Kythalie Benmual

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Name:Kythalie Bemual
Rank:Petty Officer Second Class
Age:25 (2nd March 2355)
Orientation:  Bisexual
Height:5ft 6in / 1.68m
Weight:149lbs / 68kg
Hair:Long brown hair with occasional different forms
Eye color:Full black eyes
Played by:Nathalie Emmanuel
Collecting trinkets
2366-2372: High school
2372: Entered Starfleet NCO Bootcamp
2373: Graduated Starfleet Security Training Center
2373-2375 : Starfleet Academy - Unfinished
2375: Graduated Advanced Combat School
Service Record
2375: Crewman 1st Class, Security, USS Elkins
2375: Ground Combat Task Force Assignment
2375: Promoted to PO3
2376: Transfer to USS Resolve
2378: Transfer to USS Cayuga, Promotion to PO2
2381-Present: Defection to USS Theurgy
2375: Purple heart

Petty Officer Kythalie Benmual was a Security Officer serving on the USS Cayuga during the Borg and Asurian assaults. She fought valiantly to defend the Cayuga against the Asurian threat, yet sustained injuries which had her transferred to Sickbay on the USS Theurgy. Benmual aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.


Born on Betazed in 2355 on one of the secluded Piri Islands, Kythalie Benmual was the progeny of Meikod Sanaros and Rayeyo Bemual. She was the first girl in a family with two older male siblings. The girl had been a gift from the Gods, it seemed, as Rayeyo had received the news that after delivering her last son, the chances of her becoming pregnant had been astronomically small. Thus, the girl was met with much love and protective care as she grew up on the Piri islands during her youth.

At a young age, she had proven to be an active little girl, running, climbing and swimming with her older brothers. Her energy seemed to know no bounds. She also seemed rather adept at swimming, which came naturally to her, which led to extensive swimming lessons. She'd climb trees like an experienced climber would, and she'd dive for shells and the sorts during her young life.

All of that careless living changed when she had to go to school. The girl had trouble to keep up with the discipline and order at first, as she was used to live as a chaot. The first years, she struggled to keep up with it. It was not that the subjects she took were a problem, it was more of a discipline problem. Both her parents noticed this as well, as the girl began to give teachers attitude and rebelled before even hitting her puberty.

It was in that time that they came to learn that Kythalie was gifted with telepathic abilities. The chaos inside her, fueled by the dozens of voices she heard around her every day, was an explanation for why she was so foul-mouthed towards her teachers. Receiving the extra education around telepathic barriers from that point, Kythalie became more docile and less of a troublemaker. Her school career was then finished effortlessly.

As she had excelled in her sports programs, Kythalie had been part of the school's swim, climb and running teams. She dreamed of a career in sports, yet her true dreams were out among the stars. Night after night, she had looked and gazed at the colorful night sky, and she had heard stories about them from her father and mother. Her brothers had eventually left to respectively join the Starfleet garrison to look after Betazed, and the other went to the Starfleet Academy on Earth.

When her time came, she opted to join Starfleet in 2372, yet she didn't want to become a Line officer. She imagined her sportive skills would be diminished tremendously because of it. Instead, she chose for the rawer work. Bootcamp. Much to the worry of her parents as they'd hate to see their little girl get hurt, Kythalie was brought back to Earth for basic training. Physically, she was in prime shape to overcome the obstacles placed before her, yet mentally, it needed a switch. The discipline at Bootcamp was far more stricter than in school, and occasionally, the girl would slip up.

She did, however, develop a new hobby in basic training; she adored sparring. The physical contact being rough, face to face and just great for bonding. She quickly trained hard to become better at it, studying various courses of mixed martial arts and close quarter engagement programs. The girl became a hardened combatant, yet kept her kind and sweet attitude. Once graduated from boot camp in 2373, she was picked by a group of her training instructors to attempt to go to the Academy as they saw raw potential in her.

At first, Kythalie was reluctant to agree to it, yet with some encouragement from her peers, instructors and parents, she agreed. It was during this time , at Starfleet Academy, that a new hobby dawned for the adolescent Betazoid. She was often found partying with friends and fledgling officers. She was often found in clubs till late in the morning. The first two years, she soaked up the knowledge she was given. This, while the tragic news of Betazed reached her. The Dominion had invaded Betazed with force and scattered reports of losses began to stream in. Her oldest brother who had served in the planetary defense force had been reported MIA. Her parent had failed to make contact with her during the occupation. Kythalie tried to endure in her studies, yet as she heard of the Second Fleet being mobilized to help liberate Betazed she called out to her instructors as she HAD to go help out her people. This resulted in her dropping out of the Academy. She signed up for security service aboard the USS Elkins.

As a part of the Second Fleet, Kythalie got her first real take of war. She served the security team aboard the Elkins with as much as she could offer. While the fleet was engaging the Dominion fleet time after time, the young Betazoid was selected to travel down to her home planet with a ground combat task force. She earned her experience and ferocity on the ground there. She did, however, pick up a few scars along the way, as her telepathic abilities both served her team well and proved to be a detriment. The scarring wasn't all physical, as emotions, memories and pain seared through her head during the engagement on Betazed. The people she saved or killed each left their impression on her mind as even to current day, she'd have nightmares about the events.

By the end of the conflict, Kythalie sustained and injury during an orbital assault by the Dominion. She was rushed out to one of the clinics on Betazed for surgery and recovery. It would eventually earn her a Purple Heart, yet many of her team members which she had fought alongside with had perished in the strike. Granted time to recover on Betazed by the Elkins’ captain, Kythalie served planet-side in a Federation support security team, posted there to help rebuild Betazed. During this time, she began to search for her parents only to never find them. The island she had lived on had been hit, yet there were no official reports of them being casualties. Perhaps they had been taken, sold to slavers. Their fate remained unknown.

After learning this, she urged to be returned to the Elkins and once back she received a promotion for her actions during the Battle of Betazed. In 2376, Kythalie was transferred to the USS Resolve, where she served prior to the disappearance of the ship in 2378. Days before the ship vanished, she had been transferred once more towards the USS Cayuga. Upon transfer, she was promoted to Petty Officer Second Class, and served aboard the Cayuga in her travels. This, until they ran into a formidable enemy in the Azure Nebula...

Personality Profile

Kythalie Benmual was an open warm kind of person. She tried to be the best to whomever she met and was mostly seen with a smile on her face as she loved to talk to people and engage in pleasantries. However, she could turn into a fighting machine when the situation deemed it necessary. The contrast between the open warm person was almost terrifying as she could turn in a cold heartless killing machine when needed.

Physical Profile

Having grown up in the warm climate of Betazed and thanks to her gene pool, Kythalie had a caramel brown skin tone. Her black eyes were prominent and she changed her hair styles regularly. Sometimes, she smoothed her hair out, yet most of the time, her hair was all over the place. She'd use various tools to keep it contained and decent in order to resemble some order in her appearance as security.

The body of Kythalie was smooth yet not overly muscular. She did, however, posses quite some muscle mass, and all of her physical scars had been wiped out of existence with dermal regenerators. Having been tempted to place a tattoo on her body during bootcamp and on Betazed, Kythalie had decided against it, though she did play around with designs, about to have one done eventually. Instead, though, she had found herself on the losing side of a bet during her time on Earth. It earned her a septum ring, which she occasionally wore whenever she felt like it.

When not in her security uniform or exosuit, Kythalie was usually found scarcely dressed or missing such garments. Her open education on Betazoid had given her little to no shame about nudity or anything affiliated to it.