XamotZark zh’Ptrell

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Name:XamotZark "Zark" zh’Ptrell
Rank:Lieutenant Junior Grade
Position:Combat Medic
Orientation:  Pansexual
Birthplace:Andoria: Irinari district
Height:5ft 8in / 1.73m
Weight:121lbs / 55kg
Hair:White, Extra Long
Eye color:Dark Blue-green
Played by:Amber Heard
Starship Modeling
Martial Arts
Scottish Bagpipes,
Andorian Weaponry
Andorian Martial Arts
Role Playing Games
Snow Volleyball
2372 – 2376: Starfleet Academy: Security Track, Magna Cum Laude Class of 76
2376 – 2377.5: Starfleet Medical: Postgraduate Work: Licensed Physician’s Assistant
Service Record
2377- 2380: Lt JG: Combat Medic: USS Spector (NCC-63898)
2380- 2381: Lt JG: Combat Medic: USS Cayuga (NCC-78498)
2380- 2381: Lt JG: Combat Medic: USS Theurgy
2373: Commendation for bravery and quick thinking under fire during the attempted Piracy of the USS Renegade (NCC-63102), between the sophomore and junior years at Starfleet Academy
Junior Lieutenant XamotZark "Zark" zh’Ptrell was a Security officer and Combat Medic aboard the USS Cayuga. She served on the USS Theurgy during the engagement with the Borg in the Azure Nebula, and later stood in opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th Century.


Born of Ice

XamotZark zh’Ptrell was born deep in a terrible winter on Andoria. The city in the Irinari district was safely nestled in the rock of the surrounding mountains and under the ice. The winter was so hard and heavy that even underground, the native Andorians were feeling the effects. Modern technology meant that few Andorians would freeze to death unless they went out of their way to do so and some did, but above the winds howled and blade-like ice fell. Zark’s first cry came in the middle of a fierce storm in that hard, long winter.

For some, that might set the tone for a life. Andorians were known for their fierce natures. Blue blood running hot to keep them going on the frozen iceball of a homeworld. Some might say that a child born in such a storm was destined for strife and a lifetime of hardship and uncompromising disaster, harsh event after event that hammered and chiseled them into a bitter and cold individual.
That was not Zark’s story.

Raised in the Whole

Zark's parents were well adjusted. Her shreya was in the Imperial Guard as a helmswoman. Her zhavey was in Starfleet as the night time XO of a New Orleans class vessel, the USS Renegade. Her charan was a toy designer, and thavan, a novelist of Andorian Horror holo-stories. Zark grew up in a happy home. Andorian fertility cycles were shorter than they once had been, so many Andorian families bred as often as they could during those short years. This meant that Zark grew up with 3 siblings of roughly the same age. A Shen one year younger, A Thaan two years younger and a single Chan, the baby of the family, three years younger.

Together the 4 of them grew up in a little high spirited blue pack of ice predators unleashed on the community more or less all at once. When ever they would visit the surface, Zark always found herself looking up to the massive Andor, hovering above in the sky, visible for the majority of the time, day or night. It’s beauty with those gleaming cerulean rings called to her, as well as space beyond.

On Andoria families lived communally and Zark and her brothers and sister were especially close. Being close in age they went through many aspects of childhood more or less together. Their zhavey and shreya were sometimes absent. Either serving on ships in space around the planet or further away. Their charan and thavan were home and took on much of the house duties and education of the children. As they grew up in the wild Irinari district, survival training was important at an early age, mountain and arctic survival especially was necessary. Along with it, her parents also ensured they had education that would benefit them in their future lives. As much literature as mountaineering. As much Science as combat training. Yes, the physical pursuits were important, Andorians were still a warrior people, but Zark’s parents wanted well rounded children. Not cookie cutter thugs, or unintelligent simpletons.

When Zark entered school around age 6, she was given the genetic and personality tests that the vast majority of Andorians took at that age. Due to the Reproduction Crisis, Andorian children were rigorously screened both genetically and socially to be joined in 4 person bondgroups. The purpose of this was to attempt and achieve the maximum potential for genetic compatibility, and social dynamics. This would hopefully result in the best chance to produce viable offspring during the extremely narrow window of Andorian fertility. Not every Andorian was fertile at the same period in their lives, so the rigorous genetic screening was needed to ensure that all 4 members of the bond were viable at the same time. The social tests were an attempt to determine if they could exist as a bondgroup, to achieve reproduction.

