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Name:Cameron "Cam" Elizabeth Henshaw
Position:Captain's Yeoman
Orientation:  Heterosexual
Birthplace:USS Pembroke
Height:5'5” / 1.62m
Weight:117lbs / 53 kg
Hair:Ginger Brown
Eye color:Brown
Played by:Emma Watson
Music & History
Yoga & Rock Climbing & Boxing (when she gets stressed she runs or swims)
Listening (to people)
* Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, CA, Earth (Graduated undergraduate program with highest distinctions with double majors in Psychology and Engineering )
* Starfleet Medical Academy, San Francisco, CA, Earth, (Graduated with highest Distinctions with dual Doctorates in Organizational Psychology and Counseling Psychology)
* Starfleet 4th year Cadet, Research/Clinical Intern under Dr. Alfred Jun Yang, Chief Psychiatrist, USS Defiance
Service Record
* Ensign, Counseling and Clinician under Dr. Hayden Quinn O'Connor, Chief Psychiatrist USS Harbinger
* Current transfer in place to the USS Theurgy to position of Yeoman.

Ensign Cameron Elisabeth Henshaw was a former counselor aboard the USS Harbinger before transferring to the USS Theurgy to serve as Captain's Yeoman in 2381. Henshaw aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command at the end of the 24th century.


Cameron Elisabeth Henshaw was born to David Henry Henshaw and Claire Milford Henshaw (neé Mountbatten), on board the USS Pembroke, a Federation starship.

Her upbringing was certainly unique in its own way, though she still experienced a semblance of normal childhood and development when she left for academics on Earth. Possessed of a remarkable intelligence, she quickly progressed ahead of most of her peers, and entered college at the very young age of fifteen. Initially, she thought she wanted to join Starfleet to be a security officer, but she quickly realized that she was not built to meet the physical demands. She graduated college at the top of her class, and also, youngest in her class.

Shortly after, she joined Starfleet Academy, joined briefly by her parents, who shortly after returned to their duties aboard the USS Pembroke. Not more than a month later, she was given news of her parents' passing, the both of them perished in an attack by the Maquis aboard the Pembroke. There were no survivors.

Ian Hawthorne - a close friend of her father's - and his family took custody of Cameron and looked after her during this tumultuous time. She remained a top-scoring student but did begin to party, and the symptoms of her Bipolar Disorder did start to show.

The loss struck her and affected her future decisions on a subconscious level. She believed that she took a positive spin of her experience, where upon graduation, she had foregone attending the ceremonies for her academic accomplishments and left as soon as possible for the USS Defiance, taking on the role as a research/clinical intern. She knew that she wanted to start her career in Starfleet in Science, but eventually, she wanted to make her way to command. She was determined, and she wanted to make her parents proud.

She eventually reached the rank of ensign, when she was transferred to the USS Harbinger, where she served as a counselor and clinician. She used her personal losses and her own experiences with mental illness as motivation to give comfort to others where she believed, needed it most, on the front lines. To let them have something she believed she needed most when she grieved: a listener.

During her time aboard the Harbinger, she grew close with the Chief Counselor, who suffered a trauma that cost him his life, and once more she experienced pain and loss that she thought she had long since overcome. That loss brought he back down to reality. Her resolve hardened and her behaviors began to change. Her moods began to shift more rapidly and with more ease than before, even.

And then there was the outlawing of the Harbinger’s crew. Sonya Acreth had exposed her duplicity and was captured by the loyal crew under Declan Vasser. Cameron was then witness to the first encounter between the Harbinger and the Theurgy.

By the time the two ships met up, Cameron was beginning to sense the undertones of something unpleasant within the Harbinger and its crew. She no longer felt nearly as welcome as she once did on board the ship that she had served on for some time now. And there was something else, something she could not quite put her finger on, but it felt like there was an air of dislike and malice growing, and this unnerved her.

To her fortune, her adoptive sister was on board the Theurgy, and she spoke to her about transfering over to the other vessel. Once her sister understood where Cameron was coming from, the role of a Captain's Yeoman opened up, a role that suited Cameron perfectly, and she readily jumped at the chance. Plus, she would get to spend time with some of the only family she had left.

Working as Captain Jien Ives' yeoman was a wholly more appreciative position and role that she had ever played for Starfleet, such as it was, in all her years. Cameron took great interest in the captain, not only on a physical, but emotional and even spiritual level, and took it upon herself to do everything for the captain to keep him from succumbing to the pressure of leading a band of desperate survivors, be it listening to his/her woes, or being a warm and comforting body to hold. Cameron came to the Captain herself already looking for someone to fill a void left by loss, and she found interest in Captain Jien Ives.

