Morgan Song

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Personnel FileY-e6.png
NameMorgan Li Jie Song
RankPetty Officer 1st Class
BirthplaceTycho City, Luna, Sol System
Height6'4" (1.9m)
Weight88 kg
Eye colorBrown
Played byGodfrey Gao
Three-Dimensional Chess
Romance Novels
Model Ships
NCO Starfleet training
Service Record
2371-2372, assigned to USS Profundity, NCC-73829
2375-2379, assigned to USS Hypatia, NCC-73021
2379-present, assigned to USS Theurgy, NX-79845
None at this time

Morgan Li Jie Song was an Engineering Specialist aboard the USS Theurgy. He sustained heavy injuries during the breakdown of discipline during the Niga Incident in January of 2381. He was put in stasis to preserve his life, and in March of 2381, he was given the medical treatment needed to be able to return to duty. Song aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.


Morgan Song was born to Huan and Imogen Song in 2350 on Luna. His father, Huan, worked operating a deuterium harvesting rig across the numerous lunar regoliths in the Sea of Clouds, and it was through assisting him that Morgan learned of his aptitude with electronics and mechanical systems. His mother, Imogen, served as an officer in the United Federation of Planets Starfleet, and Morgan saw very little of her during his life.

Due to both of his parents' occupations, Morgan largely just grew up with his two older sisters to take care of him. Many of his earliest memories were formed when his sister Theresa would take him out to the Sea of Clouds and gaze up at the Earth and stars, and sometimes try to spot passing ships. Morgan still has a drawing he did as a child of the Lunar starscape.

When Morgan was 17, his mother visited their home in Tycho City, and he proposed the idea of him joining Starfleet during a visit to a low-g holotheater. With his mother's blessing, Morgan enlisted as a non-commissioned officer and partook in Starfleet training for a few years. This period of time was largely uneventful, save for some occasional rough patches due to his sister's habit of sleeping with his friends or paramours.

His first Starfleet assignment was working as a general technician aboard the USS Profundity, one of the earliest Sovereign-class starships. At this time, he heard rumor of a new threat from the Gamma Quadrant of the Galaxy, an interstellar empire known only as the enigmatic Dominion. His time aboard the Profundity would remain steady and uneventful until a grave announcement was made: a call to arms. The Klingon Chancellor, Gowron, had decreed that they would retake the Archanis Sector by force. Having finished a diplomatic mission to the Shamin, the Profundity was rerouted to Ajilon VII to respond to a Starfleet distress signal. After having arrived at the scene, multiple Vor’cha-class attack cruisers decloaked around the Profundity, and the signal was revealed to be a trap. The resulting battle caused the Profundity to sustain heavy damage and eventually attempt retreat, but not before multiple members of the Profundity’s crew were captured as prisoners of war, Morgan included.

While technically Morgan's sentence on Rura Penthe ended as of the restoration of the Khitomer Accords, the corruption in the prison staff on Rura Penthe ensured that Morgan's sentence was dragged out over the course of almost three years. During this time, Morgan learned much about how to survive with little food or warmth, with the assistance of Nuran Ora, a mysterious El-Aurian who took Morgan under her wing. Ora provided Morgan protection from the various alien inmates in addition to taking advantage of his mechanical ability to stake out a section of the prison for themselves. Nuran and Morgan grew quite close, and the ancient alien taught Morgan how to cope with times of extreme strain, and at some point they even grew to be lovers.

But as all things come to an end, a Federation litigator arrived and arranged for the release of Morgan and several other Profundity crewmen. Forced to say goodbye to Nuran, the re-entry into the Galaxy was a strange one for Morgan. The news that an entire war had come and gone during his incarceration. Following his release, Morgan spent a few months being rehabilitated and catching up on the events which had transpired since he had been captured by the Klingon boarding party, and was eventually reassigned to the USS Hypatia.

Morgan's time on the Hypatia was notably less eventful than his original assignment, and largely consisted of supply runs between starbases, solar systems, and patrol missions. Over the course of this assignment he would rise to the rank of a second class petty officer for displaying resilience and notable work ethic. The Hypatia also allowed Morgan to better return to his old habits and obtain a fresh start with his collections of ships, various items of his tinkering, and his expansive collection of teas. In 2379 Morgan was transferred to the relatively newly commissioned USS Theurgy based off of the recommendation of the Hypatia's commanding officer, captain Anderson Stein.

Little did Morgan know, he was venturing from a quiet assignment to once more unto the breach. About two years into his assignment aboard the Theurgy, the Theurgy intercepted a series of transmissions exposing the horrifying revelation that members of Starfleet Command had been compromised and replaced by impersonators. The Theurgy was forced to flee Earth while pursued by a fleet of starships, carving a path across the quadrant. Two months into the journey was the last thing that Morgan remembered. As he was working below decks with a crewman, he heard shouting and phaser fire, before the door opened and an angry beam of phased particles struck him with searing pain. And that was the last thing he felt before blacking out.

Personality Profile

Morgan often displayed a very level-headed and sometimes subdued personality. Most of his reactions were kept internal and he had much practice at maintaining an adept "poker face". In many respects, he exuded a calculating, observing, and measured presence. Admittedly, much of this he learned from Nuran Ora during his incarceration on Rura Penthe, which became necessary to survive there. While he did have the ability to keep a level head in a crisis, it was possible for him to become slightly overbearing as he struggled to maintain his facade. Morgan often used various tea practices as part of a personal ritual which he used to practice his poise, often practiced in the arboretum or within his quarters. In addition to this, he had also taken up kal-toh, as an exercise in such a practice. While he might have had kept an extensive collection of model ships, tea, and various devices, he viewed his re-emergence from stasis as another chance to start fresh, if possible.

While Morgan could appear distant or contemplative, he could and did open up to people once they got to know him a bit better, and could at times be quite amiable once that occured. Perhaps one of the biggest holdovers from before Morgan's incarceration was his interest in the rumor mill. While he would never admit it outright, he quite enjoyed hearing about gossip and rumors regarding people around him, though he didn't wish to be a part of one himself. Morgan was unsure what to chalk this habit up to, though he prefeeed to think that it's simply an insatiable sense of curiosity made manifest. He also could be found tinkering with various devices and bits of machinery in his quarters, sometimes rigging his model ships to be able to fly. Additionally, Morgan was an avid purveyor of romantic novels and similar works, even favoring older authors such as Daniel Irons.

Physical Profile

Being from Luna, Morgan had had significant exposure to both low-g and artificial gravity environments, putting him at a towering 6'4". He possessed a lean build, not necessarily overly sculpted, but with definitively visible arm, abdominal, and pectoral muscles. In addition, his weekly exercise regimens had given him developed leg muscles, giving him a generally well-developed physique overall. Morgan tended to keep his hair relatively short, though his facial hair tended to vary in length depending on whether or not he actually bothered to shave it back recently. He tended to carry himself with a relaxed but balanced posture, often betraying very little of his internal emotions beneath a maintained facade. Due to a phaser beam that struck his chest cavity during the Niga Incident, Morgan suffered neurological damage and internal burns to his lungs and heart, mandating a biosynthetic heart and an implanted rebreather replacing his trachea.