Nysarisiza zh’Eziarath

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Name:Nysarisiza “Nysari” zh’Eziarath
Rank:Lieutenant Junior Grade
Position:Asst. Chief Diplomatic Officer (V2)
Orientation:  Bisexual
Birthplace:Laikan, Andoria
Height:5ft 8in / 1.73m
Weight:140lbs / 64kg
Eye color:Blue
Played by:India Alexandria




2353-2364: Public School #42, Laikan Education System

2364-2366: Thalisar Academy, Laikan, Andoria

2366-2370: Starfleet Academy
Service Record
2370-2371: Ensign, Diplomatic Aide, USS Hravishran

2371-2373: Ensign, Starfleet Attaché, UFP Embassy Ki Baratan, Romulan Empire

2373-2375: Ensign, Diplomatic Attaché, Deep Space 9

2375: Lt. JG, Diplomatic Attaché, Deep Space 9

2375-2376: Lt. JG, Starfleet Transition Advisor, UFP Embassy to Bajor

2376-2379: Foreign Affairs Officer, First Contact, Palais de la Concorde

2379-3281: Foreign Affairs Officer, Romulan Desk, Palais de la Concorde

2381: Negotiator, Special Commission on the Mak’hara System, UFP Embassy Qo’nos, Klingon Empire

2381-2381: Lt. JG, Diplomatic Attaché, USS Theurgy

2381-Present: Lt. JG, Asst. Chief Diplomatic Officer, USS Theurgy

Lieutenant JG Nysarisiza “Nysari” zh’Eziarath was an ex-Starfleet officer working for the Federation government at the UFP Embassy on Qo’nos. After the Thalaron bomb destroyed Paris, she reactivated her commission and defected to the USS Theurgy. There Nysari aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.




Nysari was born in Laikan on one of the rare warm days in the middle of summer when the temperature peaked above freezing. The young zhen was their only child after a series of miscarriages, and often doted on and cherished by all four of her parents as a result.

Her parents often joked that she was a true summer child, quiet, thoughtful, and lacking the fiery rage that kept Andorians warm in the most frigid of temperatures. She was often overlooked as a result, school teachers often forgetting her in favor of her louder classmates. Things might have stayed that way forever had her history teacher not noticed her one day arbitrating an argument between two other students, helping them talk it out until they shook hands and walked away content. Once that teacher made a point to start calling on her and encouraging the girl to talk, Nysari proved to be quite intelligent. After that, her parents and teachers worked to get her out of her shell, convincing her to join the drama department and debate teams. Once she overcame that initial shyness, Nysari flourished.

In adolescence, she was assigned her future bondmates, chosen by genetic compatibility to combat the reproduction crisis that was wiping out the Andorian population. Unluckily, the four of them were spread out across Andoria, and in normal circumstances never would have met until it was time to conceive a child. This wasn’t good enough for Nysari, who had always been enamored by the old romantic plays where a shelthreth quad came together through love, not genetics. She actively planned events for them all, meals, games, excursions, and the like, making sure that they all grew to be friends before they were required to be something more. They were quite the diverse group, personalities who never would have gotten along at all were it not for Nysari’s influence. Khov, all wild hair and even wilder ideas. Rysha, whose fiery temperament more than made up for Nysari’s calm deposition. And Vyta, a stern boy who dreamed of joining Starfleet.

Vyta was the one who Nysari got along with the best. They both had a stillness about them, contemplative aspects to their natures that the other two could never emulate. Often they would meet up without Khov and Rysha, curled up in heated blankets on desolate ice fields with the best view of the stars. Some nights they’d lay in silence. Others they would talk the night away, discussing the small pinpricks of light that held countless civilizations beyond their own.

After winning the regional debate team competition at 16, Nysari was invited to finish her secondary education at the Thalisar Academy, a prestigious school that tended to produce the best politicians, diplomats, orators, and lawyers Andoria had to offer. She accepted, and quickly found herself overwhelmed, working non-stop to keep up. Most of her efforts went towards the debate team, since it had gotten her into the school, but she continued to be active in the drama department as well, her time on stage becoming a fun diversion when life was difficult. She never had problems making friends among her peers, though she was always the calmest member of any group. When she didn’t have time to plan events for her bondgroup, she was pleasantly surprised when Khov picked up the slack, though their outings got a bit more adventurous with him in charge.

