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Name:Sarah Aurora Bjørge
Orientation:  Heterosexual
Birthplace:Lofoten Islands, Norway
Height:5ft 0in / 1.52m
Weight:123lbs / 56kg
Eye color:Green
Played by:Dove Cameron
Writer:Formerly SarahBerry, to be KIA


Ice Skating

Romantic Novellas


Beach Volleyball


2374: Graduated homeschooling 'High School

2375-2379: Starfleet Academy

Service Record

2379-2381: Ensign, Nurse, USS Oneida

2381-Pres: Ensign, Nurse, USS Theurgy



Ensign Sarah Aurora Bjørge was a human female nurse aboard the USS Oneida from 2379-2381 before her subsequent transfer to the USS Theurgy in 2381. She was raised on an isolationist island for the first seventeen years of her life. Ill-content to be married off and litter children for her would-be husband like the mothers upon mothers before her, she turned to any knowledge of the outside world she could get a hold of, all the while working in the villages one small clinic.

To escape the fate of her sisters and cousins, she whisked away in the middle of the night to Norway's mainland and from there on ran the proverbial gauntlet of catching up to the latest technology - joining Starfleet and leaving the only world she had known behind. It was the first of many steps to re-inventing herself and cultivating the life she had always dreamed of. While Starfleet began as an escape, it was to become her home and not one she could ever foresee leaving. Once she had graduated, she was assigned to the USS Oneida - her specialty having lied in emergency and trauma nursing. Her transfer to the USS Theurgy came easily as she had known two other ensigns already aboard, having graduated with them, as well as two of the USS Oneida´s medical staff transferring as well.

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Born in 2357 in the Northern islands of Lofoten Norway, situated off the mainlands' northern seas, she had never had much time to herself, being the 11th born in an enormous family of a total of 15 children, all born to the same parents, Finn and Anaise. Lofoten had always been very traditional and agrestic, but even in the 24th century, it was still that way. Sarah's parents in particular had grown up with outdated ideals that they as a village were better off separated. Inclusive and welcoming to aliens no doubt, wonderful trade partners. But their children? Was their family going into space? Absolutely not. The old ways had worked for millennia, why would they stop now? Change made everything harder to accept, and in a lot of ways, their village was a bit of a reservation for 'the old' ways. However, change couldn't stay out forever as modern conveniences, such as replicators and hypo-sprays, became available and widely distributed. Things such as food and medicine, that was where the villagers of Lofoten came together and agreed that perhaps some... some technology could be implemented... but not all of it.

Sarah however, had other plans. She had no such reservations about the technology that was rallied against at town meetings, loving every single fanatical detail that the common folk of the 24th century were indulgent to. Her passion in particular lay within the towns only clinic, its bare-bones homeopathic healing had more faults than cures and unfortunately, most of Lofotens' people did not always reach the golden age that they were supposed to, falling ill to diseases and illnesses that were easily cured by normal society standards. Always a staunch believer that there was nothing that couldn't flourish with a bit of special attention, her rural village thrived with her implementations and fervor for working with any and every illness or accident she could get her hands on. From frostbitten fingers and toes, dead bodies trapped in the thick, Norwegian ice, to drownings, diseases, and bloody noses, she loved it all. She began to search farther and wider in her hunger for knowledge, sleuthing through medical books and aid manuals from the iced-over library at the edge of town. She took deep delight in learning their techniques and had discovered a natural talent for anticipating the needs and wants of patients with relative ease.

As she grew older and became more acquainted with more people than her immediate family, namely making friends with the Andorians that also sold at the markets her family frequented, she began having them deliver her discreet packages, reading through medical books that centered on alien biology and physiology. It was taboo, something to be hidden away in her private stores of knowledge - something she would never be allowed to openly state or practice. But when she had been exposed to it, there was certainly no way to go back. She had to get out of here.

She confessed to her parents where her passion lied and where she intended to go as soon as she was of age, but unsurprisingly, it did not go according to plan. With stolen food, her medical books, and two changes of clothes, she escaped in the middle of the night on a mainland-bound ferry. As of 2381, she had never returned home to Lofoten, knowing full well she had been outcast.

Upon arrival to Norway's mainland, she had sought help from the local authorities to establish her as a member of regulated society. Up until then, she had no record of her even being alive. No birth certificate, no vaccinations, no doctor's visits, Social I.D. number, nothing. It was as if she had appeared out of thin air. She was then redirected to Oslo’s government offices to assist her with food, housing, as well as assistance in learning Federation Standard. She lived in government housing for roughly six months as she adjusted to the technology, the language, and society as a whole before her documentation status was finally approved, and she was given status as a official citizen of Norway. It was only then that she could begin to pursue any kind of work. Her government-assigned aide, named Helena, quickly suggested Starfleet Academy as it would kill several proverbial birds with one stone. Job training and a career, room, and board, it would get her out of Norway and off of Earth, to let her experience and see all the universe had to offer to someone who had seen so little. It had taken zero convincing of Sarah for her to agree, and shortly thereafter, Sarah was transported to San Francisco following her sign-up for Starfleet Academy.

Of course, it had been an incredibly difficult adjustment period. Going from practically nothing but the bare bones of technology to the very first and finest that modern technology could offer in the surprisingly comfortable rooms of San Francisco's pre-cadet dorms. She of course failed the first time she took the entrance exam, which could only be expected. She still had a lot to catch up on in terms of not only technology but the basic societal niceties that came with being out in 'the real world' as it were. She was however given ample time and opportunity to adjust with the help of one of the Academy's counselors who vouched for her application once more... and again... and then a third time, when she finally succeeded. There was little question in what she wanted or how to go about it. She would most certainly be joining Starfleets' medical program and majoring in emergency medicine, living in the dorms on-campus as well to assist in helping her adjust. Little time was wasted in assigning her, as where she lacked initially in the entrance exam, she made up for in her wild fascination and eyebrow-raising level of enthusiasm when it came to the Academy's nursing program. It was an entirely new world, full of people and knowledge and all kinds of diseases she had never seen or touched, some she actually couldn't touch... and proceeded to do so anyhow, which resulted in her first serious trip to the Academy infirmary. A lesson was at least learned.

