Alexander Rosek

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Personnel FileY-o3.png
Name:Alexander Maxwell Rosek
Orientation:  Homosexual
Birthplace:San Francisco, Earth
Weight:165 lbs
Hair:Dark Brown
Eye color:Brown
Played by:Henry Cavill
Holographic Programming/Engineering
Plasma theory
Temporal Mechanics
Starfleet Academy, class of 2372.
Service Record

Alexander Maxwell Rosek served as Acting Chief Engineer aboard the USS Harbinger before he was promoted to Lieutenant and briefly became the Chief Engineer on the USS Theurgy. He replaced Nicole Howard as Chief Engineer after she was injured during the USS Calamity’s first attack. Rosek, however, was put in stasis after sustaining fatal injury on Theta Eridani IV. He was replaced as Chief Engineer by his shipmate Tatiana Marlowe, followed by Chief William Robert "Billy Bob" O'Connell. Rosek aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.


Having been born into a traditional Starfleet family with a long line of successful officers behind him, Maxwell had no choice on whether he'd join Starfleet and was groomed by his parents to follow in their footsteps.

At the age of fifteen, he successfully passed the entrance exam for Starfleet Academy where he studied an Engineering Major with warp mechanics and Astrotheory. Concerned more with having a good time with the friends he made in San Fransisco, Alexander was far from the top of his class and had to repeat his Cadet cruise, far more focused on boys, parties, and sex than he was on staying on top of his curriculum.

It was a great disappointment to his parents that he graduated from the Academy with no rank and the only posting being that of a technician onboard a deep space outpost near the neutral zone. Unable to stand the pressures of constantly living up to his parents' expectations, Alexander accepted the posting and shipped out on a transport the day after graduation, leaving behind any of the few personal connections he had made and effectively alienating himself from his life on Earth.

Serving as an Engineering technician, Alexander had more than one run-in with his superiors, though the application of his practical skills and theories saved him from being shipped back to Earth. After a year onboard, the station was rocked by an alien attack which left many dead or severely wounded and thrusted Alexander into a role for which he wasn't prepared. Functioning as one of only a handful of Engineering staff, Alexander had to use his ingenuity and skills as a technician to repair the costly damage and stabilise the station to prevent a core breach. It was his surprising ability to act under dangerous conditions that he was promoted to Assistant Chief Engineer with the accompanying rank of Ensign.

With the station running on a skeleton crew and barely surviving harsh conditions for months after the attack, Alexander requested a transfer which was delayed for a further nine months. When relief crew finally transferred and the station's systems were given a major overhaul, Alexander finally found himself posted onboard the USS Harbinger - an Akira class vessel assigned to various missions through out Federation space. Even through the minuscule contact he shared with his famed parents, he was able to understand that they were yet to be proud of his achievements or activity in the fleet. This led to an even greater motivation to cater to himself and his own needs, boosting his ego to an even higher extent even in light of his unpreparedness.

The biggest challenge of his career and almost certainly his life came when the Harbinger’s crew unveiled a conspiracy involving the takeover of key Starfleet personnel and installations which led to the vessel itself being marked as a rogue element and hunted across the Quadrant. For weeks, perhaps months, the Harbinger has been the target of various attacks leaving the ship and it's crew in a seriously weakened state. In the first confrontation alone, three quarters of the ship's Engineering crew were wiped out, forcing Alexander into the top spot.

Having a naturally egotistical personality, Alexander felt that being temporarily promoted to Acting Chief Engineer and rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade was an insult to his skills, although he was acutely aware of the unusual opportunity he had been given and kept his disappointment to himself.

With the sudden pressure of added responsibility and the expectation for him to lead the Engineering Department, Alexander had found life aboard the ship almost unbearable. Despite his past experience with difficult circumstances, Alexander felt that although he was more than skilled enough, he lacked sufficient experience to effectively function as head of department and his subsequent objections had fallen on deaf ears. In war, everything changed and so must he, or so he'd been told. Rosek slowly, but surely, was beginning to understand how his egotism was effecting his life and duties, but wasn't granted the leisure of being able to work on this part of his personality.

