Lawrence O. Lance

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Personnel FileR-o1.png
Name:Lawrence O. Lance
Classified Name: Orrlad
Position:Chief Conn Officer
Classfied: Ba’ku
Classified: Over 300 years old
Orientation:  Heterosexual
Birthplace:Wellington, New Zealand
Classified: Unknown, early 21 century
Found: Sector 441 ‘Briar Patch’, 2375
Weight:65 kg
Eye color:Blue
Played by:Andreas Lundin
Starfleet Academy, class of 2380.
Service Record
2380: Assigned to USS Theurgy.
2381: Killed in Action.

Orrlad, publicly known as Ensign Lawrence O. Lance was Chief Conn Officer on the USS Theurgy before he was killed in action. Before his death, Lance aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.


Orrlad, was a Commander of Flight Wing Four Two upon his home planet during a civil war which destroyed the planet sometime during the early twenty-first century. He was among the lucky few to navigate a small group of people fleeing their dying world. Finally after several years searching they found the perfect paradise hidden deep within sector 441, a planet that is completely surround by a nebulae and the planet itself has rings around it. Years of living, on the planet the Ba’ku as they started calling themselves discovered that the planet metaphasic radiation from the planet rings significantly decelerated the aging process. There was a youth rebellion many years later in which the young rebels were exiled creating an off branch nomadic race called the Son’a. Watch the movie “Star Trek : Insurrection” to get the full story.


The ‘Briar Patch’ located sector 441 c. 2375. Due to the delicate situation that happen within that nebula all information on this area is classified. During the ‘hostage’ situation he met a lovely Starfleet Officer whom after rolling around in the hay for a while decided to leave this planet for the thrill of seeing the galaxy again. Joining Starfleet under very strict orders , and everything dealing with the briar patch is Top Secret *Classified and only accessible the top command* He fully agrees with the order, “If you live in paradise, why put up a parking lot?”


He was born in a small village in the hills of New Zealand claiming Wellington, as the closet city. He entered Starfleet in 2376 entering into tactical navigation. His academy scores were high and he graduated sometime during 2380. The USS Theurgy is his first ship to serve on and his station was the as night shift navigation officer. He was promoted to Chief Helmsan when his superior officer Lieutenant Commander Arron Lynn was fatally injured in the line of duty. Ensign Lance took the position thinking that is was only temporary. Unfortunately it was. When he was killed he was replaced by Ensign Cale Winterbourne.

Personality Profile

On his home planet he was a young brash pilot, during his long life in the Briar Patch, his restless nature never settled and he spent much of this time exploring the natural surrounding of the village, he would sometimes go hiking spending weeks alone surviving off the world. This didn’t mean he shy away from reasonability while in the village tending to goats, plowing fields, etc. It was during on of his long hikes he wasn’t present for the youth uprising otherwise he would of joined their side and passably became a Son’a years later. Adventurous would best describe his personality willing to try everything at lease once and be the first to try.

Physical Profile

Ensign Lance appeared to be extremely health and fit. In the academy he could outrun most of the track team and out distance all of them. He earned a couple athletic commendations and gain some fame in the sport field when he wasn’t studying for exams or extracurricular activities with the females. He wasn't bulging but rather fine toned solid rock. His black hair was cut short and naturally wavy and blended well with his light crystal blue eyes.