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Name:Victor van Vinter
Position:Valkyrie Pilot
Callsign:Corsair (Current)
Troubleshooter (former)
Orientation:  Asexual/panromantic
Birthplace:SS Winter, UFP Tradeship
Eye color:Blue/ Hazel (Left eye is cybernetic)
Played by:Ewan McGregor
2364-2366 C.Yeager Civilian Flight school, Arizona, Earth
Jan 2366- Aug 2366 Starfleet Basic Training
2370-2371: Starfleet Academy (Washed out)
Service Record
2366: Crewman Recruit, Trainee, Starfleet Bootcamp
2366: Crewman 2nd Class, Shuttle Mechanic, Mars
2367: Crewman 1st Class, Shuttle Mechanic, Mars
2368-2369: PO3, Shuttle Mechanic/ Enlisted Pilot, Starbase 2
2370: PO2, Head of Propulsion systems (Embarked craft)/ Enlisted Pilot, Starbase 2
2370-2371: Cadet, Trainee, Starfleet Academy
2371-2372: PO2, Head of Spaceframe and Structure, USS Thunderchild
2373-2375: PO1, Acting Deck Chief, USS Thunderchild
2375-2377: CPO, Deck Chief, USS Thunderchild
2377-2380:  CPO, Head of Spaceframe & Structure/Test Pilot, USS Theurgy, Valkyrie project

2381: Ensign, USS Theurgy, Wolf Squadron Pilot
2373: UFP Purple Heart
Image: Victor in Ops, prior to transfer to Tactical CONN.

Ensign Victor vanVinter was a Valkyrie pilot that served on the USS Theurgy. Before switching to Tactical CONN, he was the Head of Spaceframe & Structure during the initial stages of the Valkyrie project and as an Enlisted Test Pilot. In 2380 he was placed in stasis following an accident. He was revived in 2381, to aid in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.


Born in the year 2348 to parents Markus VanVinter and Sira Dona on the tradeship SS Winter. His parents were traders that followed a trade route between Earth, Vulcan, Tellar, and Andor. A route well established for the Federation and some of it's core member worlds. Being on one of the more heavily trafficked trade routes, the family of the SS Winter were often exposed to many different races of the Federation and non-aligned species that the Federation had dealings with of an economic nature.

Growing up as a spacer meant that the young boy developed an early skill with things of a technological and mechanical nature. When visiting planets and stations, Victor most often visited museums and scientific exhibits with his parents time permitting. The favorite for him however were always ones that focused on starships and aircraft. Understandably obsessed with flight and space travel, once Victor passed his educational equivalencies at 16, he entered the C. Yeager Civilian flight school in North America on earth. This course of study covered operations of common civilian models of shuttles and other atmospheric craft. As part of the course of study covered maintenance of the craft and not just operation, Victor was recommended by his instructors for entrance to Starfleet Boot camp with a track to becoming a shuttle mechanic. His maintenance skills wound up taking him to Mars within the Sol System, where Victor eventually achieved the rank of Crewman first Class. While present at his station on Mars, Victor was present during the attack from Locutus of Borg. Luckily he was stationed planetside, and was able to survive the Borg annihilating the Mars Defense perimeter while on the way to Earth. Victor wound up serving with distinction after the attack where he aided in recovery and repair efforts in any way possible. His skills as shuttle pilot came in handy participating in Search and rescue missions in Local Mars orbit.

This was directly influential in Victor receiving a promotion to Crewman First class, he began using his skills gained in flight school as an enlisted pilot, usually just for 'ferry' trips when no commissioned pilots were available or could not be tasked to the more mundane tasks. In short, Victor served as the 'transport' guy for his duty station for the remainder of his time on Mars. His exemplary service record, if not conduct, led to his promotion and transfer to Starbase 2 in 2368 where he would serve performing the same duties as on Mars until 2370. While his service was without major distinction, aside from his promotion to petty Officer 3rd class his crew ratings were good enough by the end of his tenure at SB 2 to garner an admission to Starfleet Academy. His performance in class and in practical instruction was exemplary, however out of classes Victor could often be found at the shuttle bays. Victor's time in the shuttle and fighter bays was not idle though, he worked, getting his hands and uniforms dirty assisting the Operations crew in the maintenance and tuning of the small craft that the Academy had on staff. His time in the maintenance bays did severely impact his out of class studies, as well as allowing his 'less professional' nature to shine through to the point where he was discharged from the Cadet program for 'Conduct unbecoming of a Cadet' after just a year.