Tasked with keeping the ship running and her defensive capabilities primed and ready for the next attack, Alexander had found his patience stretched to the limit. Initially, he rebelled against the idea of becoming an officer like his parents expected, however, one thing that serving aboard the Harbinger had given him was a sense of duty. He didn't fully understand the Captain's decision to flee from the troubles Starfleet were facing but he also recognised a need for self-preservation and it was his hope that they would survive long enough to reveal those behind the plot to take over Starfleet and put a stop to their wicked plans.

During his time in Starfleet, Alexander's personal life had been somewhat limited primarily due to his main focus being called to his role as Engineer, but also due to his inability to socialise and build meaningful relationships. Although his professional reputation had been surprisingly favourable if not strained in the eyes of his superiors, his fellow crewmembers were aware of his less than desirable personality traits. Yet, this hardly affected his ability to indulge sexual partners on the merit of his great looks, often which didn't last over one encounter, and created more negative opinions of him throughout the starship.

The USS Harbinger joined forces with the USS Theurgy, which was the first ship to openly oppose Starfleet Command. The two ships met outside the Hromi Cluster, where they were attacked by the USS Calamity. After the battle, in which the Calamity made a tactical retreat, the new allied ships set down on Theta Eridani IV for seven days of repairs. During this time, Captain Declan Vasser of the Harbinger transferred a lot of the crew to the Theurgy, among them Alexander Rosek. Because of the scarcity of available officers of sufficient rank, Rosek was promoted to Lieutenant and was named the new Chief Engineer on the USS Theurgy. This transfer and field promotion happened on the fourth day spent on Theta Eridani IV.

On the eight day, the Calamity attacked the two ships from orbit, and Rosek made a rather selfless act in trying to repair the on-site shield generator that protected the two ships from the orbital strikes and the Calamity´s Reaver fighters. Doing so, however, Alexander Rosek suffered grievious burn wounds, and had to be put into stasis pending the time and available resources to return him to active duty.

Rosek remained in stasis until after the Battle of Starbase 84 and the encounter with the Savi, where he was resuscitated by T'Panu whilst the USS Theurgy repaired the USS Cayuga.

Personality Profile

Professionally speaking, Alexander was a competent and skilled officer, contributing to many improvements over ship's systems and performing well on missions of various objectives. Owing to the fact that he was very resistant to life as a Starfleet officer, he fit in well with the Harbinger 's crew and enjoyed the responsibilities of his position. He was loyal and hardworking at his core, however personally, he was not seen as a desirable individual that other folk wish to get close to.

Personally, Alexander was selfish and egotistical and had no concerns over who he slept with or pissed off. He had one or two friends who had managed to see past his jack-assish behaviour and often found themselves exasperated by his inability to act like a decent human being. They realise that he was a complex individual and knowing that he was loyal and could be a likeable person, they often found themselves having to defend him against the other crewmembers.

Physical Profile

Alexander was a physically attractive and desirable specimen and has had no problems with sexual intimacy with many of the Alpha Quadrant species, even those who would not normally cavort with Humans. Standing at 6'1" and with a good solid frame shaped by years of physical sports and activities, Alexander was aware of his physical prowess and often attributed this to his flirtatious behaviour. Many people seemed to be drawn in by his vibrant energy often mirrored in his dark gaze, and a lot of the brasher species of the Quadrant found his arrogance and ego quite attractive also. Even through the thick fabrics of the Starfleet uniform, his physique could be admired for its formidable statuesqueness, with thick arms and thighs, a round bottom, and sculpted chest and abdomen.

Despite this, Alexander was born with a genetic defect when his mother was affected by the virus causing choriocytosis during pregnancy. In order to maintain healthy oxygen levels throughout the tissues in his body, Alexander requires bi-monthly injections of nanites which help maintain blood cell oxygenation and enhance their delivery of oxygen throughout his body.