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Personnel FileT-o2.png
Name:Katelyn Jessica Foster
Rank:Lieutenant Junior Grade
Position:Chief Surgeon
Orientation:  Pansexual
Height:5ft 5in / 1.65m
Weight:115lbs / 52kg
Eye color:Tangerine
Played by:Kristen Stewart
Romance Holonovels
Physical Training
Extreme Sports
Acoustic Guitar
Martial Arts
2366-2368: Southwest Anchorage High Schoool
2368-2370: Dr. Montano Laurie Memorial Tech School
2370-2373: Starfleet Academy
2373-2375: Starfleet Medical
2375-2377 Surgical Doctorate Program, Cardassia Prime
Service Record
2375: Ensign, Triage Specialist, USS Aphrodite NCC-77229

2375: Ensign, Combat Medic, Siege of AR-558
2375: Ensign, Surgical Assistant, USS Galaxy NCC-70637
2375-2377: Ensign, Surgical Assistant, Cardassia Prime
2377-2378: Lieutenant JG, Chief Surgeon, USS Ontario NCC-40554
2378-2380: Ensign, Surgeon, USS Zürich NCC-64936
2380-2381: Lieutenant JG, Chief Surgeon, USS Shelby NCC-61951

2381-Present: Lieutenant JG, Chief Surgeon, USS Theurgy NX-79854
2375: Starfleet Purple Heart Medal

2375: Starfleet Medal of Gallantry

2377: Starfleet Medal of Mercy

Junior Lieutenant Kate Foster was a Doctor of Surgical Medicine, and the Chief Surgeon of the USS Theurgy. She was a deeply flawed young woman who chose not to hide her flaws from the world, but rather to wear them on her sleeve in acceptance of the role they’d played in making her who she was. A firery and often impulsive individual, she was at times considered to be somewhat selfish in her considerations yet displayed an excellent level of skillful and attentive care for those patients under her stead.

She came from a broken family and was the eldest daughter of a renowned scoundrel who had married a bevy of vulnerable young women across Federation space. She struggled mightily with an addiction to the illicit narcotic, refined felicium, which began during her adolescent years, and later resurfaced during her adulthood, coming at great cost to her personal ambitions and career. Though however cruel fate had been to her in her youth, she still felt she’d owed it a great debt for having spared her death on many occasions, and as such had adopted a great measure of attentive care for her patients. Patients whom she had proven herself willing to go to great lengths to treat and bring comfort during the prolonged Siege of AR-558 during the Dominion War, in 2375. It was on AR-558 where she’d demonstrated courage beyond what was expected of her and earned a reputation that would later have served her well in life and in her career.

In early 2381, as she approached the mid-point of a two-year assignment aboard the USS Shelby, she was contacted in secrecy by the Uncle of a young man whom she’d saved during the aftermath of the battle of Cardassia, that uncle was the director of Starfleet Intelligence, Rear Admiral Joseph Nerva Anderson. Disclosed of the truth of the USS Theurgy, where her own half-brother had been stationed some years earlier, she’d immediately departed to join the mission there, adamant in her resolve to contribute to what she considered a noble effort, and to also to discover the fate of her half-brother.

Foster aided in the opposition against the parasitic threat that had compromised Starfleet Commander in the end of the 24th-Century until she was KIA during the shore leave at Qo'noS in April of 2381.

2352-2370: Early Life, Earth

Katelyn Jessica Foster was born in Anchorage, Alaska on Earth on April 3, 2352. The daughter of a con-man, smuggler, and womanizer by the name of Stellan Foster I, and the erotic-dancer he’d taken as his second wife, a woman named Heather. Kate was the second of Stellan’s offspring, though the first and only mothered by Heather, as his previous child, Kate’s half-brother Stellan II, had been born of a Betazoid woman that the man had taken as his first wife. Stellan I had come to Anchorage after divorcing his first wife, as it had served as a port of illicit trade for him in his illegal smuggling operations to and from the Federation home world, and it was there that he’d later met his second wife at a local men’s entertainment establishment. With his favored child in tow, Kate’s father settled on Earth for a few brief years where he ran his illicit operations, before he later grew tired of and divorced Kate’s mother in 2359, leaving with his son to move to Fairius Prime.

