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Name:Rem Kile
Rank:Lieutenant Junior Grade
Position:Field Operative
Orientation:  Homosexual
Birthplace:Rift of Jinteum, Elsaria
Height:6ft 1in / 1.85m
Weight:154lbs / 70kg
Eye color:Black
Played by:Gong Jun

Physical Fitness



Free Climbing




Tight Rope Walking

Zero-G Dance

Oriental Rope Work

Escape Artist




Pottery/Clay Sculpture

Decorative Gardening

2364-2369: Starfleet Academy

2369-2370: Cadet Cruise, USS Thunderchild

2375-2377: Intelligence Advanced Field and Tactical Training
Service Record

2370-2374: Ensign, CONN Officer, Miranda-class USS Shirkahr

2374-2375: Ensign, Covert Field Specialist, “Operation: Fox Hunt”

2375-2376: Ensign, Covert Field Specialist, “Operation: Clean Sweep”

2378-2380: Lieutenant JG, Covert Field Specialist, “Operation: Encore,” Typhon-class USS Scylla

2380-2381: Lieutenant JG, Medical Leave

2381-current: Lieutenant JG, Covert Operations Specialist, “Operation: Dirty Deal,” transfer to Theurgy-class USS Theurgy


2369: Rigel Cup Medal

2372: Starfleet Distinguished Service Cross

2374: Star Cross, Purple Heart

Before his death, Lieutenant Rem Kile was a Betazoid CONN officer whose circumstances led him to join an experimental cadre of intelligence-trained telepaths during the Dominion War. His responsibilities during the war included exposing and apprehending Dominion operatives. Since then, he put his unique talents to work where conventional intelligence-gathering efforts failed. Director Anderson recently assigned him to a covert mission to assist the USS Theurgy in their opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command at the end of the 24th century, yet he died shortly after coming aboard in April of 2381.


The Early Years: 2356-2364

Betazoid Geologist and widower, Elsoen Kile(ehl-SOE-ehn KYL) married the Elsarian Cave Rescue specialist, Daeun Min(DAY-oon mihn) in 2357. Elsoen brought his year-old son, Rem(REHM), from his first marriage and the child grew up on Elsaria, in the rift city of Jinteum. Daeun and Elsoen met when Elsoen’s survey team got caught in a geological disaster deep inside the tunnels. Daeun led the survivors out at great peril to herself. She comforted Elsoen as he grieved the loss of his wife and fellow researcher, Wynxarna(wihn-ZAHR-nah) and over time, they took comfort in each other.

Rem grew up a happy child. He acclimated to life in near pitch darkness and his telepathy developed early, purportedly in response to his dark surroundings. He thrived among Elsarians, enjoying the warmth and kindness in his community. He proved to be something of a novelty since he could sense others at a distance and read emotions easily. Many considered him to be an old soul as he often listened to the problems of others and offered keen insight for his age. He picked up a basic knowledge of geology from his father but he loved following along behind his stepmother, learning about her work as a cave rescuer. As Rem reached his early teen years he apprenticed to Nom Lisar(noam-lih-SAR), Daeun’s best friend and fellow rescuer. Rem’s young life changed forever when Dr. Lexan Drune(lehk-san DROON), a fellow Betazoid geologist and colleague of his father arrived on an expedition with his young son, Lenzo.

Rem and Lenzo were similar in age and Rem found the newcomer fascinating. Lenzo spoke often about life in space and all of the worlds he visited, infecting his young friend with a lust for adventure. They shared a love of touch and sharing thoughts that they hid from their parents. Sadly, the expedition came to an end and Lenzo returned home to Betazed. He invited Rem to visit and the boy pleaded with his parents to go. They allowed it and so Rem spent several months acclimating to a world full of light.

The visit to Betazed led Rem to reevaluate his life. He wanted to see the worlds that Lenzo described so vividly in his tales. His parents allowed him to move in with his mother’s birth family where Rem spent the next several years preparing for Starfleet Academy. To his delight, both he and Lenzo won placement. They entered the next phase of their lives together.

The Academy Years: 2364-2369

Rem initially pursued a specialty in Geology until he took basic shuttle piloting. Taking to the stars in a sleek, fast vehicle thrilled Rem beyond measure and he took every course that allowed him to seat as a pilot. His dedication and passion quickly earned him a place on Nova Squad, the academy’s team of elite cadet pilots. Together, they won the coveted Rigel Cup and restored the honor of the team after the debacle of 2368. Unexpectedly, Lenzo grew more mysterious over time until, nearing graduation, he developed an aversion to touching. Rem did his best to understand but the distance between them broke his heart. He drew more into himself, turning his attention toward his coursework to take his mind off of the pain. The lovers parted ways after a bitter argument, each embarking on separate cadet cruise assignments.

