Regiene "Reggie" Suder, callsign "Gemini"

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Name:Regiene "Reggie" Suder
Position:Tactical CONN Officer, Lone Wolves Squadron
Species:Betazoid (Former Betazoid/Trill Hybrid)
Orientation:  Pansexual
Birthplace:Rigel III
Height:5ft 5in / 1.65m
Weight:130lbs / 59kg
Hair:Blue on Black
Eye color:Black (Cybernetic)
Played by:Olivia Munn
Writer:P.C. Haring


Rock Music

Social Events


Martial Arts




2368-2371 - Starfleet Academy

2373-2374 - CONN Advanced Combat Training

Service Record

2371-2372: Ensign, Junior Helmsman U.S.S. Archer

2372-2373: Lieutenant JG, Chief Conn Officer, U.S.S. Teracotta

2373: Lieutenant JG - 6 week medical leave: Starfleet Medical - Earth

2373-2374: Lieutenant: Flight Cadet - Peregrine Class Fighter - CONN Training Center Epsilon

2374-2375: Lieutenant, Tactical CONN Pilot, Star Hawk Squadron, various bases of operation

2376-2380: Lieutenant, Tactical CONN Pilot, Star Hawk Squadron, Bajoran Sector

2380-2381: Lieutenant, Combat flight instructor - Tactical CONN Training Center Omega

2381: Lieutenant, Tactical CONN Officer, Lone Wolf Squadron, U.S.S. Theurgy


2373: Purple Heart

2373: Star Cross of Distinguished Flight

2375: Grankite order of Tactics

2375: Star Cross of Distinguished Flight

2375: Starfleet Extended Tour Ribbon

Reggie Suder-02.png

Lieutenant Regiene "Reggie" Suder was a Tactical CONN officer assigned to the U.S.S. Theurgy in 2381. After the destruction of the Tactical CONN Training Center Omega, she volunteered for re-assignment, joining in the fight against the corrupted Starfleet Command.


Early Life - Years Lost

Born July 7, 2349 on Rigel III to a Betazoid mother and a Trill father, both of whom were civilians, Reggie was not one to dream about joining Starfleet and going off to explore strange new worlds. Far from it. As a child, young Reggie was blessed with a vivid imagination and curiosity but the concept of space travel did not capture her imagination. Neither she nor her family were naïve to universe around them, nor were they luddites by any sense of the word, but they were content to live and remain on Rigel III, and only occasionally travel to other worlds as vacation or if circumstances required.

In that regard she had a fairly normal childhood, attending elementary and then middle school, making friends, having a social life as was appropriate for her age and the like. She was content to remain a civilian and make a life for herself on Rigel.

That all changed during the summer of 2353. Reggie and her friend Tess, a Bajoran/Human hybrid were abducted by an unknown assailant and exposed to genetic experimentation. Reggie was forced to watch as Tess and others who had been abducted where experimented on. She watched the aftermath of their deformities and eventual deaths when the procedures failed to yield desired results. Then it was her turn..

Reggie would never remember the procedure itself, but she was lucky and the experimentation on her was successful. She woke to find herself in the place where she had been abducted and was shocked…and frightened to find herself a full Betazoid, her Trill half excised.

What Reggie did not know, could not know at the time was that her abductors had been Savi scientists, working on a procedure they called "The Correction". The procedure had been successful but instead of destroying the unused Genetics, they were used to spawn an exobiological clone, a full Trill genetic 'twin' who would grow up to become Kestra Pren.

However, Reggie remembered nothing of this event. Whether because she suppressed the memory, or because she was created in that lab and thus did not actually experience those memories is an answer lost to time.

Orphaned and Adoption

Reggie's earliest memories were that of waking up in a hospital in Jarkana City, the capital of the Darona Colony on the outskirts of the Betazed system. She was about six years old but had no memory of herself. She knew how to function and to live, but remembered nothing else about herself, not even her own name. This was assumed to be a case of amnesia as a result of the accident. When she was told her she was told she had been in an accident where her parents had been killed, she did not mourn. Afterall, how could she mourn people she did not remember. As a young child and an amnesiac at that, could not be permitted to live on her own and she was placed with a family that adopted her, gave her the name Regiene and raised her as her own. Her new parents were both civilians, her father, Tam, a courier pilot, her mother, Yaxara a history instructor at the local secondary school. She had one brother, Lon, with whom she never grew close due in no small part to their twelve year difference in age.

