Mia Dunne

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Name:Mia Dunne
Position:Science Officer
Orientation:  Heterosexual
Birthplace:Mahwah, New Jersey, Earth
Height:5ft 6in / 1.68m
Weight:122lbs / 55kg
Eye color:Green
Played by:Kate Upton







2366-2370: School of Sciences, New London, Earth

2370-2374: Science Institute at Oxford University

2374-2378: Starfleet Academy

Service Record

2377-2377: Cadet 4th Year, Lab Technician, USS Curie

2378 -2380: Ensign, Science Officer, USS James Hollowman

2380-Present: Ensign, Science Officer, USS Theurgy


Ensign Mia Dunne had been aboard the Theurgy for a relatively short period of time as a science officer specializing in Xenoanthropology and Xenoarchaeology before she was injured and put into stasis. She had been working in a science lab when the attack happened, and she was placed in stasis to keep her alive. She was later thawed for surgery by the time the Theurgy orbited Qo'noS in April of 2381.


Mia was born in a town named Mahwah in what used to be called the state of New Jersey on Earth. Her father, Jonathan Dunne was the Principal at the High School. Her mother, Alicia Cartwright-Dunne worked at the Bio-tech Laboratories as a researcher. Mia was the second of two daughters; Elizabeth Dunne being born three years before Mia. Mia’s parents always pushed their children to study hard. While Mia loved science, she did not enjoy English or the study of past or current events. While her overall grades weren’t great, her science grades excelled.

Her parents decided to enroll her at the School of Sciences, a specialized High school located in New London on Earth to continue her primary education. This also meant she had to live on campus, away from her family, going home only during the holidays when the school was closed. Most of her time was spent in studies, but she had a few close friends that she would spend time with whenever their studies permitted. Deidra Collins, her roommate, was three months older than Mia and they both excelled in sciences. The two girls also shared a love of music. Listening to any old recordings they could find from Classical music to contemporary. Jason Devereaux introduced Mia to art, and they attended painting classes together. Mia considered Jason be her first boyfriend. Their relationship ended shortly before she graduated when Jason told her he was seeing someone else.

Mia then attended Oxford University, where she found the study of alien species of great interest and concentrated her studies in Xenoanthropology and Xenoarchaeology. Upon graduation, she enrolled at Starfleet Academy so she could join the crew of a starship and study alien artifacts and species where it would make a difference. During her 4th year as an Academy cadet, she was assigned to the USS Curie as an Lab Technician in the Science Department. After graduation she was assigned to the USS James Holloman where she continued to study and learn as much as she could about other species throughout the reach of the Federation. After the Holloman was decommissioned, she was assigned to the USS Theurgy in 2380. The Chief Science Officer at the time was Lt Cmdr. Rotan ch'Izanori, an enthusiastic if a bit stuffy Andorian. Her superior officer encouraged her studies of ‘alien’ races, including his own. While he would often watch what she was doing, he rarely interjected. This allowed Mia to learn from what she was studying on her own. She spent most of her time working in the labs studying artifacts from alien cultures and recording data on her discoveries.

In 2381, after the Theurgy returned from its diplomatic mission to Romulus, she was horrified to learn of the alien infiltration of the Federation. She began studying everything she could on the species that had wormed its way into Starfleet and the Federation, but her research was short-lived and bore little fruit. While the Theurgy fled through the Alpha Quadrant, an attack came that seriously damaged a large portion of the science department labs and offices, killing several of the science officers outright, including Lt Cmdr. ch'Izanori.

During the attack, Mia had been working in the Xenoanthropology lab - engrossed in her studies of some rare artefacts that had been recovered on a previous mission - when the room exploded around her, causing her serious bodily injury as well as exposing her to several chemicals that had been kept in the lab that were used during her studies. While the chemicals would have been mostly harmless individually, the explosion destroyed the containment vessels for several of these chemicals, allowing them to combine. This, along with the heat from a fire caused by the explosion created a deadly mixture. Multiple shrapnel wounds, third degree burns, and inhalation and exposure to the chemicals left her in dire peril.

After the battle, the surviving doctors were unable to rid her system of the poison and her other injuries were impossible to treat without a high mortality rate due to the toxins affect in her system. At the time, there was very little chance to purge the chemical out of her system without further risking her life. Due to thisd, it was decided to put her in stasis until such a time as those affects could be nullified and her other injuries treated without further risk to Mia and to those treating her.

Personality Profile

Mia never considered herself to be very sexy. In fact, she believed she was more the ‘plain Jane/ girl next door’ type. She was always friendly but tended to spend most of her time working on her science projects. Mia had a habit of tuning out everything except what she was working on. Mia enjoyed all kinds of music, with old earth county and what was called classic rock and roll being her favorites. She enjoyed sketching and would use that talent frequently, using her skill to document her research visually. She would paint to relax. In her quarters would have been a painting of her parents she’d been working on a little at a time with the intension of giving it to them as a gift. She liked to sing, but again, did not consider herself very good at it, so she would usually not sing if she was not alone. While Mia could have been called a workaholic, it did not mean she didn’t enjoy the company of others. Mia also had a severe case of arachnophobia since she was a child.

While she hadn’t really had a lot of time to get to know many people on board, she did try to make some friends. After her surgery and return to duty, Mia would have to start at the beginning again, getting to know her shipmates.

Physical Profile

Mia had a very full figure that many would call buxom with her DD sized breasts. She maintained a nice tan that gave her a healthy glow. She had a trim waist giving her that classic hourglass figure. Mia’s delicate face featured vivid green eyes that would sometimes appear bluer, especially when she got excited. She had a small mole above her lip on the right side of her face. Before the attack Mia had only one small scar on her left upper thigh from a childhood accident she doesn’t even remember.

Mia preferred to keep her hair long so that, while on duty, she kept it in the ‘regulation’ bun. Most of the time she left it hang loose in its naturally straight state. Occasionally, when there was a special event she had to attend, she would have had it styled.

Special Notes

The scaring from the attack on the Theurgy during which she was injured was mostly centered on her back, where she took the brunt of the explosion. This created a web of scars radiating from the point on impact to her right upper back. Due to muscle and bone damage that could not be repaired she was fitted with a cybernetic scapula and rotator cuff on the right side. Mia also had several small scars on her right side and two of her ribs were shattered into fragments and were replaced with temporary synthetic ones with the hopes that the fragments would eventually knit around them and absorb the temporary replacement. Due to this Mia would have had some difficulty with her breathing and movement when she was first revived.