However, during the brief seven years they were together, Kate and Stellan II had planted the seeds of an oft unhealthy sibling dynamic, in which the younger looked up to the older for guidance and care in the absence of traditional parenting. It was a dynamic that would have irreversible long-lasting effects on both Kate and Stellan II, eventually leading to their contentious relationship that persisted well into their adulthood. It had become clear from an early onset, that Kate had trouble finding guidance of any kind from either of her parents; her father was an absentee by choice who had little care for her in the first place, and was often if not always off-world tending to his illegal schemes and operations. While Kate’s mother was left an absentee by necessity; she had loved her daughter but was unable to escape the troubles of her own life. For Kate, it meant having to cling to the one presence that wasn’t entirely absent from her life, namely her older hall-brother, Stellan II. Unfair as it was, the young boy was forced to look after and care for a half-sister he’d never truly wanted, leading to an unhealthy ounce of resentment toward her on his part.

Kate had routinely stifled his chances of being alone, or ability to truly enjoy his time with friends. She would insert herself, to one degree or another, into every one of his adolescent attempts to escape from reality. Those times she hadn’t do so in an overt manner, she had by covert means; having stalked him from a distance by making use of an old Tricorder she’d ‘borrowed’ from her father’s stash of stolen equipment. She’d track Stellan II and his friends, pushing his temperance as her sibling to the point of eventual confrontation. It was to be an education of sorts, meant to re-establish the line that she would so often cross, and set her apart from him; a trap in which she was lured out unto a frozen over pond, which gave way under her feet, submerging her in sub-freezing water. It was a surprisingly dangerous trap of course, as Kate had very nearly drowned, only to afterwards deal with severe hypothermia and a two-week-long bout of pneumonia. For the boys, it was nothing if not a mostly ‘harmless’ and amusing prank. For Kate, it was a frightening rebuke of her desperate need to find love, compassion, and care from the one part of her family that wasn’t mostly absent. Regardless, it had the effect that her brother had hoped for, as Kate receded from his shadows entirely, having sought out a measure of solitude that would have a lasting impact on her ability to make and maintain relationships throughout the rest of her life.

This developing facet of her personality was compounded in 2359, when Kate’s father abruptly returned to Anchorage after one of his nefarious dealings, and promptly served Kate’s mother with a summary divorce settlement. He then rather succinctly removed his pride and joy from Kate’s life, and returned to the stars without so much as a care for the lives he had left behind on Earth.

Abandoned by her father, Kate and her mother’s lives for many years grew increasingly difficult, as they’d lived in a particularly rough area of Anchorage; a far cry from the ideal vision of peace and prosperity that had enveloped most of, if not the entirety of the rest of the Federation home world. They were without the watchful and attentive eye of Starfleet, which had been mostly devoid from the area in which they lived. Soon enough, owing a great sum of credit to a plethora of less than savory groups that ran a number of illicit establishments, all with the unofficial approval of corrupted local Federation representatives, Kate’s mother was forced to continue her work as an erotic-dancer, and even as a personal escort at other more desperate times. It meant that Kate was often surrounded by a myriad of these unsavory types and exposed to behaviors and attitudes that were not exactly ideal for an impressionable girl her age. Worse still, her mother was forced to work at various and even all times of the day, which meant that Kate was alone for much of her childhood, save for the few times when her half-brother was foisted unto the care of Kate’s mother by her father, whenever he’d needed someone to look after the young man for a few days, or weeks. Though the young girl was continually withdrawn from her sibling, the result of his lesson having stuck true to her.

Though these brief additional times shared with her half-brother grew increasingly fleeting in their occurrence as her father soon re-married and began a third family.

A few years later, Kate’s half-brother had more permanently returned to Earth so as to attend University, and the two of them rekindled their unhealthy sibling dynamic albeit in a slightly different manner, as they both soon discovered how much they had each changed. Kate had grown somewhat reclusive since their childhood, taking to study as a means of escaping the harshness of her reality. A reflexive instinct that she’d been instilled with at the behest of the frigid lesson Stellan II had taught her. The few interactions they did have, were often outright contentious, which only further stunted Kate’s personal development as she approached her own adolescence. An adolescence that saw her become increasingly frustrated with her place in life, and how it had seemed so difficult for her in comparison to that of her few if any friends and schoolmates. As impatience set in, she soon developed a quick to temper attitude that would eventually later lead her to be ostracized by the last of her good-natured friends, leaving her bereft from anything or anyone that could have had a positive impact on her as she began to grow into a young woman. And where those few good-natured friends had once been, far more unscrupulous ones took their place, and it wasn’t long until at the age of just fourteen-years, Kate began to experiment with ‘Ultra’, a far more addictive and refined variant of the illicit narcotic known as Felicium.

