Rory Callahan

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Personnel FileCiv-blank.png
Name:Rory Callahan
Orientation:  Heterosexual
Birthplace:Earth – Derry, Northern Ireland
Height:6’1” (185 cm)
Weight:170 pounds (77 kg)
Eye color:Blue
Played by:Keith Harkin
Music (plays guitar and piano and sings)
Service Record

Rory Callahan was a bartender who was killed in action. Before his death, Rory Callahan aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.


Rory was a bit of a celebrity in his late teens, auditioning for and winning a place in the cast of a group of men who toured about Earth and even some of the closer colonies. It was someone’s idea to bring back some of the old songs, to embrace a time so long ago that it reminded people of what it was really like to be home in Ireland and so Celtic Thunder was reborn.

What young man wouldn’t enjoy touring? Sure there was hard work and he spent a lot of time writing his own music and practicing but there were also the perks of seeing new places, learning new things, and of course … women. Now a lot of guys might look down on a man wearing a skirt but Rory will be quick to tell you, “It’s a kilt and me ancestors wore ‘em in’ta battle. An’ a real mun likes the feel of a good breeze.”

He already had the music skills but all through the shows he learned dancing and acting, adding little things to their songs to make the crowds smile and clap along to the beat. He found another passion anywhere there were good beaches too, besides chatting up the beach bunnies. Surfing! Give Rory a wet suit and a surf board and he’s just as happy as when he has a good Murphy’s Stout.

The group was stopped in San Francisco, the last scheduled show on their tour before a three month break and he decided to just kick back there for a bit. Taking a course in bartending, he continued to sing and play along with mixing drinks for patrons in a beachside cantina. He also decided to take a little tour of one of Starfleet’s ships, just for kicks, and was offered a temporary job as bartender/entertainer.

“Why the hell not?” he’d grinned and figured two months zooming through the stars before coming back for rehearsals wouldn’t be a bad thing. It seemed he’d been away from Ireland too long though and his luck ran out when suddenly the ship rattled about, obviously under attack. The next thing he heard was Earth was lost for now, Starfleet taken over by hostile forces. Though he didn’t understand a lot, one thing he did … they were not going back.

Although Rory Callahan survived the mutiny aboard the USS Theurgy, changes to the timeline resulted in his losing his life during the mutiny and the struggle to regain control of the carrier.

Personality Profile

The lines around his mouth indicate this man smiles a lot and his easy going and welcoming demeanor fit perfectly with his chosen profession. His eyes sparkle as he turns on the boyish charm, a cheeky grin forming as he hands over the drink. He’s always willing to listen to what ails you, offer encouragement or a joke to lighten the mood. He’s not always sunshine and laughter though. Being a true Irish lad he can have a temper and as anyone else can be prone to times of melancholy.

Physical Profile

Rory is tall though not terribly imposing, certainly not like a lot of the Starfleet crew. He is fit with decent muscle tone and strength. There is a bit of grace in his movements too, not effeminate but something akin to a dancer. He’s light and quick on his feet and with a flick of those long bangs over his right eye he can swing right into a good old Irish jig.