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Personnel FileCiv-blank.png
Position:Syndicate Dominus
Orientation:  Pansexual
Birthplace:Kinarvon, Vondem
Height:5ft 8in / 1.73m
Weight:137lbs / 62kg
Eye color:Sectorial heterochromia; one blue eye and one half blue-half brown
Played by:Dominic Sherwood
Food and Drink Music
Erotic Dance
Sex and Seduction
Melee Weaponry
2365-2369: Kinarvon Independent Academy
2369-2374: Syndicate Education Outpost; Three
2374-2376: Syndicate Education Outpost; Eleven
Service Record
2374-2376: Syndicate Vilicus
2376-2379: Syndicate Cīvis
2379-2381: Syndicate Dominus
2381-2381: Crewman, USS Bellerophon (Infiltration)
Y'Lev was a field agent working for the Orion Syndicate, tasked with investigating the atypical behaviour of Starfleet's Task Force Archeron. After taking regular injections to suppress his pheromones from his vicinity, as per Starfleet regulations, he infiltrated the USS Bellerophon under the alias Crewman Galo shortly after the Battle of Starbase 84, and later survived its destruction at the hands of the USS Theurgy in the Azure Nebula. He was beamed aboard shortly after. It was unknown whether Y'Lev aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.


Early Life

As per Orion custom, Y'Lev never knew his birth parents. Upon birth, he was instead assigned to a designated Orion couple who served as his guardians during his early years. Brought up in the most vibrant city on the Orion Homeworld, Kinarvon, Y'Lev wanted for nothing as a child, presenting as an especially charismatic boy, even from a young age. His guardians slowly began to notice the way that even as a child, Y'Lev was able to quickly work out what people wanted, and how he could best benefit from it, inveigling others into giving him treats and rewards for very little effort on his part. It was a much coveted talent amongst Orions, and his guardians quickly established that they needed to push him into it.

Once he came of age, Y'Lev's guardians arranged for him to make an application for the prestigious Kinarvon Independent Academy, where they expected that he would be educated to a high enough standard to be worthy of applying to study with the diplomatic union. As his caregivers, the more successful Y'Lev was in life, the more money they would be given as payment for raising him. As such, they were exceedingly motivated at ensuring he received the highest standard of education.

The interview process was gruelling, with Y'Lev's knowledge of many key subject sorely lacking compared to his competition. But to his luck, his especially charismatic demeanour impressed his final interviewer at the Academy, who saw something in the odd-eyed child, so much so that they decided to offer him a place to study at the reputable establishment. Within weeks, he had moved out from his guardians' home and into his dormitory, sharing with three other Orion boys whom all had impressive credentials of their own that warranted their admittance.

Y'Lev did not find his time at the Academy easy. It was a relentless drive for him to desperately scramble to keep up with the workload, his mind constantly twisting itself into knots with warp theory, subspace physics, geophysics, plasma dynamics... The numbers blurred into masses of white noise in his head and he barely scraped passing grades on assessments he had been preparing for for months. By the time he was nine, Human years, Y'Lev had made very little progress in developing his comprehension of spatial mechanics, with his only notable academic subjects being interspecies law and biochemistry. He had realised that if he didn't want to be thrown out onto the streets, he needed to work on alternate methods of passing his assignments...

It started with his roommates, quickly progressing to Y'Lev getting the other boys to complete assignments for him, in exchange for menial and non-demanding tasks such as serving as simple ego gratification, cleaning and waiting on them. Others around the school quickly became aware and joined in on the 'humiliation' of Y'Lev, all oblivious to the fact that they were the ones catering to his whims.

His grades progressed to a more sustainable level over the course of the subsequent year, with a gradual change in pace to how his fellow students behaved around him, soon clamouring over who got to do his next assignment whilst getting less and less back in return each time. It was during this time that Y'Lev began to develop changes to his body as he reached sexual maturity, and unlike most of his fellow students at the Academy, Y'Lev began to develop especially potent pheromones, akin to those possessed by ranking agents in the service of the Orion Syndicate. It was uncommon to find the more potent pheromones amongst females, and even more so amongst males, which meant that Y'Lev's abilities were flagged by Syndicate recruiters before long.

