Connor Matthews

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Name:Connor Matthews
Position:Brig Officer
Orientation:  Heterosexual
Birthplace:Queens, New York
Height:6'1" (185 cm)
Weight:198 lbs (90 kg)
Hair:Dark Brown
Eye color:Sky Blue
Played by:Unknown
Strength Exercise
Endurance Exercise
Phaser Training
Martial Arts
Shaolin Kung Fu
Muay Thai
Starfleet Academy, class of 2378.
Service Record

Connor Matthews was a Brig Officer on the USS Theurgy before he was killed in action in 2381. Before his death, Connor Matthews aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.



Death was something Connor knew all too well. Connor's father had been a Lieutenant Commander in Starfleet. Connor's father is what inspired him to achieve for higher goals. Only there was a problem between the two. While Connor's father wished for Connor to be in a commanding officer position, Connor preferred to join the Security Division. The two often argued about what position he should take, which caused a strain between the two. The arguments stopped however, when the Captain of the starship his father worked on arrived at his doorstep, telling Connor that his father had died of terminal illness. Of course Connor went into denial, how could his father have died? By terminal illness no less. Surely Connor would have noticed something. But reality soon caught up with Connor, as he realized he had not spoken to his father in person for over a year.

Connor went into a deep depression after his father's death. His father had taught him as much as he could have. How to shoot a phaser. How to properly defend himself. How to read. The list was long, and Connor realized he never really appreciated his father, and that only in death was he truly appreciated. After a bit of grieving, Connor realized that his father was a proud man and that he would never want to see his son like this, broken and vulnerable. So at the age of 19, Connor suited up and joined Starfleet Academy as a cadet. As much as he strived for Command like his father wanted, all of Connor's results led to Security. At age 22, Connor graduated the Academy and soon went to work. He had been transferred throughout the system, in total two transfers, not counting upon the fated transfer to the USS Theurgy. He had unfortunately taken the seat of an Ensign throughout his entire career. Connor would always come close to being promoted to a Junior Grade Lieutenant, yet a transfer would be made and the Captains of the starships would not deem him worthy of a promotion. With the last transfer to the USS Theurgy, he hasn't had the time to be worrying about such trivial things. Not that it mattered to Connor anyway, he was completely fine with taking orders.

A month before he was transferred, Connor received a letter from the Captain of his father's old ship. She had said to him that this was from his father, and that he had asked her to relinquish it to him when she thought the time was right. She left soon after, leaving to go attend to her starship. Connor found a secure and private location and read the letter. He expected it to be how he was disappointed in Connor, or how he wished that he could have lived long enough to smack some sense into him, but it didn't. It was barely about his father at all. Instead, it contained information on his mother. He didn't know his mother at all prior to that moment. His father had told him that she simply left Connor with him and took off. But, in this message, it told something entirely different. Something that made him question his life quite a bit.

It first started off about how his father had lied about everything he ever said about his mother. She had not left him, in fact she loved his father and Connor. It told how excited she was to be having his child, about how she planned out everything for his life. Then it revealed why he never had gotten the chance to meet his mother. She had died giving birth to Connor. The letter then went on to explain why his father hid this sort of information from him. His father was afraid that Connor would blame himself for his mother's death. He was right, the younger Connor would have blamed himself. But this Connor had been through much and became more mature as a result. The rest of the letter told of his mother's life and how her and his father had met each other. She was the Chief Engineer on the starship his father worked on, and often they had to work together to see through any problem the ship may have contained. Over time his father grew fond of her, and she to him. In time they're relationship had grown much stronger and one night, they conceived Connor. The letter ended with an apology from his father for lying to him this whole time. Along with the letter came a picture of his mother. He then knew where he got his looks from. Same eye color, eye shape, and hair color. To this day he still has the letter and the picture.

Band of Outlaws

Life aboard the USS Theurgy was quite a life changer. He was labeled a traitor for merely being on the ship. There wasn't much he could do at that point. It was either take orders or be dead. And one of those heavily outweighed the other. Though, everything he had been through, the Niga Incident was what he deemed the worst thing to have happened to him. He participated in things, did things that he would never be able to forget about. After those events he rarely talked to anyone on the USS Theurgy. In fact the only time he did talk was when he was receiving orders from his commanding officers, or if he had to interrogate any on board prisoners. The Ishtar Incident didn't help at all.

The Ishtar entity had paired him up with a civilian that was riding on board. They had been been placed into an extravagant bed and had done many things, ranging from oral to vaginal and then anal. They were also put into many other different situations, in which they had to preform specific tasks. As soon as the Ishtar entity had left from the crew's lives, Connor immediately apologized to the civilian and made little to no contact with her, wanting to never remember that situation.

Yet through it all, Connor somehow managed to keep his sanity and his wits. He's been uninjured through everything, but with the incident of the Calamity he suffered burns along his right arm, luckily for him that was it. During the battle with the Calamity, Connor was ordered to help as much as he possibly could, which meant leaving his post. He hadn't been seriously injured during the skirmish, and his mentality was still in check.

About the incident with the Calamity, Connor had not gone with the others for their celebration, insisting to stay in his modular shelter. When things had gone insane, Connor had left his post to see if he could help the others come return to help. The closest person to the ship he noticed, was the civilian from the Ishtar Incident. Whatever had happened between them before, Connor put all of that aside. He contacted Thea, asking her to beam him outside of the ship. Once outside Connor sprinted towards the woman, who was in a fetal position screaming. Halfway near the woman, a Reaver flew by Connor and fired its pulse cannons at him. Through sheer luck had shot missed Connor, but only by a few feet. The heat from the blast was still close enough to burn his arm. With so much adrenaline pumping inside of him, Connor didn't feel a thing. He reached the woman, only to see that she was in so much hysteria that she wouldn't listen to anything he had to say, she just kept her eyes closed and screamed. Realizing it was hopeless to talk with her, Connor simply picked her up from the ground in a fireman's carry and ran as fast as he could back towards the USS Theurgy. The scene he had to watch was terrible. A sky filled to the brim with black smoke and red ashes, almost making it look like the sky was bleeding. Getting close enough to the Theurgy, Connor contacted Thea through his combadge and told her he needed to be beamed back on board. Once inside, the adrenaline left Connor and he could now feel the immense pain coming from his right arm. Connor passed out from the intense pain a minute after arriving on board.

Personality Profile

Connor in his youth pre-academy had been a reckless and stubborn boy. Often charging into serious situations without giving much thought. The younger Connor relied more on his Ethos than he did his Logos, this often got him into trouble. Entering the Academy, he still had a reluctant and defiant demeanor about him, but the Academy soon beat that out of him. After his three years into the Academy, he was much more mature than his age allowed. He had lost his arrogance in favor to self-control, but every now and then he will become a bit of a hot-head. He follows orders without complaint, and is to be trusted on his word. Connor has changed much over the course of his life up to this point.

Physical Profile

Hidden underneath his clothing, one would find that Connor is very fit. Muscle covers his body, not so much that it would be grotesque, but so much as to catch the eye of women. Luckily for him, he was born to be well endowed. Connor simply assumed it was great genetics and didn't pay it much mind. On his chest, running horizontally across above his chest muscle, is a long scar he had obtained in a fight at the age of 15. The scar is thin but long. Connor also has a natural scent of cinnamon. Where he gets it from is unknown, but nevertheless, he always has the faint smell of cinnamon on him.