Via Wix

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Name:Via Nithina Wix
Position:Tactical CONN Officer
Orientation:  Asexual
Birthplace:Residential Zone 094, Deped 42
Height:5ft 8in / 1.73m
Weight:124lbs / 56kg
Hair:Auburn-ish Dark Brown
Eye color:Dark Brown
Played by:Eiza González

Raz Pop Music

Street Fighting



Dumb Romance Novels


2376-2379: Starfleet Academy (Class of 2379)

2379-2380: Tactical CONN Academy

Service Record

2380-2381: Ensign, Trainee, Training Center Omega (Incomplete)

2381-2381: Ensign, Pilot(Med Grounded), USS Oneida

2381-Present: Ensign, Fighter Pilot, USS Theurgy



Ensign Via Nithina “DixieBee” Wix was a human female fighter pilot rescued from the Tactical CONN Training Center Omega Incident in 2381 by the USS Oneida. After a month of residing in the vessel’s sickbay as a result of her severe injuries, she would be cleared for duty and transferred to the USS Theurgy as a reinforcement for its Fighter Squadron "The Lone Wolves".



The planet of Deped 42 was located in the Alpha Quadrant in-between the borders of Federation and Cardassian space. The world was the center of trade for its particular sector. A megacity spanned the planet and species from both the Alpha and Beta Quadrants migrated there to take advantage of the wealth that could be generated from such a place. In turn, they made the vast local population incredibly diverse in culture. However, major factors that defined the planet, unfortunately, attracted many undesirable elements as well such as pirates and smugglers. Crime and poverty ran rampant across lower levels of Deped 42 due to corruption and an underfunded police force. Gangs, thugs, and other criminal entities thrived, forcing many citizens into their way of life.

Via was born in the slums of Deped 42, one of its vast megacities on Oct 25th, 2360. She was the youngest daughter among six older brothers and one sister. Via had a rather problematic life growing up. She was often neglected by her parents who were practically never in her life. While technically enrolled in a public school system provided by the planet’s government, Via rarely attended, having always been pulled out to help with some gang job one of her brothers was involved with, or to hang out with the “bad kids”.

Due to the age gap Via never had much of a relationship with her brothers. They thought of her as just another baby that their mother had since she kept forgetting things such as contraception were a thing. It was her sister Fia that she was close with. There was only a two-year difference between them but Via saw her as more of a parental figure than her actual parents. She was the one who stood up to her brothers and made sure Via stayed in school. Having been in her situation of being the youngest person in her family, Fia knew that, without guidance, her little sister would just end up being shoved into a life of crime just like her brothers and probably end up dying in some gang war.

It was upon a forced tradition that whenever a member of any family, came of age, they would be inducted into the gang, forced to carry out various criminal activities. For generations, this was the practice. Joining the gang when they had come of age was a local tax in a sense for providing protection to the people living on the gang’s turf. The gang required tribute by them and not forking up enough would result in entire families being wiped out by their enforcer groups.

Via’s older sister was a pilot smuggler for the gang. She was tasked with hulling “goods” from various different megacities across the planet and was often touted as the main reason why the gang still had the influence across several sectors of Deped. At some point during her childhood, she learned about Starfleet, becoming enamored with the idea of flying and exploring the galaxy. She deduced that joining the organization was the only way she could possibly learn the skills to be a Freighter Captain, or something that would give her a better life and freedom, which she never would be afforded as long as she stayed on Deped. Fia communicated her aspirations and her piloting skills to Via feeling that, implanting some sort of dream and the skills to reach it would eventually help her little sister seek a better life instead of knowing nothing other than being a common thug, and she turned out to be right. Via took a liking to flying, easily taking up the practice and becoming a natural just like her sister. She started flying shuttles instead of hanging out with the bad crowd at school. Eventually, Via adopted her sister’s aspirations as her own, wanting to join Starfleet and captaining her own vessel later on in life.

When Via turned 13, the long cycle of gang tradition broke as her sister, through an elaborate plan, managed to book herself transport off-world to the nearest Federation colony. Via knew nothing of this stunt until she had read a message her sister left her stating her plan, and to find her when she found the chance to do so. This opportunity wouldn’t be afforded to her until Via herself was just about to turn 16. The gang put a watchful eye on her family as no one was allowed to leave the gang alive. The fact that the Wix family was the first in a very long time made them a target to a lot of blood-thirsty leadership. As a result, to minimize the backlash her parents disowned Via’s older sister and then started to keep a closer watchful eye on their children.