She was 17 the first time she left Andoria, on the way to the Federation Junior Debate Championships on Earth. While her peers played or studied, Nysari spent the entire trip glued to the transport’s window, only looking away to reference star maps to see what she was looking at. The stars looked so much different from up there, undistorted by an atmosphere. In hindsight, she probably would have been better off studying, only surviving a few rounds of the competition. After the initial disappointment, she decided she was better off losing. Getting to the championships was an achievement in itself - and Nysari had the rest of the competition to explore Paris. With that out of her system, she went back the next year, finishing in the top four.

Starfleet Academy

After graduating, Nysari applied to Starfleet Academy instead of following her peers to Laikan’s universities, inspired by those long conversations with Vyta about the wonders of space exploration. Once she arrived, choosing the diplomatic track was an easy choice. She was decent enough at science, though she’d never enjoyed it, and entirely disapproving of anything combat oriented. Nysari was far more interested in first contact missions and negotiations with species different than her own. It was an adventure, and a far greater challenge than she would have found in the halls of politics on Andoria.

Though she’d never lacked for friends on Andoria, Starfleet Academy felt like a breath of fresh air. Here she was surrounded by so many varying personalities and cultures. The first time a vulcan classmate called her emotional, Nysari had laughed with delight. Back home she’d always been considered the opposite. She wasn’t a big partier, preferring to spend her free time exploring the cities of Earth.

First contact and negotiation courses were where Nysari excelled, comfortable in a setting that seemed to combine her pastimes of debate and theater. Setting up rooms for meetings, taking part in ancient alien costumes, learning specific greetings in alien tongues - it was all the same tools she used in plays. Then the real work would begin, sitting down across a table and compromising. Research and persuasion. The examinations were done in the holodeck, recreating first contact scenarios with species recently encountered by Starfleet ships or species randomly generated by the computer. Oddly enough, the real world scenarios were the hardest. Alien cultures created by computer were never able to predict how diverse the universe could be.

Linguistics courses were a challenge. Thanks to the widespread availability and accuracy of universal translators - Nysari, like most civilians, had one implanted in her ear as an infant - she’d never learned any languages besides Andorian and Federation Standard. Starfleet diplomats were expected to be conversational in the languages of neighboring powers (it was polite to greet dignitaries in their native tongues) as well as understand how the Universal Translator worked (to reprogram it for difficult new languages). She started out with Klingon, finding the harsh language pained her throat when compared with the musical nature of Andorian. She withdrew from the course before failing it, switching to Romulan instead. The diction was gentler, and her accent less abhorrent. Eventually she added Cardassian as well. She had good accents, though Nysari never considered herself fluent in either language. She preferred Andorian or Federation Standard. With a lifetime of vocabulary to pull from, she could always find the perfect word.

In her fourth year, the diplomatic cadets were sent on a few month training cruise. The USS Leondegrance was an ancient ship. The cadets often made bets on whether it would be able to achieve warp speed at all. But while the others gathered at the windows to bid Earth farewell, Nysari was in her bunk, studying. Six years gone from her first space journey, this time she was fully committed to ending this mission with glowing reviews. The Leondegrance was touring the main Federation worlds. While cadets from other disciplines would spend their time running and flying the ship, the diplomats were focused on each of their destinations. At each world, the cadets participated in a diplomatic negotiation with the planetary government. Though the scenarios were fake, their counterparts were government dignitaries - mainly lower level civil servants or diplomats who had agreed to help train the cadets.

While they took part in every event, each cadet had a single scenario where they were the lead negotiator. Unfortunately for Nysari, she’d gotten the Tellarites. Her professors had certainly meant the assignment to be a challenge, as the levelheaded andorian had always struggled to make headway with more expressive species. And no one was as expressive as a Tellarite, a species who considered arguments and insults polite. Andorians were considered aggressive as well, but when they were being rude, they meant to be rude. Leading up to the test, Nysari studied Tellarite culture for weeks. She found Tellarite cadets and asked endless questions. She wanted - she needed - to understand them. Then she could emulate their mannerisms to aid in her negotiations. Eventually, a Tellarite counselor explained to her that tellarites weren’t argumentative purely to be rude. Rigorous questioning was a way to keep everyone honest. No idea was above debate. It wasn’t about yelling. So when the day came, Nysari treated it like a debate competition, quickly counter questioning everything. She was even raising her voice by the end, matching the Tellarite diplomat. She passed with flying colors, even though she never really caught onto the real lesson. Nysari was learning how to adapt.

