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Personnel FileR-blank.png
Name:Edena Rez
Position:Former First Officer
Species:Trill (Joined)
Age:29 (Symbiont Age: 347)
Orientation:  Bisexual
Weight:118 lbs
Eye color:Hazel
Played by:Rachel McAdams (Edena)
Scarlett Johansson (Illya)
Kate Bosworth (Kiya)
Eric Danes (Jona)
Writer:1) Kurohigi 2) Triage 3) Nolan
Differential Diagnosis
Conversation: internally and with others
Starfleet Academy, class of 2374.
Starfleet Intelligence Academy
Service Record
2374: Assigned to USS Zerahl.
Further assignments classified

Before her death, Edena Rez was a Joined Trill serving as an undercover Intelligence Officer aboard the USS Theurgy in 2381, and briefly served as First Officer after Commander Nerina was put in stasis. After one of her Former Hosts committed treason against Captain Ives, she stepped down from the position at her captain's side so that the mission wouldn't be compromised. She was succeeded by Commander Carrigan Trent and took up the duty as the lounge proprietor for Below Decks. Edena was killed during the Battle of Starbase 84, and the symbiont was joined to Amelya Duv, becoming Amelya Rez.


Edena Lal, as she was born named, lived on her home planet of Trill for much of her life. Her parents both worked in the Trill Science Ministry, known as one of the leading organizations in it's field, along with the Vulcan Science Academy. Choosing to break from tradition, Edena applied to Starfleet Academy with a sense of advanture, wishing to explore the uncharted. She successfully completed the Starfleet Academy Preparatory Program and entered the Academy at age sixteen.

Despite having high hopes for herself, she proved to be a distinctly average student, staying almost at the dead middle of her class. Though she avoided scolding for low marks, she never recieved praise for high ones either. She was forced to move through her semesters in relative obscurity, trying to improve by taking supplemental lessons that awarded her with her only true merit; determination. She graduated from the academy at age twenty.

She recieved her first posting as an Ensign aboard the USS Zerahl, working in the Science Division. It was a quiet existence for her, performing sensor sweeps and listening to more experienced officers talk theory while she was expected to learn from a bunch of old men stroke their egos by discussing their most recent publications. With an uneventful voyage, there was little room for her to advance, and unable to even carve out a niche for herself, until time came to escort a VIP to an undisclosed sector of space.

The VIP, as it turned out was Jona Rez. a Joined Trill working for Starfleet Intelligence, though he came aboard under the guise of a civilian to avoid his true nature being discovered. On route to their assigned mission, the ship fell under attack from Klingon Birds of Prey, which heavily damaged several sections of the shop, and gave Edena her first taste of combat. After losing shields, a raiding party boarded the ship, attempting to take the Intelligence officer captive, gravely injuring him in the process. Managing to repel the enemy attack from the inside and destroy the Bird of Prey, the Zerahl survived it's deadly encounter, but had to deal with the issue of a mortally wounded VIP.

The Rez Symbiont had to be implanted to another, or risk death after 93 hours of separation, with Edena as the only option available. Jona died on the operating table, but not before the Rez symbiont was removed, and Edena Rez was born. Immediately, something was found to be wrong, as Edena did not experience a fluid merging of her memories with that of the previous hosts, like in all other cases; whether it was injury to the Symbiont, her own incompatibility with the creature, or a combination of both, was unknown. What she experienced as similar to the Trill Rite of Emergence; she was able to see all the previous hosts, and converse with them directly, which at first gave her the appearance of a schizophrenic to those around here, before learning to do so mentally. She was also left, in times of mental weakness, seemingly possessed by another, as one of the hosts would reassert itself as the central personality instead of her.

After adjusting to this new experience, she was contacted by Starfleet Intelligence to complete the mission of Jona; deliver classified codes, hidden in his memory, to a contact in the Neutral Zone. She was afforded the rank of Lieutenant through field promotion, to further her credibility with the contact, and sent to complete the task. She was successful, and was transferred to Starfleet Intelligence as an agent following the event.

