Adam Kingston

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Personnel FileY-o2.png
Name:Adam Kingston
Rank:Lieutenant Junior Grade
Orientation:  Bisexual
Birthplace:Athens, New York, Earth
Height:6ft 2in / 1.88m
Weight:250lbs / 114kg
Eye color:Blue
Played by:Channing Tatum
Martial Arts
Bo Staff
Archaic Firearms
Free climbing
Starfleet Academy, class of 2369.
Service Record
2369: Ensign, Security Officer, USS Lexington
2378: Junior Lieutenant, Security Officer, USS Crazy Horse.
2380: Junior Lieutenant, Security Officer, USS Theurgy
2381: Junior Lieutenant, Master-at-arms, USS Theurgy

Lieutenant Junior Grade Adam Kingston was a Security Officer of the USS Theurgy. He was wounded by an attack on the Theurgy by the Calamity in late February of the year 2381. He was placed into stasis, pending treatment.

In March of 2381, he was resuscitated after the first battle against the Versant. His stasis pod was aboard Vector 3 of the USS Theurgy, also called the Stallion. After his injuries had been treated, he was scheduled to return to duty when the Allegiant departed on an away mission - carrying both James Mariner and Six - which meant he would serve as the most senior Security Officer aboard the Stallion, and thus the acting Chief of Security.


Adam was born on Earth in the small town of Utica, New York in 2348. Like many aspiring youth, he dreamed of life in the Federation armed forces, drawn toward the illusions offered by recruitment campaigns and the drama of movies and books portraying deep space as an adventure waiting to be discovered for those with the itch and urge to see where life would take them, and when he turned eighteen in the year 2366, he joined Starfleet Academy.

At the Academy, Cadet Kingston showed himself friendly with his fellow cadets, and superiors, especially those in the Security field. By taking the time to be interested in the field, he showed considerable potential for such duties, seeming to read certain situations far better than his peers, and had a decent memory. In the end, he graduated the same year as two other Cadets that were to end up serving on the USS Theurgy, namely Vivian Martin and Thomas Ravon.

After graduation, he served in the Security Department aboard the USS Lexington for nine years. He had a rather eventful career though it has been noted on his file that there have been a number of accusations of borderline behavior, especially toward enemies in the field. This resulted in a number of citations against him in recent years. He was passed over for promotions because of it, only promoted to Junior Lieutenant shortly before his transfer to the USS Crazy Horse in 2378.

When he served on the Crazy Horse, the ship was sent to Besus to negotiate for peace with the Ikuli Empire. Throughout the mission Adam thought something was off about the situation, and urged caution to his superiors although nothing came of it. He has harbored a buried resentment toward Starfleet Command since that incident. He served on the Crazy Horse for two years, until he was transferred to the USS Theurgy.

Aboard the Theurgy, he had a fresh start, so to speak, and he has used the opportunity to its fullest, showing that he could be a model officer. He had shown a subtle bent toward bulldog behavior but has kept his thoughts to himself and kept his mouth shut for the most part.

After the voyage to Romulus, when the Theurgy had returned to Earth and subsequently had to flee, Adam was slightly shocked about the revelation concerning Starfleet Command. Part of him questioned how such an occurrence could have remained hidden for so long, while another part wondered if fleeing from the fleet and fighting was the right choice. He chose to follow orders as previously, but no longer trusted Captain Jien Ives or the senior staff as he once did. He was beginning to see that difficult situations required difficult decisions. His concerns eased a bit over time, and he decided to continue to serve aboard the rogue ship.

When the Theurgy reached Niga, Adam was infected by ThanIda zh'Wann, and while he couldn’t remember his own actions, he ended up infecting a lot of other crewmembers. Among them, Cadet Ester Hamburg, fighter pilot Hannah Slaverton, engineer Nicole Howard and the First Officer at the time, Commander Nerina. Since he couldn’t remember his own actions, it didn’t affect him much, beyond noticing how some of the crew kept their distance. He since tried to conduct himself in a manner worthy of at least the Captain's goodwill. The rest of the crew might not have had any respect for him... hell, he didn't even respect himself much, but since he was alive by some miracle, he'd make the best of it.

When the Ishtar Entity visited upon the Theurgy, Adam was unaffected by her antiques, serving as usual in Security and remaining oblivious to the events that unfolded on the bridge and in some parts of the ship. His single-mindedness was what may have saved him.

He was, however, almost killed by the A.I. hologram of the USS Calamity. After the severe trauma he suffered to his head, it remained unknown if he could be resuscitated, and if he was, if he would remain the same man as he used to be.

When he awakened aboard Vector 03 of the Theurgy, he suspected that the trauma he suffered has erased some aspects of his former personality. He would soon learn that he was a more dedicated, personable officer instead of a gruff loner.

Personality Profile

Adam was a confident young man, with an intense sense of focus. He liked to think things through rather than being impulsive, unless his gut intervened and he had to make a split-second decision. Conversely, when given a problem to solve, he might take some time to think it through. He wasn't given to rash decisions. He knew the history of the mission. However, he reserved judgement until the Captain showed his/her hand.

Physical Profile

Adam enjoyed performing martial arts exercises on the holodeck and he frequented the holodecks to practice archery and hunting with archaic firearms, Swimming laps has recently become a method on keeping the muscles around his prosthetic shoulder a full range of motion as per Doctor's orders and to free climb in peace.

After his brush with death, he became more comfortable with the fact that the person he once was would never be again. The metal skull plating used to repair the head injury had been encased in synthetic skin, and the prosthetic shoulder hurted him, but he still had to live with the memories of how he received them and used the pain as a reminder. The scar from his surgeries, though faint, were visible under close scrutiny.