Suq-Reylin-Efreya Xan

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NameSuq Reylin-Efreya Xan
RankLieutenant junior grade
PositionActing Chief Engineer
Eye colorGreen
Played byCasper Peteus

Inorganic Chemistry
Materials Fabrication

Conspiracy Theories
2372-2377: Starfleet Academy, class of 2377.
Service Record
2377-2378: Ensign, Maintenance Engineer, USS Resolve
2378-2381: Lieutenant Junior Grade, Acting Chief Engineer, USS Resolve

Suq-Reylin-Efreya Xan was the very, very tired Chief Engineer aboard the USS Resolve. He had heard of every conspiracy theory in the book, but never thought he'd be living out one of them.

Background Story

Suq-Reylin-Efreya Xan was the offspring of anEfrosian mother, Reylin-Tal-Efreya Xan, and an Efrosian father who, in their native tradition, had left well before Suq was born and played no further part in his life. He was the youngest of three boys and two girls. Like all Efrosians, Suq's name follows the first name, mother's name, locative name format. He elected to use the traditional Efrosian name for his town, Efreya Xan, instead of the commonly used Klingon name, Durn. Both Suq Reylin Durn and Suq-Reylin Efreya Xan are acceptable names.


Suq was the only one out of the Tal-Efreya Xan children that could not stand the cold. He didn’t eat enough to maintain a healthy level of blubber. Though his mother wanted him to be as active as his siblings, the cold was a real danger to Suq, and she was not ready to lose another child. She allowed him to spend much of his time indoors, playing with toys. When he became bored with his toys, he'd take them apart and attempt to combine them to make a bigger, better toy. As he grew older, this habit extended to just about anything that wasn't sealed shut or bolted to the floor. His mother often said the only thing he wouldn't take apart was his space heater.

Suq lived most of his childhood not neglected, but somewhat alone. Most his brothers and sisters were high energy and got into trouble with the locals often. He was quiet, sat still for long periods of time, and seemed bored with common children’s games. Regardless of that, he was still a loved member of the family. He roughhoused with his brothers and sisters when he felt like it, and even managed to make friends among the other children.

As he grew into a teenager, Suq found it increasingly hard to maintain relationships outside the household. No one else seemed to have his boundless passion, his fiery blood, or his determination to write his name in the stars. He didn’t know it at the time, but he would come off as obnoxious or as a show off to the children that didn’t feel quite so ambitious. When he repaired the local village's replicator system, and then built a smaller one on his own, it didn't seem to be enough to redeem himself.

When he was 19, a Starfleet expedition crew landed near the village of Durn (or Efreya-Xan) for anthropological study. Suq got into a fight with one of the expedition members, Lieutenant Jonathan Yern, and damaged some of their equipment. He wasn't going to apologize, but the expedition leader, Commander Xerena Yundyn demanded something. Suq repaired the broken equipment and left, not thinking anything of it. Later that evening, Lt. Yern paid the household a visit and praised Suq's handiwork. The praise meant a lot to Suq, having come from someone outside the family. When the lieutenant suggested he enroll in Starfleet Academy and make something of that skill, Suq took it very seriously.

The suggestion brought chaos to his family. Efrosians in general never did trust Starfleet. The majority opinion seemed to back his mother. Still, Suq's oldest sister, Tavana, encouraged him. She believed that if he stayed on Efros, he would die miserable and alone. The way she saw it, he'd at least die happy in the Federation.

Suq decided to make the journey to the Academy. He was promptly disowned, but he left too quickly to face the fallout of his decision. He enrolled in the Academy at the age of 19 with the hopes of getting an engineering degree.


The academy was the kind of structured lifestyle that helped Suq flourish as an individual. He became more confident of his abilities and fought with others less. Still, he didn't always know how to treat his peers and wound up alienating or pushing them away with his odd, hot-cold behavior. With very little in the way of a social life, he was able to earn awesome grades. One of his instructors and classmates was Senior Chief Petty Officer William Robert "Billy Bob" O'Connell, and a year spent in close proximity to the paranoid senior chief was enough to interest the Efrosian in conspiracy theories as a hobby. In 2377, Suq graduated with the rank of Ensign at the age of 24.

USS Resolve

His first assignment was on the USS Resolve. During that time, he received a field promotion to the rank of Junior Liuetenant. It was a decision made out of need, but it turned out to be a good one. For some of the Resolve’s voyage, Suq and his teammates were the only ones preventing the ship from falling apart in space. Sometime during this journey, Suq developed the habit of sleeping as a coping mechanism. Suq will not miss the Resolve. He doesn’t like to look at her anymore. It fills him with a sense of panic, fury, and the immediate desire to sleep somewhere secure.

Special Notes


Suq can often be found on forums and in chat channels under the handle majorChocolate. He likes to propagate his own conspiracy theories. He doesn't believe any of them, but loves the idea that other people genuinely do. So far he is responsible for many small yet amusing conspiracies concerning the production and distribution of chocolate within the Federation. He can also be found on anonymous boards inciting flame wars.

Personality Profile

Lethargic and sluggish. He deals with most of his stress by finding places to take naps and can often be found snoozing. Since he's never slacked on his work to indulge his napping habits, it's never been formally addressed. Underneath the sluggishness, he actually has quite a lot of passion that he pours into whatever it is he’s focused on at the time. He has a lot of spirit and resilience that aren’t common to most people.

He enjoys the company of people, but he's never really sure how to interact with others. He often comes off as too aggressive, too forward, or too strange. He tries to keep communication short and to the point to avoid this, which makes him come off as stiff.

