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Name:K'Lara Halliwell
Position:Operations Officer
Species:Klingon/Human Hybrid
Orientation:  Unknown
Birthplace:The First City, Qo'noS
Height:5ft 3/4in / 1.54m
Weight:112.5 lbs / 51 kg
Eye color:Hazel
Played by:Jessica Parker Kennedy
Writer:Character Deceased


Video Games




20th Century Science Fiction
2376-2380: Starfleet Academy
Service Record
2376-2380: Cadet, Starfleet Academy

2380-2381: Ensign, Operations Officer, Starbase 84

2381-2381: Ensign, Operations Officer, USS Bellerophon

2381-Present: Ensign, Operations Officer, USS Theurgy

Before dying on a mission to Breen, Ensign K’Lara Halliwell was an Operations Officer recently transferred to the USS Theurgy after the destruction of both Starbase 84 and the USS Bellerophon in 2381. She aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.


K’Lara was born in The First City on Qo’noS, the Klingon Homeworld on July 17th 2357 to Christopher Halliwell and his wife Mara. She was a member of the House of Valkris, a smaller but noble Great House within the Klingon Empire and its future matriarch.

Her father Christopher, was the Chief Security Officer on the USS Achilles and met her mother Mara, the sister of Valkris, matriarch of the House during a diplomatic mission to Qo'noS. During the mission, an assassin hired by a rival house tried to kill Mara as revenge for House Valkris exposing their plans to kidnap the son of a Great House to the High Council. Christopher protected Mara and apprehended the assassin, earning him the respect of the House and eventually Mara’s heart. The two would marry in a traditional Klingon ceremony, eventually moving to Christopher’s hometown of Calgary, Alberta; Canada on Earth.

K’Lara was born in the Valkris family home in the First City on Qo'noS, after Mara insisted to Christopher that their Daughter be born on the Klingon Homeworld and continue the tradition of all Valkris women being born in the family home, which Christopher agreed to and where the family would end up staying for several years.

Mara was a strong believer in Klingon tradition and raised her daughter to know what it meant to be a strong Klingon woman and the heritage of her people, knowing that it was possible that one day she would be called upon to assume a position of power within the House and help raise it higher within the Empire, perhaps even to the High Council one day. Christopher would also encourage his daughter to respect her heritage while also teaching her about her Human ancestry as well, which Mara both supported and encouraged, both parents supporting of each other and their own histories.

Growing up however, life was hard for the young hybrid as she was bullied by the other Klingon children who called her a half-breed, not a real Klingon and other cruel names, declaring that she brought dishonour upon her house, leading to the many nights of K’Lara crying herself to sleep.

Mara and the other men and women of the House would try to get her to stand up for herself and fight back against the bullies but K’Lara was not a fighter, eventually turning to her father for help. And while Christopher encouraged her to try and find a peaceful solution to the situation, he told her that sometimes fighting was indeed necessary and as much as he hated telling her so, to not fight back would be a sign of dishonour. Eventually K’Lara would fight back and end up on the losing end every time, but at least she had “preserved some of her honour of her House” by fighting back.

Despite standing up for herself however, the bullying would continue making her more and more miserable. When she was five, her grandmother on her father’s side grew ill and the family moved back to Calgary to take care of her.

At first K’Lara was pleased to be off of Qo'noS and away from her bullies, having studied Earth and how accepting of other peoples and cultures Humans were. However, she would soon learn that Human children were not so accepting either and she found herself facing more bullying from them as well, somewhat similar to what the Klingon children had said but reversed. The poor girl couldn’t seem to win, to her it seemed as though she was too Human to be Klingon and too Klingon to be Human.

Now being on Earth however, her father would step in and go to the parents of those children, which would stop the bullying, at least for a while. It would, however lead to a long conversation between K’Lara and her parents that she would have to get used to this kind of treatment as there were some people out there of all races that would view her that way and that she would have to deal with them as best she saw fit.

K’Lara was a very shy, timid, anti-social child growing up as a result of the bullying and having very few friends spent her time at home. It was here that she would spend all her time in her room on the computer, programming her own programs and games, reading up on the latest computer technologies coming out, the one thing that truly fascinated her.