Zark was bonded with Ashryzit sh’Oshraalrath “Ryzit”, Ishrynaath ch’Qaokreq “Ryn”, and Oshrave th’Chyvik “Shrav”. They went through primary and middle school together. Learning all the things that Andorian children did in their bondgroups. This included the complex biology of the Andorian species, the complex means of reproduction, and the technique to maximize the chances of conception and pleasing their partners.

The bond group grew up together till their teens and got on pretty well. No glaring personality clashes. Which was good, considering. The Andorians testing and such in this aspect were extensive to a breathtaking degree. So the arranged ‘marriage’ was set. The four became best friends, confidants, and grew to love one another as family.

From an early age Zark was good on the ice. While some of her zhi, shi and chi, thi excelled in speed skating, or figure skating, Zark herself took to hockey. A sport that may have originated on Earth, it had been elevated to an art form on Andoria. Her teams played, not only other Andorian teams but teams visiting from other worlds, including a rather vicious team of Klingons that would become rivals over the years.

Zark’s solo sport of choice was gymnastics. Her lithe compact body lending itself well towards the sport and she was amazingly agile and swift. She competed some as a youngster and usually finished middle ground in the competitions. Not often winning everything but seldom coming in last place either.

Reaching for the Stars

Before she even made it to secondary school her zhavey and shreya had both realized that Zark wanted more - more than a quiet life on the frozen world of her birth. Like them, she wished to travel the stars. When she reached her teens, her zhavey arranged for her to come live with her on the Renegade, a New Orleans Class Frigate.

It was there that she started to learn the ins and outs of Starfleet and ship life. The New Orleans Class vessels were medium sized ships and had multi species crews 500 strong. Zark lived with people from all over the Federation. Classes were taken with the handful of other children on board and were taught by actual Starfleet crew and officers. Zark loved every minute of it, seeing strange new worlds, meeting new people, and living in among the stars. It was an adventure every day and learning in the atmosphere allowed her to suck up so much information in the short years spent there. She actually hated the shore leave taking her home not that she hated Andoria. Quite the opposite, she loved her homeworld but once she had gotten out into the stars she knew that was where she would live her life.

As her lessons were coming to a close Zark started to cram for the Starfleet entrance exams. Her zhavey and other crew of the Renegade helped her. Zark wasn’t the best in every category but with the aid of the crew and her own dedication, she managed to score entry.

She was ecstatic and enjoyed the last weeks on the ship, then headed home to Andoria, before reporting to the Academy. During this last summer, upon completion from their secondary schooling, Zark, Ryzit, Ryn, and Shrav entered into Kelthreh. Formalizing their bonding and becoming Whole. They exchanged Shapla, and each wore the diamond shaped pendant on square linked chains of silver, close to their hearts. Each Shapla containing a braid formed of 4 locks of Andorian hair. One from each of the mates in the bondgroup.

The summer was spent together, then they parted. Zark went to Starfleet Academy, Ryzit to the Andorian Peacekeeper Academy (Planetary Police), Ryn to college for Primary School Teacher accreditation, and Shrav to University as premed, and then further to post-grad education as a Veterinarian on Andoria. As children their genetic code had been mapped to excruciating detail, and it was determined that their breeding window would be from about age 30-35. So the Kelthreh pledged to come back together at that point to reproduce and raise their children.

Early on Zark knew that she would be striving to enter the Security track. Her Andorian blood still sang in her veins. She’d excelled in combat training growing up. Normally she was pretty chipper and almost bubbly in attitude, and this continued when she was in combat - smiling, laughing and even giggling. This was quite disconcerting to some she sparred with and something her instructors tried to hammer out of her much to her dissatisfaction. All the extra PT that was handed out to not only her, but her training squad because she would grin, smile, laugh and even giggle during combat training had little effect. It was just an aspect of Zark. Perhaps a nervous tick, that instead of crying, grimacing, or growling she emoted by laughing in combat situations. Her hand to hand was powerful and direct, and her bladework was blindingly fast and lethal. She learned the procedures and tactics from her instructors and sucked it up like a Trillian sea sponge. Phaser accuracy was not what you’d call her speciality but she didn’t embarrass herself or her zhavey. She more than surpassed the minimum scores needed, without rating marksman or sniper.

Zark wasn’t as large as some, or even ‘most’ in Starfleet. She was a lithe young woman so she had to learn leverage and break points. Sparring with a Klingon or the like, she would have to focus on speed and accuracy because she simply didn’t have the mass to overpower larger opponents, so she had to work harder to get the same result. The strength of her Andorian heritage helped level the field with people her own size, but even that additional strength couldn’t overpower massive or super-strong species.