Reggie (as she liked to be called since many mispronounced her name with a hard "g".) developed an affinity for flying at a young age- her earliest memory being that of sitting on her father's lap inside his shuttle and looking at her home from orbit for the first time. However, the civilian life was not enough for her and she came to appreciate and respect what Starfleet stood for, and the opportunities it could provide her, eventually choosing to enroll in the academy in 2368. While at the Academy, she enrolled in flight school and focused her studies on piloting and helming a starship. During the second semester of her Junior year, she was called to an informal inquiry by Starfleet Intelligence. There she learned that her brother Lon had defected to the Maquis. As he was twelve years her senior, she was not particularly close to Lon, an his standoffish nature only served to widen that gulf and she willingly cooperated with Starfleet's investigation.

U.S.S. Archer

Suder's first posting out of the academy was as a Junior Helmsman on board the U.S.S. Archer. There she learned the ropes and cut her teeth on a reliable work horse of the fleet. While her time aboard the Archer was not notable in and of itself, it was during this assignment that Reggie learned that her brother, Lon Suder had been killed in the badlands. Despite this, she persevered and as more senior helmsmen transferred off the Archer, Reggie found herself with more and more responsibility and after a year was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and served until tapped by Starfleet to transfer onto a new class of ship.

U.S.S. Terracotta & The Battle of Sector 001

In 2372, Reggie jumped at the chance to serve as the chief helmsman of the U.S.S. Teracotta. One of the many new starship designs to be launched that year, the Steamrunner class was not just a heavy frigate, but also served as a proof of concept test for carrying a small active duty Peregrine squadron on board. Reggie was eager to put the new ship through its paces from the helm station on the bridge, during its shakedown and transition to active duty. At the same time, she often found herself on the flight deck spending time with the pilots of Skyburner Squadron and learning the basics of the Peregrine fighters on board. Although she never flew the smaller craft during this assignment, there were those among the squadron who considered her an unofficial member.

But it was when the Terracotta was recalled to Earth, that Reggie's life changed forever. With news from Deep Space 5 of a Borg incursion, Starfleet recalled almost all available ships to mount a defense and push back the invasion. The Terracotta made her stand with the rest of the fleet as it fell back to Sector 001 and the small, nimble ship acquitted itself well enough. However, after the destruction of Admiral Hayes's ship the Enterprise joined the fight. As Jean-Luc Picard assumed command of the remains of the Federation fleet and called for a targeted strike against the invading cube, Reggie was at the helm and brought the ship around on a trajectory that would orbit the cube and provide her tactical officer with an ample line of sight to the target. But the Terracotta never received the order to fire. For reasons unknown, Captain Picard hesitated before ordering the fleet to open fire. It was a brief hesitation, but it was long enough that the he Cube fired on the Terracotta which suffered a direct hit on the starboard aft quarter of the saucer section. The resulting damage proved catastrophic. The explosion on the bridge alone killed the Captain, Executive officer, and Operations officer. Reggie was not spared either as shrapnel blasted into her face and tore into her eyes.

Blinded by the injury, and her console destroyed, Reggie still managed to bring the Terracotta's manual steering column online. Employing the manual control, while the ship's computer advised her of obstructions along the Terracottas trajectory, she successfully limped the crippled ship out of the combat zone using little more than a half functional impulse engine and two RCS thrusters, escaping the Cube's blast zone mere seconds before it exploded.

In the aftermath, she found out she was the only bridge survivor and that her actions were credited with saving the remaining one hundred thirty lives on board. As a result she was awarded not only the Purple Heart for her injuries in combat, but also the Star Cross of Distinguished Flight for her quick thinking and skill in successfully piloting the ship to safety despite its damage and her injuries. These commendations along with her promotion to Lieutenant came at a price as the Terracotta was scrapped and her eyes were destroyed in the explosion.

Medical Leave

Reggie spent the next six weeks on medical leave. The first two weeks she spent in bed and blind, recovering from her physical injuries and developed a growing resentment toward Captain Picard, holding him responsible for the destruction of her ship, an attitude that persisted throughout her life. When she learned she was to be fitted with ocular implants, she requested they be designed to mimic the natural black of the Betazoid eye and as she rehabilitated and learned to use the implants, she was extremely satisfied with the end result. As her rehabilitation drew closer to its end, Reggie found herself contemplating her future.

