Zyrao Natauna

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Personnel FileCiv-blank.png
Name:Zyrao Natauna
Rank:Brigadier, Klingon Empire
Position:Klingon Liaison Officer
Age:218, born in 2163
Orientation:  Bisexual
Birthplace:Sadorah City, Nova Kron, El-Aurian System
Height:5ft 9in
Eye color:Grey
Played by:Ruby Rose
Writer:Formerly: jreeves1701
Tri-Dimensional Chess
2169-2180: Sadorah Educational Institute
Service Record
2181 - 2285: Private to General, EADC
2285 - 2316: Gladiator on Kzin
2316 - 2349: Slave, Breen, Unknown Mine
2349 - 2369: Slave, Cardassia Prime
2369 - 2374: Strategist, Cardassian Military
2374 - 2375: Strategist, IKS Ya'Vang, KDF
2375 - 2376: Strategist, IKS Akua, KDF
2376 - 2377: Strategist, IKS Gorkon, KDF
2377 - 2380: Strategist, IKS Dulag, KDF
2380 - 2381: Strategist, IKS Hakkarl, KDF
2381 - Pres: Klingon Liaison Officer, USS Theurgy
Badge of Valor (EADC)
Wounded Victory (EADC)
Diamond Crest (EADC)
Dilithum Crest (EADC)

Bat'leth Tournament Female Winner (Klingon)
Bat'leth Semi-Finalist (Klingon)
Gagh Eating Competition Winner (Klingon)

Zyrao Natauna was a Strategist serving on the IKS Hakkarl in 2381. After the SuD Lang Incident, she ended up on the USS Theurgy. Zy aided the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.


Bright Starts (2165-2181)

Zyrao Natauna was one of five siblings. A large family was not abnormal, nor normal on Nova Kron. She was smack in the middle of all of the Natauna siblings and therefore she tended to be the one most driven. The older ones were the role models and the younger ones were the babies. She was somewhere in the middle and often the voice of logic and reason. Zyrao stood out among her siblings as she was the sort that tended to follow rules and regulations. The younger Natauna siblings were bright, happy, and lived life to the fullest often getting into trouble with their antics. The elder siblings tended to be tasked with looking out for the younger, and yet somehow in the middle was Zyrao often found playing games of strategy and intellect.

She was always fairly quiet, more pensive than most, but she absorbed a great deal of knowledge and information. Finding that by listening she could actually gather a full picture than when she was participating. She was the sort that tended to allow the world to move around her rather than take part of it.

When she was just a teenager she was at school with other students her age. Her class was outside doing their exercise time, toning their bodies and making sure that energy was burned out. One of the support columns in the center of the campus gave way due to some kind of structural integrity problem. The center of the campus collapsed, because once the pillar gave way other pillars broke and collapsed as well because it could not take the added strain. The building was fairly old and had not been up to any sort of current building code. The center of the campus collapsed amid the debris and destruction were voices crying out for help.

Initially, the teachers told no one to enter the school, they did not need anyone else trapped. But she did not listen. People were in there and they were hurt. She didn't even think twice, she dove into the wreckage when the teachers were busy and began pulling people out of the wreckage. Others began to follow suit until the first responders were able to take over. They finally got her to stop and take a break. She was covered in grime, but far better off than many in the collapsed building and those that had been pulled out.

Finding Passions (2181-2265)

It was no surprise when the young woman decided that she would rather join the defense corps of El-Auria instead of going on to further her education. Her parents had always thought she would be a strong counselor or something but things like that never truly appealed to her. She knew that she wanted to protect her kind and she definitely wanted to protect her planet.