In its raw form, felic was a plant first harvested on the planet Brekka, which was later painstakingly refined into the vaccine known as Felicium, which had been intended to prevent the spread of a plague on a nearby neighboring world, sometime in the latter half of the 22nd Century. This Felicium was found to have an almost sedative effect, similar to that of the narcotics made from opiates on ancient Earth, and by the 2330s, Felicium was being further refined into a variety of highly addictive narcotics, that could induce the utmost intense feelings of euphoria and pleasure within its users. One of these varieties, ‘Ultra’, was imbibed via nasal insufflation, became exceedingly desirable due to its high-potency and relatively inexpensive cost, and was soon sold as an explicitly illegal drug all throughout Federation space by smugglers and drug-peddlers alike. For his own part, Kate’s father had overseen a number of illegal distribution operations and sales networks for the drug and had even himself dabbled in its use during the years that he had been an influence on her.

Having witnessed her father use the narcotic, and also having seen him influence her mother in partaking, Kate was essentially set up to fall down a similar path from the very onset.

Her chance to escape from her reclusive self, Kate had overcompensated for all the years of loneness that she had endured in the worst of ways. Like a rubber-band that had been stretched to its breaking point, before being released; she snapped into a careless state of excess. For as infrequent as her early experimenting with ‘Ultra’ had originally been, it would quickly devolve into an outright abuse and addiction to it. A triggered overreaction to the added stress that had been placed onto Kate when her younger half-sister, Sierra came to live with her and her mother in 2367. Sierra’s own mother had fallen victim to another of her father’s fleeting fits of fancy, and wound up divorced in the same year; and unlike Kate’s mother, she had been unable to cope with raising a daughter on her own, and opted to take her own life. Kate’s mother, having sensed an obligation to do what she considered the right thing, adopted young Sierra, and brought her to Earth. She’d simply been ignorant of the negative effect it would have on Kate, who had already felt as though she were overwhelmed with the difficulties of a troubled adolescence, and had then feared that those difficulties would only get far worse for her as she would have to care for a younger sibling.

What was far worse, is that for his part, Kate’s brother was passively content to sit and observe as she gradually devolved into a full-blown addict. Watching her as though a Scientist might watch his lab-rat succumb to the effects of some kind of immoral study. There were opportunities to step-in, and stop what was happening, but he’d chosen not to act. And so, it was that Kate’s abuse of ‘Ultra’ had reached the tipping-point in which she’d experienced one of the permanent side-effects associated with it, when her naturally green-eyes color-shifted to that of tangerine hue. A common result of habitual abuse, when the concentrated Felicium micro-particles migrated throughout the bloodstream and settled in the periphery of the irises, which when reaching a high-enough level cause a chemical reaction that alters their pigment. It is an overtly visible side-effect that makes abusers readily identifiable, and in turn led to the discovery of Kate’s addiction by her family. She was then promptly admitted to a rehabilitation clinic, from which she wouldn’t return for three-months; the standard minimum period of time which is necessary for those who are addicted to adapt to the feelings of withdraw associated with being sober.

However, upon her release from rehab, Kate’s ability to remain sober wavered almost immediately as she had fallen back in with the same crowd of unsavory characters that had helped her maintain her habit in the first place. This would have tragic circumstances for Kate and her family, as it directly led to the accidental drowning death of young Sierra at the age of only nine-years. Kate, who was supposed to be watching after her sister as she swam in the creek behind their home, was rendered nearly comatose by a high dosage of ‘Ultra’ and failed to react when Sierra was swept away by currents. Sierra’s lifeless body would wash ashore some distance away, and in the immediate aftermath it became clear that Kate had relapsed in her abuse, as evidenced by her restrained reaction to her half-sister’s death. After a blood test, it would be revealed that Kate had consumed nearly twice the previously assumed lethal level of Felicium, and she was re-admitted into a rehabilitation center. This tragic occurrence would fundamentally have additional negative impacts on her life, as her mother, coping with the loss of Sierra, and with the troubles facing Kate, developed her own addiction to ‘Ultra’.

