Dominic Lau

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Name:Dominic Lau
Rank:Chief Petty Officer
Position:Intelligence Operative
(Former Security NCO)
Orientation:  Heterosexual
Birthplace:Hong Kong, Earth
Height:5ft 8in / 1.73m
Weight:180lbs / 82kg
Eye color:Dark Brown
Played by:Donnie Yen
Martial Arts

Cross Country Skiing


Mountain Climbing


Acoustic Guitar
2364: Starfleet Enlisted Bootcamp, Earth

2364: Advanced Security Personnel Training, Titan

2369: Starfleet Advanced Leadership and Hostile Environment Course

2371: Laikan Military Academy in unarmed combat
Service Record
2364: Crewman 2nd Class, Security, Starbase 12

2366: Crewman 1st Class, Security, Starbase 12

2366: Crewman 1st Class, Security, Xarantine

2369: Petty Officer 3rd Class, Security, Sol System

2372: Petty Officer 3rd Class, Security, USS Thunderer

2373: Petty Officer 2nd Class, Security, USS Trident, Dominion War

2375: Petty Officer 1st Class, Starfleet Intelligence

2376: Chief Petty Officer, Starfleet Security, Advanced Security Personnel Trainer, Titan

2381: Starfleet Intelligence
2372: Star Cross 2375: Starfleet Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry

Chief Petty Officer Dominic Lau was a Starfleet Intelligence Operative who was taking part in the information gathering effort along the Romulan border after the sudden outbreak of hostilities in 2381. His team was operating in the neutral zone to retrieve an asset when they were double crossed and ambushed by the Tal Shiar. After the team's survivors extricated themselves from the planet and were brought up to speed on what was happening at Starfleet Command, CPO Lau's team was diverted to rendezvous with a mission in progress that had been launched by the supposedly renegade USS Theurgy. CPO Lau aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command at the end of the 24th century.

Image:Lau during his time serving as an NCO in Starfleet Security


Dominic Lau was the son of Wilbur Lau, a noodle and snack shop owner who lived and operated on the main headquarters station for the Antares shipyard. The result of a liason Wilbur and an unknown woman when Wilbur was living in Hong Kong, she gave birth to Dominic. Dominic's mother left soon afterwards, and Wilbur decided to take Dominic to a new environment away from the memories. Wilbur's parents were shipyard personnel and deciding that he also needed additional family influence, the two moved to the Antares shipyard facility. Although not having any of the technical skills of his parents, Wilbur had learned how to make handmade noodles in soup while living in Hong Kong, and setup shop that quickly garnered a loyal following as the aromas wafted through the concourse.

This was to have unforeseen consequences on Dominic. Although Wilbur's shop was his passion and prospering, he was not able to provide as much attention to Dominic and the grandparents were in the same situation with the Antares shipyard being very busy with production as the Federation quickly expanded. Dominic would soon start getting in to regular fights with other children at school. Frustrated, Wilbur and the grandparents would resort to the quickest method of punishment in an attempt to discipline the unruly child. This didn't do much aside from encouraging Dominic to fight more, and inure him to pain and empathy. One of Dominic's teachers took note of this and being a retired Starfleet Security officer, decided to make a project of the young child by teaching him discipline and achievement through martial arts. Dominic took to these lessons and quickly became endeared to his 'Sensei'.

