ThanIda zh'Wann

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Personnel FileY-o3.png
Name:ThanIda zh'Wann
Position:Deputy Chief Security Officer
Gender:Zhen (female)
Orientation:  Bisexual
Height:168 cm
Weight:61 kg
Eye color:Blue
Played by:Claire Collins
Writer:Available for Inheritance
Formerly: Auctor Lucan
Crew Safety
Martial Arts:
  • Kharakom (Boxing)
  • Hleshvalath (Wrestling)
Small Unit Tactics
Covert Tactics
2361-2367: Imperial Guard Cantonment

2367-2368: Imperial Guard Cadet Program

2369-2372: Starfleet Academy, class of 2372.
Service Record
2373-2376: Ensign, Security Officer, USS Kintaro

2376-2379: Lieutenant JG, Security Officer, USS Nacre
2379-2381: Lieutenant, Deputy Chief of Security, USS Theurgy
2381-2381: Lieutenant JG, Deputy Chief of Security, USS Theurgy

2381-: Lieutenant, Deputy Chief of Security, USS Theurgy
2375: Starfleet Medal of Commendation

Lieutenant ThanIda zh'Wann served as Deputy Chief of Security on the USS Theurgy during the battles against the corrupted Starfleet Command in the late 24th century. She was killed in battle, protecting the Theurgy´s away team at SuD Lang, a Klingon outpost hidden on the Coreless Moon, in March of 2381.

Yet since the Savi needed an Andorian zhen for a study, they pulled her body from a transporter buffer, only to discover that the specimen had deceased just before she went into stasis. Acting fast, they used their advanced medical science to resuscitate her, treated her wound, and made sure they could use Ida for their experiment nonetheless.


ThanIda zh'Wann, a zhen Andorian from the Wann clan - addressed Ida - was not born to be a security officer in the Federation Starfleet.

As female Andorians enjoy an equal position in their society, even as soldiers, Ida was raised towards that profession by her father, who served in the Imperial Guard of the Andorian Empire. Military rank was considered influential, and served her father as the politicking tool with which he earned a name for their Keth, their honored clan. She spent the majority of her young life in the Imperial Guard Cantonment, her training beginning at age eight. Cadet training began at age fourteen.

Her twin siblings had already begun their path to serve the Empire like Ida's father, yet she wished to leave even before she became a Cadet. She wished to travel. That led to her being ridiculed her for her differentiating wishes. Ida was not content with her military schooling and training, to merely serve the Imperial Guard as her brothers did. It was because they were stationed on the very moon where she had been raised, having experienced quite too many brumal seasons in her life. She meant to leave that arctic moon, and explore the infinite space for a path chosen by herself. Yet when she expressed her wishes to expand her horizon, she was denied. The Imperial Guard was her allotted place in life, according to her Keth. She tried to find solace in artistry, to travel in the depiction of distant places, yet it did not suffice. It left all her paintings dark with fury.

Her father was wroth with her, thinking her most inconsiderate and selfish in her view of life and lack of respect towards their Keth. Her time as a Cadet Guardsman wore on while the enmity grew. Not only was she denied in her wishes for a richer life, the last blue drop of blood that sealed Ida's fate was when her father divulged that he'd made contact with three future partners - the beginnings of her own clan. Ida was supposed to be thankful for this honor bestowed upon her by her father, but she was not. If it had not been for the bad blood between her and her father, she may have reacted differently. She might have seen it as a possibility to explore the world with her three partners, yet it was many years too late to see reason.

The quadrigender nature of her people was the reason for Andorian difficulty in maintaining adequate population growth. Still, Ida did not care for her father's wish to serve a greater cause for their species. Offended beyond all manner of peaceful reconciliation, she challenged her clan leader - her father - to the Ushaan, a duel to the death. As a part of their tradition, this code of honor where the combatants were to fight each other with an ice miner's tool would show the clan just how little they had to say in her wishes for a richer life than merely serving the Imperial Guard and her species.

She faced her father - glaring across her ushaan-tor at the onset of the ritualistic feud. Through an enormous body of rules and regulations to the duel, with amendments countless, she meant to finally be heard. Vengeance, for years of suppression, and recognition in the eyes of the elders for her rights and her will. However, there existed a prerogative of substitution, allowing her father to present a champion in his stead. So he stepped away, and Ida instead faced a young Imperial Guard. He was a younger friend of her obstructive father's, a higher ranking Guardsman whom she admired. Admittedly, perhaps a little more than she liked. What was clear was that she was inferior to the champion facing her, but she aspired to disable him in such a way that they would not be able to continue the duel. It was her only hope.

If she had to die for her freedom, she would do it gladly... for the alternative was even worse.

As it were, the Ushaan drew out to a prolonged affair. The lean Guardsman was merciless, and though he wounded her over and over, beat her with his gauntlet and cut her blue skin until it ran thickly with her semitransparent azure fluids - she refused to lie down. Over and over, she got up on her feet again. Determined. Economical with her words, since that might stall her already ragged breathing and make her faint. Despite how much he hurt her body, the hurt was worse because it was he who dealt her all the agony. How could she still be fond of someone who was about to kill her and steal her right to be free?

In the end, it was either him or her.

Feigning her collapse, she lay upon the ice of the chosen dueling ground. The Guardsman came close to her to finish it since the rules demanded the death of either combatant. He was going to give her the mercy stroke. He brushed aside her hair, which would be the only sign of affection she ever got from him, and then he lowered his ushaan-tor against her throat. Yet even though she hated the cost of her freedom, she gained it in the gushing sapphire spray of her dear Guardsman's jugular.