K’Lara and her parents would end up staying on Earth, with her father taking a position teaching Security at Starfleet Academy and Mara accepting a position at the Klingon Embassy. K’Lara would go to school and make some friends, although it was still a little hard for her being the only Klingon there, especially during history classes that covered the history between Earth and the Empire. Over time she would make a few friends but not many. It was during this time that K’Lara would feel more and more Human as she did her best to fit in and ignore her Klingon side.

It was when she entered her teenage years however that her Klingon side would start to become more pronounced, her ridges, although smaller and less noticeable than a full blooded Klingon were still somewhat pronounced but it was biologically where things seemed to have the most impact, finding herself becoming more quick to anger, more so than the others girls she knew who were going through puberty. It didn’t matter whether they were major things or small things, K’Lara would seem to snap in an instant. Her mother would tell her that this was all normal behaviour for a Klingon and that it would pass with time, but that she would have to learn to control her anger. That was something that K’Lara would find difficult.

The biggest proof of this was when a boy in her class, starting making fun of the fact that K’Lara had developed quicker than most of the other girls in her class, making fun of her larger breasts in comparison to other girls. In turn, K’Lara hit the boy, breaking his nose in several places and earning herself a suspension. Normally this was something that K’Lara would never do and knew it was the result of her Klingon half. After her suspension ended, many people started avoiding her for fear that she would snap again and attack them, this with her previous bullying and larger acceptance of her Human heritage eventually resulted in her starting to despise her Klingon side, saying on multiple occasions that she hated it and would get rid of it in a heartbeat if she could so that it wouldn’t cause her any more misery. A statement that would hurt her mother deeply.

With some therapy and anger management, K’Lara would get a better handle on her anger, although it would still cause her problems occasionally. She would also struggle with her split heritage and both the internal and external struggles if often caused her.

Her father would return to active duty serving aboard the Excelsior class USS Agincourt as the Chief Security/Tactical officer and fought during the Dominion War, something that worried K’Lara greatly since it was the first time that her father had been away from home on a ship since she had been born, even more so considering the war had not been going well for the Federation. Every day she worried that they would get a visit from Starfleet informing them that the Agincourt or at least her father had been killed in action, luckily that would not be the case.

When she was 18, after graduating high school and with no real idea of what she wanted to do with her life, she decided to return to Qo'noS, a planet that she had not been to since she was five years old, wanting to get a better understanding of her Klingon culture and what it meant to be Klingon, hoping that it would be a different experience than when she was a child.

By this time her father was now first officer on the Agincourt and her mother had been expressing a desire to return home to Qo’noS, it just so happened that the Agincourt was soon to be heading there for a supply run and would drop the two women off if they were willing to wait a few weeks for the ship to head out.

K’Lara would end up learning a great deal about Klingon culture and being older learned to appreciate it a lot more than she once had, coming to accept that part of herself a lot more than she had done for a very long time. Despite this however, there were still some things about herself that she did not personally like that she hoped she would grow to, given enough time.

K’Lara would end up spending a year on the Homeworld, learning about the history of her House as well as the political working of the Klingons and the Great Houses, something she would need to know as it was clear that since Valkris had no children of his own, she would assume his place as Matriarch of the house upon his death, something that she honestly didn’t know she wanted. Even more so being the shy and timid girl, she had grown up to become.

A fact that was shared by other members of the house, given her mixed heritage, not that anybody said that openly to her face. Her uncle however would have none of it, insisting that she was as much a Klingon as any of them…assuming she proved herself. While not wanting to go through with whatever proving ritual her uncle had in mind, her mother appealed to her to her do so for the sake of the House and for her and her family’s honour, causing K’Lara to eventually give in. It was a long, gruelling and painful series of trials but somehow, to a lot of people’s surprise, including her own she passed them all, essentially solidifying herself as the heir to the House in the eyes of everybody, although they all told her that she would have to find her backbone before she assumed her place lest someone take it from her, be it another member of the House or one of their enemies.

