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Personnel FileR-o2.png
Rank:Lieutenant Junior Grade
Position:Asst. Chief Diplomatic Officer
Callsign:Diplomatic Officer
Species:Vulcan ex Borg
Orientation:  Bisexual
Height:6ft 2in / 1.88m
Weight:190lbs / 86kg
Eye color:Green
Played by:Chad Michael Murray
History, art, sports
2362-2366 Starfleet Academy 2376-2378 Starfleet Academy special training programme
Service Record
2366-2367: Ensign, Helm Officer, USS Tolstoy

2378-2381: Lieutenant (JG), Diplomatic Corps, Starbase 211

2381-Present: Lieutenant (JG), Asst. Chief Diplomatic Officer, USS Theurgy

Foval was a Vulcan ex Borg member of the Starfleet Diplomatic Corps. He was dispatched to the USS Theurgy in the beginning of April 2381, aiding in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.


Foval was born in the earth year 2344, and was betrothed to the daughter of a neighbouring family in 2350. In 2362 he entered Starfleet academy. He showed tremendous capability, particularly in ship piloting. Socially, he enjoyed an average life as a cadet, typically in his social groups he was the voice of reason when classroom hijinks were about to ensue. He passed his officer’s examination and was promoted to helmsman on the USS Tolstoy. The following year, the ship was one of 39 that were destroyed or assimilated by the Borg at the battle of Wolf 359.

As a modern Vulcan, his high level analytical were much sought after by the collective. However, the repressed emotions of Vulcans, telepathy posed a risk. Therefore his amygdala was replaced with an enhanced interlink node.

As a drone, Third of Three’s main function was to act as an analytical unit, he would quickly analyse data from captured targets during assimilation operations.

In 2376, Third of Three was on a Borg Sphere that was travelling through a transwarp conduit that accidentally intersected with subspace tear, the energy disruption severely damaged the sphere forcing it out of transwarp and causing it to crash on a planet on the edge of the alpha quadrant.

Unable to raise the collective, the survivors of the crash gradually began to regain their individuality. Eventually as the technology started to fail, the personalities of the survivors began to reassert themselves and new agendas presented themselves. The group fell into two camps – drones that wanted to return to the collective, made up of races from the delta and gamma quadrant, tens of thousands of lightyears from home, and those who wanted to return to their homes from the Alpha and Beta quadrants. Third of Three proved to be a unique influence amongst his faction, he was able to bring peace to the previously mutually hostile powers such as Klingons and Romulans, by finding ways to appeal to each side of a conflict and relating to them as much as he could. As such he was someone that the loose affiliations could trust. He helped to establish a leadership council for his group, and thanks to his efforts and reputation for fairness, a few factions, most notably a group of Talaxians, from the other side joined with Foval’s side.

A year later the USS Heracles came to the planet. They evacuated everyone who wanted to leave, including Third of Three, now Foval once again. He entered a special programme for Starfleet Officers that had been isolated from the Federation for extended periods of time. During this time, although he had been irreversibly changed by his ordeal, he demonstrated capability and loyalty to Starfleet. Sadly as a result of the Borg tampering with his brain, while he possessed his memories, he felt no attachment to them. He left his family (his betrothed had married someone else), and pursued his own career. His time as a calming influence as a liberated drone gave him an interest in diplomacy, and he transferred to the diplomatic corps.

After some mistrust due to his time with the Borg, he was able to point to his work as a peacemaker after the crash, while at the same time applying the ability to apply his logic to the point of view of the people he tried to negotiate with. This included a tense situation when Foval applied some Borg pragmatism by showing the warring planets Vanaar and Celorian how their war efforts could be redirected into something far more mutlually profitable

In 2379 an unknown party started targeting Foval’s fellow XBs by finding them and kidnapping them for their parts. Foval was approached by Starfleet Intelligence and allowed himself to be captured by becoming more prominent within the public eye. The group fell for the bait and kidnapped Foval who was able to find his way to the source of the conspiracy. The party responsible was a splinter group from the Cardassian True Way, looking to sell the technology in order to fund weapons. Although equipped with tracking devices disguised as Borg implants, the Vulcan was able to sow mistrust amongst is captors, causing them to argue and miss the arrival of his rescue party and prevent them from deleting their master database. Foval’s efforts particularly impressed Admiral Anderson.

While keeping up his duties in the diplomatic corps, setting up ceasefires between warp capable worlds that were independent, the liberated drone would perform tactical analysis for the Admiral, assessing situations based on assimilated knowledge that Foval had, and his honest assessment of political situations.

Foval was visiting the Briar patch to see if the metaphasic properties of the region could have any healing properties on XBs, however, although some scarring was softened, it was clear that the radiation didn’t have any other notable effects. During this experiment, Foval was contacted by Anderson he was asked to go to help the USS Theurgy in its mission.

Accepting, Akel travelled to Deep Space Station K-7 where he was taken to the Theurgy by the IKS ChunDab.

Personality Profile

Foval was capable of feeling emotions, however as a result his assimilation, they were not as intense as they would be for a Vulcan. His cortical node kept his emotions in check however he was able to shut it down for short periods in order to experience moments of freedom. However it had to be reactivated to prevent his body from rejecting his implants.

Although he didn’t feel a connection to his former family, he did have a yearning for companionship. Nevertheless he was conscious about his Borg appearance. He is struck by memories from those who he has assimilated, and from time to time he likes to research them if he can. He also enjoys wrestling in order to test his combat skills. He also has an eclectic taste in art.

Physical Profile

Foval had Borg implants throughout his body, however most of them were internal, save for an artificial eye, an artificial hand and an ocular implant.

His body was in good condition, from a lifetime of training. As a consequence of his assimilation, the implants in Foval’s brain eliminated his Psionic capabilities.