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Personnel FileY-pw1.png
Name:Rihen Neyah
Rank:Provisional Warrant Officer
Position:Engineering Specialist
Orientation:  Bisexual
Birthplace:Suraya Bay, Risa
Height:174 cm
Weight:61 kg
Hair:Blonde Dye
Eye color:Blue & Brown (heterochromatic)
Played by:Morena Baccarin
Writer:Auctor Lucan
Fun in every shape, size, and variety
Rebuilding Paradise City
Service Record
2381: Provisional Warrant Officer aboard the USS Theurgy

Before she was put in medical stasis in March of 2381, Rihen Neyah was an Engineer on the USS Theurgy. She was abducted out of her stasis pod by the Savi, about to undergo Correction and either become Human or Risian. She was, however, too weak for the procedure, and was instead slated for Recycling. As a cruel twist of fate, she was pulled from the cue in order to become the sacrifice for a mind control experiment. Controlled by the Savi, Sinead O'Riley killed her in an Biolab on the Versant. Before her death, Rihen Neyah aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command at the end of the 24th century.


Born on Risa, Rihen Neyah's father was the ringmaster of the Risian circus. Her mother, an Engineering Officer from Starfleet, fell in love with her father when she visited the planet during R&R. Because of her mother, whom returned to Risa whenever her duties allowed, Rihen picked up technology at a very early age. She was able to understand how things worked very quickly and she could fix just about anything. She even developed some of the most popular entertainment devices on Risa. Besides this fascination of hers, she performed in her father's circus full time - the blade-juggling act being her main number.

As a teenager, while in the midst of her famous burning batleth juggling act, Rihen injured herself. Fortunately, she wasn't injured too badly and cosmetic surgery removed all traces of the wounds, but it was still bad enough to make her afraid to juggle blades again. It brought an end to her career at the circus, to both her own and her father's dismay, which left her pursuing her engineering interests instead, even if she became remote to her father and his full time obsession with the circus.

Being left alone to find a living on her own, even if her father could provide for her, Rihen tried to help the people on Risa with their mechanical needs - which was not too big a market for her. The planet did have its technologically sophisticated weather control network that provided nearly constant desirable weather, and also, the seismic regulators that eliminated the geological instability for tourist comfort, yet those were the first things she learned how they worked, and they were far too boring to spend the rest of her life doing maintenance on.

No, she had to try and help the tourists instead if she was supposed to develop her skills. She performed for the tourists to get their attention, did everything which was expected of her, and she enjoyed pleasing the tourists in every way she could - making her father proud of how she promoted his circus. Yet besides the simple joys of the Festival of the Moons, which was held in her home of Suraya Bay, or the Temtibi Lagoon, the Subterranean Gardens or the steam-pools, she had that itch of creativity and desire to fix things. So, she combined the treatment of the tourists with her services as an engineer. Problem was, she did not make any distinction as to what kind of projects were legal or not when she did her utmost to please them. She learned that she was good with weapons engineering, and since weapons were not allowed on Risa, she quickly drew her father's anger, along with trouble from the authorities.

It was only when two disruptor rifles she had repaired ended up in a murder investigation in the water recreation park that she was finally exiled from Risa - her father so disappointed with her he could not get over it. Her mother only learned what had happened months later, returning from a long voyage in the outskirts of the Quadrant, and by then... Rihen was gone.

Years passed where she traveled and made her own living through her skills, and eventually, having lived through many adventures, she ended up in Paradise City on Nimbus III. With her collected savings, she set up her workshop there, and became friends with the locals - adapting to the life led in the rough city. Her dream, however, was to transform Nimbus III to the paradise of her home planet. To set up a similar weather control system that they had on Risa, and to make Paradise City a paradise for real.

Through investments and 'extra services' to a merchant's guild, she managed to get a hold of what she needed - a Federation-issue industrial replicator. However, it was, to her great dismay, broken, and she was the twelfth engineer in line to try and make it work. The entire thing was a patchwork of needless repairs on top of an unfamiliar design, and she spent a year trying and make heads or tails of it.

Eventually, she got help from a certain away-team, where Lt. Lin Kae of the USS Theurgy came along and repaired it (though it should be noted that she did not realize she had received help from Starfleet, and much less a ship branded as outlaws and traitors). Yet after the three people that had seemed to be her saviors left, the industrial replicator was unable to replicate to its specified capacity, making the authorities and buyers in the city fairly mad when she could not deliver as promised. It became evident that it had been sabotaged by the same group of people that had repaired it. Her dream of replicating and selling the parts for a new weather control system died just before it could be realized, and she just had to find the people that had conned her - to convince them to restore the device to its high standard. She would do anything to help the people on her new home planet to live like she had on Risa; to make the planet thrive on tourism and trade.

Little did she know, the pursuit of the three con-artists would lead to her partaking in the grand story to follow.

She caught up to the USS Theurgy during its first encounter with the USS Calamity, and found herself joining the crew of refugees from a conspiracy that threatened the known galaxy. Before the mission to Starbase 84, she was made a provisional warrant officer and joined the dreadnought's engineering department, serving under acting chief engineer William Robert "Billy Bob" O'Connell.

After the Battle of Starbase 84, whilst conducting repairs in the Azure Nebula, Rihen Neyah was attacked by the Devoted of Morali, when they tried to seize command of the ship for their prophet. She was put in medical stasis in March of 2381, having suffered third degree burns and been exposed to the highly irradiated space of the Azure Nebula.

The next day, she was abducted out of her stasis pod by the Savi, about to undergo Correction and either become Human or Risian. She was, however, too weak for the procedure, and was instead slated for Recycling. As a cruel twist of fate, she was pulled from the cue in order to become the sacrifice for a mind control experiment. Controlled by the Savi, Sinead O'Riley killed her in an Biolab on the Versant.

Personality Profile

When sober, she would never be mean or annoying. Being from Risa, she was of the nature that she could be friends with anyone, and even if someone was not her friend, she would still be nice. Kindness being free, she would give it out as much as she could. Smiling was almost never inappropriate. She believed that you didn't know how much someone's day could be brightened by just one genuine smile.

When drunk, however, she was more troublesome, degenerating into a person not entirely in control of the situation. She couldn't hold her liquor, and often became too inebriated if she started drinking.

Physical Profile

Her most distinguishing features, besides the obvious, were her heterochromatic eyes - her right being blue and the left being brown. She wore her hair short and dyed blonde, and she was often a bit dirty because of her line of work. Rihen's own unique look was jumpsuits with deep necklines and gloves. She was not the kind to wear cute bracelets, earrings, or carry around a stylish purse that went with feminine outfits. She had yet to find accessories that really complemented her outfit, besides her tools and her blinding smile. Oh, and her more globated accessories, of course.