Sjaandin Fedd

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Personnel FileR-o3.png
Name:Sjaandin Fedd
Position:Chief Tactical Officer
Orientation:  Heterosexual
Birthplace:Rixx, capital of Betazed
Height:193 cm (~6'4")
Weight:76.7 kg
Hair:Light brown
Eye color:Black
Played by:Michael Fassbender
Parisses squares
Three-dimensional chess
Holodeck programs
Starfleet Academy, class of 2366.
Service Record
2366-2367 assigned to the USS Hadfield, but took a medical leave of absence and transferred after only month of duty.
2367: Assigned to the USS Persephone.
2376: Assigned to Cardassia Prime as part of the rebuilding effort.
2377: Assigned to Deep Space 9.
2379: Assigned to the USS Archer.
2380: Assigned to the USS Theurgy.

Sjaandin Fedd was Chief Tactical Officer on the USS Theurgy before he was killed in action. Before his death, Sjaandin Fedd aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.


Born in Rixx, the capital city of Betazed, to a prominent scientist and her musician husband, Sjaandin acquired an infection during preadolescence that caused early blooming of his telepathic and empathic abilities without the learned ability to filter out thoughts and emotion projected by those around him. With therapy and medical care, blocks were installed in his mind that allowed him to function as a regular Betazoid.

He acquired the wanderlust from an early age. While returning with his parents from seeing the beautiful airborne ice floes of Yrnoch II (a newly discovered planet near the border), what was supposed to be an uneventful trip home turned into a harrowing brush with death when their starship was caught in the crossfire between several Klingon battle cruisers and a Romulan attack fleet. Despite the danger, Sjaandin was fascinated. He began taking trips off Betazed as soon as he was old enough. After receiving a trip to Risa from his parents on his 18th birthday, he spent a few more years hopping from planet to planet: visiting Earth, Benzar, Vulcan, Qo'nos and Orion, nearly getting killed in a Talarian attack, and even getting reprimanded by UFP officials for trying to secure passage to Romulus. One of the officers citing him, a Vulcan starship captain, suggested he enroll in Starfleet Academy. Their initial acquaintance became a brief but torrid affair, and while she maintained that their parting for good was the "logical" course of action she was lenient enough to remain his Academy sponsor. Even years later he still considered her his Imzadi.

Sjaandin graduated near the top of his class, and was assigned to the Miranda-class USS Hadfield as an ensign working in Operations. Only weeks later, the Hadfield was recalled to Earth after the Battle of Wolf 359 in a desperate last-ditch attempt to protect Earth from the Borg that due to the valiant actions of the crew of the USS Enterprise-D was fortunately not needed. However, in the aftermath Sjaandin learned his Imzadi had perished, and his emotional distress caused his telepathic barriers to break down. He became bombarded with the emotions and grief- and rage-filled thoughts of those around him, and had to be relieved of duty for six months in order to receive therapy from a specially-trained Betazoid counselor who helped him restore his boundaries. The counselor's recommendation attached to Sjaandin's file suggested he be honorably discharged or reassigned to Starbase 001 or Earth Spacedock, but the void created by the Borg attack needed filling and Starfleet was short-handed, so that addendum was ignored and quietly deleted by Command. Sjaandin transferred to Tactical and joined the crew of the Steamrunner-class starship USS Persephone, where he eventually earned a promotion to lieutenant (j.g.).

Everything changed for Sjaandin in 2374 when the Dominion occupied his homeworld; his mother, father, uncle, and older sister all perished in the hostilities. Remarkably, he was able to avoid another collapse of his thought filters by channeling his bereavement into winning the war. He refused promotion twice, and turned down the Starfleet Medal of Commendation when it was offered to him. After the Dominion War ended, he was assigned to relief efforts for Cardassia Prime. While there he became involved with a female Cardassian medic named Simoora Lond, but it was short-lived as Fedd was soon reassigned to Deep Space 9. DS9's station commander promoted him to full lieutenant, but subsequently had to bust Fedd back to junior for his involvement in a violent altercation with a Jem'Hadar soldier a year later. Fedd transferred to the USS Archer and served without distinction for a year and a half before his assignment to the Theurgy.