Rem served in various capacities during his one-year cadet cruise aboard Akira-class USS Thunder Child. Thunder Child escorted freighters and specialist vessels through trouble areas in addition to responding to large-scale emergencies, evacuating civilians and the injured via its complement of shuttles. Rem dreamed of taking the CONN but he satisfied himself with shuttle training and co-piloting during maneuvers. His superiors took note of his history in search and rescue and assigned him to split duty, assisting in rescue efforts, then securing the wounded before joining the pilot in the cockpit. He responded well under pressure and took initiative when necessary to save lives. He graduated from his cadet cruise with a commendation from his commanding officer, as well as a letter of recommendation to his next assignment, serving as a junior CONN Officer aboard Miranda-class USS Shirkahr.

USS Shirkahr: 2369-2374

The Shirkahr patrolled the boundaries of Orion space and frequently ran afoul of slaver vessels with fighter escort. Rem gained valuable experience backing up the CONN officer and later, he piloted shuttles for away missions to free captive Federation citizens. The Shirkahr was too big and recognizable to barge into dangerous ports of call, so an away team flew ahead to liberate slaves and prepare them for transport. During this time Rem trained extensively in close quarters combat, both armed and unarmed. The Andorian Chief of Security frequently staged scenarios wherein the away team was overpowered and imprisoned. Rem learned critical skills in escaping from bonds as well as tricks for evading security. This “overzealousness” on the part of the Security Chief came in handy later.

Another incident involved transporting a dangerous Nausicaan gang leader to stand trial. The prisoner escaped his bonds, overpowered the flight crew, then hijacked the transport. Rem squeezed through a narrow crawl space in a radiated compartment, shorted out the light in the cockpit, and subdued the suspect before succumbing to his injuries. The captain awarded him a commendation for distinguished service. Alas, the opening salvos of the Dominion War demanded that every ship step up to serve. Starfleet reassigned the Shirkahr to combat duty.

The Shirkahr saw pitch battle against the Dominion on many occasions. Rem watched in horror as larger and more advanced Starfleet vessels fell against the relentless might of the Jem’Hadar and their Cardassian allies. The Shirkahr spent much of the war disrupting supply lines, notably facing down against Son’a drug traffickers supplying Ketracel White to the Jem’Hadar. Rem’s away team infiltrated behind enemy lines to gain valuable intelligence and blow up critical production facilities. Rem’s experience in nearly pitch-black environments granted him a valuable edge against the Jem’Hadar, as their shroud ability was useless against him. After two years the Shirkahr received orders to join the Alliance fleet at the Battle of Chin’toka.

The battle went smoothly for the Alliance until the Cardassians engaged with their planetary defense platforms. They immediately struck a mortal blow against the Shirkahr. The Chief CONN Officer’s panel exploded, killing him instantly. Rem launched to the next panel and banked the ship’s vulnerable warp core and impulse drive away from the platforms. Powerful beams and torpedoes gutted the ventral hull but the Betazoid’s maneuver prevented an instant warp core breach. The Shirkahr listed helplessly after that, forcing her crew to abandon ship. Rem stayed at his post until he succumbed to smoke and fire. He woke later, aboard the IKS Rotarran, surrounded by Klingons. The fabled General Martok commended the survivors for staying at their posts. “The Shirkahr died well and her crew knows honor in the eyes of the Klingon people, Qapla’!”

Rem sustained burns to his hands and chest during the battle but stayed at his post until succumbing to smoke. Starfleet awarded him the Star Cross for distinguished service in combat as well as the Purple Heart for his actions at Chin’toka.

Operation: “Fox Hunt” 2374-2375

An old friend paid a visit while Rem recovered at Starbase 375, his former lover, Lenzo. The Betazoid revealed why he had grown distant all those years ago. He had been recruited for a program that trained telepaths to ferret out the Changelings and Dominion infiltrators before they did irreparable damage. Lenzo took Rem by the hand, “I never wanted this for you, but there aren’t enough trained telepaths to do the job and we’re stretched thin.” Rem considered his actions against the Son’a and the Jem’Hadar and said, “Tell me how I can help.”

Rem met with Director Anderson, who authorized the Betazoid’s transfer to Starfleet Intelligence. Rem underwent rapid and often grueling training to use telepathy in an intelligence capacity. Trainees received a surprise at graduation. The Changeling Odo, Constable at Station Deep Space Nine, grudgingly consented to allow the telepaths to attempt to read him. None could, but Rem gained a sense of his presence, much like when he tracked those injured and lost in the tunnels of Elsaria. Starfleet hoped it was enough and cleared the Rem for active duty. The young Betazoid spent the next year tracking down and exposing Dominion agents, terrorists, and potential Changelings.

