Amelya Rez

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Personnel FileT-o3.png
Name:Amelya Rez
Position:Asst. Chief Medical Officer
Orientation:  Bisexual
Weight:118 lbs
Eye color:Green
Played by:Hilary Duff
Designing clothes & dresses
Starfleet Academy Annex, Deep Space 3, class of 2373
Service Record
2373: Serves as resident physician on Deep Space 3.
2378: Transferred to USS Harbinger.
2381: Declared a renegade and transfers to USS Theurgy.

Amelya Rez - formerly Duv - was Chief Medical Officer aboard the USS Harbinger before the destruction of the ship. She transferred to the USS Theurgy and assumed the role of Assistant Chief Medical Officer. Rez aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.


Daughter of a Trill ambassador aboard Deep Space 3, Amelia was born Amelya Duv and far away from the Trill homeworld. She lost her mother during labor and got raised by the medical officer on board the station. Her father had abandoned her mother when she was pregnant. Her mother had decided to move away from Trill and to settle on the station in deep space. Amelya never knew the identity of her father yet she is curious about him. She spent the rest of her youth there and once she got old enough she started to help around in the infirmary with her foster parent.

At the age of 15 she started her Starfleet career by entering the Academy. She got into a project that encouraged deep space station population to commence a career for Starfleet. They didn't have to go to San Fransisco for this training and received classes and training aboard the station via holographic classes supported by live up links from Earth. She graduated at age 19 and returned to DS3 for further medical training aboard the infirmary. She worked together with her foster parent as an ensign and got promoted to Junior Lieutenant after an epidemic. Amelya played a key role in finding the cure and saved hundreds of lives by doing so.

It was there that she got commissioned to the Harbinger after it docked during a routine mission. She was 24 by then and she thought it was a time to change her career. She had built up a good base for working aboard Starfleet ships and she got encouraged by her foster parents to go and explore the rest of the universe. She decided to request a transfer and it was allowed by Captain Vasser and by the acting Commander on DS3.

Amelya worked her heart out on Harbinger, yet she did it with great determination and enjoyed her position. When the truth leaked out aboard the Harbinger about Starfleet Command, the ship had to go on the run. During the many encounters with Federation ships, a lot of people were injured and killed. Among them was CMO Dylan McVaresh, he was killed while trying to save crewmembers that were stuck. An explosion mutilated the man and he died of his injuries in Sickbay. When the man passed, the duty of CMO got appointed to Amelya since she had most experience among the medical staff. Therefor, Amelya got promoted to Lieutenant (senior grade) to maintain her new acquired position. Apparently Captain Vasser had seen a great future for the young Trill.

While on the run for Federation forces, Amelya has tried to keep her staff in the best spirits as she could. They did get a lot of work though with the occasional encounters with Federation ships and with the last attack, casualties were quite high. Yet the sickbay was working on full power and most of the crewmembers were treated and could return to duty after a couple of days. The more severely injured crewmembers got the attention of the CMO personally. Amelya was hell bent on saving these people and her determination served as a boost for her medical staff.

Amelya was an unjoined Trill until after the Battle of Starbase 84, where she inherited the Rez symbiont from Edena Rez. Because the joining to Edena had been faulty, there were complications when the symbiont joined to Amelya, resulting that the Trill doctor entered a comatose state. As of March 2381, it was unknown whether she would wake up. If she would wake up, it was equally unknown if she would suffer the same complications that Edena Rez had with her joining.

Personality Profile

Amelya is a warm hearted person, she always had the best in mind for her patients and for the people around her. She's very kind and will not ever shout or lose her patience with someone. She perform well under pressure yet won't do anything that could harm the people around her. A bit naive at times, she always expects people to handle her with the same respect and care like she would treat another. She loves to talk with people and is in general very sociable.

Physical Profile

Amelya wasn't a really thin, nor well-built Trill. She kept her body in shape with regular exercise and paid attention to what she ate. She also took care of her body with certain lotions and salves that keep her skin vibrant and very much alive. She had a pretty sporty body yet she didn't do very well in combat situations. Although familiar with the basic self defense moves, she was not considered a combatant.

A lifetime officer, she mostly wore her teal Starfleet uniform aboard the ship, yet once in her personal quarters she would change into easy fitting clothing like a pair of joggings. During festivities she'd always wear one of her designed dresses which always show a bit of flesh and turned heads.

Special Notes: Previous Hosts

Image:The former hosts of the Rez symbiont. In the background: Jona Rez. Left: Kiya Rez. Center: Edena Rez. Right: Ilya Rez.

Edena, the previous host of the Rez symbiont, had a complicated personality profile, due to the presence of the former host personas within her mind. These hosts listed at three, each possessing all the memories they possessed up until the Symbiont's extraction from their bodies, as well as carrying their personality. Unlike most Trill, these memories and traits did not meld with her own; instead, each of the four stood alone as manifestations only Edena could see. Due to this faulty joining, Edena possessed the ability to mentally commune with them in order to gleam information, or simply allowed one to assume control of her body and speak directly.

Edena herself still held a youthful, vibrant energy, and an overeagerness to please others and prove her worth. She was a romantic, often reading romance novels. She was inexperienced in relationships, which a former host persona, Illya, liked to tease her for. often times, she could be seen blushing; this was due to Illya saying something to her that was highly sensual or taboo in nature.

Jona Rez was a lifetime soldier, and was thus a no-nonsense type of person. He was curt, and did not allow for straying off topic. He was differentiated from the others when in control of Edena's body by a deeper baritone in his voice, making her sound stronger and more focused. He could be quite dominating.

Illya was a grifter, and as such was a skilled actress, able to con people into seeing things her way or doing what she wanted. She had a strong affinity for reading people, which Edena made regular use of to help her build psychological profiles or offer psychiatric advice to others. Though she was capable of convincing acting, her most basic nature when in control of Edena was a flirty, high class sounding voice. As a lover, she was bisexual, and very open to pleasures.

Kiya was a doctor, as well as the first host of the Rez Symbiont. Her knowledge was based in clinical and surgical application, with a minor degree in psychology, making her originally one of the most skilled doctors in the Alpha Quadrant during her time. Kiya possessed a deep maternal presence, having been a mother in her time, which came forth in her voice when she was in control of Edena's body. As a lover, she only accepted male lovers, and was the deeply committed type, showing a submissive side like Edena, but with a greater degree of experience.

How these hosts gradually came to affect Amelya Rez was, as of April of 2381, still unknown, since the transference of memories were flawed. This, likely due to the previous joining to Edena, which had already been compromised.