Tragedy struck once more, however, when the Calamity attacked, and in the process, Cameron lost another family member. Her sister was lost. Nearing an utter personal breakdown, Cameron attempted to escape her pain by giving herself to Captain Ives and the Betazoid, Sjaandin Fedd. Instead of telling the Captain about her sister, she simply seeks further distraction from the pain. She finds another willing distraction in the Betazoid. It was all simply pain relief, something to feel instead of the hurt.

The ensuing betrayal of Captain Vasser all but shattered Cameron's already shaky faith in everything, and Fedd's verbal manipulations had left her completely without allies from any side. Captain Ives thought she had betrayed hir, whilst Captain Vasser and Commander T'Rena knew that Cameron was in fact not loyal to the leaders of the Harbinger. She hid in a jeffries tube to avoid being mind-melded with the rest of the crew, until she was able to find allies in a crew lounge.

She escaped capture, and proceeded to join forces with the recently revived Wenn Cinn and other free crew members of the Theurgy to launch a counterstrike and rescue of the captain, the strange Edena Rez, and other officers. Upon freeing the Captain, Jien pulls a phaser on Cam. She convinced Jien Ives of her loyalty and sincerity by offering to let him shoot her right through the heart, if any of their time spent together showed her to hold no love or loyalty for the Chameloid. Eventually the ship was reclaimed, and the Harbinger was lost when it was crashed into the Calamity, which had reappeared to engage the two ships.

Once the chaos settled, Cameron took some time to reflect and participated in a memorial service for all the fallen. It was there that the young woman found it within her to forgive Sjandin Fedd despite what he'd done to her. She was promoted by the Captain to Flight Operations, when she demonstrated the capacity and capability to manage such operations during missions.

She was present when the plans were made to capture Starbase 84, to send a broadcast with the truth pertaining to the infiltration of the parasites in Starfleet's upper command staff. Eager to see her adoptive father again, she contributed whatever information she could to assist, when a battle broke out between the USS Resolve with the Starbase. Amidst the chaos, Cameron beamed over to the Starbase to attempt reasoning with Ian Hawthorne, only to be almost killed, as he revealed that he himself was infested. Cameron would never forgive the Captain for putting her through what she'd suffered on Starbase 84, starting her down the path to what would eventually end the intimacy between the pair.

Cameron began to slip into depression and took to drinking to try and drown her sorrows, though that backfired quickly, and she promptly kicked the habit. However, she still drank from time to time after that.

Struggling with the voluminous losses of her most loved ones, she began to throw herself into her work, when she encountered the Savi. The crew was forced to flee, but not before they beamed away most of the hybrid members of the crew. Assigned to Vector 02, called The Sword, Cameron continued to perform her duties as Flight Operations, when they came into contact with Martok, on board the Rotarran, seeking vengeance for the death of his son, which he blamed on the crew of the Theurgy. During this time her depression falls to its worst yet, leading her into an almost dissociative state. She takes to heavily drinking whenever not on duty, and being more promiscuous then ever, sleeping with a few that she'd never have before. She hardly sleeps, hardly eats, and her duties are the only thing that keeps her going during this time.

With much to think about, upon arrival at Aldea, Cam brought the Captain to the surface where finally she is able to bare the truth of her pain. She had sought love to fill the void that grief left. Their relationship was to end there, intimately. She had decided however, to remain as Yeoman, and in hopes to remain a friend. She had finally broken through the grief, and felt she could finally have a new start.

Personality Profile

Cameron Henshaw was quite a cheery person with a fairly positive and sunny disposition, evidenced most during her early years in Starfleet, and something of a social butterfly, easily making friends and connections. She had suffered many losses in her past however, and was not beyond feeling the pain from that. She was quite promiscuous, and wasn't above flirting with almost anything that's male and breathing.

She suffered from Bipolar Disorder, which explained a great deal of her behaviors. She, however, lived in denial of the disorder as many do. Ironic, given her training and time spent as a counselor.

Cameron was a notoriously bad cook, and it was highly inadvisable that she ever be allowed to make food for anyone save for the intent of indigestion or food poisoning.

Physical Profile

She had a pale complexion, with an oval face, large, almond-shaped eyes, a small, slightly upturned nose, and thin lips naturally shaped into a smile.

Cameron differed very little from other humans in physiological terms. She was slender and small built, with little muscle, though she maintained rudimentary capacity in unarmed combat and standard exercise to maintain form, a fact that was visible to any who looked at her. Still, she possessed a natural appeal and physical attractiveness. It helped that she stayed in good form, had full hips even if on the slender side, and had a sense of confidence in herself that was reflected in her posture and natural stance.


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