Forged in Fire

During the summer break between her Sophomore and Junior years at Starfleet Academy, she had returned to the Renegade to visit her zhavey. This was just before the outbreak of the Dominion War. Zark found herself regaling her zhavey at meal times with all the experiences she’d had in the first two years at the Academy. Her zhavey loved seeing the excitement in her zhei, and also hearing of instructors and things that she had gone through during her own time in the academy decades prior.

It was during this visit that the ship had ventured into a new area in it’s explorations, one only scantly mapped and categorized previously. One evening as she and her zhavey ate, the ship came under fire. The first impact threw both to the floor and the warning klaxons went off. Eross leaped to her feet and raced for the door, motioning to her zhei. Zark was told to report to the security station and offer the officer there her aid. She had not graduated yet but she was in the academy and more than just a civilian along for the ride.

Another volley shook the ship but by now the shields were up. Zark raced through the familiar corridors and down to the security station. The Lieutenant there recognized her and accepted her offered aid. A heavy blast shook the ship throwing both she and the Lieutenant to the deck. The First Officers voice came over the coms. “Shields are down! All Hands, Repel boarders! I repeat! Repel boarders!” Zark looked to the lieutenant as they pulled themselves up off the deck.

Smoke was starting to fill the corridor when 5 overlarge humanoids materialized before them. Turning they started laying down withering fire. Zark hit the deck and rolled to the side of the corridor, a startled laugh escaping her as she did so. The Security officer dropped to a knee and opened up with his own phaser, dropping two of the invaders before the others focused fire on him and sent him retreating down the hall. In his flight he managed to stun a third, but that still left two. They were coming up the hall when one noticed Zark hugging the wall to keep from getting shot. The alien drew a machete-like blade and came towards the Andorian zhen

Zark saw his leering elephantine face coming her way with clear evil intent. Her Andorian blood called to her and she rose a fierce smile spread across her blue face. Zark’s hand swept back to draw a grip from her belt. A flick of her wrist and the blade of an extendable Chaka unfolded around her fist, it’s three blades gleaming. The elephantine alien laughed seeing the smallish blue skinned woman producing a weapon even if it did have three blades.

The massive elephant like humanoid’s ‘trunk’ lashed out like a whip and wrapped around Zark’s waist. Lifting her up off the deck she was bashed brutally against the wall several times. Zark screamed in pain and frustration. Dark blue blood trickling from the corner of her mouth her deep blue eyes flashed as she laughed darkly. The alien roared in laughter, thinking he’d seriously damaged the frail looking blue creature in it’s grasp! Rearing back with his massive limb and wicked machete, he readied a killing blow. Not wanting to be around for that Zark slashed downwards with her chaka. Severing the trunk sent her crashing to the floor and the beast recoiled in intense pain, the stump of his trunk lashing wildly and spraying thick gray brown-blood all over the place. Zark was busy trying not to get trampled by the behemoth when his buddy opened up with his rifle. Blasts hit all around Zark, causing her to turn, roll to her feet and run. Bobbing and weaving, moving in a serpentine pattern, she fled. “Shelat! Shelat! Shelat!!” yelled out as bolts scored the flooring and walls around her. Zark barely made it to the corner and dove out of the way. A string of nervous giggles cutting off as she took cover.

Invaders were all over the ship. Fighting in the halls intensified. Security was retaking the ground, deck by deck but it was a hell of a fight. More than once the Starfleet forces had to retreat and give up ground, only to rally and retake it. During the combat Zark saw something extraordinary. Certain members of the security force not only fought, but saw to their fallen. Dragging wounded out of the cross fire. Throwing their own bodies over the fallen to shield them from further damage and death. Literally putting their lives on the line to save others. Once clear of actual fighting or even while blasts filled the air around them, they rendered aid. She helped them as best she could. Somewhere along the way Zark had obtained a rifle from a fallen officer and used it to lay down covering fire for a Pacifican medic. The young Andorian worked hard keeping others from having a chance to shoot the medic as she stabilized fallen Starfleet personnel. Zark’s shots may not have taken down many or even any of the massive elephantine invaders, but they did give those pirates reason to keep their heads down as the water-born officer did her work.

Towards the end of the engagement that same officer took a hit to her helmet, shattering the face plate. The water splashed the floor and she started to gasp. She was past the amphibian stage of her life cycle and was slowly suffocating right there on the deck. The other security personnel were pressing forward trying to route the final remnants of the pirates, engaged in a furious battle just out side of Engineering. Phaser beams and disruptor bolts filled the air. If they stopped the offensive the pirates might breach the security doors, get into Main Engineering and take the ship, or even blow it up. Starfleet Security couldn’t give up anyone in that moment.