While in rehab the second time, Kate met a fellow recovering addict, a young Doctor of Surgical Medicine that had a profound effect on her. She had found someone who had a genuine sense of care and compassion for her. Openly admiring him, she sought to emulate him as they went through the process of learning to cope with withdraw together. He was in a way, the supportive big-brother she’d always hoped to have, that her actual half-brother had failed to be for her.

A new positive interest she felt compelled to explore, Kate returned home from rehabilitation intent on finishing out her High School Education at Dr. Montano Laurie Memorial Tech-School, which offered specialized courses in Emergency Medicine. However, she also returned home to find that her mother’s eyes had also color-shifted, revealing her own addiction and abuse of ‘Ultra’. And, whereas Kate’s mother had once helped Kate to fight the addiction; having remained hopeful and positive about her daughter’s future all throughout that fight, she had since become hopeless and resigned to sorrow, stirred on by the wake of what occurred in the tragic death of Sierra. Kate in turn, offered little support of her own for her mother as she struggled with addiction; she was fearful that it would have caused her own relapse, and so she withdrew. The once warm relationship that existed between mother and daughter had grown cold, to the point where they barely spoke with one another. And so, Kate sought out isolation from what she saw as a bad influence on her ability to remain sober, and heavily engaged in her schooling, rising to the very top of her class academically until she graduated from the Tech-School as Valedictorian in 2370.

After earning her diploma, Kate expressed an interest in continuing her journey with medicine and applied to Starfleet Academy.

Unbeknownst to her however, she had originally been rejected due to her troubled past; but Kate’s mother in turn brokered an unpleasant arrangement with a corrupt admissions Officer, and Kate was thusly accepted.

2370-2373: Starfleet Academy

Once admitted to Starfleet Academy, Kate had trouble from the onset, though not from an academic front, where she’d excelled, but rather from an emotional and personal standpoint. She routinely clashed with other students as impatience fueled her already somewhat considerable temper, and she exhibited a propensity to offer unwanted or unwarranted criticisms of a most unfair and unkind variety. Were it not for her high-grades and the clearly evident natural talents she exhibited, she likely would have been washed out due to her sometimes overly abrasive personality. There was also the contention of her half-brother’s presence, as he too had been accepted into Starfleet, and in fact they’d shared in a number of classes. However, Kate was always careful to keep as far away from him as possible, even sitting as far away from him as she could in those classes, so as not to trigger any outbursts from herself that might have further damaged the outward perception of her persona.

Eventually though, she’d made it through the Academy, if even barely so, and was transferred onto Starfleet Medical.

2373-2375: Starfleet Medical

Specializing in triage medicine, Kate had hoped to emerge from Starfleet Medical as an Emergency Medic, or even a Triage Nurse of some kind. But, her innate ability to absorb medical information at an astonishing rate, and the manner in which she poured herself into study, she was convinced into transitioning away from that program, into one that would lead her down the path of earning a Doctorate in Surgery. However, as the Dominion War continued to consume the entirety of Starfleet’s efforts, she found her Doctorate program put on hold, and was pushed into early commissioning as an Ensign. The necessity for Medical Personnel having surged to absolute paramount levels as the war reached new heights of brutality, and Kate was assigned to a starship for the first time.

2375: First Assignment, USS Aphrodite

As an Ensign, Kate was briefly assigned to the Nova-class USS Aphrodite as a Junior Surgical Assistant, where she could gain some actual practical experience, as the Aphrodite had recently transitioned away from its role of science vessel, to that of a small and fast makeshift hospital ship. This assignment though was always intended to be temporary, and in fact didn’t last much longer than a few weeks, as the war effort began to take a turn for the worse, and the call came out for medical volunteers to assist in the holding of a captured Dominion communications outpost on the barren world of AR-558, and as inexperienced and brash as she was, Kate stepped forward.

