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Name:Axius vel Onea, Call-sign: Quake
Rank:Master Chief Petty Officer
Position:Fighter Pilot, Lone-Wolves Squadron, Wolf-04
Orientation:  Homosexuual
Birthplace:Klu Outskirts
Height:188 cm
Weight:99.7 kg
Eye color:Sea Green
Played by:Lucas Medeiros
2362-2367: Klu City Council Orphanage School
2367-2370: Informal junior-officer training by Captain Nakura Uzamaki
2371-2372: Starfleet Academy and Tactical CONN Academy
Service Record
2372: Assigned to the USS Capstone as an enlisted test pilot.
2379: Promoted to Master Chief Petty Officer and transferred to the USS Theurgy.

Before his death, Axius vel Onea was a Fighter Pilot serving aboard the USS Theurgy who was killed in action in 2381. Axius vel Onea aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.


In a tunnel once used for subterranean travel on the distant planet of Câroon, Heneven and Grekora Onea laid down to start a family. His father wrapped what little fabric he could find around the screaming child as it glided out of the mother’s womb. Neither parent knew that this dirty, unsanitary resting place would soon become a beautiful, thriving home.

Axius, named after one of the most precious minerals in Câroon existence, was born into this penurious family in the Earth Region of Câroon. The two parents joined forces to earn a little money by mining the minerals out of the ground with their psionic abilities. Once a week, after long and taxing days of work, the minerals would make their way into the city where they would hopefully be sold. They had little, but this shortcoming led no effect on their contentment.

They lived in this tunnel, where he would run and play and draw on the floors and walls with the chalk that he made with crushed stones and the pigment of flowers that grew above. The dim lights were powered by the in-part subterranean city of Klu, which was not too far away that they would visit on occasion, but never live in because of its pricy accommodations and stern population. Difference among Earth natives wasn't welcomed. Axius's sleeping area consisted of a beautifully woven mat, a bag for his clothing, and a makeshift shelf for the books he would find in the city. He grew up very frail and nimble, with a strikingly pale complexion, in the long tunnel home, unlike most other Câroon natives with sculpted muscle and bronze skin. He helped his mother and father find food above the surface, and the small plants and meaty game they acquired always satisfied him. He was given a simple life, but an intricate mind.

From a very early start, his parents realized his mind worked uniquely and efficiently. While his affinity for the elements never proved powerful without proper training, when he was taught basic mathematic and literacy skills, he picked it up with ease and pleaded for more knowledgeable challenges to fill his head. He would gather the rooty vegetables in a pattern only logical to himself, and he could interpret animal behavior and the seemingly insignificant tracks it left behind. He read torn books found in the city's off-site landfill for hours on end and became recognizably intelligent by the guidance of his mother and father.

His parents were of the same Region; Earth natives. He was taught profusely the ways of the geology, and how to affect stone, ore and metal with the inner aura of his zi'naaq. Growing up in this environment, he learned that the most powerful force is balance, that forceful grace carried much power, and that an offense could quickly become a defense shall the turf tremble. As he learned discipline in the psionic arts, he, like most other Câroon in their respective Regions, became more talented in the control of the element of Earth. This is a much different teaching that is portrayed in the other regions, most notably the Wind Region, which believed freedom and choice governed success, contrary to the stiff, precise movements of earth manipulation.

Ironically, however, the Earth society wasn't all too balanced. From the oldest of times, the Earth Regioneers were renown for their strong build and natural talent in that particular affinity. They made excellent workers and miners. However, like most societies change, when the technological world sparked in the glass-domed buildings of Klu, paramount changes were made. Natural resources, which were gathered by miners and workers alike, were turned into manufactured goods and marketed to the privileged population. Exponentially, as technology on the planet increased in efficiency and ability, synthesized goods would soon replace the demand of natural resources. This created a noticeable tear in the balance of Earth customs, producing a widening gap between the upper and working classes. Some still thrived to manage natural economy, while the overwhelming opposite side felt that industrialization and synthetics were the key to becoming a higher-class society. Many became outcasts.