Zark looked down to the Medic who was starting to suffocate and darted out into the crossfire. Diving she slid across the deck firing her rifle till the magazine went dry. She wasn’t sure if she hit anyone but she was otherwise motivated just then. Crawling across the scorched and rubble strewn carpet, antennae folded back tight against her skull, she made it to the Pacifican. Gripping her by the harness on the hydro suit, Zarl drug her back out of the hallway even as phaser blasts and disruptor bolts flew inches above their prone forms.

Getting the medic clear of the fight Zark got to a knee and lifted the larger woman up and onto a shoulder. She’d lived on this ship for years and knew the quickest way to sickbay. She also knew… where the Pacifican’s quarters were and they were much closer. Carrying the officer in a battle carry she made her way down the halls, moving as swiftly as she could under weight. Finding the woman’s quarters she shoved her into the tiny airlock and hit the big blue button. Taking a deep breath as it filled with water she waited for it to cycle and shoved the medic into her own water filled room. The officer gasped and sucked water in over her gills and started to recover. Zark however had not evolved to breathe water. As soon as she was sure the medic would be ok, she slammed the airlock shut and hit the button again to drain it. The airlock wasn’t built for super rapid fill or draining but Zark could shove up off the floor once the water level started to drop and get a gasp of air. Coughing she fell out into the hallway once it had fully cycled and the door opened.

The battle ended minutes later with Zark still gasping and spitting out water in the hallway. The raider ship fled from the frigate, the hostile borders subdued or dead. Thanks to the training of Starfleet security the Renegade’s own losses were minimal. Thanks to the training of her combat medics, they were fewer than they might have been. Zark even got a commendation put into her academy file for bravery under fire and quick thinking in the rescue of the Pacifican.

Tempered in Blood

When she returned to the Academy, she instantly went to her student adviser. She’d found her Security Focus. She signed up to be a Combat Medic. She’d never been more sure of anything in her life. The classes were hard. Not only did she have to learn the standard higher level security procedures and tactical courses, she also had to excel at Biology and medical classes. The vigor that she threw herself into the work startled her instructors. Every time they added more work she ripped into it like a sabercat and asked for more. Zark had found her nitch and reveled in learning all she could about it.

The next two years were difficult. She hadn’t chosen the ‘stand around and guard a door’ aspect of security, but instead one of the tactical teams with the added difficulty of needing to know how to save lives and tend wounds. Being Andorian that would be difficult enough just learning the procedures for one species, but Starfleet was a multi species organization so she had to learn techniques, then learn when those wouldn’t work on other species. What worked on a human usually worked on a Bajorian but not all the time on a Vulcan and that same procedure could be lethal on a Bolian. Those final two years at the Academy were hard and Zark loaded up on extra classes. Social time was minimal and she even stayed over summer and winter breaks to cram in more classwork, and apprentice under full medical officers in off duty hours. Andorian physiology made this less difficult than it might have been, only sleeping 3 hours per 32 helped her cram for classes and fill in studying when some species required more rest.

In the end it paid off and she graduated magna cum laude, Security, with the focus of Combat Medic. Immediately she entered post graduate work and another 18 months of training to become a licensed Physicians Assistant. The advanced training added to her usefulness in the field and overall knowledge. The extra, dedicated education bumped her rank to Lt. JG. Zark would be assigned to Security, in a role as a combat medic, but would be able to render more in-depth medical assistance to the Security forces with which she worked.

Living the Dream

Zark’s first ship board assignment was in 2377, the USS Spector, an Akira class heavy cruiser that crewed over 500 souls. Over the next three years she saw deployment in a few minor flareups along the borders of the Cardassian Union. Not every planet in the Union was quite as docile and ready to turn over a new leaf after the Dominion War. Some were quite spunky and the Federation kept a heavy presence along the border.

Shipboard, she took time in the armory, helping with the upkeep of weapons, cross training with the medical staff to keep up her training, and even teaching hand to hand and edged weaponry to the junior officers and crewmen that wished to hone their skills.

In her down time she started up an in ship hockey league and by the end of her three year deployment there were four different teams on board that would play intramural games against one another. Her own team, the Blue Grayth’s (Saber toothed Andorian Felines) had won the final year.