When she entered into her basic training she took so it like a fish out of water. The rigidity, the rules, the structure, the goals. It was perfect for someone like her. She threw herself into training. She wasn't the best that there was but she tried her best and that was all she could ask of herself. But she was never one to give up. Constantly taking extra training, working as hard as she could to be a good soldier. She didn't ever complain about the long runs with a heavy pack on her back or the long nights spent cleaning or doing push ups for punishment. She just wanted to never be the cause of punishment. She fell into the life of Defense Corps very well and actually found herself best at strategy. She found herself gifted with the ability to look at a situation and figure out how best to take care of it. How to gain the advantage, as best as possible.

She was selected out of many to take part in the Space Defense forces for the El-Aurian aerospace. She enjoyed flying and being out in space among the stars. She ended up working with a young El-Aurian man named Calyn. Cal and she worked well together. She was dry and to the point, he was easy going and flowed with whatever she wanted to do.

The Borg attack in 2265 was what changed her life forever. Years of serving for the El-Aurian Defense Forces she finally had something to actually fight. She and Calyn were on the ground, mounted up with the rest of the ground forces as the Borg came through killing or assimilating those around her. The only thing she had ever hated was the Borg. Them murdering her kind, a full on genocide of everything that she had ever believed in. Loved ones, friends, family members all massacred if they weren't brought into the collective. She hated the thought of anyone she knew having to deal with that. To be one of the Collective.

It was one such battle where she earned many of her accommodations. Not that she ever really talks about them, but in the act of saving as many people as she could she had earned herself the Badge of Valor and the Dilithium Crest. During one such engagement with the Borg she found herself wounded, she was lucky that it had only been shrapnel that had punctured her leg and not a Borg. When a building exploded, she jumped on top of some civilians taking the brunt of the attack and debris on herself. For that she earned the Wounded Victory. Another scuffle with the Borg resulted in her rushing out into danger to save a group of children that were trapped underneath an overpass close to a small school. There were only a handful of them there, those that hadn't been taken or killed by the Borg yet. This act earned her the Diamond Crest.

She and Calyn were fighting at the head of a group. A small platoon, there were so many Borg, so much ground to cover their small platoons were only of about five people. She and the four others continued to move with precision trying to rescue and save people as well as trying to take out any Borg that they could. The Borg's superior weaponry was just no match for the EADC. And it was basically just trying to save the people that they could. Get them on shuttles and get as many shuttles past the cube that was in orbit around their planet. Calyn was taken down. Shot by a Borg weapon jumping in front of the beam in front of her. Taking it instead of her. He could say nothing as his body was just gone.

Taking the people that she could, with the survivors they had accumulated they ran to a nearby airstrip hoping that they could get off the surface. The planet, their race, was not going to win. If they were going to survive and carry on the legacy of the El-Aurians than people needed to survive and get off the planet's surface. Those that were lost, were lost, and there was no way to get them back. They were either dead, or dead by assimilation. They barely made it to a shuttle, so few were left but they loaded the survivors onto the Shuttle. As the door closed the Borg were descending on the air field but their pilot got them up into the air and through the atmosphere as fast as possible. They entered into warp as quickly as they could with no real direction in mind what so ever. They just wanted to escape, to live, to find a way to survive. That was all they could do now. Their race scattered to the winds.

Lost in Space (2265-2285)

El-Aurian Shuttle.jpg

For weeks at a time, they sat crammed in a small evacuation shuttle, going as far as they could one warp jump after another from system to system in search of a new home. So much time was spent on the shuttle that eventually the engines began to wear down from lack of maintenance and fuel. No one could fix it so they spent two months in the utter darkness of space with just life support and a few rations to get them through. It was then that Zyrao discovered her fears of space, because even though she knew that the Borg weren't after them by this point, the fear was they could be. And every night the nightmares would hit all of them. Worn down by their lack of care and by the horrors they had witnessed, fears compounded in the mind of the shuttle crew.