His skills at maintenance were noted while at the Academy and with the Dominion war beginning, instead of a complete discharge from the Fleet, Victor was assigned as Head of Spaceframe and Structure on the USS Thunderchild. His tenure on the Thunderchild would last until 2377 eventually seeing him promoted up to CPO1 and serving as Deck Chief for the fighter Wing embarked on the ship. While on board Victor spent time studying the Peregrine class attack fighter. While not a pilot, he logged a total of 27,000 flight hours in Simulators and Non-combat flying of the small vessel. Something that Victor would grow to relish, and regret at not being a Fighter pilot himself. Once the Thunderchild received a complement of Valkyrie Mark 1 fighters Victor eventually amassed 2,900 simulator and non-combat hours in that class of craft as well.

Notably while on the Thunderchild, he was present during the Borg attack on Earth in 2373. During the hard fought battle things had initially looked hopeless for the defenders of Earth until the arrival of the Enterprise E. Until that time however Victor oversaw turn and burn patch jobs on fighters that came back, when possible, in a vain attempt to hold the line against the Borg onslaught. During this battle Victor was too close to a Peregrine fighter that had suffered a catastrophic failure of it's weapon systems upon landing bathing the flight deck in high temperature plasma. Victor got caught in the explosion and suffered severe burns over his body, eventually losing his left eye in the detonation of the craft. This wound gained while fighting the Borg led to victor receiving the Purple Heart (or equivalent Starfleet decoration) for being wounded in action.

His service on the Thunderchild came to an end in 2377 when Victor was reassigned to the USS Theurgy project that was underway, as head of Spaceframe and Power for the Valkyrie Mk III fighter project. His experience with the Mk I in the field and combined simulator time for fighter craft, and shuttles in general saw his service as an Enlisted Test Pilot while on the project. His duties consisted mostly of finding the actual physical breaking points of the Valkyrie Mk III's his skills and knowledge working with S&S were absolutely integral to the task. During the project he met Chief Warrant Officer Sten Covington and Jaru Rel also both assigned to the Theurgy project. A fast friendship was forged between the three men over the work on the Valkyrie's before their actual deployment and during the prototype phase.

Then came that fateful day when the crew learned the truth of the infestation at Starfleet Command and the admiralty being compromised, his whole world changed. The militarization of Starfleet, the progressively more aggressive polices and technologies that had come out of administration and research respectively? The Dominion war had been won, and the Borg had been beaten back, so who was Starfleet going to fight? And then came the message that chilled him to the core, they'd been labelled as 'defectors' to the Romulan Star Empire? On what grounds was that well, logical? Making his peace that his Captain knew what they were doing, Victor sent off a message to his family and friends on the Winter, letting them know that he'd be away for some time on a mission. Not that he could have told them the truth regardless. A brief and vague goodbye was all that Victor was able to manage before he had to turn to his duties.

In November of 2080, they had barely broken Earth orbit, and made it to the Jupiter defense perimeter, when the unthinkable happened. The perimeter defense grid, designed to deal with threats coming into the solar system, not out of it, had been altered in secret. By the time the Theurgy blew past Jupiter Station, the automated turret deployments had already acquired the ship's profile. Victor was ensconced within the deck of Fighter Bay operations at the time doing everything he could to prepare the squadron for whatever they may face in the future, when the Red Alert sounded.