Most adolescents were routinely screened by the Syndicate in order to determine the most viable candidates to serve as agents, and Y'Lev fit the bill perfectly. His pheromones, whilst not as potent as many of the female agents in the Syndicate, were identified to have several qualities that could predispose an individual to suggestion, and as such, he was recruited by the Syndicate and taken far from Kinarvon, to a facility he only came to know as Outpost Three.

The Syndicate

The years that Y'Lev spent training within the Syndicate were incredibly demanding on his body and mind, his instructors shaping his development around his existing skills to ensure that they were making the most out of his individual abilities. His inadequacy with spacial, physical and mechanical subjects were disregarded, and instead his manipulative skills were honed and shaped into a crystal perfection. Y'Lev was slowly taught the art of seduction, being shown how to work out what his mark wanted, needed, and to shape himself into just that. The instructors taught him how to lie, infiltrate and forge his way into prime opportunities and how best to take advantage of them. His biochemical abilities were put to the test when he learned to make a variety of narcotics such as memory inhibitors and virulent stimulants, along with recreational drugs he found himself honing constantly to perfect. Alongside this, his understanding of chemistry was expanded upon in the Syndicate labs, where he was trained to identify, create and utilise various chemical compounds as potent weapons both inside and out of combat. He spent years in advanced training, learning the myriad of skills he would require in order to function efficiently as a field agent, but he learned everything they had to teach.

The methods of the Syndicate were so soft and subtle that he barely blinked when seduction became interrogation, and infiltration became assassination. His instructors made it clear to him that he would be working within the intelligence section of the organisation, but that should his services become necessary, or his position be compromised, he was expected to eliminate any loose ends that could lead to the harming of the Syndicate, including himself if necessary. He accepted the instruction with a cold sweat down his neck.

Y'Lev was tutored in martial arts from a number of species, as well as learning how to handle a variety of firearms, explosives and other disruptive devices, anything he may find himself needing to use during a mission. Y'Lev took a particular interest in using a variety of melee weapons, studying styles ranging from the versatile Vulcan lipra, to the easily concealed but deadly Orion dancerdaggers. His instructors taught him to fight dirty, using poisons, distractions, technological devices, chemicals and bioweapons, all methods that would give him an edge over even the most capable fighters. He was taught that values such as honour, dignity and decorum were irrelevant in combat; but Y'Lev already had a good grasp of that. Success was all that was relevant to an Orion.

The years of training took the boy and forged him into an exceedingly capable agent, noted for his proficiency at infiltration, seduction, manipulation and intuition, alongside an uncanny knack for obtaining, manipulating and interpreting information, and by the year 2376, Y'Lev had reached the rank of Cīvis within the Syndicate. It was at this rank in which he became eligible to serve as a field agent, whereby he was deployed on his first assignment.


Y'Lev found many of his early assignments, in the immediate aftermath of the Dominion War, to be heavily weighted towards gathering tactical data, which he did handily. Many Federation war veterans were surprisingly loose lipped when talking to an innocent Orion trader when it came to their involvements in the war. Despite Y'Lev's full awareness of the gloating of the self-proclaimed 'heroes' he feigned awe and interest and before long he had accumulated a very comprehensive report of battle tactics, ship movements and overarching strategies deployed by Starfleet during a number of incidents during the Dominion War.

He discovered a fascination towards tactics and strategy during this time, staying up late through the night pouring over his reports most meticulously before sending them back to his superiors, ensuring that he didn't miss even the tiniest detail of the intel he had gathered from the most grandiose stories from the most unimpressive officers. However, one of his biggest hauls came entirely by accident.