It would seem luck favored those in need of it most because as Zyrao and the rest of the shuttle passengers faced their final hours they were picked up by a Baldurian transport returning back to Baldur III in the Antares Sector. Eighteen years after the Borg destroyed her world, Zyrao and her people had made it to safety. Because the Baldurians looked identical to El-Aurians, they felt at ease. The reason for the similarities was attributed to Baldur III having been colonized by Humans in the late-22nd. However the world that the Baldurians took them to was far more diverse. Vast pergium deposits were discovered by the colonists within the previous two decades that had led to a quadrant-wide "gold rush." The planet was in the process of joining an alliance known as the United Federation of Planets and was now a far more cosmopolitan melting pot of races. This upset Zyrao and many of the other El-Aurians. The Borg invasion still too fresh in their minds.

However, Zyrao and the other El-Aurian refugees on the advice of one of the Baldurian leaders opted not to remain on Baldur III. Instead, they would go to this Federations headquarters to petition for asylum and a planet to which they could settle on their own. With their shuttle repaired, refueled, and upgraded, the El-Aurian refugees left for Earth. They would not make it very far. As is frequent in frontier settlements, not all among the Baldurians were honest. The person the El-Aurians had hired to repair their shuttle was in debt to someone who had offered to reduce that debt if valuable resources were smuggled their way.

And so it was that the El-Aurian shuttle was equipped with a faulty navigation computer that had mapped the way to the heart of the Federation space via a nonexistent safe passageway through the Antares Maelstrom. Upon entering the Maelstrom the ship became lost, like so many starships before it. Zyrao fear of space and confined spaces only became more acerbated once the Maelstromite "Gliders" started impacting the shuttle. Once more death was moments away when fate presented a rescue.

Hardships & Nightmares (2285-2316)

Kzin slaver Vncet-General (played by Ron Perlman)

Just when they started to worry that while they had escaped the Borg they would die after all, something scared the Maelstromite "gliders" away and the shuttle was hailed by another vessel. The pilot accepted the hail and there on the viewscreen was a Kzinti general. The ship was wondering why an El-Aurian shuttle was attempting to navigate teh maelstorm, and when explained, it wasn't long before they were pulled on board. Zyrao was just glad to be off the shuttle. The Kzinti were good strong people. Very male-centric. Even though she was still in her military regalia she was not allowed to be with the men because she was female. But that was not something that suited her. While they were all being treated by the Kzinti doctors for dehydration, malnutrition, and various mental issues that had arisen, she was certain that she would prove her worth to the Kzinti.

At first, they were too weak to realize just what was happening. They were all kept in a large room. But they were fed and warm and saved from the vacuum of space. However, it wasn't long before the El-Aurian people began to figure out that things were not rosy. They were essentially in a brig that was created out of force fields. She and the others were not allowed to leave, they were fed, and that was the only time they saw the Kzinti. They were taken to the planet and forced out of the shuttle and onto the planet. It wasn't long before they were given off to slavers. They had no real need for them, as they were Kzinti, anyone else was lesser.

Zyrao was not the sort to be taken down by anyone and she had a fighter's spirit. She did what she could. Eating what food was given and bulking herself up with exercise. She never asked a question about an order given. With her strength, determination, and drive, she quickly gained the eyes of some of the Kzinti that liked to place bets on fights. She was chosen among others and taken to a large arena. There she was trained, fed, and bet on against beasts and other slaves. Each battle won earned her one of her many tattoos. Triumphs meant life, a loss was nearly certain death. Knowing she did not want to die in the arena Zy fought with everything in her being and would do so for years.

Fight after fight. Tattoo after tattoo. She made her slavers money, she was well fed, fairly well cared for because she was a prizefight. That was not the only thing she was good at. She does not like to talk about it often but she knew exactly how to use her womanly ways to get a man under her first. It wasn't quick, it took time, but eventually, she was able with sharp comments and sly sharp glances she was able to start getting to know one of her captors. She worked her way into his trust. Sleeping with him when he wished, enjoying his company when he came, and he began to allow her more and more freedom. Things were not quick but she knew they would eventually pay off. During one of the nights after she had pleasured him until he fell asleep. Like many other nights he was quite drunk and passed out heavily she liberated him of his keys and made her escape. She had gained a great deal of knowledge from him over the time that they had spent together. Using that knowledge she made her escape and stole a shuttle to get off the planet.