With the Theurgy under fire from the defensive perimeter, Victor was neck deep into the guts of one of the Valkyries making sure the RCS systems of the craft were operational. Doing what he could even while under fire, to make sure as much of the fleet was mission capable as possible. He was just about to close up the ship having been able to finish the last minute repairs on it when FBO took a hit. Or rather, the power conduits on the deck overloaded and ignited several flammable containers. Grabbing an extinguisher, Victor leapt towards the blaze with every intent of putting it out. Making progress against the blaze that threatened to spread to the nearest Valkyrie, braving the intense heat and choking fumes in nothing more than his Coveralls, Victor was prepared to do his duty to the last. Making progress against the blaze with several other members of the FBO crew, a smile slowly came to his face. Until the power on the deck failed briefly.

The rushing of air and the sounds of screaming became his world for the next few seconds as he was sucked out into space. The burning chemicals following closely behind victor caught up to him burning away the flesh of his left arm, and beginning to melt the bones when the cold vacuum of space took Victor, several other crewpersons, and the burning chemicals in its grasp. A profound silence of death followed Victor then. Feeling his life leaving him, his last action was to press down and hold his combadge to act as a beacon as his body began to fail him. While he wasn't aware of it, nearly a minute Later Victor was transported back inside. His body was barely clinging to life from having been exposed to the long term exposure to hard vacuum, and the intense radiation of Jupiter wound up necessitating the placing of CPO vanVinter into medical stasis until his eventual revival on the Theurgy in 2381.

Personality Profile

Victor was a gregarious and affable person whenever he was not on duty. When off duty Victor sought out social and recreational experiences with an almost gleeful gusto. His favorite activity happened to be cooking for his friends, or anyone around them, he felt that the best ways to get to know someone are to feed them, and then to work with them. His Asexual nature and Panromantic inclinations however often put the man at odds with his dating life. While still an affable and even charming individual, the lack of desire for sexual intimacy was seen as unusual to previous partners of both genders.

On duty Victor was a a non nonsense member of the Operations crew. Whether he was handling the drudgery of paperwork, or checking over the engines of a shuttle craft Victor was man that demanded and expected progress. His temper on duty could easily be described as brusque, rude, and even insulting, to the point that it contributed greatly to his dismissal from the Academy. It was always true however, that Victor did get results, often the best ones possible.

Physical Profile

Victor was a Tall lanky Human/Bajoran male with a slim build that accentuated his height of just over 2m. Not a man that could be described as athletic in appearance, he was nevertheless quite fit. His left eye, and left arm from the elbow down were cybernetic The eye gained in 2373, and the arm in 2381. The cybernetics are paired with scarring on the left side of his face, and left arm, of a nature relating to decompression and plasma burns (his arm) and plasma burns (his face).

Notably, he was possessed of a rich and booming voice that needed no amplification to carry the length of the Fighter bay. Generally soft spoken and polite, his voice would naturally carry with minimal increase in tone or volume.

Special Notes

Notably, for a fighter Mechanic, Victor was not a man that partook in alcohol or synthahol consumption, due to having a hypersensitivity to the substance.

Victor received a cybernetic left eye in 2373 following the actions in Earth orbit against the Borg while on the USS Thunderchild.

In 2381 Victor received a cybernetic replacement for the missing part of his left arm prior to his revival from stasis.

Image: Victor working on the USS Theurgy after being thawed from stasis.

His quarters were located on deck 16 near the Fighter bay as Enlisted and as an Officer


'Interregnum 01-02 S2'

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Sabine Crash Site: Wherin a Hazard team is assembled and Victor is a part, acting as driver, and mechanic. A harrowing and thrilling adventure. [[5]]

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Epilogue: The point of the conversation, and thrust of a relationship: Victor reconnects with Lieutenant Madsen, shenanigans ensue. [[8]]

Director's Cut

2371- Ongoing: A Most Cordial Correspondence: Wherin Victor corresponds with Enyd Madsen through the majority of their careers [[9]]

2380: ESD: observations and Distractions, Wherin Victor meets up with Petty officer Lillee t'Jellaieu and they catch up discussing the merits and shortcomings of Fighter craft [[10]]

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