Simply grateful for not having to deal with a publicly violent child, the Lau family went about their business and didn't notice the emotional gulf that had been forming between Dominic and the rest of the family. Although outwardly tranquil, especially during family meals, there was a steady attempt to divert the growing adolescent's interest towards other areas that the family felt was more worthwhile, primarily the maths and sciences. These discussions did not gain traction as he had found his calling, having attained Level 3 in Wing Chun, a Green Belt in Krav Maga, and an introduction to the Vulcan martial art of Suus Mahna. He was also a deputy captain of his school's track team, and martial arts team. He would prove very proficient in competitions due to his innate attention to body motions that allowed him to anticipate his opponents movements. Though the family would continue to dine together, the topics of discussion soon became few and far between. This came to a head when Dominic turned 18 and graduated with his GED. Although attended by his father and grandparents, Dominic gave most of the credit for how he turned out to his Sensei, much to the annoyance of the family. Wilbur was hurt by his son's admission, but unwilling to accept responsibility for what happened, and attempted to strike his son at the graduation ceremony, but was restrained by the young adult, causing a scene. When station security arrived, the sensei explained the situation and it was corroborated by video footage. Dominic refused to press charges however and simply stated that Starfleet would be his family going forward. Not being heavily technically inclined, he instead opted to join Starfleet Security. He was kicked out of the family residence shortly after.

Dominic applied for a commission but failed the entrance exam. The recruiter then suggested he enlist instead. This did not sit well with the young man who was used to succeeding at what he wanted to. The recruiter was an enlisted man and talked to the aggrieved potential recruit about the pros and cons of being commissioned and enlisted. Dominic listened, and promised to return the following day after he'd thought about it. Following through on his promise, Dominic signed the enlistment papers and was ordered to Boot Camp on Earth. This was a huge step, for the young man had intellectually known he'd be leaving Antares, and knew about the wider galaxy after seeing no end of starships and Starfleet personnel on the station. Still, leaving the only home he'd ever known was a frightening prospect. He almost turned around from the boarding tube when his sensei stood amongst the crowd and waved him over. Relieved to have at least one friendly face, the older man placed his hands on the younger man's shoulder's and passed his final words of wisdom. "Through there is your future now Dom. Seize it with both hands. Promise me." Dominic was buoyed by these words and promised to do so.

Arriving on Earth was a shock to his system after having spent all his time in an artificial environment. This manifested itself in subtle ways, such as always keeping an eye out for the safety systems, or stopping to check doors before stepping outside, lest he found vacuum. Despite this, Dominic flourished and grew. Boot camp would polish off whatever rough edges the young man had retained that hadn't been worn down by his sensei before. Graduating in the top 5% of his class, he was granted an automatic promotion to Crewman 2nd Class and assigned to Security on Starbase 12. This was a bit of disappointment for new member of Starfleet, since he felt it was not a good use of talents, but did not have the capability or influence to override the decision. Service on Starbase 12 would generally be routine with guard duty in key areas, supporting civil authorities, and patrolling. Though there were no major actions of note, Crewman Lau was noted for his diligence and general good service to the community and was promoted to Crewman 1st Class. With this promotion came a transfer to join the security detachment on Xarantine. Although duties on the planet were mostly routine, CM1 Lau was praised for his participation in various community outreach programs, especially those involving troubled youths and the use of martial arts as a means of self improvement. He also received praise for helping local authorities in finding several campers who had gone missing. A formal commendation was withheld however after complaints were made that he was too relentless in the search and had purportedly endangered several other members of the search party with insufficient allowances for rest.

Starfleet Security had taken note of this drive and transferred the Crewman to Mars, then Earth to participate in the Advanced Leadership and Hostile Environment Course in late 2369. Informally known as the the Commando Course, the Crewman was pushed to the absolute limit over the next six months, and the man who emerged, was harder, and more relentless than before. He was promoted to Petty Officer 3rd Class after graduation. Under regular circumstances, this would not have been acceptable, however Starfleet Command had seen conflict more often than was publicly acknowledged and kept the example of the Cardassian Border Conflict in mind. This would have fortuitous results the following year during the disastrous first contact with the Dominion. Following the loss of the USS Odyssey in the Gamma Quadrant in 2370, PO3 Lau would operate as part of training teams in the Federation Core to train security detachments in increasing their combat effectiveness. In 2371, he took part in an exchange at the Laikan Military Academy where he cross trained as an unarmed combat instructor, for which he was given a Diploma for his contributions. He also learned how to wield the Ushaan during his time, though they did not become his bladed weapon of choice.