This segregation became tradition, stretching over the days where miners worked until they dropped and scientists perfected warp drive. Through the decades, the warp-capability of the Earth Region continued to develop into the Wind, then Fire, then Water Regions. Close to fifty years after success in the Water Region, Axius was born.

But one day, while reading a weathered meteorology textbook, the lights in the tunnel shut off. His source of heat and sight vanished without notice. The family panicked and left the tunneled house to ascend to the surface. There they saw the city as it always looked; unchanged, constant, and busy. Axius and his family nervously shrugged it off and waited, hoping, needing for the lights to come back on. That night as they all slept together, a team sent by the Klu City Counil trudged inside the tunnel, killing his family in front of his eyes and dragging him away to be thrown in an orphanage, where he would receive an identification barcode tattoo on the small of his back. He was never given an explanation to the traumatizing, cold-blooded murder, but he assumed, without confirmation that the two were eradicated for being homeless and not conforming to the prosperous technological world Klu had to offer.

Unknowingly, Axius vel Onea had sparked a revolution.

Earth Regioneers were not known for their gossip, but word of the innocent child being made an orphan touched the hearts of less close-minded people in Klu. These citizens wanted to simply send Axius a care package in the orphanage, but it was strictly forbidden. An outspoken man decided to confront the law enforcement, saying that they should “At least explain to the kid why his parents were murdered.” This man became another face in the revolution as he was shot on spot.

Many began to realize the blatant stupidity in the actions of their society, and soon began to rebel against the strongly oppressing government. Balance maintained with force soon became force maintained with balance.

From that small, strict, orphanage in the city, the ignorant, confused, and oblivious Axius was never again happy, never hopeful as “proper” ethic and education was shoved down his reluctant throat. He was brought up in a haze of chastisement and emotionless commands. At the age of 14 (the adult age in Earth Region) Axius was sent into the world with the gray clothes on his back and a powerful, broken mind.

At this point, the obvious revolution on a Federation-allied planet was raising quite a few eyebrows at Starfleet Command. Not only were they concerned with the safety of their allies, but receiving overwhelming reports of injustice on the planet, a strong determent from the treaty that was signed. They took a step into this civilization on the brink of an all out civil war.

As Axius was literally thrown out of the door, he laid on the dusty ground, cobblestone digging into every inch of his body. He didn’t rise, nor open his eyes and he knowlingly and willingly remained still in the courtyard. A flash of blue light shot down from oblivion onto the courtyard in front of the orphanage building and materialized a team of black-suited officers wearing an array of colors varying from red, yellow, and blue. A man in red stepped forward with a smile. This citizen happened to be Captain Nakura Uzamaki of the USS Alliance.

Uzamaki was an accomplished politician from the planet Earth, in charge of his own starship, which was ordered on this very diplomatic mission. It was he that realized the origin of these rebellions – Axius. The Câroon rose from the ground bewildered and awestruck, gaping at the marvel of people that didn’t stare in pity, cruelty, or brutality, but in kindness. Before he could speak a word, the police responded immediately, shooing the Federation away and taking Axius into custody. Again, he had unknowingly broken another of the civilization’s codes and laws. He was detained for a total of three minutes before he was beamed up to the USS Alliance.

Uzamaki and his crew took a liking into him when they first met, and felt it necessary to “ignore” the prime directive and free him at once. He was given the option to stay on the planet, or to be taken under the wing of Nakura. He made the right choice.

While on his 3-year cruise on the Alliance, he learned everything he could possibly want to know about the Federation and Starfleet, finding a very bold admiration for the pilots of the Nebula-class starship. As he was taught and mentored by Uzamaki and his charismatic crew of fine officers, he learned strong vitals he had forgotten during his time in the orphanage, after the death of his parents. Things like respect, honesty, kindness, and inner beauty were taught among the wide variety of junior-officer skills. Axius was instructed in the fields of self-defense, basic tactics, and science. Sometimes, he was even allowed to fly shuttles outside of the vessel, not just during holodeck simulations. Uzamaki even performed the gaad ceremony on Axius during his 16th birthday, tattooing the intricate flourishes on his hands, symbolizing his coming-of-age, even if it was lightyears away from his torn society. He had formed a home, with a family of 750 adults.