However, despite her almost childlike glee and excitement for the lesson plans as well as the cloying amount of questions she asked, she was an exceptional student and quickly rose through the ranks academically. Friendliness came as easily to her as merely talking, resulting in multitudes of friends and acquaintances, branching out to anyone and everyone she could. She was at least obedient and quiet enough in class, she was here to learn after all, but the courtyards were open season for anyone not careful enough to walk briskly past her or foolishly seat themselves with an open spot nearby. She graduated right on time with the rest of her class to be sorted off and marked for some of the new ships that Starfleet had to offer. Hers however would have been the USS Oneida.

The first year aboard the Oneida was quiet, and even though she had been happy with her assignment, she found it a bit dull. Of course, there were all manner of pursuits to explore in the excess downtime that she was given - reading romantic, and mostly steamy data rod novellas and joining a female-only officers’ volleyball team being one of the main ways she had spent her off-hours. Though on occasion, a couple of romantic dates also accompanied her after shifts, a few male officers were intrigued by her story and her mannerisms. Though dating was something she had never been given a chance to explore on Lofoten, suffice to say she went in completely unprepared for what real dating was like, and it was nothing like the romantic chapters she had torn through like candy. But overall her odd and perhaps over-eager nature and general ignorance on romantic overtures netted her no long-term partners despite best attempts. This however never deterred her from her want of finding her own romance novella-inspired relationship.

The relative peace was not to be kept, however. The Dominion War had ended and while there were many alliances being made and discoveries being shared due to the abolishment of the neutral zone, there was a general disturbance within the confines of Starfleet, and one that would directly affect the Oneida, and even herself - little to her knowledge. The ever-famous USS Theurgy was causing a stir for Starfleet Command, and all personnel of the fleet were warned against even attempting communication for fear of treason and interrogation. Though completely out of her hands, and even so, her own opinions of the circumstances remained muddled and unsure.

After Captain Jackson and his Senior Staff made contact with an enigma in Starfleet Intelligence, codenamed King, a bold decision was made. With Jackson knowing this 'King', and believing that the Theurgy had actually uncovered something that compromised the integrity of Starfleet Command, the USS Oneida sent a fake distress call and then severed all communications and subspace links with Starfleet - effectively faking the ship's destruction somewhere in the Beta Quadrant. After that, the Oneida made contact with the Theurgy, taking in their wounded and trying to understand their plight. It had been Captain Jackson and the Senior Staff who made the call to trust what the Theurgy claimed as the truth, sealing their fates as renegades of the Federation and accomplices to Captain Jien Ives. Sarah and other medical staff tended to their wounded, the story gradually becoming clearer with each passing rumor and hearsay from both co-workers and Theurgy crew alike. It was difficult to come to terms with the fact that it could be true. The Federation had helped her so much, guided her on the path to happiness, to where she was supposed to be. Was she a traitor of the worst kind? What if, being aboard the ship and partaking in outright treason, and it all came to be a winding tale of falsehoods?

But she was a traitor.

She had lost everything when she’d left Lofoten. She had to start from the ground up with no one to rely on but herself, and even if she had limped back to the tiny island when things had gotten tough when she felt ready to scream and cry and quit... she could never be welcomed back once the ties were cut. Was this not an alignment of the same story? How could it be said that the Theurgy were not to be believed when the crew had been in the same boat as she had been all those years ago, trapped, terrified, and with no one to call for help? If they told the truth, would she not be just as cruel as her own family to not give them the benefit of the doubt? It tore friendships and relationships apart to take sides, but the crew of the Theurgy made their case well and ultimately ended up winning her bleeding heart. When the all-calls were sounded for volunteers to replace the missing and dead of Theurgy’s crew, she eagerly volunteered herself, intent to make sure their pleas for help, for support, were heard and answered in all the ways she was able.

Personality Profile

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Sarah was generally mild-mannered and polite to a fault, having never known a stranger in her life despite her isolated upbringing. She was warm-hearted and suitably matched for nursing considering her gentle bedside manner. While she was strict in her professionalism, posture ever rigidly straight and her work areas meticulously cleaned, she always made time for her patients and co-workers alike, allowing them space to vent and talk. In that way, she made for a good sounding board for those who took her up on the opportunity for Fika. But that is not to say that she did not have her negative attributes. Just as easily as she could have been painted a patron saint for the wounded and dying, she was also a horribly stubborn woman. A true Taurus, she was hard-sold to be swayed from what she deemed as truth, and ever capricious atop that. Once given a proper fact that disproved what she might have thought was true, she just as quickly changed her mind and held hard-strung to her new hill to die on.

Physical Profile

Sarah possessed very long, wavy, strawberry blonde hair- parted deeply on one side- its length reaching her waist, though it was normally kept in a long, neat plait down her back or a high ponytail that was subsequently braided. Her eyes were startlingly light green framed with thick lashes in the same color of her hair. Freckles spattered across her nose and a few on her cheeks that were rounded off by a soft, heart-shaped face. She was petite, standing at 5'0" and roughly 125lbs, but even despite her slight frame, she kept her form pleasingly soft with no real hard angles or edges.

Special Notes

Sarah had a unique way of speaking in that she rarely used the Universal Translator to speak, instead choosing to speak Standard that is somewhat accented and lacks the use of contractions. Sarah was also the 11th born out of a total of 15 children. All of their names started with "S".


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