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Position:Science Officer
Orientation:  Bisexual
Height:5ft 9in / 1.75m
Weight:150lbs / 68kg
Hair:Dark Brown
Eye color:Green
Played by:Mollie Sue Steenis-Gondi
Starfleet Academy, class of 2380.
Service Record
2380: Commissioned to the USS Theurgy.
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Ensign Cir'Cie was a Botanist in the Science Department on the USS Theurgy. Cir'Cie aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.


Childhood & Starfleet Academy

Cir'Cie was born on the Vulcan homeworld in 2358. Her father was a scientist in the Vulcan Science Academy, her mother was a diplomat for the United Federation of Planets and spent a great deal of time away from Vulcan and her husband.

Her father kept her on the homeworld for the first twelve years of her life until her mother insisted she was old enough to travel. At that point, she was reluctantly allowed to accompany her mother on some of her diplomatic missions for the Federation and oversee how diplomacy worked. It was during these years that Cir'Cie began to appreciate the science of Sociology and first began to gain an interest in the more subtle science of Botany.

She spent the next four years collecting various plants and sending them home for a small garden that her father maintained for her. Taking a few plants from each world her mother visited. At eighteen, Cir'Cie attended Starfleet Academy for a possible position as a Science Officer. During her training, she was found to have slight difficulty focusing on a specific field of science despite her love of Botany, due to her infinite curiosity of the cosmos. She was able to achieve upper middle level within her class, scoring below par for most Vulcan attendees.

From 2377 to 2380, Cir'Cie served aboard a Nova Class Science Vessel which was assigned to studying M Class Planets within a region of space known as the Delta Volanis Cluster, an area known for being relatively unexplored despite its proximity to the Federation. In this time Cir'Cie would demonstrate her aptitude and keen understanding of Botany and to a lesser degree; her secondary interest of Mineralogy.

The Niga Incident

Her experience with Xeno-Botany and positive reports got her noticed and she was assigned to the highly advanced Theurgy on the basis of showing untapped potential and superb versatility as well as the discipline required to run a Hydroponics Bay. She had only arrived a few short days before the parasite threat was discovered, when the ship had returned from the peace talks at Romulus. She never spoke of her feelings towards this fate with the rest of the crew she served with on the Theurgy.

Being a Botanist, Cir'Cie spent the majority of her duties in the ship's Hydroponics Bay. She avoided injury during the two months the Theurgy fled Task Force Archeron, yet once they reached the planet Niga, she had beamed down to collect seeds and plants that might help sustain the crew. On the planet, she became one of the first two vectors for the horrific pollen of the Niga flora, and during the night and the next day, she worked together with ThanIda zh'Wann to try and make the whole crew vectors for the Niga pollen. Once the USS Relativity arrived and stopped the outbreak from spreading beyond the ship, the nature of the Niga virus and its antidote did allow for Cir'Cie to forget the time when she had been infected. Barring hearsay after the event, she remained more or less oblivious, but meditation would sometime summon images of what she did.

While Cir'Cie had not withdrawn from her duties to process the aftermath of the Niga Incident, she was one of those who wasn't affected by he visit of the Ishtar Entity, and she dutifully kept preforming her tasks on the Theurgy. If there were any mental scars from what she had done while the Theurgy had orbited Niga, Cir'Cie did not acknowledge it.

Under T'Rena's Influence

After the USS Calamity had attacked the ship and its temporary ally - the USS Harbinger - twice, they escaped the clutches of Task Force Archeron above the atmosphere of Theta Eridani IV. Once the two ships were in the clear, hiding in a Class-9 nebula, Cir'Cie had attended the shore-leave held in the holodecks, where they enjoyed the spoils of Suraya Bay, where most of the crew tried to find some rest and relaxation. There, she was approached by another Vulcan, namely the the Harbinger's XO - T'Rena. The older Vulcan preformed a mind-meld on her and made her loyal to Captain Declan Vasser during his mutiny. On his orders, she instigated sabotage in the Theurgy´s main engineering area, and she later visited sickbay to secure the Chief Medical Officer for Vasser's plans. There, in sickbay, Cir'Cie was subdued by another Vulcan, Dr. Maya. Maya tried to rinse Cir'Cie's mind from the effects of T'Rena´s mind meld by preforming one of her own on Cir'Cie. Maya restored Cir'Cie to her old self again, but Cir'Cie was forced to re-live being raped by the flora on Niga during the mind-meld.