Whilst returning from an intel handover on Risa, he was propositioned by a stranger who wished to experience the pleasures of the intimate company of an Orion. The stranger was attractive enough, and Y'Lev was happy for some celebratory sex with an Andorian, a race he had never personally explored, so accepted the offer and returned to the Andorian's villa.

Had Y'Lev's body not developed some resistance against narcotics, after years of recreational use, he most likely wouldn't have survived the encounter. The Andorian had applied a hypospray to him the second he had entered the quarters, the dose making his body almost immediately feel weightless and his head spin like a gyroscope. But it was not quite potent enough to sap him of his consciousness. He recognised the drug as a black market analgesic known as 'Lotus' which was supposed to delivery a feeling of tranquillity, whilst in higher doses, quickly rendered the recipient unconscious.

Whilst most would have fought or fled immediately, Y'Lev remained, laying deadly still, crunched on the floor, waiting for his attacker to reveal his motive. Before long, a voice not belonging to his attacker arrived, alongside the chink of two glasses of Andorian ale colliding lightly. Evidently, the pair were part of a group of Andorians whom had fallen under the gaze of Orion pirates one too many times. Andorian adults made poor slaves, but their children provided a new vogue without the typical belligerent qualities of an Andorian, and always fetched a high price on the slave markets.

In the end, they revealed the name of the ships that were intending to attack, and the location of the raiding station that was the intended target, all but oblivious to the Orion agent they assumed was unconscious and were planning to shortly execute. As soon as he felt his limbs again, felt his mind focus, Y'Lev quickly dispatched the intoxicated pair with a handful of chemical powder that reacted with the moisture on their eyeballs, followed up by two swift strikes from the dancerdaggers concealed against his forearms. His warning reached the Syndicate in perfect timing. The Andorian ambush was instead destroyed when the abandoned raiding outpost exploded in a devastating detonation, all evidence of the Syndicate's activities erased with a single, quick command.

Task Force Archeron

Y'Lev's actions saw him promoted to the rank of Dominus, under the patronage of his superior Legatus Z’Lehxa, where his deployments became increasingly higher-risk, and greater reward. He found himself sold into the Orion slave system twice for assignments, found need to resort to torture to get the information needed, easily resorted to using his pheromones to bewitch his marks, and tied up loose ends with his dancerdaggers as easily as one would tie a shoelace. It was during this time that Y'Lev also developed a concentrated form of his unique pheromones, distilled from his sweat, that allowed him to apply the cumulative effects of days of exposure with little more than a simple pinprick and a short wait.

In the year 2381, the Orion Syndicate instructed him, along with a team of other agents, to investigate the USS Theurgy and Task Force Archeron. The Syndicate had limited information concerning the circumstances of the USS Theurgy, and Starfleet's response to the ship was considered extremely uncharacteristic. Agents based in the Romulan Star Empire, the location of the Theurgy´s previous mission, had no notable information to report concerning the ship's activities, and as such, the Syndicate were eager to unearth the circumstances of the Theurgy´s ruthless condemnation at the hands of Starfleet Command.

Y'Lev was at a Syndicate safehouse on Starbase 84 during the incident in which the Theurgy was caught in conflict outside the station. Whilst Y'Lev did not manage to find a way to gather any intel during the resulting battle, several ships belonging to Task Force Archeron arrived at the starbase shortly after the battle, which provided the Orion with prime opportunity to gain information from a ship database.

After beginning to take regular injections to suppress his pheromones to his vicinity, as per Starfleet regulations, he infiltrated the USS Bellerophon. The ship was docked with the starbase, under the alias Crewman Galo, a Junior Operations Officer stationed at SB84. He planted a data-tap device within the ship in order to monitor it externally and extract data, but an interruption forced him to dispose of the device to prevent detection. In order to avoid missing the opportunity, Y'Lev posed as a member of the crew, newly assigned to the ship, and was aboard the vessel when the USS Bellerophon departed into the Azure Nebula, on the hunt for the USS Theurgy.

