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Personnel FileW-o2.png
Rank:Lieutenant Junior Grade
Position:Fighter Pilot
Orientation:  Bisexual
Birthplace:Melarvon, Vondem (Orion)
Height:5ft 6in / 1.68m
Weight:114lbs / 52kg
Eye color:Sky Blue
Played by:Melanie Iglesias
Writer:Formerly SaraKnight. NPC








2365-2371: Preliminary training for Pleasure Girl (etiquette, dancing, politics, etc.) (Kinarvon, Vondem)

2371-2374: Pleasure Training for Pleasure Girl (Kinarvon, Vondem)

2376-2379: Starfleet Academy - Security Cadet (San Francisco, Earth)

2379-2380: Tactical CONN Training (Training Center Omega, Iota Eridani system near Paulson Nebula)

Service Record

2376-2379: Cadet, Starfleet Academy, Earth

2379-2380: Ensign, Tactical CONN Fighter Pilot Trainee, Training Center Omega

2380-2381: Ensign, Tactical CONN Fighter Pilot, Sapphire Station

2381-2381: Lt JG, Temporary assignment Security, USS Oneida

2381-Pres: Lt JG, Tactical CONN Officer, USS Theurgy


Lieutenant JG Amissa was a Fighter Pilot at a secret Starfleet base, named Sapphire Station, when her flight was attacked by a Romulan warbird. Barely escaping with her life, Amissa was rescued by the crew of the USS Oneida and in a chain of events found herself drawn into a greater war than she had ever imagined. Following the Battle of Houses, Amissa requested a transfer to the USS Theurgy so that she could lend her skills to this great struggle.



Amissa was born at Melarvon, Vondem and at the age of 5 ½ (12 standard years), the Syndicate identified her as one of those females that would possess a higher concentration of pheromones. Consequently, they placed her into slavery and prepared her for the time when they could sell her as a pleasure slave. The syndicate boss placed in charge of her education was very confident that she would bring in a top price, and indeed she did. Her early education involved a lot of lessons on etiquette, conversation, dancing, politics and even business. At the age of eight (18 standard years), she began her education in the arts of pleasure. This would continue for another 3 standard years. When her training was completed, she was sold to a Human man who was a moderately high ranking member of the Syndicate: Dominus Souma Toshiyasu.

Orion Syndicate

Peasant to Pleasure Slave

Souma Toshiyasu was born and raised on Earth, but had always been a malcontent. It didn’t take him long to learn that knowledge was power. In a society where money meant little, he instead traded knowledge and soon had built himself a nice little information net and a comfortable living. Souma’s weakness was the ladies and he usually could be found with one or more attractive young ladies. Souma’s activities soon attracted the notice of the Syndicate, but since he had built his information empire outside of Syndicate control they needed to proceed carefully as they felt they could use such a man. They decided that a pleasure girl would be the perfect instrument to do that. So, they carefully made overtures to Toshiyasu and soon had him interested in working with them.

After several tests, they decided the man was worth taking a risk on and decided to sell him Amissa for a reasonable price. In truth, it was an exorbitant amount, but Souma was not aware of that at the time. However, since slavery was illegal inside Federation held space, he would need to keep her outside of their sphere of control. Coincidentally, the Syndicate had a nice place that would meet his needs and from which he could operate his business without worrying about the continued pressure from Federation authorities. Seeing this as an additional win, Toshiyasu agreed and the deal was struck. Soon he was making money for both himself and the Syndicate and rose through their ranks to reach the title of Dominus.

After several years, the pleasure girl that had been gifted to Toshiyasu met an unfortunate end and Souma wanted to replace her. The Syndicate agreed and Amissa was sold to him. Little did he know that the death of his previous pleasure girl was caused by the Syndicate to make room for Amissa, who had been carefully groomed for this role. Amissa knew she would always be a Pleasure Girl, and to be honest she was honored to be chosen for such a role. She, like all Orions, took great pleasure from sexual acts and would do much to be able to have that. For her, the life was not a burden but a joy. But the Syndicate promised her something else. If she could provide them with continuing information about Toshiyasu and his business, and learn anything that he might be hiding from them, she would be greatly rewarded and given the title of Cacula, something few Pleasure Girls ever achieved. Amissa didn’t much care about that, but having status within the Syndicate was always a good thing. So, she agreed.