After the tour on the Spector, she had applied for transfer, wanting a bit of change of scenery, she applied for and was accepted upon the USS Cayuga. Zark was 27, and rapidly approaching the narrow fertility window of the Andorians. She wanted to get one more tour in before she turned 30, and returned to her bondgroup, for a few years, to attempt and have children. She joined the crew as a junior officer and Combat Medic on the ship, 6 months prior to the reveal of the parasite threat to the Federation.

Personality Profile

XamotZark zh’Ptrell grew up with her siblings in the cold mountainous region of the Irinari district in the north. In spite of the remote locale, and often frigid conditions Zark was anything but harsh. She was a bright and vivacious young woman. Friendly and outgoing (For an Andorian) She never had a problem making friends in school or the academy. She was pleasant to be around and supportive of her bond group, her friends at school, and in training. She fits in well with small units, likely due to the communal nature of Andorian society. Some what a mild prankster she loved to play jokes on her friends and her laughter was often said to be infectious.

As an Andorian she does have a temper but it’s usually a cold one. Not prone to sudden outburst, she’s more the sort that would build up anger and hone it to a razors edge. Still that anger is saved for her enemies, not her friends. She does have the distracting and some what off putting habit of laughing or smiling in combat. This freaks out some people as they may believe that she ‘enjoys’ fighting others. In reality it’s nothing of the sort. It’s a quite involuntary outward manifestation of stress. Once the phaser blasts are flying or blades are unsheathed, she is fully committed to the situation at hand. Protecting the fallen and helping her squad put an end to the threat.

Physical Profile

Zark was from the mountainous northern regions of Andoria and her skin was a bit darker blue than some of her kind, a regional variation. Her antennae were long, slender and very expressive. A good poker player she was not. They tended to give away her moods with startling frequency. Friends could figure out what sort of day she was having with barely a glance as she wore her emotions there, on her antennae. Her body was fit and toned, but it wasn’t as easy for her as it was for some.

Some people had amazing genetics and could eat whatever they wanted with out gaining weight. Zark was not one of those people. She kept fit by constant exercise, often carried out when others were asleep. Andorians only needed 3 or 4 hours sleep per 32, so a few hours of the ship’s sleep cycle was used to exercise and keep fit. She needed them because she tended to eat what ever she wanted, and it was a constant battle to keep the weight down. That’s not to say she was a gym rat or a hard body. She just needed the exercise to keep toned and ready for combat.

Tallish with nice curve of both hip and breast she was very Zhen. Zark was the very image of Andorian motherhood. Her eyes were dark bluegreen, and the gleaming hair was worn long and straight, gleaming snow white fall down the back, or up in a braid, tucked out of the way in combat.

The young Andorian Security officer was also prone to ballcaps, with holes cut for her antennae, and her gleaming hair pulled into a pony tail out the back.

Special Notes

Gender Name Nickname Occupation
Zhen Threross zh’Ptrell “Eross” Nightside XO, USS Renegade (NCC-63102) New Orleans Class Frigate
Shen Eshryssi sh’Ivhynith “Ryssi” Imperial Guard, CONN speciality
Chan Shethath ch’Oqaothroq “Hath” Toy designer
Thaan Shrithias th’Zhekres “Thias” Horror Holo-novelist
Gender Name Nickname Occupation
Zhen XamotZark zh’Ptrell “Zark” Starfleet Security: Combat Medic
Shen Ashryzit sh’Oshraalrath “Ryzit” Andorian Peacekeeper (Planetary Cop)
Chan Ishrynaath ch’Qaokreq “Ryn” Elementary School Teacher
Thaan Oshrave th’Chyvik "Shrav” Veterinarian

After the Cayuga met up with the Theurgy in the Azure Nebula they assisted one another. The Sickbay on Cayuga had been destroyed in battle so during the time of cross ship assistance, Zark had been deployed to the larger Theurgy to assist in medical duties there as her sickbays were fielding both ship’s injured. As Zark didn’t know how long it would be, before she returned to her quarters on the Cayuga, she ducked into her room before leaving and tucked her blue Andorian antennae cat into it’s travel bag. Zipping up the flaps to provide a dark place for the antennae cat to calm, she brought her along when she cross-shipped to the Theurgy.

Once on Theurgy she found a secure store room for her gear and the bag with her antennae cat. “Saucer” was safe in there, well as safe as she could be on either of the ships, as Zark pitched in, in sick bay and with the Security forces on the Theurgy. Then the Cayuga warped out with out much warning to quest ahead of the Theurgy and attempt to deal with the apertures, stranding both Zark and Saucer on board the Theurgy.


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