Operation: “Clean Sweep” 2375-2376

The conclusion of the war brought no rest for the wicked, as a developing situation in the Briar Patch required immediate attention. Intel dispatched Rem to assist in investigating the recent criminal activities of Admiral Matthew Dougherty in the Baku System. Rem contributed his extensive knowledge of the Son’a, Tarlac, and Ellora to the operation and helped to track down and collect evidence against Dougherty’s collaborators.

Back to the Books: 2376-2378

Trauma from the war caught up to Rem by the time the Briar Patch operation ended. Intel put him on mandatory medical leave. During this time Rem underwent neurological treatment combined with therapy to repair damage to his shattered psyche. Once fit for duty he received formal training and accreditation that he missed during the war. After, he joined the crew of the Typhon-class carrier, USS Scylla as a field specialist.

Operation: “Encore” 2378-2380

Rem assisted as Starfleet Intelligence investigated a dissident faction on Cardassia, believed to be planning terrorist attacks. Rem underwent surgical alteration to infiltrate as a Cardassian dissident and joined a joint operation with Detapa Council operatives. He carefully established his identity with the dissidents, calling themselves the “True Way,” gaining greater access until a routine supply run led to disaster – and opportunity.

Rem and his partner infiltrated the True Way base and witnessed as the terrorists met with representatives of the Alpha Jem’Hadar and surprisingly, the Changeling, Laas. The True Way attempted to recruit Lass to their cause and he accepted, declaring the birth of a new Dominion. Their first order of business, tracking down Laas' siblings, other Changelings sent through the wormhole. Rem attempted to read Laas from a distance, counting on his partner to watch his back, but a Jem’Hadar struck him from behind with a rifle butt, knocking him unconscious with Rem’s partner nowhere in sight.

The True Way tortured and interrogated their captive. Rem nearly lost hope when Starfleet attacked the base. The Betazoid escaped in the confusion and searched for his partner. Rem happened across Laas as the Changeling made his way to an airlock. Rem confronted Laas, attempting to delay him until help arrived. The Changeling beat Rem savagely and left him for dead. Rem only survived when his Detapa partner appeared at the head of a squad of Starfleet’s best.

Recovery: 2380-2381

Rem suffered severe injuries as a result of his torture and his subsequent beating at the hands of Lass, requiring extensive medical reconstruction and months of physical therapy. He also underwent mandatory therapy to recover from the torture he endured at the hands of the True Way. Rem’s efforts were not in vain as he contributed to the exposure of several influential Guls back on Cardassia. The True Way officially disavowed involvement and accused the Federation of concocting a hoax to oppress them. Most importantly, Rem got a second reading of a Changeling and shared it with other Intel telepaths. It came too late to help in the war, but Starfleet Intelligence gained its first major break in identifying Changeling infiltrators.

Operation “Dirty Deal” 2381-Current

Rem returned to active duty, this time tracking suspicious supply movements between the Federation and the Klingon Empire. While on assignment in the Sherman System, Rem received orders to meet an informant at Donatu V, behind the Klingon border. Once there he received updated orders to board the Klingon vessel Kajunpak’t and rendezvous with USS Theurgy, the new multi-vector dreadnought that reportedly went rogue. Once there he was to assist Captain Ives in whatever capacity required. The next, and potentially most dangerous chapter of Rem’s life had begun.

Personality Profile

Rem Kile-02.png
Rem was shaped by the solitary life he led in the rifts of Elsaria. He was by nature an extroverted individual. As a youngster, he engaged others eagerly, curious to hear stories about the larger universe. The young Betazoid thought nothing of holding hands and snuggling close with interesting strangers. Elsarians typically avoided physical contact with offworlders but Rem grew up among them. Their warm, intimate nature meshed well with his natural Betazoid impulses but his affectionate nature led to some incidents with off-world visitors. It pained him to keep his distance but he learned much about other worlds and cultures.

The years tempered his enthusiasm but Rem still took pleasure in the company of others. Another’s outward appearance never interested him. It was hard to tell what anyone looked like in the dark, after all. Rather, he acted on other senses, the timbre of one’s voice, their scent, their weight when pressed against him, and how they felt under his hands. Puberty led him to discover that he preferred the company of males or those identifying as such. Time spent away from his community impacted his personality on a fundamental level.

The young Betazoid looked inward to solve problems and he trusted his gut instinct to lead him right. These traits created an individual of quiet confidence and independence. Rem appreciated advice but ultimately, he trusted his own judgment to make decisions. This proved necessary when he trained as a cave rescuer.

Others depended on Cave Rescue for their safety and survival in the unpredictable depths of the tunnels. Rem learned to think and act on his feet. He did what he knew to be right even when it put his life in danger. He felt an uncompromising sense of duty and responsibility to those in his care, a sense of duty that sometimes led to conflict with those in authority. Life in near pitch blackness influenced Rem’s development in other ways.

