The Hybrid

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The Hybrid was the informal name of the Valkyrie that Thomas Ravon returned with during the Battle of Starbase 84.

Ravon crashed his Valkyrie on a nameless ice planetoid, but only after disabling the two Reavers that chased him. As it happened, one of the Reavers virtually crashed on top of Ravon's Valkyrie, enabling him to put his skills to test and repair his Valkyrie with parts from the enemy fighter. It took him over a week, days riddled with the threat of being eaten by the planetoid's alien fauna, and using his hand phaser to weld the craft together.


In the end, Ravon did what he could to arm his new ship with hard-points from the Reaver. Aside from the two mismatched regular pulse phaser cannons (one Valkyrie and one Reaver) the Hybrid ended up with the following hard-point armament:

One Micro Quantum Torpedo Launcher


Torpedo launchers that were mounted in pairs on the dorsal armament rigs on the Reavers. They held 28 micro quantum torpedoes per launcher. This meant that the hard-point option of additional torpedo launchers held 56 mirco-torpedoes since the Reaver itself didn't carry any as standard internal armament. Instead of internally stored quantum micro torpedoes, the Reaver's light and open fuselage design took precedence since it would grant many other optional armament solutions.

The Hybrid was armed with one of these underneath its port wing.

M-158 Mass Driver Twin Mount Turret


These were Twin Dual Cannon guns utilising an ammunition replicator to create 30mm tungsten shells. These shells were suspended in a small warp field bubble to render them nearly weightless before being electromagnetically propelled at a speed of 0.025c with a rate of up to 1200 rounds per minute, assuming all four cannons are being fired. Devastating against soft targets as well as being effective against armours of nearly all types. However it was ineffective against shields, and its projectiles could be easily reflected via standard deflector arrays. The weapon could be placed in a fixed forward position or can be set to automatically track subsonic targets for fire, though it proved to be ineffective at automatically tracking fast moving small targets. It could hit large targets moving at high speeds but not with the same precision as expected with slow or fixed targets. Designed for aerial and suborbital assault on non-shielded terrestrial targets, deep space strikes against bases, and aerial support of ground operations (see also information about the Valkyrie-mounted turrets).

The Hybrid was armed with one of these turrets underneath its starboard wing.

Quantum Pulse Phaser Cannon


This cannon complemented the phaser cannons mounted on the Reavers as standard armament. While it drained more power than the regular phaser cannons, these quantum beams had - by comparison - a 150 % damage ratio. They were easily detected mid-battle because of their blue colour, much like the light emissions of a launched quantum torpedo were blue too.

The Hybrid was armed with one of these cannons underneath its starboard wing.

Type II Tetryon Pulse Cannon


Like the Mk I that was mounted on the AC-409 Mk III Valkyrie, this was an advanced weapon system with two forms of fire. First was a form of a pulse phaser cannon that fired small concentrated tetryon pulse to mark a target. Once marked, the cannon then fired a concentrated phaser shot to cause damage similar to a Starship’s pulse phasers. Its second form of fire was a large concentrated tetryon pulse. This pulse was capable of weakening shields or disabling computerised systems, allowing for the ability to capture vessels without causing major structural damage. (See also information about the Tetryon Pulse Cannon mounted on the Valkyries)

The Hybrid was armed with one of these cannons underneath its starboard wing.

Mk I Transphasic Compression Phaser Cannon


Like with transphasic shielding it was discovered that the technology of transphasic torpedoes could be applied in phaser technology as well. At first, the results were disappointing, with little to gain by implementing the technology to directed energy beam weaponry. With a large power drain, robbing the warp systems of power to support shielding, the ambition was almost scrapped at an early development phase. Therefore, new phaser emitter technology was required, and it took time before the idea to compress - to charge - the weapon ahead of mounting them on the Reavers that new ideas sprung forth. With its own power supply to balance the thresholds of the fighter, the cannon was a remarkable piece of engineering. The compression cannon solution favourable, the Mk I Reaver ended up with a high-power shield-penetration beam weapon which, while truly a drain on the warp core despite its own power supply, served a vital tactical role when mounted on the Reavers.

The Hybrid was armed with one of these cannons on top of its starboard wing/fuselage.