Story Involvement

Episode Five, Part Two

{Topic: CH03: S [D06|0915] Escaping Chimera}

Following his infiltration aboard the USS Bellerophon, Y'Lev was one of the survivors who were beamed aboard the USS Theurgy following the destruction of the former vessel. His wounds were minor, and lacking any need for immediate medical treatment, he was taken to one of the Cargo bays on Deck 12 along with many of the other crewmen from the Bellerophon, who staged a break out shortly following their brief imprisonment.

{Topic: CHO5: S [D06|1011] What He Does Next Will Amaze You}

During the distraction caused by the breakout in the Cargo Bay, Y'Lev climbed through several jefferies tubes and made his way to one of the four computer core access points aboard the ship. He staged an injury and stunned two of the guards, following which he had a confrontation with the former Borg Six, and the Asurian Dyan Cardamone.

{Topic: CH05: BL [D06|1110] Storm Glass}

During the Borg assault at the Battle of the Apertures, Y'Lev was attacked by a Borg drone on Deck 8, whose shielding protected him from a killing blow from Y'Lev's dancerdaggers. He was however saved by Dyan Cardamone a second time, who threatened to kill him multiple times, before giving him the ultimatum of either assisting her in the eradication of the Borg borders, or being killed. It was during this conversation he was first made aware of the parasitic threat, and the parameters of her mission were expanded.

{Topic: EPIL: S [D06|1230] Overcrowding}

In the aftermath of the Battle of the Apertures, Y'Lev was taken to Security by Dyan Cardamone, who accused him of being a spy for the Orion Syndicate. Y'Lev adopted the alias of Galo Zeshryr, the brother of an Orion woman on the crew manifest. Following his evaluation, he was taken to a cell occupied with a man by the name of Hi'Jak, whom he conversed with whilst he awaited a decision to be made by the security team, which would determine whether his cover story had any weight to it.

{Topic: EPIL: S [D06|2100] Shipwide Call}

Following release from the clutches of the Security team, Y'Lev was released to the quaters of the late Avura Zeshryr, whereby he was introduced to the Solus Bat his 'sister' had been keeping as an apparent pet. Whilst browsing personal logs of his 'sister' in attempt to better master the aspect of keeping his cover story solid, he listened to the shipwide communication from Captain Ives.

Aldea Prime Anthology

{Topic: Day 01 [1023 hrs.] Intercepting a Flying Mammal}

Taking a much needed chance to report to the medical bay aboard the vessel, in order to ensure he recieved a timely dose of pheremonal suppressant before he was thrown back into the Brig for endangering the crew, Y'Lev accidently allowed his new pet Solus Bat escape from his quaters, and swiftly left in pursuit.

{Topic: Day 03 [1015 hrs.] Chimera}

Called in for a meeting with Lieutenant Commander Hathev, the representitive of the crew charged with responsibility of the [i]Bellarophon[/i] crewmen still aboard the ship, Y'Lev perpared to use the oppertunity to speak with someone Senior to finally conclude his case regarding the presence of the Parasite's existance.

Personality Profile

Compared to members of Starfleet, Y'Lev seemed to have failed to grasp a sense of morality, decency or humanity. With a mindset that had no reservations when seeing people sold into slavery, no inhibitions about using his pheromones to bewitch others for his own gain, no qualms about fighting dirty to kill and no guilt when inflicting torture on others in order to get the information his mission required. To a Federation councillor, he may seem to display signs of sociopathy or psychoticism. However, his complicated moral state was far from either.

His Orion upbringing saw things such as slavery and pheremonal usage as part of everyday life, whilst assassination and torture were hardly uncommon in the rough districts of Kinarvon. Growing up in the Orion culture that saw these things as everyday, hardened him immediately to the moral sentiments that other races, particularly those of the Federation. Y'Lev had seen slaves live better lives than free men and known many who were deserving of no fate better than that at the end of an assassin's blade, knowledge that he carried with him when he considered the consequences of his actions when on assignments throughout the quadrants.