Despite her injuries at the time, she had found the brief moments she'd flown the Teracotta by 'stick' had stuck with her. Perhaps it was the adrenaline of the moment, or perhaps it was something else entirely, but in hindsight, she appreciated having the hands on feedback and the more precise control of the stick, that could not be achieved through a regular Helm console. To that end, and with the onset of the Dominion war, Reggie chose to pursue the type of flying that would allow her to continue experiencing that hands on precision and transferred to CONN Training Center Epsilon for advanced combat training. At first she thought her age might work against her, but those concerns evaporated when the surviving members of Skyburner Squadron learned of her interest and endorsed her application.

CONN Training Center Epsilon

Despite her experience as a pilot, Reggie found the advanced combat training to be more difficult than she imagined, but the harder it was for her, the harder she worked and the more rewarding the experience became. After a few weeks, she met another Betazoid, Kalil Daik who was training to fly second seat as the Peregrine fighter's RIO. The two became fast friends and eventually training partners and as they worked together the two developed a technique by which they would open their minds to each other while in the cockpit. This would allow for the two of them to operate more efficiently as a mental gestalt facilitated by a shared telepathic link. They never made this public during their training, but the affects were apparent almost immediately. As a team their response times dramatically improved, they were able to avoid the communication issues their peers had with their flight partners, and they were able to fly and fight far more effectively. They went on to receive top marks from their instructors and graduated at the top of their class.

Star Hawk Squadron

By the time they completed warp fighter training, the Dominion war was in full swing. Reggie and Kalil transferred into Star Hawk Squadron. Unlike most of the existing fighter squads fielded by the Federation, the Star Hawks did not use a single base of operations. Instead they served as a mobile unit moving from base to base as needed. As a result, the squadron saw major action through the war. Reggie herself participated in Operation Return, The First Battle of Chin'Toka, the Nimbus Siege, and the Defense of Andor, just to name a few. Throughout the tour, Reggie and Kalil continued to develop their telepathic link, nicknaming it their "combat sense", to the point where they not only shared in each others thoughts, but they also began to think and act as one, as though they had formed their own miniature collective. Their squadmates took notice of their two selves operating as one, how effective it was in combat, and how, out of the cockpit, the two often acted as if they were each others twins. This earned them the nickname "Team Gemini", in reference to the constellation, which Reggie adapted as her call sign. In turn, Kalil took the call sign "Athen".

The Battle of Betazed

Towards the end of the war, Star Hawk squadron was assigned to support the fleet tasked with re-taking Betazed from the Dominion. At the time, the squadron was based over Andor, prepared to defend the system against a potential Dominion incursion launched from Betazed, putting then in prime position to assist with the effort to reclaim the system.. Despite her obvious bias and personal feelings in the matter, she was successful in convincing her SCO, Lieutenant Commander Strickland to attach the Star Hawks to the fleet. The resultant battle in orbit, proved to be as brutal as the ground offensive launched by the Resistance. The Federation fleet had not anticipated that the Dominion had on-lined an entire orbital defense network. Despite having superior numbers, the Federation fleet found itself at the mercy of the heavily fortified defense satellites, supplemented by the Dominion fleets and unable to gain any ground.

Star Hawk squadron was assigned to find a way to penetrate the orbital defenses, but it became obvious early that the squadron lacked the fire power to take down even one satellite. In an effort to obtain high resolution sensor readings on the platform, Strickland was forced to maneuver to near point blank range to get the scans. He was successful, and transmitted them to the squadron, but his ship was destroyed in the process. Through their combat sense, Reggie and Kalil made short work of their analysis of the scan results, their efforts yielding results. With a potential solution in mind, they assumed temporary command of the squadron and rallied the team, leading the Star Hawks on what might have seemed like a suicide run, but was a very deliberate and precise course though the network, placing them behind the orbital platforms where Stricklands's scans indicated their shields were weaker and susceptible to tetryon interference.

Using the Peregrine's deflector dishes to emit tetryon pulses, Star Hawk squadron was able to disrupt the platforms aft shielding enough for their weapons to penetrate and blow the network apart. With the network down, the Dominion forces in orbit were quickly overwhelmed. As a result of their success, the entire roster of Star Hawk pilots who had participated received the Star Cross of Distinguished flight. Those who had died received the award posthumously. For their ingenuity and strategy, Reggie and Kalil were also awarded the Grankite Order of Tactics.