On her own, she had enough supplies to last a while but she had no idea where she truly wanted to go. So she just set herself a warp to a specific point and headed out. She ended up dropping out of warp in an area that was unknown to her. However, unlucky for her, she was picked up by a Breen ship and thrust back into the arms of slavery.

One Hardship for Another (2316-2349)

Zy In the Mines.jpg

She was sent to work in the dilithium mines. For years, she slaved away, nearly starved to death. She worked or slept, there was nothing allowed in between. The slaves were barely fed and given only enough to keep themselves alive and still working. If they fell down, they were beaten, whipped, or sent to what they all called The Dark. A place of darkness, closed off, and without a single drop of water. One could not easily squash the fire within Zy. She was the sort that was built to fight. She wanted to escape, she wanted to take those around her with her but she could not build her strength. She had no way to do that and yet she would try. Fierce determination and iron will caused her to visit the The Dark often.

Decades of working and torture, she was finally determined to be unnecessary. The Breen brought in new slaves all the time, and the old ones were getting to the point where they were feeble and incapable of functioning well anymore. Zyrao had been acting the same as the others that were close to her age, in the hopes to be taken to at least somewhere else. Anywhere else. And luckily for her, it worked. She and the others that were not optimal anymore were loaded up in a mass quantity on a shuttle. There they were going to be taken somewhere else, where they would be able to be sold and work until the end.

The ship entered Cardassian space and was met up with a Cardassian ship itself. This ship carried Gul Oran Tokep. He was in the process of needing cheap labor. The cheaper the better, and while these people were not going to be productive enough for dilithium mining it would probably work with whatever he needed them to do. Stepping onto the ship the large Cardassian man looked at the men and women barely clothed, starved, and many of them not of age to truly be of help to him. An argument ensued about the quality and just how much he was going to pay. Negotiations began, and she and twelve others were picked for the price agreed upon. She was roughly loaded into the Cardassian ship, and it disembarked, only for moments later the Breen ship exploded in space having been shot by the Cardassian Gul himself.

Changing Her Lot (2349-2369)

Gul Oran Tokep (played by Marc Marosi)

Back on Cardassia, Zyrao had a new goal. That was to get strong, to get better, and to get the hell out of there. Fed properly, the people began to perk up, at least Gul Tokep knew that feeding them properly meant that they would work better. Zy began to work out as much as she could. Lifting more, running further, finding various ways to put her body back into the shape it had been before. Nothing could remove the rivers of scars all over her body, but she didn't care about them. She had never been the sort to worry about her appearance, she only wanted to own her own life again. Zyrao knew nothing of the Bajoran occupation and believed that the Cardassians were an upgrade from the places she had been thus far. As strong as she was and the ways that she worked hard without a single infraction she was able to garner the trust of the Gul and he began to send her on errands because she was quick and trustworthy. Most of those went without any sort of issue until one day.

She was in the city to deliver some information to one of the higher up Cardassians, dressed as a Cardassian herself, she was let into the large building. Gul Tokep had called ahead and made sure that his servant would be allowed entrance into such a prestigious building Little did they know that there was a terrorist attack against the man himself about to go down. She had already delivered the information to him personally and was heading back through the building when the windows burst in. Several dark-clad Cardassian associates burst into the building. Chaos ensued, and it wasn't long before demands were given. Everyone down. They only wanted one thing, the man, this high government official, to stand down his office. The high-pitched screams of what could only be a child hit her ears. She stood there for a moment, in sheer horror. She had a soft spot for children and one in danger was something that she was completely and utterly against. Sure enough, moments later one of the Terrorists came out of a side room with the young Cardassian child by the neck with a disruptor against his temple.

