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Vessel Name: USS Harbinger
Registry: NCC-67890
Starship Class: Akira-class
Starship Type: Heavy Cruiser
Status: Destroyed (2381)
Purpose: Exploration, Defence & Diplomacy
Constructed: Antares Fleet Yards
Commissioned: February 12th, 2371
Dedication: ”Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; suddenly you are doing the impossible."
  • Length: 465 m
  • Height: 88 m
  • Width: 316 m
Mass: 3,500,000 tonnes
Decks: 18
Standard Crew Complement 500
Maximum Cruising Speed

Warp Factor 8.5
Warp Factor 9.98 for 12hr Duration

Standard Cruising Speed Warp Factor 7.5
  • Type X Phaser Beam Arrays (6)
  • Mark-XXV Photon Torpedo Launchers (4)
  • Standard Deflector Shield
  • Duranium microfoam and Tritanium Hull composite
Auxiliary Craft

Alex Jaeger

3D Model:

The Light Works

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The USS Harbinger (NCC-67890) was an Akira-class Starfleet vessel that was active in the latter years of the 24th century. The vessel and its crew aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command before it was ultimately destroyed in 2381.

Starship Demonstration


The Harbinger was involved with a number of military successes for the Federation, including several conflicts with Romulans and Klingons in the Neutral Zone, first encounters with hostile alien species and the destruction of dangerous technology either newly created or salvaged by warmongering races. This helped to earn a reputation as one of the most capable war vessels in the fleet.

After the Theurgy’s departure, Captain Vasser and his crew were ordered to pursue. After several days travel, an encoded message sent from within Harbinger was intercepted and gave Vasser cause to doubt the legitimacy of his orders. Doing so, provoked immediate response from Starfleet Command, resulting in Harbinger being branded traitors and hunted across the Alpha Quadrant.

Harbinger encountered the USS Theurgy in the Hromi Cluster. While the two starships were in communication, they were attacked by a single starship from the future, the Calamity-class ship USS Calamity. After their first engagement, the Calamity was forced to make a tactical retreat. Wounded, both the Harbinger and the Theurgy travelled to Theta Eridani IV in the Acamar System on impulse. Once they set down, both crews began damage assessments and a full week of repairs.

During the week on Theta Eridani IV, Captain Vasser transferred the majority of his crew to the Theurgy-class cruiser. The Harbinger was to function as tactical distraction, and its systems were refitted to be run by a skeleton crew.

On the eight day on Theta Eridani IV, Calamity attacked the planet with orbital strikes, and triggered a planet-wide tectonic event. By the time Harbinger had made orbit, Calamity had already left at maximum warp as a fleet of Federation starships had entered the sector.

During the repairs on Theta Eridani IV, engineers on Theurgy and Harbinger had developed two cloaking devices, which were activated and used as a means of escape while a computer virus took effect throughout the fleet. Theurgy and Harbinger fled separate ways towards an agreed-upon rendezvous point in a Class-9 nebulae deep into Klingon Neutral Zone space.

While in the nebula, Calamity intercepted both vessels. Harbinger was destroyed in the resulting battle by ramming Calamity.

Physical Arrangement

There are few variations to Harbinger in comparison to other Akira-class models.

One of the ship's defining features was its large main shuttlebay. One of the largest such facilities on any Federation vessel, the Harbinger’s shuttlebay encompassed almost a third of the ship's saucer section, allowing the Akira-class to act as a fighter carrier as well as a cruiser. Its complement of forty Valkyrie fighters exit through the forward shuttlebay doors and returned through one of two aft bays

During repairs on Theta Eridani IV, Harbinger was fitted with the ability to cloak. This was the only known Akira-class vessel to have such a device, as to do so was in direct violation of the Treaty of Algeron.


Commanding Officers

Command Crew

  • Executive Officer

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