Lillee t'Jellaieu

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Personnel FileR-e4.png
Name:Lillee i-Fennheii t'Jellaieu
Rank:Petty Officer Third Class
Position:Chief Support Craft Pilot
Callsign:Bloodwing (Former)
Orientation:  Bisexual
Height:5ft 11in / 1.8m
Weight:150lbs / 68kg
Eye color:Brown
Played by:Amy Acker
Air racing
2366-2367: Grand Fleet Enlisted Training Program
2368-2370: Grand Fleet Flight Academy
2373-2374: Starfleet Boot Camp
Service Record
2370-2372: Uhlan: Assigned as fighter pilot to the 185th Rea's Shades fighter squadron
2372-2373: Uhlan: Assigned as CONN Officer of Imperial Warbird IRW Sunheart
2373: Defected to United Federation of Planets. Enlisted in Starfleet
2374-2375: Crewman 3rd Class: Assigned as fighter pilot of 230th Athena"s Arrows fighter squadron
2375-2376: Crewman 2nd Class: Assigned as flight mehanic onboard USS Aspiration
2376-2377: Crewman 1st Class: Assigned as flight technician on Starbase 111
2377-2378: Crewman 1st Class: Assigned as flight technician at Earth Spacedock
2378-2379: Crewman 1st Class: Entered into Starfleet Command Aide Training Program
2379-2380: Petty Officer 3rd Class: Assigned as aide and designated pilot to Rear Admiral Sobral 2380-Present: CONN Officer, USS Theurgy
Imperial Medal of Technical Excellence (2370)
Daughter of Eisn (2372)
Starfleet Medal of Gallantry (2374)
Starfleet Medal of Commendation (2378)

Lillee t'Jellaieu was a CONN Officer on the USS Theurgy, previously commissioned to pilot Rear Admiral Sobral. Sent aboard the Theurgy by Admiral Sobral in November of 2380 to inspect the vessel's new Valkyrie fighters, Lillee ended up trapped aboard the multivector dreadnought as it escaped the rest of Starfleet. As of March in 2381, upon recovery from emergency medical stasis, Lillee had joined the crew of the USS Theurgy in their mission to expose the Parasite threat that had infiltrated Starfleet Command.

Background Story

Lillee t'Jellaieu is far from the first Romulan in Starfleet service, but her tale is nevertheless a curious one, even among her fellow defectors from the Empire. Born on one of the outer worlds of the Empire, far the Hearthworlds of Romulus and Remus, Lillee was born with a modicum of freedom. She was a descendent of the Ship Clans, the ancient families who built and maintained the original generation ships that departed Vulcan and had ever since maintained a stubborn sense of independence. As such, Lillee was born with the stars in her eyes, as well as a well-founded scepticism of the Romulan government...matched only by her distrust of the Federation and her scorn of the Klingons.

Nevertheless, it quickly became obvious during Lillee's teenage years that she possessed skill and intellect far beyond the backwater planet that she had been born on. Even long before she was legally able to fly aircars and shuttlecraft, Lillee could often be found at the controls of some machine, flying circles around anyone and everyone just for the sheer fun of it. Eventually, after she graduated from school, Lillee's parents succumbed to the inevitable and permitted their daughter to leave home in search of greater things.

Enthused, Lillee travelled to Romulus to join the Grand Fleet, knowing that only there could she truly fly the best ships and explore the galaxy. There, however, she ran straight into the bottleneck of Romulan society, exactly what her family and friends had warned her about. As an outworlder of no noble house, and of the Ship Clans no less, Lillee quickly realised that it would be quite impossible to become an officer, while enlisted pilots were typically left to fly old transports and shuttles, not the truly exciting ships. Nevertheless the Romulan Star Empire had been rearming in light of the many threats on its borders, from the vast Federation to the chaotic Klingons to the terrifying Borg, and so Lillee enlisted, hoping to prove herself.

