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Personnel FileY-o1.png
Name:Vereyn Kiiz
Position:Transporter Officer
Species:Trill (Joined)
Age:26 (Symbiont 254)
Orientation:  Unknown
Birthplace:Hira, Trill
Height:6' 4"
Weight:200 lbs
Eye color:Brown
Played by:Andrew Papadopoulos
Writer:Deceased, formerly Jfiddle
Pantraal (Beach Volleyball Equivalent)
Working Out
2373-2377: Starfleet Academy
Service Record
2376-2376: USS Fredrickson, Cadet
2377-2380: USS Pend Oreille, Transporter Specialist
2380-Current: USS Theurgy, Transporter Specialist

Before his death, Vereyn Kiiz was a Transporter Officer in Operations aboard the USS Theurgy. He sustained heavy injuries during the first engagement with the USS Calamity and was put in stasis to preserve his life. In March of 2381, he was given the medical treatment needed to be able to return to duty. He was later assimilated by Borg in the Battle of the Apertures, and Ryuan Sel killed him in mercy while destroying drones in one of the transporter rooms. Before his death, Vereyn Kiiz aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.



Vereyn was born to Haytam and Neera Polan, both unjoined Trill, in Hira, a coastal city on Trill. Haytam was a Biologist as the Trill Science Ministry and his mother is Chemist at the same ministry.

Vereyn was the oldest of five children. He had a twin sister, two younger sisters and a younger brother. Marem was his twin sister, Coli and Bila were his younger sisters and Kopt was his younger brother.


As Vereyn grew older, he started thinking about symbiosis, and whether it was something that he wanted to pursue. When he turned 17, he made some big decisions. The first was that he wanted to apply for symbiosis, and the next was to join Starfleet. He sent in applications for both. Within a few months, he heard back from both of them. He got accepted into both. Immediately he reported to the Symbiosis Commission to get details on his trials. They accepted the fact that he wanted to pursue a Starfleet career and made it so that he could submit his trials to the Trill embassy on Earth.

Starfleet Academy

When Vereyn turned 18, he moved to San Francisco, California, Earth to begin his Starfleet Cadet Training. The young Trill chose to study Starship Operations and focus on Transporter Operations. During his Junior year at the Academy, he was able to serve aboard a starship, the USS Fredrickson, as a Junior Operations Officer and Apprentice Transporter Specialist. He learned the most from this experience. In his opinion hands on is the best way to learn.

In his Senior year, he had to return to Trill to do his final evaluation. Upon completion, the Symbiosis Commission passed him for a host. He was thrilled! That night he celebrated. There were not symbionts ready to be transplanted at that time, and he was fine with that. He had one more week of final exams and he wanted to pass them without the knowledge of the symbiont. Vereyn graduated with honors in the Ship Operation department.


Upon graduation, Vereyn got a call from the Symbiosis Commission. There was a symbiont that needed to be transplanted immediately. The USS Fredrickson was heading that way and agreed to drop him off. Upon arrival he was greeted by the head of the Commission and his family. They all immediately went to the surgery center. He changed into surgical gown hugged his family as the surgeons took him in.

As he entered the OR he saw an elderly man lying there. The older man smiled as the bed with the younger Trill lying on it. The older man, Manit, thanked Vereyn for taking on the honor of hosting the symbiont, Kiiz. Vereyn laid there and stared at the ceiling as the gloved hands of the surgeon opened up the pouch on his stomach. He heard the snip of the scissors that severed the host and the symbiont. Knowing what that meant a tear slipped from the corner his eye. He was suddenly filled with fear of the unknown. The surgeon lifted the pouch higher, and he could feel the symbiont go inside. Closing his eyes, he could feel Kiiz take hold. Then his brain flooded with memories, feelings, comfort. A small smile came across his face, as he took his new identity, Vereyn Kiiz.


After the Commission released him, he returned to Starfleet Headquarters to receive his first commission, the USS Pend Oreille, a Galaxy class starship. He was given the position of Operations Officer and Transporter Specialist. During his service there, he gained a lot of experience.

During one mission, the Pend Oreille was under attack by Romulans. The power manifolds exploded and the ship was losing power fast. Vereyn ran from the operations center to engineering to lend a hand. Engineers were scattered around the engineering. Medical was on their way. The young Trill crawled his way through the jefferies tubes to find the manifold. He was able to find it and fix the issue. Luckily there were some other engineers there that were able to get in and help him. With their help, and the help of the previous host, who was a R&D Engineer, they were able to fix it.

When the news came of the new ship prototype, Theurgy-class, his R&D past started to long to see it in person. Seeing that they had open applications for Operations personnel he applied for a transfer. A few weeks after his applications, the young Trill got notified of his acceptance onto the ship.

When he first stepped foot on the ship, he was in love. The new design was amazing, and he loved every inch of it.

Aboard the Theurgy

A few months after his arrival, the unthinkable happened... he was suddenly a traitor. The crew was keeping a secret to protect the Federation. He believed in the cause, but there was always that internal struggle. What would this mean for the future hosts of Kiiz... neither of them cared. They believed the Federation was in trouble and needed to help. But, along with that loyalty, came the heartbreak. He kept receiving communications from his family, asking if it was true. He never responded as he couldn't tell them it was. The hurt never left. He had also had a hand with the destruction and disabling of several Starfleet ships. He had recognized several of the names and registries. Several of which his friends from the Academy were on some of the ships.