2375: The Siege, AR-558

Five months of utter Hell. That’s what the prolonged battle that would come to be known as the Siege of AR-558 was, and for Kate Foster this was all too apt. As after she had volunteered to go planet side during the battle, in order to supplement Starfleet ground personnel stationed there, she immediately saw her mettle as an impromptu Combat Medic put to the test. A test that would rarely relent, as there would be next to no relief for the Starfleet forces. Kate was faced with unending and vicious fighting interspersed by prolonged periods of tending to wounded men and women, many of whom had little to no chances of survival. Indeed, many would perish under her dutiful and surprisingly tender care, as the Starfleet forces were cut off from the outside, and there was simply no chance of evacuating the severely wounded. It was a most trying ordeal for her, but she persevered in the face of the incredible adversity, and earned a reputation among her weathered friends and colleagues as someone who would run into the direct line of fire to try and save as many lives as she could. A reputation that would almost claim her life however, as during one such brazen attempt to treat a fallen comrade, she was ambushed by a shrouded Jem’Hadar, and viciously bayonetted through her abdomen.

Left to bleed out, she’d given into unconsciousness only to awaken sometime later under the care of those whom she herself had cared for previously. Miraculously she’d survived and would in fact see the end of the initial Siege when a relief force later landed and evacuated Kate and the other injured. Kate was then to be awarded the Starfleet Purple Heart Medal for her injuries sustained, and also the Starfleet Medal of Gallantry for her courageous behavior exhibited in saving the lives of her comrades.

2375: Second Assignment, USS Galaxy

After AR-558, and a relatively short period of time in which she recovered from her injuries, Kate was assigned as a Surgical Assistant aboard the Galaxy-class USS Galaxy, where she would finish out the rest of the Dominion War, furthering her knowledge of Medicine, and improving her skills as an aspirant Surgeon. It was during this posting aboard the USS Galaxy, when in the aftermath of the brief battle waged above Cardassia Prime, that she’d performed a life-saving surgical procedure on a young wounded Ensign that had been recovered from lifeboats of the destroyed USS Poseidon. That Ensign, an engineer by the name of Lee Anderson, was the nephew of one Rear Admiral Joseph Nerva Anderson, and it is that one life saved that would have a dramatic effect on her life much later on.

2375-2377: Cardassian Relief Efforts, Cardassia Prime

As the war had ended, the need for Medical personnel to remain behind on Cardassia as part of relief efforts prompted Kate into staying. She was transferred to a small detachment, and under tutelage of a number of skilled Starfleet Doctors, she would continue her education, and in fact earn the necessary accreditations of her previously delayed Surgical Doctorate program. This would of course take years of time, yet there was little of it wasted as Cardassia had been utterly devastated by the Dominion as punishment for their betrayal. At first, Kate found herself utterly disinterested in the Cardassian people, or their culture. To an effect, she’d even harbored some feelings of resentment toward them, as had many Starfleet personnel in the wake of the war. But, as time went on, she found herself starting to understand, and even appreciate some of the finer aspects of their culture. She appreciated the importance of study and learning that was instilled in them from a young age, but most of all she admired how important family was for them. They were close-knit units, which was something she had wanted in her own life but had never found.

Soon, she had found herself indulging in Cardassian culture a little more openly, even having developed something of a preference for Cardassian cuisine. It all seemed to culminate for her, when she later met and fell in love with a young Cardassian Glinn, by the name of Tosar Evek; who was the daughter of a prominent Cardassian Gul. Tosar had been assiged to Kate as a replacement to the steward she’d previously come to know during the first half of her stay on the Cardassiad home world. At first, they had seemed to greatly disprove of one another, and were prone to arguments, but as they grew increasingly familiar, they had discovered a great deal in common. It was that commonality which became something of a romantic interest, and only led to the development of mutual feelings of love. A love that would eventually even blossom into an engagement, though it had been terminated not long after due to the conflicting nature of their then respective positions and careers. Kate had desired a chance to continue to serve within Starfleet, and Tosar a chance to continue to serve within the Cardassian Union. It simply wouldn’t have worked, they realized. And though Tosar and Kate had loved each other, they decided to separate and go in opposite directions. Permanently so, as by 2377 Kate had earned her Doctorate as a Surgeon and accepted her first assignment as such aboard a starship, leaving Cardassia Prime behind.