As a trainee and then an uhlan, she did exactly that. Through sheer brute competence Lillee was able to enter a specialised training program at the Grand Fleet Flight Academy, soon becoming a warp fighter pilot in the fleet, even earning an official commendation for her technical excellence. While Lillee was typically seen as aloof and arrogant to her comrades, no one doubted her formidable talent in the cockpit or her fierce passionate nature. Thus, as a pilot in the warp fighter squadron Rea's Shades, she found her true calling, pushing her skills to the limit as well as finding friendship and love with her squadron. Lillee and her comrades were rarely called upon for combat, but when given the chance in 2372 to engage a small Klingon task force that was raiding Romulan worlds, Lillee and her fellow pilots fought with exceptional vigour and skill against the invaders. The squadron earned more renown upon engaging and defeating a Federation starship that intruded on Romulan space, handily defeating the Akira-class starship and its own squadron of fighters. After being given a medal for her heroics at the Battle of Arkon, Lillee was transferred to the warbird IRW Sunheart as a CONN Officer.

There, her life would change forever. Over the course of several months on the Sunheart, Lillee found love with the charming and kind chief tactical officer, while simultaneously she was admitted into a specialised program that would see her advanced to become an officer.

Everything was fantastic...right up until she found her lover in her quarters, brawling with the Sunheart´s captain. Mystified, Lillee watched her boyfriend fight brutally with skill she did not know he possessed, finally beating his superior officer into unconsciousness. Then he explained the truth: he was in fact an undercover Starfleet operative, sent to stop the Sunheart from activating an experimental and dangerous piece of technology, and he had in fact seduced Lillee to reinforce his cover. Indeed, the spy had seduced Lillee intentionally to exploit her classified access to the project, scanning her surreptitiously in bed to acquire the biometric identification required to access the classified areas of the warbird. While furious, Lillee nevertheless realised, after some persuasion, that he was right: if the Sunheart succeeded in activating its new and unproven power source, the devastation would stretch across several star systems, killing billions, many of them Romulans. Angry and confused, she grudgingly agreed to help her former lover.

Together, Lillee and Jiang (as he revealed his name to truly be) successfully sabotaged the warbird, destroying all information on the classified project before making their escape in a stolen fighter. When the Sunheart tried to pursue at warp, Lillee and Jiang watched in horror as the great D'Deridex-class ship exploded in a great cataclysm, its crew having attempted to use the remnants of the secret power source and having misjudged the effect. Indeed, only Lillee and Jiang's sabotage prevented the warbird's destruction from causing unimaginable devastation to planets on both sides of the Neutral Zone. Thus the two saboteurs were rescued by a Federation starship and whisked to safety, their mission complete with all its consequences for Lillee.

On Earth, Lillee found herself faced with an alien world, even as she was declared a traitor to the Romulan Star Empire. Despite the circumstances of Jiang and Lillee's first meeting, not to mention considerable shouting and punching between them in the following weeks, they became lovers once more. Through the human's eyes, Lillee began to see the Federation in a new light: proud, idealistic and compassionate, with the elite Starfleet as its defenders. After considerable debriefing by Starfleet Intelligence, Lillee was faced with a choice: become a civilian... or join Starfleet. Various officers had become convinced of Lillee's integrity and moral fiber, and given the Federation's desperate circumstances against the threats of the Klingons, Dominion and Borg, they were desperate for good pilots. After much contemplation, Lillee accepted, not ready to leave life as a hotshot pilot just yet.

Again, however, life interfered after Lillee married Jiang. Lillee fought with distinction in the Dominion War as part of a Starfleet fighter squadron, even flying the first AC-205 Mk I Valkyries before she became pregnant in 2375, shortly before the final battle of the war. However in a cruel twist of fate, her husband, Jiang, perished in that final battle, leaving the grieving Lillee with twins whose father was dead. Thus, Lillee moved away from her life as a pilot, instead serving in more mundane roles on starbases and planets so that she could be a mother to her twin children, Ahnlai and Monoui. In due course Lillee was assigned as a personal pilot and aide to a Rear Admiral, an ordinary job far from the final frontier.

Then in 2381, on a quite ordinary trip to the USS Theurgy to inspect their warp fighters' engines, her life was turned upside down once more. Having beamed up to the starship in Earth's orbit for what was meant to be a simple afternoon of work, Lillee found herself an unintentional passenger on the USS Theurgy as it fled the solar system under Starfleet pursuit. Unable to simply sit somewhere and do nothing, but unable to safely leave the USS Theurgy as it desperately fought its way out of the Federation, Lillee joined a repair crew. After two days, Lillee became one of many other casualties as a phaser beam from one of the USS Theurgy´s pursuers carved into the ship's engineering hull. Lillee's left lung was completely destroyed, while several other internal organs were badly damaged. Given her catastrophic wounds, the USS Theurgy's medical staff immediately placed her into stasis until she could be treated.

