Ryuan Sel (KIA)

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Name:Ryuan Sel
Orientation:  Heterosexual
Height:5ft 6in / 1.68m
Weight:123lbs / 56kg
Eye color:Green
Played by:Natalie Dormer
Writer:NPC, to be KIA, formerly written by Absinthe
Getting into other trouble. (Being a cocky sh*t disturber of sorts.)
Service Record

Ryuan Sel was the Mistress-at-Arms on the USS Theurgy. Ryuan Sel aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.

Background Story

Sel was the daughter of two Bajoran workers who were taken back to the planet of Cardassia. She was born into servitude, working as a chambermaid in one of the more illustrious homes on Cardassia Prime. She was 14 when the Cardassian Union withdrew from Bajor and she was released. By this time she had not seen her parents in many years and she would never seen them again. By this time she had lost any faith she had once had in the Prophets and instead began to follow the Cult of the Pah-Wraiths, the Pah-Wraiths being similar aliens to the Prophets, though they have been entrapped in the Fire Caves of Bajor since they were expelled from the Celestial Temple. She went as far as to wear the red earring on her left ear, though her faith in the Pah-Wraiths functioned more as a rebellion against the traditions of her people than a true religious belief.

Rather than go to an orphanage on Bajor she stowed away on a transport for the Klingon border, though when Nausicaan Raiders damaged the transport freighter she was taken prisoner and eventually sold to the Orions. There she was trained as a combatant in one of the many brutal competitive slave-fighting rings. Her brutal tactics brought in the crowds week after week, brutal fight after brutal fight.

After earning herself a name in the ring at the age of 19 she escaped during a transit between planets. She stole a shuttle and made for Federation space, wanting to at last live a life of freedom. She made it as far as Betazed, a planet that was at the time fighting for its freedom from the Dominion, before she was captured, though luckily she was not captured by the Dominion, but rather a Starfleet ship, the USS Geneva. With no record and as the captain of the ship was seriously short on crew due to the war, she managed to convince him to let her enlist as a non-commissioned officer on the ship rather than face imprisonment for stealing the shuttle. Captain Jonathan Cosaur took her under his wing and helped her get a feel for the more structured freedom of being an officer of the Federation. She even got a good degree of training before the war ended and she could travel to Earth and enlist properly, taking the six month non-commissioned officer training rather than going for the full 4 year training program to be an officer.

After training on Earth she was placed on the Geneva once more under Captain Cosaur and there she remained for another 4 years, working as part of the ship’s security detachment. She only left the Geneva when the ship was disabled by Klingon separatists and drifted through space for almost a month. Captain Cosaur saved her life by allowing her to stay in his cabin and sharing his own food rations with her, but after the incident she knew that she would be unable to serve under him so she requested a transfer, being assigned to the Theurgy.

Though she did her best to keep in contact with Captain Cosaur, the exile of the Theurgy made it impossible to do so. Since then, whenever she thought about him, an uncharacteristic ache would settle over her chest, and especially when she considered how he was likely hunting her alongside the rest of Starfleet.

On the Theurgy she managed to keep her nose clean and head down, holding her own when she needed to and embracing the advantages of social life when she could, eventually getting promoted to Petty Officer. Because of her position on the ship and her faith in the Pah-Wraiths she has found herself uncomfortable with other Bajorans, avoiding them when possible and keeping her interactions limited, though this was, and continues to be, more out of fear of rejection than anything else. To add a level of complication, her superior officer, the Security Chief, was another Bajoran by the name of Wenn Cinn, though she did her best to avoid any direct contact with him, fearing that her lack of faith in the Prophets might be a problem. Though when he died shortly before the incident on Niga she mourned his passing with the rest of the crew, saying her final prayer to the Prophets at his funeral.

She was infected very early on by the parasitic virus on Niga and, though she is now ashamed of it, infected many other members of the crew. She was barely involved in the events surrounding the Ishtar Entity, only when she was transported to a jungle to find a man there did she become involved, engaging in passionate sex. She managed to avoid being seriously injured in the battles with the Calamity and while others were busy attempting to recover from such injuries she instead took the opportunity to train her mind and her body, increasing her devotion to the Pah-Wraiths as she felt more and more that the Prophets had abandoned her, especially after the return by them of Wenn Cinn, after the Theurgy and the Harbinger left Theta Eridani IV.

She did attend the Festival of the Moon, though left early when she found a companion for the evening, spending the rest of the night in her quarters. The next day she kicked her companion out of her quarters and she once more found herself lighting a red candle in memory of her parents.

Personality Profile

Sel is like most Bajoran women, strong willed and one hell of a spitfire, bordering on pure bitch. She likes to handle her problems with her fists, even when she knows she should not, she even might beat the crap out of even an officer if they push her far enough. She’s very passionate in almost everything she does, from combat to sex, with a temper to top it off.

Though originally her faith in the Pah-Wraiths acted more as a rebellion against the tradition of her people after the attacks by the Calamity and the death and return of Wenn Cinn she has invested more time and effort into her faith. Even going so far as to practice the religious rituals, lighting the red candle of the Pah-Wraiths when she prays for her parents, though she does this more secretly, only wearing the red earring outwardly.

One of her more obvious flaws is her nonchalant attitude towards sex, partners are to be used for whatever pleasure she can get and then simply abandoned, this is partly due to her upbringing on Cardassia and being treated as nothing more than property for much of her life.

Physical Profile

With blonde hair and sharp green eyes Sel is a true bombshell of a woman. She keeps the left side of her head shaved to emphasize the bright red Bajoran earring that she wears on her left ear. On the petite side, not uncommon for Bajoran women, Sel still remains quite strong in comparison to others her size. Some of that comes from her constant sparing and training, a job requirement but also a necessity when most of her male counterparts seem to stand a good head higher then her. Any man lucky enough to get her uniform off will notice that despite her upbringing as a Cardassian servant, Sel is remarkably free of scars, body art, and other markings commonly placed upon alien slaves. The second thing that one would notice is her proportions and her femininity, hidden beneath the uniform but on display in private.