That was something she could not let happen in good conscience. She had nothing for or against the Cardassians despite being held here against her will. Still, she would not let a child be put in danger for someone else's desire. Zy didn't even think about what she was doing. Old ingrained training kicked in, and she was slinking carefully around the room, mindful of the man with the child. Cardassians were standing there with disruptors pointed at each other. The rebels and the men set to protect the man upstairs and yet not a single person was really doing anything. There was one young soldier that was crouched behind a large banquet table and he was shaking. Sweating heavily. She slid over to him, and she put her hand over his mouth. "I'm going to save that kid while you sit back here and skrăgh yourself. Be quiet if you know what is good for you." She grabbed the gun out of his holster, unused, and shiny as if it had never even gone to a firing range. She slid to the side and pointed the gun at the man that was holding the boy. Both eyes open she focused on her dominant eye and fired the disruptor. The man crumpled as the beam entered his head and exited out the back. Splatter went everywhere. Everyone was shocked trying to figure out where the shot came from. While they were trying to figure it out, she was on the move. She slid across the room and jumped over one of the rows of benches that were in the main lobby. Vaulting over, she shot another one of the terrorists, twisting in the air after the shot went off to make herself a harder target to hit.

Landing she slid over to the boy, and she put him behind her. The poor thing was shaking and crying but he clung to the back of her clothes as though she was his lifeline and for the time being, she was. There were only two other terrorists in the lobby, the group was small, the kid was their large wild card, and she had taken that away from them. The one turned and shot her, in the shoulder. She cried out and doubled over for a moment, the sting of injured and severed nerves was severe, but she had been in far worse pain before. Fully capable of compartmentalizing her pain she looked up and shot the terrorist right in the center of his chest. She didn't go for a headshot because her hand was shaking with the shot to her shoulder.

The last didn't need to be shot. Being the last left, he ended his own life, and the silence that filled the room was populated only by the boy's cries behind her as he clung to her back. Zyrao stood up and she dropped the disruptor she used and looked at the boy. "Find your father, you're safe now." With that, clutching the shot wound on her shoulder, Zy left to head back to the place where she worked.

Legate Corbin Parek (played by Wayne Grace)

It took a few days for her to be up and around from the shot and blood loss getting herself back home. The day that she was up and around though was when a large caravan of elite Cardassians came onto the property. She was pulled away from her duties and asked to come into the main house. It was her first time being in the main manor and as she stepped in and saw the man that she had delivered the package to the other day sitting in all his finery she felt shabby and dirty. But she raised her chin and when she was asked to sit she did so. They talked for a while, because the man, Legate Corbin Parek was very curious where she had gotten the kind of training that had allowed her to save his son, Kostek in such a situation. He explained that the man she had stolen the disruptor from had been let go from the military. She explained her training which only made the man more curious. So she told him her life's tale and it wasn't long before she was released from servitude to come work for him.

New Beginnings (2369-2374)


She started just being the shadow to the new family. She was kind of security, however that soon took a background to anything else. She quickly became noticed by Corbin for her military strategy knowledge and the ability to be the voice of reason. Something that the Cardassians valued before they took on a battle. There were those that looked down upon her for not being Cardassian herself yet they could not devalue her intel. She quickly began to make a name for herself. Not only for her ability to give sound advice but for the fact that she and Corbin had quite a relationship. They had fallen for one another and that lessened her in many of the Cardassian's eyes. Yet, Corbin would hear no ill will. It was not an easy life, but she cared for him and his son and found herself a place even though she was not a warm person. She fit well with Corbin.

