Ester Hamburg

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Personnel FileY-c1.png
Name:Ester Hamburg
Position:Asst. Engineering Officer
Orientation:  Heterosexual
Birthplace:Athens, Greece, Earth
Weight:145 lbs
Eye color:Hazel
Played by:Hayden Panettiere
Gymnastics, History, Fencing, Sci-fi movies, fashion
Starfleet Academy, class of 2381.
Service Record
2381: Cadet Cruise aboard the USS Theurgy, KIA

Ester Hamburg was an Engineering Officer Cadet serving aboard the USS Theurgy who was killed in action in 2381. Before her death Ester Hamburg aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.


Ester Hamburg was born in the historical city of Athens Greece, her mother was a literature store owner in the commercial district and her father a local government official. While she was still learning to crawl, talk, and use the potty, she was being read various books. When she started school she had an exceptionally large vocabulary for her age and had to be moved ahead a few years compared to her fellow classmates.

At ten years old she started gymnastics in gym class and found it appealing which lead to her interest in it that has continued until this day. At eleven she began to have interest in military service mainly for the educational opportunities but also for the way in which Federation Officers had helped direct history in the recent century. Her parents initially protested but over the next five years she slowly wore down their distaste for the idea and at sixteen she was allowed to enroll in Starfleet Academy at request of her parents. She took up fencing in her first year of training as a hobby, mainly because she had found the instructor attractive. She knew nothing would come from it but that didn't stop her from wanting to be around her interest.

At eighteen she was qualified to join the crew of the USS Theurgy on her cadet cruise. In her last year and a half she had shown herself to be an exceptional student in the Engineering Department and was being considered for promotion to ensign at the time of her death.

The discovery of the parasites controlling Starfleet Command and the flight of the Theurgy ended her life in Starfleet and ended her life literally. She died during the Calamity’s second attack when the support beam for the crane holding the USS Theurgy on Theta Eridani IV crushed her after tectonic activity caused the crane to collapse. Despite her fatal injury, she was still able to tell Nurse Eve Jenkins how to release the crane's docking clamps so the Theurgy could take off without suffering a hull breach. She died doing her duty as a credit to her ship and to Starfleet.

Personality Profile

Ester was almost cute in her innocence about some things. She was a kind and smart young woman but sometimes more then a little naive about the intentions of others. She had flights of fancy toward people she was close to or found attractive but often would not commit to those interests. Until the Niga outbreak she was a virgin, and she has suffered some emotional wounds from the trauma. She had a shyness about her and a big heart always willing to help those in distress.

Physical Profile

She was a blonde blue eyed beauty who attracted the eye of the common man yet perhaps was not the best choice for an deep and intellectual discussion. She knew her tools and her plasma conduits well enough, yet despite this appeared to have a rather polished appearance.