USS Hravishran


When she graduated, Nysari dreamed of getting an assignment on a deep space explorer. Meeting new species, introducing them to the Federation while immersing herself in their culture. Unfortunately, galactic politics never let her achieve that dream. Nysari only spent a year on the USS Hravishran, a ship that never got to explore anything. They patrolled the edge of the demilitarized zone between the Federation and the Cardassian Union. It was a busy time for the diplomats, who were tasked with talking down the Maquis in the region. Though as an aide, Nysari mainly assisted in the real work. No one felt very good about it. She suspected that most everyone agreed with the Maquis in theory, though they strongly disagreed with the group’s methods. When she was allowed to speak, normally to the younger members of the group while her superiors talked to the leaders, Nysari was impassioned in her arguments that they needed to deal with their problems diplomatically, not with bombs. Nothing ever came of it. Even when she thought she’d convinced them, life under Cardassian rule always brought them back to violence. Her CO told her to empathize with the Maquis’ plight and not blame them, but Nysari couldn’t help it.


She was then reposted to Romulus, a thankless, exhausting assignment due to the Romulan penchant of spying, backstabbing, and deceiving as much as possible. Most of the time, the Embassy was fighting not to be kicked off world. As a lower level Starfleet attaché, Nysari spent most of her time liaising with the Romulan military to keep them informed of Starfleet missions around Romulan space. Not that they were forthcoming about their own ship movements in return. Even when walking around the capital city of Ki Baratan, Nysari always felt like someone was following her. She would have waved it off as Romulan induced paranoia, until an Intelligence Officer assured her that embassy staff were followed all the time.

Despite her dislike of the job, her unbreakable poker face made her a valuable asset. Every time she visited a Romulan military complex, it felt like she was having two conversations at once. The boring official notifications about Starfleet operations, and the underlying conversation where she tried to get as much information out of him as possible about Romulan operations. It felt like an intelligence officer’s job, but as a diplomat, she had access that the intelligence officers didn’t. She wrote just as many reports to Starfleet intelligence as she did to the Diplomatic Corps. It wasn’t a fulfilling job. All Nysari ever had to report were impressions or implied hints. If she was very lucky that day, she might overhear something as she was coming to and from the building.

Even her old linguistics courses came in handy. Not because she knew Romulan - everyone was still using their universal translators - but because the Romulans were always trying to slip in computer viruses through comms. The clever little programs would make a home in the translation circuits in their commbadges, copying everything the diplomats said and attempting to send it back to the Tal Shiar.

After a few months, Nysari did well enough that she was assigned the Defiant portfolio, a joint Starfleet and Romulan mission that involved putting a cloaking device on a starship attached to Deep Space Nine. She would provide vague briefings on the Defiant’s missions and assure them that the cloaking device was only being used in the Gamma Quadrant. Things were mainly routine, until Nysari agreed to a request to send two Romulan officers to DS9 for access to the Defiant’s sensor logs - and the Romulans tried to destroy the entire station and the wormhole. They had to renegotiate the entire program after that. Her CO wanted to send her back to the Academy for the disaster. Luckily Nysari was able to convince her otherwise. How could she have predicted that? When her Romulan counterparts blatantly refused to take any responsibility for their actions - or even admit that it had happened, visual evidence of a warbird be damned - Nysari had to force herself from lunging across the table and slapping someone. That moment was when she knew she’d been on Romulus too long, requesting a new assignment the next day.

Dominion War


When war with the Dominion was imminent, she was reassigned to Deep Space Nine, as part of the diplomatic office keeping the peace between the Federation and their allies. In the beginning, they spent a long time trying to plan a diplomatic resolution to the conflict. The Dominion ignored every entreaty the Diplomatic Corps sent, and their atrocities continued.

On one of her first days on the station, she wandered into the tailor’s shop. She liked clothes, so it was only natural for her to visit the local tailor. The Cardassian running the place was a curiosity in himself. She recognized the perfectly calculated smile, sly enough to imply something deeper while giving nothing away. It wasn’t so different from her own demeanor, though Nysari tended to be more professional and less sneaky looking. They had a perfectly nice conversation - about clothes - and set a time for her to come back for a dress fitting. When she left, the other young officers swarmed her, asking what she was doing with the Cardassian spy. Though she served there for nearly three years, Nysari never figured out if Garak liked fashion or not. But visiting his shop was never boring.