Leaving Lor'Vela

After she recovered from her wounds, and made bitter farewells to clan and family, Ida finally left the moon of Andoria. She had sold her gallery of artwork to buy passage, and worked wherever she could in order to gain more currency. With her training and schooling and despite her young age, she easily got jobs working as a bouncer at different Starbases' more seedy districts. Other times, she earned her money by drawing commissioned artwork for different clients.

She found her way to Starfleet Academy in the Terran city of San Francisco after a few months of exploring space. In the end, her drawings and her training had only provided for her to a certain degree, and the opportunity - the idea - to... embrace the affinities she had for combat had grown. After having seen the nature of Starfleet Security's training regime, the revelation had been plain to her. Not only could she benefit from her extensive military training in the Imperial Guard, but also combine it with free thinking of her own. The difference, Ida thought, was between the Imperial Guard's harsh regime and the Academy's encouragement of own initiatives and to serve in a manner not so... stark and austere. Always bitterly disciplined. Aye, that spoke to Ida. Not to mention the opportunity to travel instead of defending a single moon, even if it had been her home.

Early Career

Years spent in training upon Earth and with a first commissioning, she first served as an Ensign upon the USS Kintaro. She was an ordinary Security Officer, spending her first year learning the ropes. Although, in Starfleet's service and her affinity for her duties it was easy to forget her past reservations. It had taken years to admit her own nature. It was harder for her to forget her home on Andoria, and the people she had left behind. Over time, an inborn sense of duty would overtake adolescent sentimentality. She served through the entire Dominion War, when the fighting was the harshest. Through many acts of heroism aboard - and off - the Kintaro, she earned the Starfleet Medal of Commendation.

Eventually, her progressing career took her to the USS Nacre at the rank of Junior Lieutenant, and after three years of diligent service, she had earned enough recognition and opportunity to become full Lieutenant and the Deputy Chief of Security for the new Theurgy Class Starship, just out of the fleet yards: the USS Theurgy.

Outlaw Deputy

When the nature of Starfleet Command was revealed, Ida suffered a slight mental breakdown, where her passions and convictions were shaken and questioned. This was the result of a conflict between her honor-bound upbringing as a Guardsman and her passionate belief that she was doing the right thing. It made her decide to deny her own emotions and passions altogether. She shut everyone out in order to focus on her duties and to excel in all her endeavors - all through the hunt across the Alpha Quadrant. Yet even if they got away, the months to come were even more unkind to Ida.

She was raped and infected by an alien virus under the most nightmarish circumstances on the planet Niga by the plantlife. While infected, she almost caused the collapse of the entire Galaxy. She saw three superior officers die in action. She was tricked by an alien entity to make love to one of the said superior officers; a Pinkskin by the name David Grayson who was killed in battle against the USS Calamity the day afterwards. On top of this, she lost the good faith of her captain four times over.

The first time was when her first department head died, Lieutenant Commander Wenn Cinn, as she had been paralyzed in shock when her crew needed her aide. The second time, Ida made the crew her priority, and chose to take measures to ensure that a prisoner would not cause any trouble for the mission. Her method was more in line with her time as a Guardsman in the Imperial Guard, since she had done so by death-threat and at phaser-point. This was something she deeply regretted in hindsight. The third, she had acted in haste in the USS Harbinger's Brig when they had landed on Theta Eridani IV, and while she was confident she had made the right choice, her captain had not agreed with her. Still, the enemy in the Brig had been kept from escaping. The fourth, she followed up on discrepancies in Ensign Skye Carver's report when she returned after being MIA, and Ida was just doing her job. Ensign Carver did not react well to the hearing, however, and things got out of hand - ending up with Ida finally demoted to Junior Lieutenant and Carver supposedly cleared from suspicions.

Eventually, the ice inside miight thaw. Though it would require someone returning from the dead to make her lower her guard.

Personality Profile

Raised from early years to be in the Imperial Guard on Andoria, yet somewhat mellowed by spending a decade away from her home and in Starfleet's service, Ida could be thought of as a frosty gauntlet covered in sheer silk. She was extremely steadfast in her ultimate duty as a Security Officer, with a stark sense of responsibility. This even at the expense of her own reputation and being in good graces with her commanding officers. She was uncompromising to the point of poor judgement in safeguarding the crew from harm, regardless if it was internal or external threats.

Behind her fortifications, Ida was seeking security and belonging as much for herself as for her crew. Having been uprooted from her home at a relatively young age, she might have thought it her right and her own choice, believing herself the rebel and the vagabond. She might have been proud to have made something of herself all on her own, but she did't know how much the separation from her Keth scarred her. A glimpse of the emotional wound came when she saw Lieutenant Commander Wenn Cinn die, triggering the acute loss of her closest family in the same moment.

While the majority of her life aboard was spent in dedication towards physical training, marksmanship, and intimidating troublemakers etc., she found an outlet for her dormant passions in her artistry - still painting when able to.

Physical Profile

Being Andorian, Ida's skin was blue whilst her gums and tongue were of a darker cyan shade. Twin antennae sprouted from off her parietal bones - further back on her skull, and she never lost them during the course of her life. She was very fit and took good care of herself through years of discipline and methodical training to become better in different fields of exercise.