There, Lillee i-Fennheii t'Jellaieu slept for a long time, soon becoming forgotten to all save her seemingly orphaned children, still an unwilling passenger onboard the renegade starship. Finally, however, the USS Theurgy's medical staff managed to acquire the surgical equipment and Romulan blood necessary to make an attempt at saving Lillee's life, and so with great care, the Romulan pilot was woken from stasis. After endless months in stasis and a marathon surgery, and now with some cloned organs, Lillee's life was saved. However, when faced with the choice to became a traitor once more in service to a higher cause, her salvation seemed far indeed.

Personality Profile

Lillee was a classic Romulan. She was fiercely passionate in everything she did, whether it be flying, play or motherhood. She also held to an old and antiquated code of honour called mnhei'sahe, a complex and enigmatic concept that often varied wildly by context. Lillee was quite capable of executing her closest friend or sacrificing herself to save her most hated enemy should the situation call for such. For the most part however, as humans, Andorians and Klingons would reckon such, Lillee was bold, courageous and exceptionally loyal, although earning her loyalty was often a difficult feat indeed.

In person Lillee was friendly, cheerful and open. While easily stirred to anger, she was also just as easily stirred to kindness and love, bearing her spirit openly. She also bore the notorious arrogance that the Romulans were infamous for, believing firmly in her own exceptionalism and that of her species, although her years living in the Federation has tempered her arrogance considerably. More problematically for a Starfleet NCO, Lillee has also inherited the racist tendencies of her culture, especially in regards to Klingons.

While flying, Lillee was a classic combat pilot, confident and playful. Nevertheless, as Lillee had not fought a battle since the Dominion War, by the time she came to the Theurgy, it was clear Lillee had lost her edge as a warrior. Throughout the various battles in the Azure Nebula, Lillee struggled with fear and the intensity of battle, leading to her leaving the Lone Wolves in favour of a safer job as a support craft pilot.

Physical Profile

Like most Romulan women, Lillee was lithe and in impeccable shape, bearing the distinctive crenelated forehead ridge and pointed ears of her species. However in a rare genetic quirk for a Romulan, she was born with long, lustrous blonde hair as well as with a considerably lighter shade of skin than most Romulans, akin indeed more to Vulcan skin tones. Such unusual physical attributes mark Lillee as a so-called 'far-worlder', a native of one of the far-flung colonies of the Empire rather than the Hearthworlds of Romulus and Remus themselves.

Special Notes

Image: Romulan Honour-blade

As a Romulan, Lillee's physical strength far surpassed those of most humanoid women of comparable weight, although she could not quite match the sheer physical power of her Vulcan cousins. Furthermore, she had the acute sense of smell and hearing that is distinctive of Vulcanoids.

Raised as she was in the old ways of the Rihannsu, Lillee was given her own honour-blade by her family at the age of 20, a weapon which she wielded with considerable skill and pride, especially after her exile from the Empire. The sword had a strong resemblance to Terran katanas, although through the intricate method of its forging, the honour-blade was somewhat heavier and sturdier than comparable human swords. Since the blade was made for Lillee, its length, weight and hilt were designed precisely for her. The metal itself was inscribed along its length with stylised golden Romulan poetry.

While possession of an honour-blade was very commonplace in the Romulan Star Empire and in the Romulan Grand Fleet, Lillee found that the Federation Starfleet was less lax. She thus applied for and received a weapons permit so that she could bring her honour-blade along on deployment, although the more peaceful nature of Starfleet meant that Lillee was forbidden from carrying her honour-blade while on duty. Only the most extreme of circumstances and the special dispensation of Lillee's commanding officer could overrule the restriction, a circumstance that the enigmatic pilot hoped fervently would never occur.

Onboard the Theurgy, Lillee's quarters were located on Deck 11, shared with fellow NCO Lorad.