Nameless Ice Planetoid

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In the glow of an orange Class-9 nebula, a nameless ice planetoid served as the rendezvous-point for the Lone-Wolves that managed to escape the mutiny on the Theurgy. They were Isley, Ravon, and Rawley, along with two other unnamed Tactical CONN officers.

Story Excerpt: Episode 03: Unconquerable Soul - Part III

[ Uncharted Planetoid | Surface Temperature: - 30 ⁰ Celsius | Surface Gravity 0.81 g | 1300 hrs. ]

Overhead, the Class-9 nebula lit the overcast heavens in gold, and the pelting blizzards howled across the frozen planet. The orange light made you think it wasn't as cold as the readings in the Valkyrie said, but with most of its hydrosphere locked up in massive glaciers, it was barely habitable by any definition. The atmosphere simply couldn't trap enough heat from the Red Dwarf it circled, but had at least allowed for an easier atmo-entry for the Lone-Wolves.

Evelyn Rawley released the seal of her canopy, letting more of the rigid air inside. Standing up, she saw her fellow Wolves climb out of their crafts. Her exosuit protected her from the worst of the cold, and her oxygen supply would last for at least three hours. Her eyes scanned the vista of the icy mountainsides and wondered if there could be anything alive out there. They had no sensor readings of their own anymore, so it was anyone's guess, and that compelled her to pick up her Type III rifle before she jumped down to the ground. She pressed a button on her suit to close the cockpit behind her.

It had been a tactical choice to land on the planet regardless of the conditions, because the constituent compounds and elements in the orange nebula - with its sensor-deceiving properties - had affected the planet's atmosphere too. At first, they had jumped to Warp, then doubled back to mask their warp signature, and then touched down much closer to the nebula than comfortable. They would be hidden from the Harbinger and its fighters if they followed, at least, but the need for decisions was pressing, and so was the need to repair their Valkyries as best as the conditions would allow. Rawley trudged through the ankle-deep snow and shielded the visor of her helmet with her free hand, trying to locate Maverick and Razor.

Razor Thomas might have saved her from Hannah in the hangar, but that had not diminished Rawley's memory what he had done to her that morning in her quarters. And then there was the rape-murder of Narik Cinsaj shortly afterwards. Then... the mutiny. Circumstances? She did not believe in them. She saw Maverick and walked up to him. "Wolves Three and Eight said they'll scout the perimeter," she said into the microphone in her helmet as she neared him. "So what the bloody hell should we do now? How the fuck could this happen, anyway?"

She spotted Razor then, barely hearing Nathaniel's answer... and she made her decision. She glanced towards Isley, hoping he wouldn't do anything foolish, before she raised her rifle against Thomas and powered it up. "Not one step closer," she said in cutting syllables. "Let's hear it. How come you tried to rape me, saying you can't remember doing so, and then that Boslic woman met the same fate shortly afterwards? Come on, Thomas. You are a part of all the shit that has gone down today. I am fucking certain of it. So spill it."

- Written by Auctor Lucan, Episode 03: Unconquerable Soul - Part III, Chapter 19: Arrival