Reassignment to Bajoran Sector

In the weeks following the Dominion War, the Star Hawk Squadron was downsized dramatically. Instead of retiring and transferring out, Reggie and Kalil volunteered for a second tour, earning them both an Extended Tour Ribbon. The squadron was sent to fortify the Bajoran sector. While Deep Space 9 and the U.S.S. Defiant were considered more than enough to defend the Wormhole, both the Federation and Bajoran Governments felt an additional Starfleet Garrison was necessary in order to ensure security should the Dominion try to invade through he wormhole again, or should the Cardassians, broken as they were, try to cross their borders. Neither concern came to pass and the Star Hawk squadron saw very little action during their three years on site.

This lull in the 'action' proved to be a difficult period for Reggie. In early 2375, Starfleet formed the Aerospace Command Division and added Tactical CONN departments on board starships and stations large enough to carry a squadron of fighters. Fighter hardware and spaceframes were re-designed and the Peregrine hulls were retired in lieu of the Valkyrie MK I. With her combat experience considered the equivalency of an Academy degree, Reggie was folded into the new command structure along with the rest of Star Hawk Squadron, needing only a pair of theoretical studies courses focusing on the new ship. She cleared these requirements with ease and began flight tests on the Valkyrie MK I.

While this was a stepping stone into something greater, Reggie saw it as a step backward. For the first time since she had enrolled in the fighter program, she would be flying alone; the Valkyrie had no seat for a RIO. Flying without Kalil in her head after so many years slowed her reflexes and left her feeling empty. It was not an easy transition for her and she came dangerously close to washing out of the new and more rigorous program. However, not being one to back down from a challenge, she applied herself twice as hard and ultimately passed her flight tests with respectable scores.

It was during this time that Reggie's hedonistic tendencies caught up with her and got her into some trouble when she got caught sleeping with another pilot in the squadron. What had started as a drunken one night stand had turned into something more for her partner to the extent that it was affecting his flight performance. When confronted, the pair came clean. While intrasquad fraternization was not explicitly prohibited by the regs, it was frowned upon, and the SCO reprimanded both. Unbeknown to Reggie at the time, she was under consideration for promotion to Lieutenant Commander, but the incident was interpreted as a lack of good judgement and therefore she was passed over.

2376 proved to be a roller coaster year. Early that year, she received word from Starfleet that her brother, Lon had indeed not died in the Badlands five years prior, but rather had survived and become a member of the U.S.S. Voyager crew. This joy was overshadowed by the additional news that her brother had confessed to the murder of a fellow crewman and lost his posting only to be consider a hero for his actions in saving the ship from an alien race known as the Kazon, an effort that had cost him his life in the process but re-earned him the respect of his crew mates. The news rocked Reggie. She dug deeper into her brother's history and discovered that the crewman on board Voyager had not been his first murder. The weight of his crimes bore down on her, and she felt obligated to do what she could to make amends for his actions, both to the families of his victims and to society as a whole. The low impact assignment allowed her this flexibility. The year was not all bad for her, however. In the latter half of 2376, Starfleet launched an upgraded Valkyrie MK II. While many of her colleagues were reticent to change ships twice in as many years, Reggie jumped at the chance as the MK II was a dual seat spacecraft. As such she was reunited with Kalil who had remained on the squad as support staff. With Team Gemini reunited, Reggie found herself back in her element and once again excelled in the cockpit, becoming the first of the Star Hawks to certify on the Valkyrie MK II.

Tactical CONN Training Center Omega

Following the dismantling of the Star Hawk squadron in 2380, Reggie and Kalil agreed to become instructors at Training Center Omega, just outside the Paulson Nebula. She found the assignment rewarding, but it all came to a tragic end when a promising trainee lost himself and suffered a breakdown in the cockpit. Efforts to talk this trainee down failed and the order was given to shoot the pilot down. Reggie and Kalil were not a part of the initial flight and scrambled their own ship in response to the crisis. Reggie had hoped that even though she would not likely talk him down herself, that they could get physically close enough to the ship for her to reach out to him telepathically and essentially coerce the pilot into standing down peacefully. However it did not go as she had hoped, and Reggie was forced to fire on the rogue pilot. While her intention was to disable the ship, her shot sent the student's fighter out of control. All she could do was watch as the trainee's ship smashed in to the Training Center.