In terms of his personal lifestyle, outside of his duties to the Syndicate, he was very pleasure oriented, constantly seeking new sensations to enjoy. Unlike other cultures, who believed in higher pleasures such as poetry and art, Orions had more carnal appetites and Y'Lev was no exception. Gourmet food and drink, dance, music, sexual pleasures, and the usage of recreational drugs were all commonplace in Y'Lev's life when not on assignment, along with being key aspects of being undercover as an exotic courtesan as well. His usage of narcotics for so many years had caused him to develop subtle addictions to certain substances, but it wasn't uncommon for Orions to develop such reliances, and since the substances were so readily available, the addictions had never been the cause of any concern for him.

Alongside his more carnal desires, Y'Lev also had interests that aligned with academic pursuits. Whilst he never managed to grasp an understanding of stellar physics and all that fell beneath the breadth of that category, his advanced training with the syndicate gave him a profuse interest in biochemistry. He learned quickly how to make narcotics and even developed his own toxins that had complex antidotes that would take medical professionals unfortunate lengths of time to decipher. His talents also developed into making rudimentary bioweapons for use in hand-to-hand combat, as well as distilling his own pheromones to make a very potent aphrodisiac that left the afflicted vulnerable to his suggestion.

Sexually, Y'Lev, like most Orions, was a connoisseur of pleasure. He believed in the journey of intimacy from start to finish and detested the thought of reaching the climax too quickly. Whilst he was technically pansexual, as most Orions tended to be, he preferred the sexual company of men, whom he also found were more open to engaging in more exploratory sexual ventures. However, when on assignment, or for simply flirting, teasing and enjoying, Y'Lev made no differentiation between males and females and behaved the same around either gender. Y'Lev had never experienced any sort of intimate relationship that had gone beyond sex, that hadn't been a deception on his part.

His carnal appetites also took him to greatly enjoy food and drink, particularly gourmet food and drink. Y'Lev particularly enjoyed expanding his palette and rarely enjoyed eating the same food more than once, unless he had developed a particular taste for it. He enjoyed eating foods across the entire spectrum of tastes, from incredibly spicy Bajoran dishes to undeniably indulgent Human desserts, Y'Lev always sought to explore the full breadth of what his tongue could experience. His high metabolism meant that even the most calorific foods went down without much issue, whilst if he ever encountered a food he didn't like, he would simply disregard it in favour of trying something else. He also enjoyed alcoholic beverages, particularly appreciating Human cocktails and their wide breadth of flavours.

Y'Lev's desire to experience also led him to develop a slight masochistic, allowing him to ride on certain physical pains like a wave, and enjoy the varied and exciting sensations that bodily harm could bring, rather than simply fearing pain.

Alongside of his carnal desires, Y'Lev was a natural romantic, oozing charisma, with an alluring style of being that entwined with his natural aloofness that could equally dissuade others from approaching him, whilst also desperately enticing them to approach. With a high opinion of himself, he was incredibly vain and protective of his appearance, whilst giving little thought to those whom he didn't deem physically appealing. Prideful to a fault, he also found it very difficult to admit his own mistakes, nor could he stand to be disregarded by others, and struggled to proceed when his seduction failed to deliver the desired results, speedily resorting to chemicals and more violent methods of persuasion out of pure frustration. His pride also presented itself as an unyielding stubbornness that limited him from contemplating the ideas of others; a quality which his time spent working with only himself to depend on only served to reinforce, to the point that he wouldn't know how to accept help or work in tandem with others. If he had a more vulnerable side at any point, it was turned into a bulwark by the Syndicate's training.

The only spot in which others could perhaps interpret as a vulnerability, was a sense of loneliness that Y'Lev found growing on each and every assignment. Coming from a culture where it was considered the norm to use and exploit others for personal gain, Y'Lev found it bizarre at first to experience so many cultures where friendship and honesty were the standard. It was incomparable to Orion, and he came to almost enjoy the false friendships and relations he developed when on assignment, his constant self-reminding that it was false being the only reason he didn't hesitate when it came time to complete his assignments.