But unlike in a healthy home, Axius soon mistook his respectful fascination with the captain to a romantic fascination. Uzamaki thought it best that Axius leave the ship and find another lover, as he was a straight, married man.

Axius soon applied for Starfleet Academy with the recommendations and sponsorship of Uzamaki. He told his peers of his “inspirational tragedy.” He used the “I lived underground and then in custody for 14 years, that’s why I want to be a pilot” story quite a few times at social events he was invited to. While he wouldn’t word it this informally, it was entirely true.

When Axius took the mandatory shuttle courses, the instructors realized he was an exceptional pilot, even with miniscule training in the art. This made him a strong candidate for the new department of Tactical CONN. They offered him something unique that would fit his talents better – to bypass the next three years of Line Officer schooling and become a non-commissioned officer for Starfleet. Doing so, he would get to help in the development of the Mk I, serve aboard a starship and finally live on his own. He accepted and was soon in for a life-changer.

At this point in time, he had realized that his love for Uzamaki was for the wrong reason and history to be left behind. The two would still have regular contact on a friendly, mentoring manner. Axius took in many other male, and sometimes-female lovers at his time at the Academy, and never looked back at his obsession.

He was first assigned, as a petty officer, to the USS Capstone, where he would, in all honestly, act as a guinea-pig to test the Valkyrie Mk. Is, which he didn’t mind doing. He soon worked his way up through the ranks to Master Chief Petty Officer and was promptly, after five years of dedicated service, reassigned, along with the promise of flying the new Valkyrie Mk. IIIs, to the USS Theurgy in the year of 2379.

In 2380, after the diplomatic negotiations with the Romulan tyranny, the Theurgy crew became aware of the defiling of Starfleet Command. As a fighter pilot, he felt hopeless. He was only to be given orders, not making them. He couldn’t intercept transmissions or maintain communications, but this hot second of grief was soon filled to the brim with adrenaline as he was commanded to get the hell out of the Federation’s grasp. He trusted Ivesand the Senior Staff's judgment, but couldn't help but wonder what was in store for him as he betrayed Federation laws and fled from its order and control.

It was a stressful two months of racing away from ships and attack fighters in the Beta Quadrant, taking innocent lives and summarizing them as numbers for a toll, and scraping past battles as he commanded his fighter, but finally, he had time to let his situation sink in.

He left behind little friends, merely acquaintances, no family, but an army of unconfirmed imposters and liars and enemies. For all he knew, Uzamaki himself could be replaced now by an alien, making a mockery his name and career. That was more unsettling that the realization that he was now a highly wanted outlaw.

One thing he did leave behind, though, was a piece of him. He had been through so much tragedy and so much pain, only sprinkled with years of good and happiness. Through his life we walked barefoot on paths of broken glass, and whenever his wounds would start to heal, the glass would dig deeper. It now seemed that he would only have bigger, sharper shards of glass to stomp on now. The idea of never being happy again wasn’t a pleasant one, and it drowned his mind with depression and sorrow. On top of all of this stress and darkness, became the untamable hiraeth in his chest. Axius could not decipher the origins of such home-sickness, or even if they were related to the Alliance, or way back home to the Roona system. Though, he walked on this path of grief and regret with a smile on his face.

This smiling soon came to a stop as the Theurgy searched for supplies at Niga. Officer by officer, his crew was overcome by the infection, and he was forced to give up on trying to help and protect them. He took the necessary action of crawling inside the small Jeffries tube located underneath the hangar bay's squadron briefing room. Inside this tube were many programmable tools and panels that he used to fine-tune navigational sensors and environmental controls. This tube, unknown to many, became his hiding place during the Incident, where he was left like so many times before to contemplate reality.