After the mutiny ended and the Calamity was destroyed, Cir'Cie helped Maya restore the crew members that T'Rena had compromised. Hundreds of people stood in line, but eventually, she was able to return to her duties in hydrophonics. Unfortunately, a straggler sought her out, one Christopher Slayton, and while she mind-melded with him to make sure he hadn't been touched by T'Rena, something went wrong. Slayton's desire for her became her own because she broke off the link too quickly - the feelings reminding her about the Niga Incident. Whether or not Slayton took advantage of her, kind as he was to her, the fact remained that the desire was not her own, and she was effectively raped in that respect. After this event, she was in such a bad state that she had to meditate daily in order to function, but willingly aided Security with her Vulcan abilities nonetheless, trying to mitigate the harm she had inflicted on the crew when they had orbited Niga.


During the Battle of Starbase 84, Cir'Cie had no role close to the action. Instead, she helped coordinate the crew evacuation from the USS Resolve, and personally made sure that key personnel were beamed to the conference lounge on Deck 01. From there, she saw the battle unfold, but remained a spectator along with the senior staff of the USS Resolve. Whatever she might have been thinking when the mission failed, and they were forced to flee into the Azure Nebula, she didn't tell anyone, instead returning to her duties.

A second pilot visited her there - one Nathaniel Isley - the day after the battle, and while uneasy about it, she agreed to mind-meld with him to see if he also had been touched by another Vulcan. While it reminded her about the incident with Christopher Slayton, nothing happened, and she tried to find strength in that it was likely an isolated event. She also found confidence in the aid she lent Security when the Devoted began to attack people aboard the Theurgy. This, however, entailed preforming further mind-melds on violent individuals, and after some time, the only means she had to handle the toll was to cut down on her time in hydroponics and her duties in the Science Department, meditating in order to maintain balance.

This was noticed by the Assistant Chief Science Officer - Simon Tovarek - who approached Security and told them that Cir'Cie could no longer aid them in their investigations, briefing them about how much time Cir'Cie had to take away from her duties and doing what she enjoyed in hydroponics. It was decided that Security would refute Cir'Cie's aid from that point onward, until she had proper counseling and adequate training for Security-related duties, should she wish to continue what she had begun at some point.

After receiving the necessary counseling required to sooth the mental wounds and physical repercussions of being forced into several unwilling sexual encounters in her time onboard the Theurgy, Cer'cie diligently continued her duties as the ship's primary Hydroponics Officer to ensure food supplies stayed at a constant level and to give the Replicators a chance to replenish the molecules necessary for drinks and meals. She did her best to remain calm and stoic, relying on meditation and the study of an ancient Vulcan martial art called Suus Mahna to give herself a sense of peace and to stop her mind wandering when performing her duties.

Personality Profile

Cir'Cie was emotional for a Vulcan, although like most Vulcans, she suppressed her emotions and tried to act through logic. In many ways, she was considered less then Vulcan amongst her Vulcan peers and it had been suggested many times to her that she should consider studying the path of Kolinahr, suggestions Cir'Cie rejected as she logically concluded that the emotional spark and excitement that came from scientific inquiry was often the basis of inspiration and success in such lines of work. She was an excellent scientist but often found herself being drawn to her interests, especially Botany, both because of the beauty of plants but also because of the pharmaceutical benefits that could often be discovered by investigating their uses. Like most Vulcans, she was a vegetarian due to the cultural stance that consuming the flesh of other lifeforms was considered unsavoury if not somewhat barbaric. As is common for a Vulcan; she would choose to apply logic and philosophy to overcome obstacles, challenges and inquiries of her. One of her favorite Vulcan proverbs was "Challenge your preconceptions or they will challenge you" as spoken by the 22nd century Vulcan scientist; Velik. In her free time she mostly meditated and read philosophy, history and scientific journals but she also enjoyed playing Kal-Toh with those who were willing to engage her.

Physical Profile


Cir'Cie was a olive-skinned, green-eyed Vulcan woman in her prime years. She was considered quite attractive by most Humanoid species if they could take the time to look past her stoic and passionless demeanour. A natural Ectomorph, Cer'Cie found it extremely easy to maintain a shapely figure although many might have considered her to be on the thin side. Nevertheless she maintained a toned physique which was earned from basic Starfleet Fitness Training, something that was mandatory for all officers regardless of position.