Amissa was sent to Toshiyasu’s estate and he was instantly pleased by her - in multiple ways. Amissa would continue to be his favorite female companion for nearly four more years. And then came the day when she learned something about him that the Syndicate didn’t know. By the purest of chance, she entered his office one day and he had neglected to secure his terminal. Seeing an opportunity to fulfill her mission for the Syndicate and gain the title promised to her, she scanned through the database and found that the Dominus had not been giving the Syndicate their full 10%, but had been secretly sending some of his profits - for he now dealt in latinum as compensation for his information - back to Earth to a secret fund. Digging further, she found that the money was actually being diverted to Starfleet Intelligence. And that was when she hit on the secret that would bring a death sentence to her from both Toshiyasu and the Syndicate. Souma Toshiyasu had been secretly recruited by Starfleet Intelligence a few months before joining the Syndicate and was a plant to help them keep tabs on Syndicate activity.

Betrayal and Escape

While she struggled with that knowledge, and not yet fully grasping the implications for her, she noticed that she had tripped a security alert within the database. Quickly gathering a few things, she left the estate, climbing over a high wall in order to avoid being seen by the guards and made her way to a small tavern. Finding a public communications booth, she encrypted a transmission to the Syndicate with a code they had given her and reported her findings. The reply was instant. “Stay where you are. We are coming for you. Do not return to your owner.” Somehow, she knew that sentence had more promise than the promise of rescue and she fled, secreting herself on a transport.

The transport launched and they were away for several hours. Amissa felt she had made it away safely, but she should have known better. The Syndicate had tracked her movements and were now in pursuit. The transport was in dire straits when a Federation starship picked up their distress signal and came to their rescue. By the time help had arrived, however. The only people left alive were Amissa and one of the cargo handlers. Syndicate soldiers had boarded the transport and were searching for her when they were ordered back due to the arrival of the Akira-class starship. After the Starfleet personnel boarded, she was quickly found. Believing herself dead, Amissa begged them to make it quick. Instead, the Starfleet officers took her back to their ship and treated her like a guest.

She did have to go through some extensive debriefings, and although she resisted at first, she came to see that they were truly trying to help her. Someone from Starfleet Intelligence did come speak with her and let her know that she was safe, that they meant her no harm and she didn’t even have to reveal knowledge about the Syndicate because they already knew everything that Souma Toshiyasu had reported. She found out that Souma had quickly fled, knowing his life was in danger, but rather than returning to Starfleet Intelligence for assistance, he went on the run and Amissa knew him well enough to know that vengeance was sure to follow.

Starfleet: A New Chapter Begins

Faced now with having to make a new life for herself, she decided she wanted to join this Starfleet. Most of them seemed honorable, though she didn’t like the way they had infiltrated the Syndicate - an organization that she still held an amount of loyalty toward despite her death sentence from them. It took two years and a lot of convincing, but she was eventually cleared to join the Academy.

Although her primary field of study was in Security, a curriculum that she excelled in, she found herself most at home during pilot training. Although it was only with shuttles and other small craft, she loved the freedom that flying seemed to impart to her. However, becoming a fighter pilot was reserved for only the best students, and though she was in the top tier of her security class, she didn’t think she qualified for training as a fighter pilot.

After graduation, however, and to her utmost delight, Amissa was asked to consider training as a fighter pilot and when she agreed, was assigned to Tactical CONN Training Center Omega in the Iota Eridani system near the Paulson Nebula to train on AC-307 Mk II Valkyrie fighters. The station was located on a rocky Class-D moon in the system which also contained an asteroid belt which was used for close-quarters flight training.