For the role she played in relief efforts of the Cardassian people, Kate was awarded the Starfleet Medal of Mercy.

2377-2378: Third Assignment, USS Ontario


Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade, Kate was assigned to the Excelsior-class USS Ontario as Chief Surgeon. Considered a highly prestigious posting, the Ontario had served as the flagship of Rear Admiral Peter Miles during the Dominion War, who had come to be recognized as something of a War Hero. And though at a time of relative peace, conflict still found the Federation in the form of a series of skirmishes unfolding throughout the region of space known as ‘The Maelstrom’. As Federation, Cardassian, and Klingon forces struggled over the revelation of a previously unknown pocket of populated worlds, there whey would discover an enigmatic species known as the Kessok. As the conflict worsened, the Ontario was dispatched to ‘The Maelstrom’ in order to coordinate the efforts of Federation, Klingon, and eventually Kessok forces against rogue Cardassian elements that had attempted to steal a piece of dangerous Kessok technology.

For her part, Kate performed her duty admirably, at least until learning of the suicide of her mother from an overdose of ‘Ultra’. Kate was consumed by an inconsolable sorrow at having never repaired the rift between her and her mother and relapsed into habitual abuse of ‘Ultra’ once again. When this habitual abuse was discovered by her colleagues, Kate was suspended from duty, and removed her posting.

2378: General Court Martial, Earth

Returning home, Kate was charged with dereliction of duty, and endangering the lives of her fellow crewmen by having performed surgery while under the influence of narcotics. During her trial, Kate’s Judge Advocate General called on the testimonials of a number of people whose lived she had saved during the Siege of AR-558, and other subsequent conflicts. They painted the picture of a woman who was haunted by the harrows of playing such a vital role in whether or not someone lived, often times literally feeling someone’s life slip away from them as she had fought on their behalf. It was further posited, that the tragic death of her mother played the final lynchpin in her relapse to abuse. It was an excellent defense, as though she was found guilty of the first charge of dereliction of duty, which carried a far less severe penalty, she was found innocent of the second charge of endangering the lives of her fellow crewmen, a charge which would have called for her outright dismissal from Starfleet. As penalty, she was demoted in rank, and mandated to a Starfleet Medical Health and Wellness center on Vulcan, where she would go through a far more strenuous rehabilitation program.

Her reputation shot, her rank reduced, and her career stalled, perhaps the greatest loss of all sustained as a result of her relapse, was that of whatever shred of civility that had remained between her, and her half-brother; as Stellan had testified against her during her court-martial, declaring in his personal and professional opinion as a Starfleet Counselor, that Kate was unfit to continue to wear the uniform. That she’d already been given a second chance in life, had failed to make the most of it, and didn’t deserve a third. A condemnation that resulted in the harshest of rebukes from Kate, as she rather succinctly told her brother to ‘Fuck off and die!’ before losing any and all traces of communications with him. A statement that she would come to regret having made, as even if she and Stellan had their personal differences, he was still her big-brother, and she indeed loved him as any sibling might. Though, she struggled with the will to seek out an absolution from him, and their relationship remained deteriorated.

2378-2380: Fourth Assignment, USS Zürich

Demoted to Ensign, Kate was assigned to the Norway-class USS Zürich as a Surgeon, so that she could re-certify herself as competent. She knew she needed to fly straight, and under the radar, and under the radar she flew. As the Zürich set out to begin an extended tour of science and exploration, she settled into a more routine pattern of life that she’d not experienced before. She kept her nose clean as well, but she always carried with her a stigma that made it difficult to make friends and or companions. Her general sometimes off-putting attitude further compounding issues for her. Still, she would repair her professional reputation somewhat enough to warrant a second promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade and was re-assigned in early 2380.

2380-2381: Fifth Assignment, USS Shelby

Having proven herself once more, Kate was once more assigned as a Chief Surgeon, this time aboard the Saber-class USS Shelby, where she could further restore her reputation as a reliable and skilled Medical professional. Not nearly as prestigious a position as she once had occupied, the relative peace of the Shelby’s role as an advanced scout ship was something that Kate desperately yearned for, and she would come to later have appreciated the time spent aboard the small ship, as it helped her further come to terms with who she was, and the parts of her past that had shaped who she was. As her initial tour of duty aboard Shelby came to an end, she’d intended on re-upping for a second, but instead she was granted a chance at attending a Medical Conference on Starbase-211, where new cutting-edge surgical techniques were to be demonstrated.