The youngster developed interests that did not depend on light like music, incense, and working clay. Life in a vertical environment encouraged physical fitness at a very young age. Rem developed superior upper body strength, balance, and agility from a life of climbing after his stepmother as she traversed the tunnels. He enjoyed physical challenges and joined other Elsarian youths as an apprentice in the Cave Rescue Corp. His ability to sense others at a distance proved helpful in locating civilians trapped or lost in the tunnels. This openness in him served as both a blessing and a curse.

It was second nature for Rem to act thoughtfully and courteously. He gave generously of himself and placed the safety and well-being of others before himself. The better others felt, the better Rem felt. He thrived when he had a family to care for whether blood relation, a lover, or friends to dote upon. He was first with a pillow or a neck rub. Suspicion, harshness, and violence proved inimical, if necessary during the Dominion War. They left a permanent mark on his psyche.

Rem sacrificed his gentle, open nature to protect everyone and everything he loved. He grew closed and suspicious as part of his work for Starfleet Intelligence. He compromised the Code of Sentience and his integrity to scan minds in his vicinity without permission. He used his talents to trick minds or divert attention away from him. Worst of all, he probed the thoughts of suspects by force, which inflicted the same damage to him as his targets. He could only cope by growing numb to pain and ignoring his bodily needs. He suffered in other ways.

Possessing a conscience served an intelligence agent poorly. Rem endured horrific nightmares. He felt unworthy of love or happiness, so he shut others out emotionally. He grew detached and mechanical in his habits. He put on a fake front with ease, pushing him dangerously close to sociopathy. Neurological treatment and therapy in the years following the war lessened most of Rem’s symptoms to manageable levels but he struggled. He cultivated a regimen of self-care to assist in his effort to maintain his sanity.

The Betazoid cared for his body with intensive, extensive physical exercise including walking tightropes, free climbing, tumbling, gymnastics, parkour, swimming, and when he had the opportunity, orbital skydiving. The more extreme the sport, the more he liked it.

Cultivating hobbies helped the mind including working clay, Oriental rope and knotwork, meditation, and music. Rem reconnected with his feelings and love for others with decorative gardening, acupressure, and body massage. He reached out to others by teaching classes and joining group activities, his current favorite being Parrises Squares.

At present Rem stood as a study in contrasts. Engaging but mysterious, optimistic but wary, kind but distant, brave but vulnerable, a hopeless romantic but suspicious. He was a kind and loving soul whose heroic actions led to deep emotional scars. He picked up, moved on, and sought penance through noble purpose.

Physical Profile

Rem was tall and packed with lean, taut muscle, the personification of grace, and economy of motion. His facial features resembled those of an Asian of Earth descent with large almond-shaped eyes, a narrow nose, and full lips. His face was tapered with high cheekbones and a jaw full of strength and character. His overall appearance was soft and androgynous, accentuated by his porcelain pale skin and black eyes.

He preferred to wear his hair long, kept in a regulation tail, or piled in elaborate coils on his head with decorative pins and combs. He went clean-shaven most times, growing stubble only for assignments or when away from the liberties of Civilization.

His hands were notably large and strong with long, dextrous digits. His feet likewise were large with strong, flexible toes. He demonstrated Benign Joint Hyperflexivity in the past, able to bend his fingers at unusual angles to navigate difficult handholds while climbing.

Life as an intelligence operative influenced the Betazoid’s fashion choices. Rem possessed no tattoos, scars, or body piercings. He dressed in a forgettable manner to blend into the crowd wherever he went. On those occasions when he got to enjoy something like a normal life, he favored Elsarian fabric, as supple as cotton but as sturdy as leather, made from fungi and bacterial strands unique to his homeworld. He wore it in the form of pants, vests, jackets, wide belts, and shoes, often trimmed with synthetic fur. He added wrap shirts and robes from Betazed in gauze and mesh fabrics. Like most Betazoids, he was clothing optional in his quarters but otherwise, he enjoyed how his mother’s people dressed for comfort and to flatter the physique. Texture mattered more to Elsarians than color, so Rem’s accessories involved jewelry fashioned into exquisite shapes or raised patterns in metal much like braille. His preferred colors were crimson, black, gold, indigo, and purple in both jewel tones and metallic hues.

Special Notes

Rem used telepathy with most races native to the Federation per standard training for Betazoids. He could easily interact with Elsarians and Betazoids. Humans were “slippery” with their chaotic thoughts, while telepaths like Vulcans were easier, if alien. He knew the telepathic “scent” or signature of Orions, Nausicaans, Klingons, Son’a, Tarlac, Ellora, Jem’Hadar, and Vorta. He could identify the presence of these minds at a short distance without line of sight. He could read surface thoughts but without knowledge of an alien's native language, only sensory clues proved useful, if unpredictable. Rem scanned two Changelings, Odo, and Laas. He gained their telepathic “scent” but their minds proved impossible to read.