - 2364]

The remains of the first wave rallied their forces at ICC - 33 and repaired the damaged ships. In the conference room of the starbase the captains decided the further steps and discussed the report about the manipulation of the Empress. (I haven't participated in the discussion, but my captain told me, that the majority of them voted for an open rebellion against the Imperium and almost everyone of them accepted the proposal of Vargor to "reduce" the amount of telepaths in our society.)

During the next couple of months the republic fleet attacked the Imperium with hit and run tactics, and was able to bring three star systems and two control centers under their control. In 2364 while the RDS Nillon patrolled the Tengos System, the ship was attacked by an imperial vessel. The imperial ship opened fire on the Nillon and both ships fought each other for three hours, untill the Nillon was able to defeat the other ship. T'Kolla and the crew was forced to use the escape pods and shuttles in order to escape the Nillon, which had suffered critical damage. Taa'gur used the SS Maccavia to flee with ten other crewmembers to ICC - 33. (Due the lack of escape pods the captain decided to sacrifice some "low value" crewmembers, aka non-Devores.)

The Bloodbath of Zunas Prime [2364]

In 2364, after the destruction of the Nillon, Taa'gur visited the colony Zunas Prime. T'Kolla had the orders to help the local police forces dealing with the Brenari population of the colony. After the inuring of the anti-telepathic laws the telepathic species protested a couple of times and the tension between them and the Devores has risen before Taa'gur arrived on the planet. His first deployment was during the Brenari protest march in the capitol of the colony world. The commanding officer of Taa'gur ordered him to manipulate the auto recognition system of the cameras. Despite T'Kollas' concerns, the lieutenant decided to follow the orders of his CO.

After some time a large group of armed and masked Devores gathered in front of the protestants and the situation escalated in a matter of seconds. The security forces, like T'Kolla, watched the ambush of the Devores, but didn't reacted or helped the non-Devore population. Taa'gur stood in the control room of the local police forces and could only watch through the displays, how the Devores slaughtered the Brenari in the streets.

Searching a way out [2364 - 2370]

The next six years, T'Kolla searched for a way to escape the Devore space, to begin a new life. The first year Taa'gur studied in the database of the Devore and found during his studies a report of an unstable wormhole with frequently changing endpoints across the Delta Quadrant. Taa'gur prepared the SS Maccavia for a long-term search for the wormhole and flew to the last known coordinates in the Delta Quadrant. The fleet Command considered his actions as treason and deployed a small enforcer group to search for the lieutenant.

After three years the Devore discovered an energy signature of a wormhole in an unnamed starcluster in the delta quadrant. At the coordinates of the energy signature Taa'gur encountered the enforcers of the republic. Their ship opened fire upon him and due the evasive manoeuvres of T'Kolla the Maccavia flew through the Barzan wormhole.

The wormhole led the Maccavia in the Gamera System of the Beta Quadrant and in addition he realised that the wormhole had taken him three years into the future. Due the lack of information Taa'gur had about his current state and location the Devore scanned for any sign of technology. He found a ship, flying at warp 7 through this quadrant and followed it signature to the Caera System, where the ship waited for some time. When the Maccavia entered the system the ship awaited her follower and hailed the shuttle.

Making new friends [2370 - 2372]


The unknown ship was the USS Interceptor, a refitted New Orleans class frigate, on its way to a deep space tour across the Beta Quadrant. The captain of the Interceptor, a Denobulan called Jallis, asked the Devore why he followed the ship. T'Kolla answered the captain, but lied about his real origin. (I think you would do the same in front of an alien species.) The captain offered him the chance to stay aboard the Interceptor, so he was able to study the Federation data and decided which next steps he would like to take.

Aboard the ship Taa'gur met the helmsman Nico Sheffer in the mess of the ship. The human officer was the first person in the Federation Taa'gur has ever considered to be a friend. During their chats in the mess the Devore learned much about the Starfleet and the Federation. He decided due to those talks to ask the captain if she would allow a non-Federation member aboard her ship to help the engineering team. Jallis accepted his request, but ordered him to pass a one year NCO training during his time aboard the Interceptor. His instructor was the chief engineer of the ship, Lt. Commander Graid Drara.