However when on assignment, Y'Lev was a natural chameleon, able to act whatever way his assignment best suited. Whether it was the personality of a demure and innocent slave boy, a clumsy, bumbling Starfleet cadet, or a ruthless killer, Y'Lev had no hesitation to take on a role that facilitated the completion of whatever mission he was aiming to achieve. Whilst he possessed certain qualities that could have been considered sadistic, such as the ability to disregard suffering and inflict pain on others, it was a combination of cultural exposure and the Syndicate training he went through that facilitated these qualities, rather than a truly sadistic disposition. In truth, the concept of sadism didn't best fit a culture where exploitation and pain were simple facts of life.

However, his time spent with the Syndicate equally required him to develop relations with hundreds of different contacts throughout the Alpha and Beta quadrants, from Syndicate representatives in the private sector, safehouse owners, weapons dealers and outpost commanders, all of whom Y'Lev left with a lasting impression. Whilst many of these relations were false, Y'Lev did find the occasional individual with whom he was able to develop something of a friendship, a sense of lasting camaraderie with which he found himself longing more and more each time he had to part with one of the rare people whom he almost trusted.

His allegiance to the Syndicate stemmed out of more than just pride or loyalty. Y'Lev believed in the goal of keeping the balance of power in flux between the various factions that occupied known space. Contrary to some of his actions, he strongly believed in freedom and the opportunity to carve his own path through life as he saw fit, something that he assumed the overbearing rules of organisations like Starfleet or the Romulan Star Empire would have prevented him from achieving, without living his life as an exile. The Syndicate permitted him to live his life as he chose, whilst still belonging to a greater power; a stance that was more than enough for Y'Lev to affix his loyalties.

Physical Profile

Y'Lev was an attractive male Orion with green toned skin likened to a vibrant shade of emerald, with dark hair that occasionally was known to sport a dyed red streak along his fringe. Uncommon for an Orion, he had sectoral heterochromia, which resulted in him having one blue eye and one half blue-half brown, something which reportedly added to his mystique. Y'Lev's body was leanly muscled, a gift of his Orion metabolism, which was sufficiently flexible and definitely aided him in his attempts to seduce others.

His fingers were slender with neatly trimmed nails that he was known to paint black, whilst he had a tattoo on his right forearm as a means of covertly indicating that he was a member of the Orion Syndicate. He kept his torso hairless, and usually shaved his face close so that only the lightest stubble was visible. His legs and forearms had a light dusting of hair that required little grooming attention.

Y'Lev had a piercing in his right ear, and tended to wear eyeliner in order to enhance the enticing mystery of his eyes. His lips were also kissibly formed, and usually enhanced with balms to further increase their irresistibility. He tended to style his short, thick hair to the side in a regent style, and was known to run his hands through it several times during a conversation, particularly when he was trying to be distracting.

Y'Lev had a very specific daily grooming regimen, to keep his attractiveness at its absolute apex. When on assignment he supplemented the lengthy ordeal by rubbing a self-developed crystalline gel he called 'Allure' against the sides of his neck, which not only smelled wonderful, but contained trace amounts of his own pheremones and worked to dilate his pupils and give him a much more sexually enticing appearance

Special Notes

Y'Lev's innate pheromones were not as powerful as some of the higher ranking members of the Orion Syndicate, but were still potent to other races. Enough exposure to his pheromones would at first present as a very slightly intoxicated 'buzz', followed by a slight increase to arousal and libido. If exposure extended past this point, it tended to provide cumulative effects on the exposee's libido and senses, making them increasingly less able to concentrate and increasingly more interested in physically ravaging him. With enough exposure, a victim could become susceptible to suggestion out of sheer desire, but would not be completely enthralled no matter how lengthy the exposure. This, unfortunately for Y'Lev, meant that he was unable to reach the highest serving ranks in the Syndicate, due to his pheromones not being potent enough to have the effect of full enthrallment, which was considered a necessary requirement to serve as a high-ranking agent.