With upheaval coming to the Federation, PO3 Lau was promoted to Petty Officer 2nd Class and transferred to the USS Thunderer as part of her security department in 2372. The Thunderer was assigned to patrol around Deep Space K-7 as part of the build up of Starfleet forces around the Archanis sector, and saw limited action when hostilities broke out shortly after. Petty Officer Lau's major action during the conflict occurred when he was one of 37 volunteers from the ship's company deployed to support a Starfleet garrison on a colony world near Ajilon. 15 of these volunteers would be medical or engineering personnel supporting infrastructure services. The remaining 22 volunteers were tasked with defending a bridge that was being used as part of a civilian evacuation route. When Lau looked at the map of the area, he was able to identify a choke point the Klingon's had to use to get to the bridge. Arriving mere hours before a Klingon attack from that direction, the 22 dug in as best they could. The Lieutenant leading the detachment was killed early in the fight and her executive officer, a newly graduated Ensign broke under pressure. Petty Officer Lau rallied the remaining volunteers and led the defence for the next three hours where he was reported to have bested a four Klingon Warriors in hand to hand combat. When a security detachment from the colony arrived, they found a bloody and battered Petty Officer and twelve other survivors with thirty five Klingon bodies in front of the position. For his leadership and heroism, he was awarded the Star Cross.

PO2 Lau was returned to the Thunderer shortly after it drove off a follow on Klingon raiding force. The ship sustained moderate damage and soon departed to Aldeberan for repairs. The surviving volunteers formed a close bond that partially alienated the remaining ship's company and attempts by the ship's counsellors made limited success. When the Thunderer reached Aldeberan, most of the crew of departed for shore leave. The Volunteers would soon be arrested multiple times for drunken disorderly and fighting as they tried to decompress. Petty Officer Lau would be arrested twice during this period, though inquiry evidence would show that he was trying to stop or break up the fights. He was reprimanded for excessive use of force on these occasions though. Generally he did not succumb to the worst of the ill discipline, though during one drunken night, he would end up getting a tattoo of a mako shark on his arm.

With the outbreak of war with the Dominion Petty Officer Lau would be transferred to the USS Trident. The Akira class ship would see general war service and distinguished itself. The security officer would guard important locations such as the bridge or main engineering while the ship was in battle and he would mainly see action with supporting casualty evacuation or damage control. In 2374, the Trident took part in Operation Return. Petty Officer Lau was standing guard outside main engineering when Jem'Hadar forces boarded the ship in an attempt to detonate it's warp core after the Trident had managed to disable the Jem'Hadar ship's weapons. PO Lau led the security detachment in reinforcing the engineering crew and engaged the Dominion soldiers in close combat. After securing the reactor core, the ship continued to fight, though the distraction caused by the boarding action resulted in a costly delay of a power transfer. The Trident was unable to reinforce it's shields in time and was hit by half a dozen torpedoes from another ship and disabled. The Petty Officer would lead teams through the ship in bringing survivor to triage centres and sickbay through the rest of the day before a Klingon ship was able to tow the disabled Akira to DS9. After completing the minimal necessary repairs, the ship was ordered to the Utopia Planitia for a full repair job.

It was at this time that events surrounding his Star Cross had completed examination by members of Starfleet Intelligence and much to his surprise he was transferred to that branch as a terrain analyst and direct action specialist. Petty Officer Lau would undergo further training in covert operations, communications, and other skills. It was during this training period that Lau's actions on the Trident would complete review and he was awarded the Starfleet Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry. Though Starfleet Command offered him a commission, he refused saying he preferred to get his hands dirty as an enlisted man. He was promoted to Petty Officer 1st class instead. After his training was completed, he would join an intelligence team that would spearhead a Starfleet task force ordered to retake the Setlick system after it had been lost to the Cardassians. The team was ordered to disable the main transport inhibitor to allow Starfleet personnel to land in the main settlement. The original option of an orbital strike had been ruled out for fear of causing civilian casualties. Lau's team would make planet fall in a dead stick landing during the battle in space and contact the local resistance organization. His terrain analsys would come in handy when he identified a small break that could be created in the forcefield perimeter if a nearby river could be lowered. Some resistance forces blew up a dam that lowered the river, while the remaining forces with the the Starfleet Intelligence team stormed the inhibitor site. The Petty Officer managed to secure the main power room after subduing five Cardassian soldiers in hand to hand combat. He would be stabbed by a a fifth solder, but this served to enrage Lau who beat him to death with his fists. After passing out from blood loss, Petty Officer Lau was evacuated from the inhibitor site and beamed to an orbiting ship for treatment. Petty Officer Lau would soon rejoin his team who led several more pathfinder missions in the sector before the war came to an end.