By the end of the year, Nysari evacuated the station with the other Starfleet officers in the face of the invasion, leaving a series of self replicating mines behind to blockade the wormhole. Though still officially attached to DS9, she spent those months at Starbase 375, coining herself a ‘diplomat in exile’. Removed from the front lines, her duties here were of a different nature. One of two diplomats were often sent out on a runabout, visiting small non-aligned worlds in the sector and assuring them of Federation protection as long as they didn’t join the Dominion.

When the station was retaken, Nysari returned with the rest of DS9’s officers. By this time, everyone stopped working on a diplomatic solution except Nysari. She brainstormed whenever she had a free moment. Nysari had never considered herself a pacifist before. She thought fighting was pointless when every issue could be solved by sitting down and talking it out - but that wasn’t the same thing. But that nightmare of a war quickly turned her into one. She spent a lot of time in a counselor’s office, trying to make sense of how anyone could be so violent.

After Captain Sisko convinced the Romulans to join the alliance, Nysari was one of the diplomats tasked with keeping them there. At first, it felt like going back in time to Romulus, but the experience was wholly different when the Romulans actually wanted to help. Begrudgingly, but still. As her human colleagues said, ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend.’ Being able to convince them to tell her where their cloaked ships were felt like nothing short of a miracle. The rest of the time she spent talking down her Klingon counterparts, who were never happy to work with Romulans. In the beginning of 2375, Nysari was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade, though the only thing that changed was the extra pip on her collar. She was doing a good job of appeasing the Romulans while keeping them in line, so Starfleet wanted her to stay.


After the war, she was sent to the UFP Embassy on Bajor. She worked as a Transition Advisor with the Bajoran militia, preparing the integration into Starfleet once Bajor formally joined the Federation. They negotiated what jobs in Bajoran space would fall to Starfleet and what stayed under militia control. A grueling few weeks were spent arguing over the First Officer post on DS9. Starfleet wanted full control over the station like they had on other starbases, while the militia wanted to maintain their presence there. Eventually, Nysari counseled Starfleet to concede that fight, reminding them that DS9 was more than just a starbase to the Bajoran people. It was the gateway to their gods, and they wanted to protect it.

Once the major issues were solved, Nysari got down to the little things. She mainly worked to set up paths for militia officers who wanted to transfer into Starfleet. Most of the applicants needed new training in Starfleet systems and protocols, with exemptions for those who had served on DS9. Some of them even needed pardons. Nysari spent a lot of time working with one Lieutenant Ro Laren, who was wanted by Starfleet for defecting to the Maquis, only to be forgiven and commissioned by the Bajorans later. By the end of her assignment, it had become less diplomacy and more paperwork. As she stood in a square in Ashalla watching a broadcast of the Bajoran Prime Minister welcomed in Paris as the Federation’s newest member, it all felt worth it.

Civilian Life


When her work with the Embassy was finished, Nysari finally got the posting she’d always wanted, a deep space exploration mission. But that wasn’t meant to be, because she instead received a communication from the Andorian reproductive commission, notifying her that it was the optimal time for their bondgroup to conceive a child.

This meant Nysari and Vyta, now a Starfleet Intelligence officer, had to scramble for new postings on or near Andoria, where the other two still lived. Vyta found a new posting under Admiral Anderson at Starfleet headquarters relatively quickly. Nysari had more trouble, disenchanted by the work offered on Starbases in the middle of Federation space. Instead, she left Starfleet entirely, resigning her commission and taking a job in Paris. She spent the next few years working as a program officer under the Deputy Presidential Chief of Staff for Foreign Affairs, in the Palais de la Concorde.

Though she was in the heart of the Federation, working at the Palais put Nysari in contact with more foreign governments than she’d even come close to experiencing in Starfleet. Thanks to her little used Starfleet first contact training, she did the same job on the civilian side. Though all these planets were far from first Starfleet contact by then, Nysari worked on coordinating their first official visits to Earth and the Federation civilian government. Official meetings between heads of state, chances for the visiting dignitaries to speak before the Federation Council, state dinners, negotiations, treaties, and the like. Months of preparations leading up to a week or two of events. Nysari became an expert on the planets and their cultures, so she could then advise President Bacco, her chief of staff, and various deputies on how to make a good impression.

Nysari found that she enjoyed living in Paris. It wasn’t the adventurous life on a starship that she’d dreamed about as a teenager, but she was never lacking for something to do. The Federation capital was home to species from nearly every Federation planet, a cultural hub full of Earth history and constantly rotating exhibitions from other member worlds. Every night there was another show, a new restaurant to try, or relaxing in a cafe with her universal translator off to listen to dozens of foreign languages around her. For someone as fashion conscious as Nysari, even sitting in a park and people watching was a worthwhile use of her day.