After being able to escape Task Force Archeron, the Theurgy reached the Mahéwa System, yet instead of resupplying at the planet Niga, the crew was subjected to a vile outbreak. This event would later be called the Niga Incident. While more of the crew had been infected, Vereyn had not. He was not a part if the away team, and sex for pleasure was for the young. Fellow crewmembers had tried to rape him on many occasions, but he was able to fight them off, sometimes physically. Watching his fellow crewmembers get raped; was hard on him. He had gone through a lot of trauma, but nothing on this scale.

When the Ishtar Entity arrived, he was whisked away to an tropical island. He awoke to find himself on the beach, one of his favorite places. The warm sand, the crashing of the waves. Standing up, he was suddenly aware that he was naked. And there was someone next to him. A naked woman. Jumping to his feet, he looked up and down her body. Not knowing who she was, he woke her up. She was a Science Officer aboard the Theurgy. Between being in a young host's body and the heightened pheromones, he did has sex with her. After, what seemed like only a few days on the beach, he awoke in his bed. He shot up and looked around, no woman, and the stardate was back to where he was, nothing had changed. Yet the memories....

When the USS Calamity attacked, Vereyn was in Engineering. He was able to assist the engineers in keeping the power flow moving. When a torpedo hit the ships, a conduit blew right next to him. Sending him, and several engineers across the room. As he laid there, ears ringing, his left leg throbbed. Reaching down, there was a beam through his thigh, upon seeming that he screamed then passed out.

Previous Hosts

Frin Kiiz (Male) - Teacher; 2127-2197
Jora Kiiz (Female) - Trill Ambassador; 2197-2258
Reni Kiiz (Female) - Teacher; 2258-2317
Manit Kiiz (Male) - Starfleet R&D Engineer; 2317-2377

Personality Profile

Before Joining

Before joining with the symbiont Kiiz, Vereyn was a compassionate, smart, nerdy young man. He always put others before himself, and made sure that others were taken care of. He had a stubborn side to him, which he got from his father, where he wouldn't budge unless he had too.

Vereyn was a natural introvert, and loved his alone time. He was able to relax and recharge by listening to music, reading a book, or working out. Though he was an introvert, he could be very out going. He love d to hang out with a few good friends and just talk or spend quality time on a holodeck.

The young Trill loved the outdoors. His favourite thing to revolved around bodies of water. Long walks by the ocean, beach volleyball, sunbathing, hiking, swimming, or just relaxing. The sound of the water, whether roaring waves or a trickling stream, calmed him.

After Joining

While all of Vereyn's personality was still there, after he was joined ot the Kiiz symbiont, it added the personalities of his previous hosts, enhancing Vereyn's outwardly personality.

He had a love for children, thanks to the original host Frin. Frin was a school teacher and had a passion for it. The students in his class were like his own, he cared for them and taught them everything they needed to know for life. Vereyn would smile when he saw children playing or having fun. He could not wait until he has his own.

The biggest conflict that he had is that the previous host, Jora, was an extrovert, while all the others were introverts. So he would have spouts of extrovertness. She was an Ambassador so she had to learn to be extroverted.

The third host, Reni, she was also a teacher. Though her love for kids wasn't as much as Frin's, she still loved them. The biggest part of her that contributed to the Kiiz personality was her ability to see the good in everyone.

The host just before Vereyn, Manit, was an R&D Engineer. He was stubborn, and had a temper. The man was blunt, and was not afraid to speak his mind, no matter how it made the others feel. Vereyn was glad that he didn't have that much of a problem, since the others and his own personality cancelled that out. Still, Manit; was kind and loving to the people he cared about.

Vereyn had inherited many personality traits from previous hosts. When he worked on a project, the young Trill tended to spend along time looking into things. He didn't like this, but he was unable to change it as it was from Jora. Because of this fact, Vereyn also has a hard time making decisions. Though, capable of make decisions, at times, he was unable to make them quickly, due to the stress of the situation.

Physical Profile

Vereyn was a tall, fit, handsome Trill man. He stoods roughly 6ft 4in tall, had a broad muscular chest, nice arms, and a flat stomach(sometimes a 6-pack). His brown hair was kept up in an undercut, with a swipe to the left. His eyes were a deep brown, and have a kind look to them. He kept his beard cut low and neat, sometimes, if the occasion calls for it, he would go clean shaven.

His chest hair was kept up and at a short, but noticeable length, he rarely went completely smooth, but had on occasion.

Vereyn had trill spots that ran from his forehead all the way down his broad, hairy chest, his flat stomach and down to his toes.

Off duty, he usually wore a tank top and shorts. But in his quarters, he was sometimes shirtless. With his shirt off, you could see his pouch where the symbiont enters the host. The pouch rested right above his navel, and was barely visible to the naked eye unless you are looking for it.

When Vereyn came out of stasis, he was very weak. He had lost a lot of blood, from the beam through his thigh. Because of the severe trauma of the beam through his leg, he walked with a limp. His femur was severely broken and the dermal regenerators were only able to do so much. He had a scare where the beam entered and exited.