If he allows himself to open up (which is fairly easy to do,) He's a conflicted sort of person. He has a lot of aggression and passion, but was never taught to deal with it. Ultimately, he wants to leave his mark in the universe, but he doesn't know what to do or how to get there yet. He feels that his value as a person depends on the quality of his work, which drives him to work hard and well.

He also deals with stress and grief by ignoring it or purposely trying to forget it. He feels he is not allowed to break down and grieve, or worry, or stress, because he feels other people will begin to think of him as weak and useless for doing so. Early on in his life, this was not an issue; these unhealthy habits began to form in earnest on the Resolve.

Suq loves psuedo-sciences and conspiracy theories. The idea that some humans still think the Earth is flat or hollow is fascinating. His favourite is the one where all the important people in the Federation are actually just lizardmen (apparently not Cardassians) in skin suits, attempting to rule the universe for some nefarious purpose. Like that would ever happen, right?

Despite his inability to communicate well with other people, Suq is actually pretty good at communicating at work. He’s generally a good leader who has a good feel on what his fellow crewmembers can do and has a habit of bringing out the best in other people on the starbase. It’s when communication goes into anything beyond work-talk or small-talk that he starts to flounder.

Physical Profile

His cranial plate is a subtle V shape similar to a Romulan’s. He braids his long white hair at times to keep it out of the way. When he thinks no one is looking, he likes to swish it around like a holodeck character. When performing dirty work that might stain his uniform, Suq prefers to wear tank tops or to go shirtless completely. When relaxing, he loves wearing civilian t-shirts with humorous prints on the front.

He was premature for an Efrosian child and struggled with serious cardio-respiratory illness for a few months after his birth. He was not named until he was a year old in case he died before his first year, in accordance with tradition. He was left with some minor scarring in his lungs. To this day, Suq relies on a preventative-rescue inhaler when doing anything that might involve heavy breathing or exposure to some allergens.

Suq's airways occasionally become inflamed due to heavy exercise or environmental allergens. Suq can pass most physical tests as long as he has his inhaler. Allergens known to cause Suq to wheeze include pollen from most plants, mold, and excessive dust. Usually, none of his symptoms are severe. He wheezes and coughs in response to most of these allergens, but occasionally alien pollens and molds will stop his breathing up completely. He is not usually the one to make away trips for this reason, but it's possible for him to do so as long as he keeps his inhaler with him.

His inhaler is a simple albuterol-pulmozine inhaler, a widely used and commonly prescribed treatment for asthma sufferers. It does not carry the side effects (shaking hands, accelerated heart rate, etc) that its older cousin, the albuterol sulfate inhaler, carries.


William Robert "Billy Bob" O'Connell

Billy Bob met Suq in 2375. Billy Bob was an instructor at the time, and Suq one of his brighter students. Suq latched onto Billy Bob at first because Suq thought he was attractive and later because the Efrosian thought he was incredibly cool, a real role model. William seemed worldly and experienced, he knew many things that were foreign or unusual to Suq. Suq never really believed in Billy Bob's conspiracies, but was more than willing to entertain them and enjoyed listening to them in-depth. Billy Bob's skill and Suq's creative nature played well off each other during the time. Suq attempted to remain in contact after he graduated, typically over conspiracy theory-related forums and sites. He would often pass on information about what was going on to the older man under his screen name. lost contact with Billy Bob during the Resolve's absence. Suq didn't know where Billy Bob is or what became of him until they met aboard the Theurgy after the Battle of Starbase 84.

Zelosa Ejek

Ejek and Suq met when they were both assigned to the Resolve. Suq and Ejek spend a lot of time touching or snuggling one another for purely platonic reasons--Suq's very high body temperature is very comforting to the heat-seeking Cardassian race. Suq spends a lot of time in her office speaking with Ejek and hiding under her desk when he doesn't feel like facing any responsibilities. Ejek is often Suq's voice of reason. Suq will rely on her to plan things that he's incapable of planning.

Vivian Martin

Vivian was the Chief Science Officer aboard the Resolve, and one of Suq's favorite conversational partners. Her great intelligence and wit made her a favorite of Suq's. He occasionally attempts to surprise her by wedging himself inside the walls of her science lab and talking to her through the walls, attempting to impersonate the ghosts of many famous people, and sometimes his own ghost.

Suq was one of the designers of Martin's prosthetic spine. He worked with the medical department to make her new spine a reality. Though the medical department guided the design, Suq added a few of his own design tweaks to personalize the spinal chord,such as enhancing the material with specific nanofiber mixtures found in some of the alien material scavenged from defeated enemies in lost space. He frequently asks Martin about her back out of concern, and will worry intensely if she is experiencing any back pains.


F'rell is not technically a part of Engineering, but Suq tends to treat her like Engineering's guest star. More than once has her incredible genius saved the ship, and he is very grateful. He acknowledges that she is far more intelligent and talented than he and is comfortable with this fact. He like to tease her sometimes, but ultimately deeply appreciates the alien, and knowing the pain of being unable to go home, he goes out of his way to attempt to make her feel comfortable where she is.

Derik Veradin

A friend with many benefits, Derik is one of Suq's partners. Their early relationship was passionate and spicy, but as stress began to set in, Suq's requests for more sex diminished, and now he's grown more distant and awkward towards Derik than he had been in the past. Despite this, Suq still values Derik and feels guilty for his distant behavior.


Good Dog. Best Friend.