Sapphire Station

Once her training was completed she was transferred to Sapphire Station, a small secret outpost near the Romulan Neutral Zone that was assigned to monitor for Romulan incursions and provide early warning to the fleet. As part of that task, Sapphire Station had a small fighter squadron assigned to it known simply as The Sapphire Wolves, and it was to this squadron that Amissa was assigned. The Sapphire Wolves routinely flew short range patrols to extend the monitoring capabilities of the station, but their primary purpose was for defense of the station. The station was rather small and its location within a densely populated asteroid field was classified, and that was its greatest defense. But if the Romulans, or another hostile force, ever learned of their location, their best line of defense was The Sapphire Wolves.

Over the next year, Amissa’s squadron flew several reconnaissance missions around the station, and she earned her call sign of Emerald there and managed to rise to the rank of Lieutenant JG. However, Amissa began to notice some unusual activity around the station. She didn’t know what was off, she was far too junior to really know what should be normal, but things just didn’t seem right. She got inclinations that the science personnel were conducting secret experiments and she wondered if that wasn’t the true purpose of the station. Yet, she was wise enough from her time in the Syndicate to know that she needed to keep her mouth shut about the activities on the station.

Shortly before she would be forced to leave Sapphire Station behind forever, Amissa’s flight had been dispatched as escort to a supply vessel which was making a routine supply run to Tactical CONN Training Center Omega. During her brief layover there, Amissa took the time to meet the new pilots in training and catch up with some of her instructors. After spending a few days at the station, they departed and returned back to Sapphire Station. A few weeks later, she was out on a routine patrol with her flight one day, when a Romulan T’Varo-class warbird decloaked and attacked them. The four fighters were outclassed, but fought valiantly. Realizing they could not return to Sapphire Station without revealing its location, Squadron Commander Lt Commander Edward "Black Knight" Roberts ordered them to stay and fight. Two of the four Valkyries were subsequently destroyed, and Lt Commander Roberts ordered Emerald to effect escape. He would stay to cover her retreat, but under no circumstance was she to return to Sapphire Station until she was certain the Romulans were not tracking her. Amissa was reluctant to comply with that order, knowing she was leaving Roberts to either death or capture, but there was little choice. If she stayed, she would die as well, and a report needed to be made.

Reluctantly, Emerald brought her fighter about and set a course that was both away from battle and away from Sapphire Station. She set course for the Paulson Nebula hoping to use it as cover. On her way out, however, the Warbird managed to get a shot off on her aft shield and enough energy penetrated to damage her engines and kill her RIO, Ensign Adam "Diamond" Walker. She still made it to warp, but her range was now severely limited. With the loss of fuel growing, she almost made it to the nebula before her engines cut out and she dropped out of warp. Left to drift, and knowing that sending a distress signal would result in the Warbird locating her, Emerald began to make peace with her fate. Still, she did have impulse engines, so she engaged them still heading for the Paulson Nebula. At her current speed, she had no hope of reaching it, but she still had to try.


As it would happen, fate was with her. The USS Oneida, on patrol in this sector, was passing by en route to another distress call. Amissa’s sensor suite detected the vessel not too far away and she altered course to intercept. Of course, at only impulse speeds, the Oneida would be long gone before she reached them, so she decided to risk a distress call. The crew of the Oneida picked up the call and came to her aid. Once on board, she was questioned about her reasons for being in the area. Given the classified location of Sapphire Station, and her own suspicions regarding the true nature of the station, she only stated that she was assigned to a secret facility and was out on routine patrol when her flight was attacked. Since returning her to the station would mean them learning the station’s location, she requested to remain with the Oneida until Starfleet Command could decide if she should be returned to the base or transferred to a new posting.

As they were already responding to a distress call, the decision was made to hold off on deciding what to do with the wayward pilot. A message was sent to Starfleet Command to get instructions. Meanwhile, the Oneida completed their rescue mission and Amissa was shocked to learn it was Omega Station, which had suffered massive damage from an attack by one of the trainees who had suddenly turned on them. She wasn’t in a position to know why this pilot had suddenly turned on the facility and his own team, but during her time on Sapphire Station, she had learned that some elements of Starfleet were turning rogue. Perhaps the attack on Omega was the work of one of these rogues.