After the war with the Dominion was concluded, Petty Officer 1st class Lau was transferred back to Starfleet Security where he became a senior trainer for the Advanced Security Personnel Trainer on Titan. He would be promoted to Chief Petty Officer during this time. He would remain in this position and was considering a transfer to a ship board assignment when the USS Theurgy was declared hijacked and declared renegade in 2381. CPO Lau was was transferred to Starfleet Intelligence once more and selected to join a team that would monitor the whereabouts of the prototype dreadnought. His team would head towards the Romulan Border to investigate rumours circulating in that area. This would leave the team in the wrong position when it was discovered that the ship had been seen around Starbase 74 then the heart of the Klingon Empire. With the detonation of a Thaloron device in Paris, the team was directed to begin information gathering efforts in the neutral zone, and right inside Romulan space. It was during an extraction mission for an intelligence source, that Dominic’s team was ambushed by the Tal Shiar, as the source was a double agent. Though he managed to escape with most of his team, the team commander had been killed, leaving him in charge. CPO Lau duly reported the situation to Admiral Anderson. Anderson in turn brought Lau and his team up to speed on what the Theurgy had been really up to and diverted them towards a reported location of the ship while changing the team's status to MIA.

Personality Profile


Outwardly, Chief Petty Officer Lau appeared aloof to most of his surroundings. This was the result of not having what most would consider a normal social upbringing. Having been generally ignored for most of his life, his body art became his forms of expression for the world around him. The outward appearance of self control hid the inner passions, which were most evident when he played the Flamenco on the guitar or exercised his hand-to-hand abilities. Although able to interact with others, he did so generally from a no-nonsense manner and was directly blunt about what he was thinking. This usually led to a sense that it was better to not hear from him when something had gone wrong. For many who could filter out the direct aspects, his counsel had been found to be very useful. 

He had little patience for the more civilian lines of Starfleet due to his experience in the various wars that were fought by the Federation and seeing how many reacted on the front lines. Previously this would result in him attempting to over will the target of his wrath into engaging the enemy. Now with experience and tempering, he felt it was easier to usually just get them out of harm’s way. This had produced an affect of making the Petty Officer appear to be suicidally brave.

Although he valued what the Federation provided in terms of values in a very vague sense, he was mostly loyal to his crew. In a person, he respected that a person had given everything they had to what they were doing and were honest about it. If they could not complete a task, he expected to be told, or he would forcefully encourage them to seek that higher goal of success nonetheless if he believed they could succeed.

As of 2381, the only major change to his personality was a strong distrust of Romulans as a result of his last mission, where the asset he was extracting double-crossed his team. This clashed strongly with his sense of Romulan bravery from the Dominion War and there had not been time too reconcile the two feelings. He would prefer to avoid contact with Romulans if at all possible, but would usually treat them with very cold courtesy. This distrust had extended to Remans as well due to the Shinzon incident.

Physical Profile

A lean and compact muscular man of Asian decent on Earth. He was known for being erect of carriage and fast in his movements. Despite the regular stress of his professions, his hair remained jet black. Otherwise, he was a very typical human male. A large scar occupied his back around his right lung as a legacy of combat time on Setlick. He frequently carried a serious demeanour, and appeared aloof of most the time. He right bicep was marked with a black mako shark from a night of heavy drinking on Aldeberan.