At the end of the year and with the Dominion War over, K’Lara knew that she wanted to join Starfleet, having seen the news and hearing her father’s war stories wanted to help rebuild and help the Federation return peace and order to the galaxy, not that she really knew how she could do so.

Given her love of computers however, she would apply to the Academy, getting in when she was 19 under the Operations track, majoring in Operations with a minor in Engineering, pretty much the two things an Operations Officer needed to know, being somewhat of a hybrid career, much like she herself was, an irony that was not lost on her. She still struggled with her shyness and confidence during her time at the academy but became pretty good at faking it to everybody around her.

K’Lara graduated from the Academy as an Ensign in four years but with so many ships being severely damaged or destroyed during the war, found herself assigned as an Operations Officer to Starbase 84, where she would spend her first year equally as shy as she had always been and feeling very much like a fish out of water. She had heard the stories about the USS Theurgy and had wondered why an entire crew would turn against them, especially considering how soon after the War it had been.

K’Lara was taken completely by surprise when the Station found itself under attack in 2381 and didn’t know what to do exactly, especially with it blowing up around her. She did her best to help out until being evacuated to the Intrepid Class USS Bellerophon, where she served as one of the Operation Officers, again being taken by surprise when their rescuer turned out to be the USS Theurgy, the very same ship that was claimed to have attacked Starbase 84.

K’Lara was one of the survivors of the Bellerophon’s destruction and upon hearing the Theurgy’s story and the parasite infestation that had claimed many in Starfleet Command, she knew she had to help stop this threat to all they knew and had fought so hard to protect during the War.

Personality Profile


K’Lara was a friendly person but a shy individual who suffered from occasional outbursts of anger due to her Klingon heritage. Being at the time, a recent graduate of Starfleet Academy and only a year into active service she often found herself overwhelmed in certain situations given her lack of experience. Despite this however, she still gave 110% to her work.

Despite her shyness she was incredibly passionate about computers and technology and would talk someone's ear off for hours on end if given the opportunity.

While she had grown to accept a lot of her Klingon heritage over the years, even more so during her year on Qo’noS there were still aspects of herself that she did not like. There were two things specifically that she wished she could get rid of if she could. First her anger. As a generally non violent person who would much rather be working on a computer problem or programming something, the desire to smash a console when something went wrong, or break the face of someone being truly annoying both frustrated and scared her. It would frustrate her because that wasn’t the person she was or wanted to be and scared her because she had lost control once before and seriously hurt a child.

The other one was far more embarrassing for her and related to the more intimate aspects of relationships, specifically the more…animalistic side that it brought out of her. The first time she had growled at a boy she had liked and had “looked at him like he was lunch” as he had told her was still one of the most embarrassing things she had experienced.

K’Lara is wary of relationships and often doubts a potential suitor’s interest in her as the result of the actions of the first boy she truly had feelings for. Falling head over heels for a Human cadet at the Academy, the two would date for almost a year before the relationship ended in heartbreak for the young woman when she found out that he had only been with her to sleep with her due to her mixed heritage. Managing to avoid breaking several of the boy’s bones after discovering the news and getting away with a warning from the Academy, K’Lara would at least take satisfaction in knowing that he never got to experience what it would be like to sleep with her. The downside of that however was that she had yet to recover from that experience and has not been in a relationship since. Also, as a result of this K’Lara would become incredibly shy and embarrassed when discussing the subject.

Looking past her more Klingon features however and K’Lara was very much what would be described in Earth history as a nerd. Everything from Computers and Technology to old 20th Century science fiction novels, movies and shows she loved, often watching or reading them in her free time, if she wasn’t reading up on the latest developments in Computer hardware and software.

The one aspect where K’Lara was not a stereotypical “nerd” came to her fitness, where she is rather active. Having first turned to running, partially as a way to literally outrun her anger and the more physical aspects of her inner Klingon warrior when she was younger, she expanded her athletic interests to include swimming and kickboxing.

Physical Profile

K’Lara was short person standing at five feet and three-quarter inches, with hazel eyes, brown hair and somewhat small to mid-size ridges across her forehead. She was however quite beautiful, with an athletic body and curves in all the right places.