Much of her personnel information following that event was classified by her new division. After recieving additional training as an agent, as well as a Command officer, she began her work in covert operations. Her primary tasks were oversight; ships which were provided with new technology had to be watched over, in which case she was given a false alias and credentials to blend in with the crew and report to Starfleet Intelligence any issues. Her previous hosts' knowledge allowed her to adapt to tasks quickly, allowing her to rise to Jona's former rank of Lieutenant Commander by the age of twenty eight.

Her most recent posting placed her aboard the Theurgy, as an assistant ship's counselor under the name Azani Mikahl, holding the rank of Lieutenant JG. After Theurgy made it's escape after being brand a renegade ship, Edena saw no choice but to come clean with the commanding officer and the senior staff. She didn't know if Starfleet intelligence had been compromised as well, leaving the Theurgy as the only ones who could be trusted. ironically, she was found to be the untrustworthy one, and was locked in the brig until it could be decided what to do with her.

Personality Profile

Edena has a complicated Personality profile, due to the presence of additional Host personas within her mind. These hosts list at three, each possessing all the memories they possessed up until the Symbiont's extraction from their bodies, as well as carrying their personality. Unlike most Trill, these memories and traits did not meld with her own; instead, each of the four stand alone mostly, with Edena possessing the ability to mentally commune with them in order to gleam information, or can simply allow one to assume control and speak directly.

Edena herself still holds a youthful, vibrant energy, and an overeagerness to please others and prove her worth. She is a romantic, often reading romance novels. She is inexperienced in relationships, which a former host persona, Illya, like to tease her for. often times, she can be seen blushing; this is due to Illya saying something to her that is highly sensual or taboo in nature.

Jona is a lifetime soldier, and is thus a no-nonsense type of person. He is curt, and does not allow for straying off topic. He is differentiated from the others when in control of Edena's body by a deeper baritone in his voice, making her sound stronger and more focused. As a lover, he only accepts female lovers, and can be quite dominating.

Illya was a grifter, and as such is a skilled actress, able to con people into seeing things her way or doing what she wants. She has a strong affinity for reading people, which Edena makes regular use of to help her build psychological profiles or offer psychiatric advice to others. Though she is capable of convincing acting however she wishes, her most basic nature when in control of Edena is a flirty, high class sounding voice. As a lover, she is bisexual, and very open to kinky pleasures.

Kiya was a doctor, as well as the first Host of the Rez Symbiont. Her knowledge is based in clinical and surgical application, with a minor degree in psychology, making her originally one of the most skilled doctors in the Alpha Quadrant during her time. Kiya possesses a deep maternal presence, having been a mother in her time, which come forth in her voice when she is in control of Edena's body. As a lover, she only accepts male lovers, and is the deeply committed type, showing a submissive side like Edena, but with a greater degree of experience.

Physical Profile

Most Trill are distinguished by two rows of spots going down each side of their body, from forehead to toe. As a Joined Trill, Edena is extremely allergic to insect bites; the biochemical connections between the host and symbiont cannot tolerate the reaction caused by the insect's venom. One other Trill peculiarity is that they are known for having cold hands. Other then these factors, there is little differentiating a Trill from any other humanoid.

Edena herself is thin and often times quite fragile looking. Her physical strength is low, but has an extremely nimble and athletic body, when the right personality is in control; Jona is capable of attacking joints and nerve clusters to inflict pain and injury with great speed, while Illya is a talented gymnast, able to quickly scale heights or move with precision in cases where such motions are necessary.

Edena wears a red Starfleet command uniform when on duty, while wearing a variety of clothes when off duty, depending on the personality in control; Illya prefers to show some skin, leading to dresses which bare shoulders, arms and legs, while Jona keeps to black clothing that is more masculine in appearance. Both Edena herself and Kiya dress more modestly, choosing vibrantly colored blouses and long skirts which do not accentuate her figure.