2381: Sixth Assignment, USS Theurgy

Kate was contacted while attending that Medical Conference on Starbase-211, by Rear Admiral Joseph Nerva Anderson. Anderson would reveal to the young Medical Officer the apparent truth of the USS Theurgy and ordered her to seek it out so as to supplement their efforts to undermine the parasitic threat that had compromised Starfleet Command. Recognizing the nobility of the cause, and also the chance to uncover the fate of her half-brother, who had been serving aboard Theurgy prior to its rogue status, Kate boarded a freighter which took her to Deep Space K-7. From there, it was just a short journey aboard the IKS ChunDab, and then the IKS Vor’Nak that brought her to the Epsilon Mynos system. Only upon her arrival, had she discovered that the ship was in need of a new Chief Surgeon, as Theurgy’s Dr. Maya, with her extensive knowledge of the infested sought to aid Klingon High Chancellor Martok, and had volunteered for secondment within the Klingon Defense Forces.

Personality Profile


Kate was a brash, often contemptuous individual who was prone to acts of sheer impulsiveness. She had trouble affording patience for others, was quick to temper, and held grudges with the very best of them. She was however prone to regret over the brash things she might say and do born of her temper. Outwardly, she wore her flaws openly as a means of expressing her belief that though she was flawed, she was not without worth or merit. It was something of an implicit challenge to others for them to see beyond her exterior. When in the right mood, she was also found to be a downright blast to be around, which resulted from her youth when she was prone to the proclivities of a partying lifestyle, proclivities that still persisted into her adulthood. Professionally, she’d extended the utmost respect and attention to her patients, and demonstrated the skill and mannerisms of someone with as vital and serious a profession as hers; all a part of owning up to the immense burden of guilt and regret she internally harbored over the events of her troubled past.

Physical Profile

Kate was relatively short at only 1.65m in height and maintained a slender and lithe build. Often prone to engage in aggressive forms of physical activity, she maintained a decent physicality for her modest size. Her most prominent features were that of her tangerine hued eyes, which under certain lighting conditions seemed to almost glow at time; the color was a permanent side-effect of past abuse of the narcotic, ‘Ultra’. And, whereas other addicts have cosmetically altered their eyes back to their natural color post addiction, Kate had instead opted against this, having decided to not hide her past struggles from the world. For her personal style, she also preferred to wear her dyed blonde hair in an asymmetrical fashion, with it often cascaded unevenly down across the right periphery of her face. Additionally, Kate has a number of tattoos across her body, each with a unique significance to a part of her and her past.

Tattoos: #1: The logo of a particular variant of Refined Felicium known as ‘Ultra’, it can be found on the underside of her right forearm. #2: “VALOR GROWS BY DARING, FEAR BY HOLDING BACK”, a quotation of Publilius Syrus. It can be found in script down the length of the underside of her left forearm. #3: “SIERRA”, the name of her deceased younger sister. It can be found in script at the base of her right wrist. #4: “MMCCCLII”, the year of her birth in roman numerals. It can be found just beneath her left hip bone. #5: The emblem of Starfleet Medical. It can be found at the base of her left wrist. #6: A serpent design. It can be found beginning on the outside of her right ankle, leading down over the side of her right foot. #7: An Angel Wing. It can be found nestled over her right shoulder blade on her back. #8: Pansexual Symbol. Can be found just behind her left earlobe.

Special Notes

Resultant from her teenage years, when she abused the illicit Felicium variant known as ‘Ultra’, Kate was rendered permanently addicted to the drug. She will struggle with the addiction for the rest of her life, as there is no known cure for the manner in which the narcotic effects and alters the DNA sequencing of an abuser. As such, she is required to take a daily supplement that tempers the effects of withdraw to a manageable level. Without the use of this supplement, withdraw symptoms would gradually increase over the course of 72-hours, rendering her in an almost crippling state of physical and emotional anguish.


Aldean Prime Anthology

Season 02, Episode 01: Advent of War

Interregnum 01-02 S2

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