Every once and a while, she would be pulled from her official duties to help the Cardassian desk officers with something. Nysari had never done any official work with the Cardassian government, so no one had thought to put her there at first. That was until Ambassador Garak passed her in a hallway and greeted her by name. Technically she wasn’t important enough to work directly with the Ambassador, but he’d also made a lot of her clothes. So they bent the rules a little.

After the Battle of the Bassen Rift, Nysari was officially moved to the Romulan Desk, advising on Federation Policy in regards to the Romulan Star Empire - along with Donatra’s splinter government, Imperial Romulan State, and a few Reman offshoots. Affairs with the Romulans had never been cordial, but now they had reached a new low. Nysari found it to be a delicate balancing act to ensure that the Federation didn’t favor any of the factions. Most of her recommendations were to offer humanitarian aid, no strings attached. The only small victory they managed was when a team of civilian and Starfleet diplomats convinced them to allow two starships - the USS Titan and the USS Theurgy - back into Romulan space for diplomatic meetings. They were ultimately unsuccessful.

With half the bondgroup on Earth and the other half on Andoria, it was easy enough to plan meetups, though no children ever came out of it. They all had frequent medical consultations, made sure to meet at the optimal time in their fertility cycles. As a zhen, Nysari didn’t contribute to a child’s conception. They never even made it to her part in the process. It was rough on all of them and they started distancing themselves. Nysari stayed in Paris, Vyta in San Francisco, while Rysha and Khov found their own corners of Andoria. After every failure, she thought longingly of the deep space mission she’d given up, but she made sure that the others never knew. She knew it wasn’t about the mission, merely a desire to escape.

Return to Starfleet


After nearly five years on Earth and tensions with her bondmates as an all time high, Nysari found herself longing for a change of scenery. When the offer for a temporary duty assignment on Qo’nos popped up, she jumped on it. The Federation and the Klingon Empire were discussing the Mak’hara System, a completely unappealing set of uninhabitable rocks right on the edge of Federation space. It had been ceded to the Federation nearly a century ago and no one had thought of it since, until an automated probe had finally decided to scan one of the planets and found a massive deposit of dilithium. Suddenly, the Klingon House that had given it up decided they wanted Mak'hara back. They had no legal claim to it, but the house in question had a seat on the High Council, so the Federation created a special commission to deal with it. The Palais had sent a diplomat - Nysari - to begin preliminary negotiations. They weren’t giving the planet back, but they needed something to appease the Klingons. She’d been there for a month when she’d finally convinced the thick skulled Klingons that they weren’t getting Mak’hara. It was a victory Nysari never had time to celebrate, since everything else quickly went to shit.

Even she couldn’t maintain her composure as the broadcasts from Paris came in, eyes wide and skin paled to the lightest blue at the sight of the destruction. Nysari knew the dangers of thalaron radiation from the Federation’s last near miss, but seeing it was something else entirely. Everyone was so relieved that President Bacco had survived, and Nysari was as well. But she’d worked in that building, she knew so many people who would have been at work that day. Wiped out in an instant, along with millions of others. If she hadn’t been sent to Qo’nos for a few months, she’d be dead too.

Information trickled in slowly. The seat of government had been wiped out, communications were in shambles. The few things they heard were all pointing to the Romulans. Everyone knew another war was coming. For the first time since she’d left Starfleet, Nysari felt uncomfortable in her civilian clothes. She’d done good work - important work - with the civilian government, but she was a Starfleet trained diplomat who had experience with the Romulans. And she was closer to the border than she was to Earth. Right now, she’d be more useful on a starship. When she was able, Nysari sent a message to Vyta, floating the idea of reactivating her commission with the bondmate who would understand her reasoning. A few hours later, the Embassy went to red alert and she was confined to her quarters with the rest of the non-essential staff. The last she’d heard, the Klingons were shooting at each other. As she sat in her room in silence, Nysari was left to wonder if she’d escaped one bomb only to die in another capital city.

They were released the next day, her door opening to a large angry Klingon who ordered her to a central meeting area in the Embassy. There the Ambassador was waiting along with Captain Ivres of the ''USS Theurgy'', with information that opened her eyes to the truth. Not long after, she received a message from Vyta’s boss, Admiral Anderson, reactivating her commission and assigning her to the Theurgy.