It was during the Dominion war she found herself with doubts about the side she had chosen. She stood beside the Cardassian that was for the lack of a better word, her lover, and realized that she was on the wrong side of the war. The Cardassians were not in the right, they were very much in the wrong. Stating so nearly got her killed, thus she backed down. It was during one such fight with her lover and his crew that she learned about the Bajoran Occupation. Not only that but how the Cardassians were perceived by the rest of the galaxy in general. It was meeting different races and people from around the universe during their travels and Dominion battles that began to shine a different light upon the race she had sided with. Seeing the Cardassians in a new light, a new plan formed in her mind. They trusted her, she had led them through many battles and tight spots, she might have moments where she spoke for an unpopular option but she never had failed them. With a heavy heart, she decided that she would use the trust that she had built over the years of living with Corbin and Kostek and work the sides.

Cleverly and subtly, during a heavy battle with a prototype Klingon ship, the IKS Gorkon, she gave small little bits of advice that seemed harmless at best but they left the ship open to attack. Open to small little attacks that slowly ate away at the shields and left holes that the Klingons could use to get the advantage. It took time, but it worked, and soon, the Klingon's boarded the Cardassian vessel with their usual bravado. They were ready to take the Cardassians out. Prisoners, slaves, dead. Zyrao knew that she would be lumped in with them, even though, as the only non-Cardassian on board she stood out. The Klingons were masters of strategy and battles they were not foolish enough to think that the Cardassians left themselves opening on purpose. Someone had been a saboteur.

Corbin, Kostek, and the others on board were in the midst of fighting with the Klingon boarding party. She knew that she was going to have to do something and it needed to be big. Corbin finally stepped forward, in the hopes of creating a treaty or at the very least getting them out alive. The Klingon boarding party was not interested in anything other than taking the ship and killing the crew. Many of the Cardassians were already dead or dying. Even Kostek lay wounded and bleeding on the deck plating of the ship. It seemed that nothing was going to happen, the Cardassians were not people she wanted to be with anymore. She needed to release herself from them. As much as she cared for Corbin and Kostek she knew that the decisions she made today would change the course of her life. She picked up a disruptor and shifted her arm firing the weapon right into the back of the head of the man she had stood beside and slept with for years. The Klingon's found themselves impressed enough at her skill and fearlessness not to kill her as they had initially planned. While Klingons valued loyalty, they also appreciated that she knew the right side of the war and had found a way to choose it.

A New Journey (2374-2381)


That night the Klingon's cheered their victory and learned about this vicious woman that they had encountered on the Cardassian ship. General Talak, the commander of the Gorkon, was quite taken with her and how much of a warrior she was. Listening to her story, listening to her training and how many races she had already fought with he found himself looking at a beautiful asset right in front of him. A wealth of training and information. He asked her to join him, to be part of his inner circle. Some of the Klingons were not happy with his decision, but while they demanded reasons and tried to figure out just what was going on, he explained to them that he did not have to answer their inquiries and she was to be treated as Klingon female.

She took to life as a Klingon quite well. She enjoyed the physicality of their race, the way they fought, the bravado, she fit right in. She had bigger balls than most of the men, or at least, that's how she acted for the most part. She worked hard to master the Bat'leth and with many Klingon's help she was able to actually win the female championship. She went as far to go for an overall Bat'leth tournament but unfortunately only made it to the semi-finals but she was pretty proud of that feat. Just for grins, she entered a Gagh eating contest on one of the ships. They were on a long journey and decided to have a go at it, she was proud to say she won. The stomach ache and subsequent days of puking could not tarnish her pride.

For a while, she served underneath Captain Klag. His first officer, Drex, son of Martok, was someone that was unruly and tended to jump to conclusions instead of having a level head. The Captain seemed to appreciate her word on matters because she offered a third-person perspective and a different view of the problem when the Captain and First Officer did not see eye to eye. Drex was soon replaced, and Zyrao transferred to a different ship as well. Which happened to be the ship Drex had, a Vo'quv carrier, by the name of IKS Dulag underneath Captain Slorn. She served for three years underneath Slorn and worked with the First Officer, Drex, as well so that he came to trust her ideas and strategies having seen them work time and time again.

