Cale Winterbourne

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Name:Cale Winterbourne
Position:Acting Chief Conn Officer
Orientation:  Bisexual
Birthplace:San Francisco, California
Height:185 cm
Weight:71 kg
Hair:Albino white
Eye color:Blue
Played by:Aj Abualrub
Writer:Auctor Lucan
Ambient music
Starfleet Academy, class of 2377.
Service Record

Cale Winterbourne was Acting Chief Conn Officer for the USS Theurgy before he was killed in action. Before his death, Cale Winterbourne aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.


Being the first son of Llewellyn Winterbourne - before she married Andrew Rawley - Cale Winterbourne was Evelyn Rawley's half-brother.

Cale was a bastard boy of a relationship gone awry, and in the end, he kept his mother's surname after his father was deemed unfit of taking care of Cale by the time he was ten years old. His father - Collin Harlold - was a drunkard and in gambling debts with Ferengi in the seedy parts of London. Once Cale was removed, the process of establishing whether or not Andrew and Llewellyn could take care of the boy instead was underway by the time the two parents died in mountain climbing accident. The daughter, Evelyn, was taken care of by Haldale Rawley, their uncle on Andrew's side of the family. Cale had no relatives on his mother's side, and lived in two different orphanages until he came of age.

The abuse of his father during the first ten years of hsi life has marked Cale, making him quiet and withdrawn. Yet only in the social aspect, since in the professional, he is quite outspoken and clear about his opinions. He applied for Starfleet when he was eighteen years old, had dreamed for years to become a pilot, and entered the Conn division. Starfleet Academy turned the introvert young man into something of a rascal - living his adolesence in a later time than others. For five years, he was always the cadet that got into trouble a little easier than the other aspiring officers. In this time, he came to resemble his half-sister somewhat - yet perhaps only a mild and watered-out version of her.

The Ensign served in either the helmsman's position, or that of the navigator since he graduated from the Academy - flying both an Excelsior-class ship as well as the USS Theurgy. But his real passion was flying shuttles and small craft. He was even something of a daredevil at the controls of a larger starship.

During the Niga Incident, he was infected early on, and though he barely remembers those insane hours, he has attended several counseling appointments to come to grip with his own self again. Not to mention in how he lost his superior officer, Lt. Lance, during the fighting. When the Ishtar entity later appeared aboard, he was quite unaffected, being a bystander in his position at the helm on the Main Bridge. He did follow the Senior Staff to the realm of the gods, or wherever they happened to appear, and when they were returned and restored to order, he carried on with his duties stoically.

In the end, with all the experience he has gained on the Theurgy lately, he had become an excellent helmsman - able to manoeuver a starship in and out of any tight situation. The greatest trial of his life was when the USS Calamity went back in time to stop them, yet he handled the situation quite well despite the odds with the assistance from Lt. Commander Natalie Stark by his side.

Cale Winterbourne was killed during the mutiny aboard the Theurgy on the orders of Commander T'Rena who had used her telepathic disciplines to brainwash serveral members of the Theurgy’s crew including Zaraq who was ordered to kill Winterbourne as an example to the rest of the bridge officers.

Personality Profile

Emotionally, Cale is always sensitive to the needs of others and have the gift, sometimes to an almost psychic extent, of understanding the emotional needs of his friends and partners. He is nowadays a rather social human being. He hate cruelty, violence and crudeness and detest conflict, so he does his best to cooperate and compromise when he can.

In his immature years, Cale showed great flirtatiousness and shallowness. He was changeable and indecisive, impatient of routine, easygoing or angry when circumstances demanded. Even now, when he has become a more mature man, he can shock everyone around him with a sudden storm of rage. The scars of his childhood is mostly healed, and while he has had a few relationships, they have varied as to the gender of the opposite partner. He is not outspoken about his sexuality, yet when asked, he is unashamed in his bisexuality.

Cale and Evelyn Rawley know about each other, yet they are not close, the fact of them both being commissioned to the Theurgy pure happenstance.

Physical Profile

Born pale and almost an albino, Cale didn't have any other remarkable physical traits besides being a quite handsome man in his mid-twenties. He could catch the eye of both men and women, but he did not act like someone whom was familiar with his own attractiveness.