Via caught her lucky break when a turf war broke out across the sector which involved several major crime syndicates such as the Orion Syndicate. She saw something she shouldn’t have, the crime bosses wanted to get rid of her and everyone she knew, and as a result, the gang put a hit on her. Through a very chaotic chase, she eventually stole a warp-capable shuttle and just barely escaped, plotting a course to Federation space.

Her shuttle would be stopped and taken in by a Starfleet Security patrol upon her entrance into Federation Space. Apparently, it did not have the proper registration and it just so happened to be reported stolen. When she told the crew about her situation, they managed to get in contact with her sister who was a second-year Cadet at the Academy at the time. Fia vouched for her and offered to take her in. While she focused on her studies, Via worked on completing the Federation equivalent of a GED. After she received it she went on applying for Starfleet Academy, studying for the better part of the year, and then through sheer luck - passing by a few points, on her first try - later getting accepted in the winter.

Having had a rocky education foundation during her formative years Via had a hard time during her first year as a Cadet. Much of the coursework she received was hard to grasp as a result. Being the rogue, deviant, maverick that she was because of her early life landed her in hot water with many of her classmates and the administration. Via was in danger of getting academically and disciplinarily ejected from the Academy. It wasn’t until a rather serious pep talk with her sister that she started to put things in perspective. She began to use every bit of free time she had to work on her studies. It was difficult and she had many late nights. She made friends like Sarah Bjørge, a nursing Cadet that was in the same class as her who caught her up with the others. Without her, she most likely wouldn’t’ve made such a great comeback as she did.

Via was originally slated for the Command/CONN track but due to her terrible first year, she was forced to switch to Tactical, doing a minor in Flight Systems and Security Operations. She took full class loads during the summer and winter months and eventually she managed to place within the top ten of her class. In fact, her instructors were so impressed by her sheer commitment to turning herself around that they felt she was deserving a chance to be considered for Tac CONN. Via gladly accepted the offer and went on to go through the grueling Tactical CONN pipeline. It was the hardest year of her life. She fought for every second to be there and she certainly wasn’t the best. It was her never-give-up attitude, as well as her resilience, helped her from being washed out. It was enough to prove that she was worth earning her flight wings and when Via graduated, her overall assessment from her cadre during the pipeline allowed her to be put up for more advanced training.

The new officer would be assigned to a training class at the Tactical CONN Training Center Omega. It was essentially an advanced flight school for the Mark II Valkyrie Fighter. She had only been there a week when, during a training exercise, one of her classmates went crazy and started to commit fratricide. Via, unfortunately, didn’t react in time when the trainee opened fire on her rear. The attack critically damaged her fighter and forced her to eject. The subsequent explosion sent large chunks of debris from her fighter at her. The impacts punctured her suit and caused severe damage to several bones and organs across her chest and collar bone area, eventually putting Via in a hypoxic coma.

When she awoke she was in the sickbay of the USS Oneida. The ship had responded to a distress signal that was sent out by the training facility and rescued all the survivors from the incident. Via was hardly left unscathed, however. She was grounded until her rather extensive injuries healed and went through physical therapy. Some parts of her lungs were damaged just enough for a cybernetic implant to be installed to ensure her lungs kept functioning properly. It would need to remain for at least a year after the rest of her body healed according to the nurses, but it wouldn’t have hindered her piloting duties which meant she could still fly after a month. It sucked, and she hated every day she was stuck on the biobed but she did her best to make the days go by quickly, mostly by bothering her Nurse friend Sarah who just so happened to be assigned to the Oneida. She helped her stay sane.

Taking into account her cyber lung regulation implant, Via would get a clean bill of health by the time the USS Theurgy and the USS Oneida arrived in the orbit of Qo'noS. It was then she would be transferred to the Theurgy joining its Tactical CONN Departement and Lone Wolves Squadron.