One such rogue ship was the USS Theurgy, however while they waited on a reply from Starfleet Command, word came that a high ranking Starfleet officer, codenamed "King," had contacted Captain Jackson. Hopeful that it was related to her situation, she eagerly waited for the Captain to call for her. However, what happened was something entirely different. The Captain came on over shipwide comms to make an announcement. They had cut communications with Starfleet command and had faked their destruction. He stated that they had become suspicious of some activity in Starfleet Command the previous year and that they had been taken over by some parasites which were making their hosts carry out their dark agenda and were being called the Infested. Soon after, the Oneida encountered the S.S. Sabine and the following chain of events led them to make their way to the aid of the USS Theurgy at Qo'nos. Meanwhile, Amissa was given temporary assignment with the Security Department in order to augment their ranks. She would have loved to add her fighter to the mix, but with Diamond's death, she was without a RIO for the time and she was ready for a fight in whatever way she could get it.

They were just short of Qo'nos when they were intercepted by four Klingon Birds-of-Prey. Captain Ives of the Theurgy was aboard at that time and made the decision to use the Sabine to make a run for the planet as Oneida provided cover for them. Several security personnel were assigned to go with the Sabine and wanting to assist, Amissa stepped up to volunteer. Shortly, the smaller vessel was launched and they were on their way to the Klingon Homeworld.

Personality Profile

Amissa was raised to be the ideal Pleasure Girl and had many stereotypical traits found in Orions, such as being hedonistic, vain and carefree. However, having been trained by the Syndicate, loyalty became a driving force in her life and she would rather have given her life than betray her loyalties, unless those loyalties could be irrefutably proven to be misplaced. She was a determined individual, who could also be prideful, stubborn and even a bit rebellious at times. Though being vain, she did suffer from some insecurities as she could never be truly certain that anyone valued her for any reason beyond her body. However, one thing was certain, anyone who crossed her had better beware as she was quite unforgiving and would seek vengeance at every opportunity.

Overriding all of her activities was the pursuit of pleasure in whatever form she might find it, whether that be in dancing, singing, flying, combat or even revenge. During her early training, Amissa was taught to both sing and dance, and quickly came to view these arts as enjoyable pastimes and really loved to do both. If she could manage to combine them, so much the better. She was taught some hand-to-hand combat skills during her training as a slave, but it wasn't until she undertook her training as a security officer that she really grew to love it. No longer would she be a helpless victim at the mercy of those around her, but quite able to defend herself. This feeling transferred to her combat skills with a fighter craft, which was a natural marriage of her love of flying.

Amissa believed she was wronged by her one-time object of loyalty, the Syndicate, and that their death sentence against her was quite unjustified. She came to view them as the enemy and a force to eventually be reckoned with.

Physical Profile

Amissa was an extremely attractive Orion woman, with emerald green skin, jet black hair and sky blue eyes, firm abs, and sexy curves.

Special Notes


Thanks to her years of training, Amissa always walked with an alluring gait that was sure to turn heads and she wasn’t even conscious of it most of the time. She also developed a slight addiction to stimulants so that she could remain active during normal duty hours rather than being subject to the shortened sleep cycle of an Orion. She also needed sunlight to activate the chlorophyll in her skin and provide her with energy and consequently became reliant on Sunrise to help her when her access to real sunlight was limited. Amissa was also one of those Orion women who produced levels of pheromones that are more potent than a typical Orion woman. Increased exposure to her pheromones could result in effects such as disorientation, lethargy, extreme vertigo, dangerous rises in metabolic and adrenal systems and heightened aggressive impulses. Her pheromones could also act as a potent aphrodisiac, causing affected individuals to become intensely enamoured to Amissa, and even make individuals especially prone to suggestion and manipulation. Consequently, Amissa was required by Starfleet to receive regular injections of a suppressant to keep her pheromones from affecting the rest of the crew.