At this time, he was hopeless in his efforts to solve any kind of problem, and ignorant to the fact that the Relativity was planning to save them in the next few hours. He managed in the few moments of paranoid safety to remain uninfected. His brain was now wired for trauma, even though he wouldn’t clearly recall the experience after the Relativity worked its magic. He rose from the hatch to a very unsightly crew. The curing process wasn’t pleasant as those still infected were shot down with tranquilizer rifles and forced to overcome the effects of the plant. That next week became increasingly better as the Relativity helped the Theurgy overcome their physical and mental instabilities.

Axius wasn’t so lucky when the Ishtar Entity paid a visit to the Theurgy. While on Câroon, being born an atheist, he never conceived such a figure in theology or mythology, only a light theological reverence for the elements. He was all about science, proof, debate, etc. This rather sexual time for him changed that.

After the events of him being forced naked and having hours of brutal, emotionless sex with a crewman, he reflected on his beliefs and how this entity could have affected and shaped the society of his own planet, and the society that was created by planets linked and allied to other planets. This revelation that there is a higher being that touched his life in ways he couldn’t imagine caused him to be deeply rooted in the study of alien theology. A new hobby fueled by newfound curiosity was sparked.

After the waging of war with the USS Calamity alongside the USS Harbinger, Axius was taken down in serious condition after an explosion in the cockpit of his Valkyrie. Unable to control the vessel, he was beamed directly to Sickbay and the Valkyrie was tractored in. The shock forced him unconscious and his plasma wounds were seen almost untreatable, as they were so deep and exposed. He was unconscious through the events after the initial battle, unaware of the time unraveling around him.

He was treated under a medically-induced coma in the Triage Tent on Theta Eridani IV. Under this coma, he was given time to ignore pain and suffering, but had to be lifted from it to reduce chance of neurological damage. He woke in a fury of screams of fear and agony. He was calmed slowly and soon ate what little food they gave him, and restored to health during the week they spend on the planet. While never in full contact with any part of the Starfleet crews other than their medical staff, he began to have a little cabin fever, itchy to get back to work and help the people in need.

During his escape from the hellish situations surrounding the Theurgy and the Harbinger, he suffered a lot less trauma then he would have expected as his life was threatened by the downpour of volcanic matter. He was graciously released in full health in time for the Festival of the Moon, where he could finally gain some knowledge as to what actually happened over his sleeping spell.

He never got a chance to find out. During the Theurgy’s final engagement with the USS Calamity, Axius was killed when his Valkyrie collided with an enemy fighter.

Special Notes

Like most other Câroon, Axius possessed a natural affinity for the four basic elements: Fire, Earth, Water, and Air. This psionic art has never been fully scientifically studied, but the natives implore unspiritual Starfleet officers that the zi'naaq is the key to such abilities.

Each Câroon embodies seven zi'naaqs, each one with different names representing the four elements and the more abstract sound, light, and thought. Axius had the zinaaq of a raging sea, irrational, overwhelming at times, and balanced when he was calm. His much more advanced Earth manipulation only advanced to the point of levitating stones and shaking the ground, hence the call-name Quake, as in earthquake. He was least talented in Wind, but has an average sense on the manipulation of Fire and Water. In his years of space travel, he had lost touch with most of this talent, and had to focus more to activate less of the abilities he had used before.

Personality Profile

Axius, while once wild and free, was reportedly very stern and weighed down by the sadness in his past at the time of his death. He was a strict internalizer; he never dealt with or displayed his emotions until it he had to. He was pleasant enough in friendly conversation and could focus in the workplace, but alone he could become dangerous and erratic. He was very analytical and observant enough to spot minute details, whether it was an individual’s mannerisms or the fluctuation of a warp signature.

Physical Profile

Axius was very known as a very comely Chief and kept his body clean and healthy. He possessed a lean, developed build that he was never modest about. A lover could see his shining, emerald eyes with passion and ecstasy, but a friend could see mischief and impishness he exuded despite his twinges of depression. His face featured a sharp, square jaw and a contagious, inherent, youthful grin. His lovers, both male or female reportedly found him quite attractive and well-endowed. His unblemished skin had no scars, but he possessed an “orphan’s bar tattoo” on his lower back, and his hands were decorated with the markings of the matured Câroon race.