Personality Profile


Via was a street kid raised in the slums of her home planet, taught mostly to rely on thinking and only those you can trust to survive. As she grew up she was constantly being exposed to a high mess of things no child should see or take part in. Drug dealing, black market deals, gangbangs. While she was open to talking about these experiences to anyone who asked, she tried her best to forget the life she left behind. Her home, while not dysfunctional, wasn’t an ideal place to raise a child and much of that is reflected in her personality. Via’s maverick, cocky, blunt, like attitude, stayed with her even when she joined the Academy, however, throughout her training she had learned that respect and discipline are essential to make it at all in the organization. As a result, she gave her superiors the respect, customs, and courtesies that were afforded to them by rank and relaxed her perceived attitude.

She had developed a self-indulgent attitude towards life, often doing things simply because it "pleases" her or makes her feel good. However, that is the extent of her feelings, being Asexual Via isn't attracted to anything from a sexual point of view. If anything sexual were to happen with a partner or herself it was strictly because the act genuinely felt good on a physical level (like a massage) or pleased said partner if they were to ask her; The latter however would've taken a very strong romantic bond for Via even consider the prospect.

Via was very immature in the way she acted, often swearing, making juvenile jokes, sassing, and using crude speech, but this was a result of her upbringing being less than stellar. She had no filter in nearly everything she did and she acted very greenly in terms of experiences outside of city life and within Starfleet. Her speech mannerisms tended to also make her sound and come out as academically deficient, even after the Academy there was still some basic knowledge that she neglected to learn, but she was far from stupid. As a result of her training in Tactical and Tactical CONN, her skills in spacecraft systems and general weapon systems were incredibly proficient and she was a competent fighter pilot worthy of graduating from the Academy and earning her flight wings. In the end, the woman was a very easy-going, carefree, jokester, who wouldn’t hesitate to stand up for the little person or for what is right, and she most definitely would not shy away from a fight.

The pilot welcomed talking to new people and making friends with everyone regardless of position, rank, etc. During her time in the Academy, she discovered an era of music from her roommate that she loved. It hailed from the 21st century and she eventually discovered various styles such as EDM and Pop that she enjoyed. When Via was a kid often she was involved in street fights with children her age. Still to the present day, she would welcome any person who offered to just have a little tussle with her for fun. She found the activity to be stress relieving and amusing especially if she was drunk. Via had a huge secret soft spot for romance novels as she found them to be either laughably stupid or incredibly endearing. Regardless, she liked to keep the fact that she read them to herself as she found the act of reading them to be girlish in a sense.

Via never really understood the whole context of why they were there or what was really going on, even when they ended up siding with the Klingons. Being a traitor as well as the prospect of alien mind parasites infecting people’s minds and her sister’s safety during the entire ordeal worried her. As much as she knew Fia could handle herself in any situation, she hoped she would never have to be cursed face her in battle. Other than that, all Via cared about was doing her absolute best, and having a fun time while she did.

Physical Profile


Via had a small but average build ranging about 5’8 and 124 lbs. Her ancestors came from Latin America on Earth though she didn’t know anything about their culture or language. She only knew Federation Basic fluently but she could speak curse words in several different languages from several different species. Her hair was Auburn-ish dark brown with blonde highlights at the bottom. Via tried to keep her hair down to her shoulders but she was prone to forget at times causing her hair to reach down to her mid-back some days but it was never consistent. The same could be said about her use of facial cosmetics/make-up as it depended on her mood on whether she donned it or not. When she was in the cockpit however she tied her hair into a sloppy bun so it could fit inside her helmet. Lastly, Via had a tattoo sleeve on her right arm and across the upper part of her chest which was where her temporary lung regulation cybernetic implant was located.

Special Notes

Via earned her callsign due to a situation that occurred during one of her training flights in Tactical CONN Academy. There was an inflight emergency and she had to conduct a landing on a bee farm in Georgia. Her fighter having landed on several hives was taken over by the bees. Via evacuated and, after being stung several times, eventually found the bee keeper’s residence. When she made contact with HQ from there they had asked her where she was since her combadge was malfunctioning. Via didn’t know, and when the beekeeper told her that they were in Georgia she, not being from Earth, misunderstood him and thought he was calling her “Georgia”. It took her several hours for the rescue/recovery to find her as a result of this miscommunication, and in future flights, she would keep having to deal with leftover bees coming out of nowhere in the cockpit. It prompted one Southern Earthborn American member of the class to call her “DixieBee” as a joke. Via hated the name but everyone including the instructors started calling her “Bee” so it eventually stuck.