Personality Profile

Nysari was a calm and composed person, traits that set her apart early from the proud and aggressive Andorian norm. Her default expression was the politician’s standard, a polite face that gives nothing away. Even her antennae were carefully controlled. She chose her words carefully, often pausing for a moment before speaking to think through what she wanted to say. Nysari firmly believed that everything could be solved through diplomatic negotiation. If negotiations failed and a fight broke out, she saw it as the diplomats’ failure to prevent it. She would try to keep talks going even when it was obvious that no compromise would come from them. Since she thought everything through first, Nysari could sometimes be quite slow to act, which caused problems in a fast paced environment like Starfleet.

That being said, she wasn’t opposed to some theatrics if it fit her goals. Nysari was a theater kid in school, and would hop ‘into character’ in a second if needed to insult a Tellarite delegation, drink with Klingons, or discuss theology with Bajorans. She kept a set of hair dresser’s tools in her quarters, often debuting a new hairstyle or color - or costume - that she felt fit the current mood of their work.

She prided herself on her ability to talk to anyone. Words were her trade. She could find common ground and keep a conversation going with anyone, make friends with the most stubborn people. However, Nysari’s propensity to reinvent herself to fit a scene meant that people were rarely seeing her authentic self. She showed people what they wanted to see.

Though she hated linguistics while she was in school, Nysari developed an admiration for it later in life, especially when she could choose languages to study. She didn’t learn for fluency. She enjoyed turning the universal translator off and finding rhythms and patterns in foreign words. How speech could flow like a song and the most banal conversations would become music in her ears.

She spent her free time reading or listening to foreign music and compositions. When available where she was posted, she’d take part in plays or drama productions. Otherwise she’d act by herself in the holodeck, taking part in plays from across the alpha and beta quadrants. She was also a fan of the ‘slice of life’ holodeck programs, recreations of major cities or historical towns. It wasn’t as good as actually visiting, but she could learn about different cultures from it.

Joining up with the Theurgy meant separating herself from her bondmates, which left Nysari with a deep sense of guilt for abandoning them. Andorians were going extinct. She needed to be with her mates trying to make a new generation. Whenever the thought crossed her mind, she reminded herself of their many attempts and equal number of failures. Besides, how could they bring children into this world knowing what they now knew? She considered officially dissolving their union. Then they could find a new zhen for the bondgroup. But Nysari couldn’t do it. She still loved them.

Physical Profile


Standing at 5’8”, Nysari was slightly above average height. She had a presence about her, back straight and head held high, that made her appear taller. She was fit, keeping to the standards of a Starfleet officer. Slim and slightly curvy, she would never be described as muscular. Like all Andorians, her skin was blue and her hair white. Her antennae were slightly lopsided, the left curving slightly inward while the right stood more straight.

She always looked clean and put together, uniform neat and immaculate, boots shined, and not a hair out of place. She wore every variation of the uniform, not showing any preference for pants or skirts. When off duty, her outfits varied widely to whatever best fit the mood of what she was doing. Nysari didn’t have a distinct style, always blending into whatever environment she found herself in. She’d had an extensive wardrobe in Paris (destroyed now), but on the Theurgy she was forced to describe her outfits to the replicator in exacting detail.

Nysari changed her hairstyle frequently, sometimes daily. Mainly she only changed the style, but sometimes she would add streaks of color in her normally white hair. Over the years she’d become adept with the hair stylist’s tools, though thankfully modern technology allowed her to fix any mistakes quite easily by stimulating hair follicles into rapid growth. It could be long one day and short the next, depending on how she felt when she woke up in the morning.

Special Notes

When she left for the Theurgy, Nysari’s bondmate Vyta set up an encrypted backchannel for her. It piggybacked on subspace communications channels, sending short bursts of coded messages that would sound like background noise to anyone else. It was only meant for emergencies, in case either of them needed a quick exit.

Her callsign, Duchess, was given as a joke by Talia Al-Ibrahim.

Personal Quarters: Deck 10, Vector 1

Name Nickname Gender Occupation
Th'se Vytaohpathi th’Verohr Vyta Thaan Starfleet Intelligence Officer serving under Admiral Anderson
Sh'za Thrysha sh'Vithan Rysha Shen Anthropologist, studying the remains of the Aenar cities in the North pole of Andoria
Ch'te Etezitokhov ch'Vhynirh Khov Chan Owns a bakery and coffee shop in Lor’Tan


Director's Cut

Season 2

Interregnum 01-02

Episode 2: Cosmic Imperative