During her time on the IKS Dulag she was part of many border skirmishes with the Romulan Star Empire. Truthfully, she looks back on the skirmishes with pride. She has always enjoyed a challenge and these were no different. Standing next to Captain Slorn and giving him ideas of how to subvert the attacks of the Romulans the pride of a job well done. There was a lot of pressure on her during these skirmishes. After all, the Romulans were a formidable fight, and should she fail she knew that she was highly expendable.

Once Drex became captain of the IKS Hakkarl in 2380 he requested her to come with him. He knew that he would need her expertise on what was to come in the future. She agreed and became his right-hand woman. Their first mission was to patrol the Federation border and the Azure Nebula.

Personality Profile

Zy Fights.jpg

Zyrao was not an open and friendly person. She was usually described as dry when people talked to her. She was very blunt and to the point. She cared little for sugar coating and holding back in the fear of hurting people's feelings. She said what was on her mind in the moment. That didn't mean Zyrao was without a heart, but she found that the softness that most people carried around within themselves only created weaknesses that would help them fall in battle. She was very closed off when it came to personal information. If it was about something she knew; training or skills, she was open to talk about it. But her past and all the things she had been through are not easily gotten by the average person. She would however be more open to those in authority.

Because of her military background she held those ranked above her in high regard. Though she did not handle stupidity well, especially those that higher ranked than her. She tried to be professional but she had trouble curbing her tongue in many situations.

She was highly claustrophobic and did not like being in dark closed in spaces. She would break out into heavy sweats and even suffered sometimes from PTSD from her time with the Breen. Certain sounds, smells, and sights made her slip back into the tortures of the The Dark and the dilithium mines. She did not talk openly about her scars or tattoos. Zy had a soft spot for children, putting her own life in danger to protect the younger generations as she had done her entire life, it was heavily hardwired into her. She wasn't the sort to let a young one suffer. She would sacrifice her own life for a young child in a heartbeat and think nothing of it.

Because of her life, when her PTSD kicked in, she could be a little volatile and dangerous. Believing that she was, not safe, but instead back with the Breen. It was best to keep a safe distance until she came out of it or could be sedated. She also had issues with people who covered their entire head and face with a mask or helmet of some sort. It gave her heavy flashbacks to the Breen.

Physical Profile


Zyrao was very physically fit. To the point of actually being quite cut. She was average height, standing at just five feet eight inches tall, she weighed more than she looked because she carried around a lot of solid muscle. Her eyes were a striking and unusual grey color that held centuries of horrors, triumphs and stories. They tended to peer out sharply from her fringe of lashes. She didn't do make up or earrings, anything like that. However, the adornment that she did have was all her tattoos. Hundreds of tattoos covered most of her body. Each one symbolizing something she had been through, a memory, or a memorial. Her knuckles spelled out 'Just Love' in El-Aurian. While she was fairly certain she was incapable of such an emotion she truly believed it is the biggest motivator of both evil and good. She wore many rings on her fingers, the only jewelry that she tended to wear, little things she had picked up here and there in her life.

Her hair was cut short, pixie style. Short boy-ish cut around the sides and the top left a bit longer. It was usually styled off to the side and out of her face. She preferred to keep it short, it was easier for fighting and it was easier to maintain.

Special Notes

Zyrao did not drink well. She cannot hold alcoholic beverages down. Especially blood wine, a single sip would send her to the infirmary. Some believed she might be allergic to alcohol others think she was just a light weight. Especially, the Klingons. She ate a lot of meat, and not much else, probably an aftereffect of living with Klingons so very much. She preferred meat and vegetables, more natural food rather than over processed carbohydrates. Zyrao collected old paper books in the languages that she knew, because they were a rarity and she found them nostalgic considering how long her life had been. Her book collection was one of her pride and joys and she was fiercely protective of such a thing. She was a wee bit obsessed with tea and how it was served (properly). She preferred to brew her own, and collected tea leaves when she could find a planet somewhere to buy leaves of any kind of tea.



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