Revealing the truth [2372]

After one year boot camp, Taa'gur was enlisted as a crewmen aboard the Interceptor and worked in Engineering. The day his training ended T'Kolla requested a meeting with the captain to inform her about his real origin and that he committed them the database of his shuttle for a full background check. Captain Jallis on the other side revealed him that she's already read those reports and had only accepted his first request to show him a free society.

Dominion War [2372 - 2375]

During the cold war phase of the Dominion War the Interceptor entered the San Francisco shipyard for a refit of the weapons and defensive systems. The crew was furloughed during this time, but Taa'gur decided to help the shipyard engineers. He integrated a point defence system for the ship to encounter smaller crafts and missiles of the Dominion. The design of the point system was one of the weapon designs of the Devore Imperium, that T'Kolla knew from his parents.

The new Interceptor launched some months before the Dominion entered the Federation space and fought from this day on in the most battles of the Starfleet. During the Operation Return the ship was damaged and after the end of the war the frigate returned back to the shipyards. The point defense system design was adapted for later use in most supporting frigates from that day on, and for his invention of the refined point defense system, he earned the Starfleet Medal of Commendation. This, despite his modest rank. This was also how he gained the attention of Starfleet Inelligence, and T'Kolla met Rear Admiral Joseph Nerva Andersson for the first time.

The Aftermath [2375 - 2381]

After the war the Interceptor patrolled the Breen border. T'Kolla served on the ship as petty officer 2nd class and was promoted to 1st class in 2377. The Interceptor was one of the eighteen ships that encountered the USS Voyager in 2378.

In 2379 T'Kolla retired from his active service aboard the Interceptor and joined Starfleet R&D for two years. He reworked the point defence system during this time. Starfleet Command ordered him and some other experts to design a special starship dedicated to search-missions as a supporting ship for heavier cruisers or battleships. Unknowing that this ship would become the Calamity-class line of starships, T'Kolla declined those orders and left Starfleet in 2381.

Wherever you are, a rebellion isn't far [2381]

The Devore got contacted by Rear Admiral Joseph Nerva Andersson again in March of 2381. What followed was a long conversation that illustrated a grave threat to the Federation and the Galaxy as a whole, and after having led a life abject of true loyalty and purpose after he left his home, T'Kolla finally felt that he had something to truly fight for. Something larger than the interests of politicians and the fleeting dichotomies of good and evil, which was always subject to personal interests. The enemy described was a foe worthy to fight, in defence of all species, and all planets in the Galaxy. The admiral enlisted the Devore to serve aboard the USS Theurgy, to help the crew with his military and weapon expertise in their fights.

Personality Profile


T'Kolla was slightly warily against new contacts, but not impolite or aggressive. The Federation and their values interested him, since the first day, he had read about them. He would fought and died for those he considered to be his friends. T'Kolla had dark humour, that he liked to show in almost every critical situation. Still he showed every higher or equal officer respect and wouldn't even try to cast aspersions on them.

He was a loyal person, but since he got betrayed twice it was almost impossible to earn his absolute trust. The last one, who achieved it, was the captain of the Interceptor, until she died during the fight of Deep Space 9.

Since the Brenari war Taa'gur had a deep hatred for every telepathic species and especially for members of the Brenari. Every time he recognized such notions, however, he began to hate himself for such thoughts.

Physical Profile

T'Kolla had a deep and dark burn scar on his left shoulder blade. His cold blue eye colour was a genetic error. His body contained a couple of scars of different size and origin, but most of them were over 20 years old.

Special Notes

Taa'gur and Kaylon Jeen met once. The Devore told Kaylon that he was a smuggler of species called Grund and actually took advantage of the Trill to deal with some criminal individuals.

Nico Sheffer "forced" Taa'gur to join his holosuit band, since the helmsman was in need of a guitarist. It was also Nico, who showed the Devore the sport football as a replacement for Bharred. Quote of T'Kolla: "It's basically the same with more rules but no bats... okay the bats are a joke."

The point defence weapon system was a program that utilised the phaser emitters on starships to automatically target incoming torpedo barrages from enemy ships, such as the Dominion. It was originally customised for the Interceptor alone, but refitted for the usage on most starships after the Dominion War.

His favourite holonovel was the rework of the old anime Hagane no Renkinjutsushi.