U.S.S. Oneida & U.S.S. Theurgy

After being picked up by the U.S.S. Oneida and assisting with the final evacuation of Tactical Station Omega, a contact within Starfleet Command known to the crew only as "King" contacted the ship and provided evidence that convinced the senior staff that the accusations leveled at Starfleet Command by the crew of the Theurgy were, in fact, true. While this information was kept on a need to know basis among the U.S.S. Oneida crew, King made it known the U.S.S. Theurgy was in desperate need of TacCONN pilots to fill out her depleted ranks. Upon hearing of the need and seeing the evidence themselves, both Reggie and Kalil volunteered to be transferred to Theurgy.

They knew this would brand them as traitors and essentially cut off all access to family and friends back home. Kalil had lost most of his family during the occupation of Betazed. Reggie's family, however, was alive and well and she feared what the news of her 'betrayal' might do to them. But she also knew where she needed to be, where she had to go in order to do the most good for the Federation and trusted that when her family learned the truth for themselves, they would be proud of her choice to sacrifice for the greater good. At least she hoped they would.

Personality Profile

Reggie Suder-01.png

Reggie was easily described as vivacious and full of life. Like most pilots in the TacCONN division, Reggie understood the fragility of life and how quickly it could end and, like most, she sought to live her life to the fullest, secure in the knowledge that the next time she climbed into her cockpit, could be her last. Despite this, Reggie always tried to live more or less responsibly. Her love of life was more mature than some of her subordinates who chose to party all night every night. She could enjoy a good party for sure, but she also enjoyed the experience of life, and would rarely turn down an opportunity to try something new.

Outwardly, Reggie presented a warm, sensual personality that those around her found uplifting and refreshing and she tried to not take herself so seriously when out of the cockpit that she could not enjoy herself, the company around her, and have some fun. Her levity was much appreciated by those around her, especially in the darker times and she was not afraid to use her own telepathic and empathic abilities to aid her.

Despite her genuine outgoing demeanor, Reggie was a conflicted soul. Although she was in no way responsible for the actions of her brother, she felt the guilt of his actions as though she had actually committed his crimes. To that end, she reached out to his victims' families and attempted to keep in touch with those who are willing to speak with her. She felt an urge to atone and to push as much good for the universe as she could.

At the same time, she battled her own insecurity and her fears, most notably the fear of solitude. While she could not would be impossible for her to say when and how this started, but Reggie at some point, likely during the Dominion War, Reggie came to rely on the combat sense for far more than stream of thought during flight. By some measure, she has become psychologically addicted to the sound of other voices in her head as they serve as a reminder that she is not alone. As a result, Reggie constantly kept her telepathic centers open, skimming whatever thoughts lay on the surface of those around her.

Between the pushing and the skimming, Reggie took steps to ensure she did not cross the line with those around her and, unless she had explicit permission, she did not offer or pull any more than just a gentle nudge or a gentle pull as if the thoughts she skimmed were a loose thread.

Then there was the matter of her RIO. Due to the nature of their combat sense, Reggie and Kalil knew each other in a very intimate way. In some cases they knew each other better than they might know their theoretical spouses. Despite this, they never attempted to develop a physical or romantic relationship. Not only was such an event prohibited as Reggie was Kalil's senior and commanding officer, but they also believed that the complications of a romance would risk contaminating their combat sense. Even so, they both had feelings for one another on which they could not act. Ultimately they agreed to focus their personal friendship and professional relationship into "Team Gemini" and the siblings therein referenced. Still, it remained a disappointment and a regret they both carried.

Physical Profile

As a pilot, Reggie was physically fit and athletically toned. Staying fit was important to her and she frequented the gymnasium. She enjoyed many forms of exercising but was most often seen training with various swords, sparing with a kickboxing opponent, and taking laps either in the pool or on the track. She wore her hair at shoulder or chest length, though she would often vary the style. She preferred a more conservative approach to any makeup she wore, allowing her natural features to speak for themselves, with the makeup serving to provide accent and emphasis. She had a tattoo of the Star Hawk squadron insignia on her right hip.

When not on duty, Reggie favored a wide variety of wardrobe. From tighter fitting 'body con' styles, to more open flowing styles, to wardrobe that exposed and showed off her physique, especially her shoulders and legs of which she was particularly proud, Reggie rocked the look. Within the privacy of her quarters or in the presence of close friends, she was also known to wear nothing at all. Regardless, she walked with a natural spring in her stride and carried herself with her head up, exuding confidence and poise.

Special Notes


Reggie's Quarters on Deck 13, Vector 2


Reggie's RIO is Petty Officer First Class Kalil Daik and has been with her since flight training school. He was born on Betazed and was in her class at advanced flight school. Further development on this NPC is forthcoming.


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