Since Sjaandin had always been loyal to his superiors, the betrayal of Starfleet Command hit him hard. The Niga Incident was another body blow, as the process of being raped and infected shattered his mental blocks, leaving him raw and exposed to the projected lust, fear, and madness of everyone around him. Even with most of his memories erased, he still has night terrors. Since then he has been unable to restore said barriers, especially when the Ishtar being's meddling tested him again so soon. He was paired with a female, noncommissioned crew member, fifteen years his junior and less physically formidable than him by a wide margin. Due to stress from the Niga debacle, he reacted with wounded rage and sexual violence; all the while being subjected to a telepathic feedback loop of her fright, despair, and confused enjoyment at what he was inflicting on her. Fedd still torments himself for what occurred, although she was not severely injured beyond what a submissive might incur during a typical, intense BDSM session. She avoided him for awhile but then began seeking him out for encores, having been sexually awakened by what happened (or perhaps repeating a pattern as a coping mechanism).

When Lt. T'Less ended up in stasis he broke down in tears. While not especially close to the Vulcan, she reminded him of his Imzadi, and he blamed himself for not being present at the time of both their deaths. When Rennan Cooper was given the position he expected to inherit, he turned resentful; but the entire experience taught him that he should form more connections and become involved with his fellow crew before it is too late.

When Rennan Cooper was killed during the Theurgy’s first encounter with the USS Calamity, Captain Jien Ives appointed Sjaandin Fedd the position of Chief Tactical Officer and ordered him to work with his old friend Lieutenant Commander Carrigan Trent on a defense against the future starship. His tenure as Chief Tactical Officer was cut short when Commander T'Rena first officer of the USS Harbinger used her telepathic abilities to brainwash Fedd into betraying his shipmates and helping the Harbinger’s captain take over the Theurgy. With all over his psyche's negative impulses freed, Sjaandin Fedd quickly went mad, displaying a sadism completely out of character for him. His old friend Carrigan Trent was forced to kill him in self defense, an ignoble end for a noble warrior.

Personality Profile

Gone, it seems, is the wide-eyed boy who loved starship battles and space travel; or at the very least, submerged. In his travelling and Academy days, Sjaandin was the eager globehopper, recruit and lover. He saw the stars as a library to be perused, and their denizens as a buffet of fascinating new subjects to study (or sometimes bed). When his Imzadi died, Fedd did not become jaded; but his perspective became more realistic, in his words, and he recognized unknown space for the danger it was. Not since the Federation's inception, it seemed, had they encountered such a grave threat.

Any remaining shreds of optimism still clinging to his soul were swept away with the onrushing tide of the Dominion War. In the final year of the war, he seemed more android than man; his sole motivations were killing Jem'Hadar and destroying their ships. He was not entirely bereft of family; his younger sister survived, and he has an older brother in Starfleet Intelligence (with whom he communicates very little, for obvious reasons related to the nature of the latter's work). At the war's conclusion, he bitterly bemoaned the peace treaty, feeling the Alliance ought to have pressed on into the Gamma Quadrant and wholly subdued the Dominion, wiping out the Founders and their clone soldiers. A wise commanding officer sent him to Cardassia on relief efforts to show him what a pyrrhic victory that would have been, and through his time with Simoora he came to see her race as victims of the Dominion just like his own people. Now he still hates oppression in all its forms, but has a compassion for those under its boot heels.

Nevertheless, Sjaandin became withdrawn and distant after the War, reluctant to engage with any of his compatriots except on the barest levels required by professionalism. That was amplified by the Niga aftermath, but since T'Less ended up in stasis and then Cooper died, he has decided to be more open and form more personal connections. This is hampered by his collapsed mental levees, which sometimes cause him to "hear" and sense the surface thoughts and strong emotions, respectively, of those in his vicinity.

He has a keen mind with a ken for tactics (of course), but possessed of an undercurrent of brutality, a need for physical exertion that asserts itself over every aspect of his professional and personal lives. While certainly no psychic gladiator, his Imzadi taught him a few tricks about mind-to-mind combat in their time together. These skills come at a terrible cost: due to their inextricable link to her, she appears in his mind as an avatar of her consciousness, an echo imprinted upon his psyche. It is an excruciatingly painful experience for him, emotionally and psychologically speaking, so he prays he shall never need to call on them.

Physical Profile

A bit on the lean side, tries to keep his body trained but perhaps excessively so, to keep his mind off of things. Placed perhaps too much emphasis on hand-to-hand combat and marksmanship (he is no prodigy at the former, but he can easily keep up with the standard holodeck phaser range at level 14). Has a small curved scar under his right pectoral, from a kar'takin wound that was healed improperly by battlefield medicine with a malfunctioning dermal regenerator. Tends to carry himself with his head tilted back slightly, so can seem aloof or disengaged to those unfamiliar with him.