Non-Player Characters

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A non-player character (NPC), also known as a non-playable character, is any character in the story which is not controlled/owned by a single player. NPCs in Star Trek: Theurgy are available to be included in the posts of all writers, with a few common sense exceptions, like Story NPCs (commonly controlled by the GM) and the pets belonging to the characters of other writers. Such pets are not listed on the pages below, but instead available on the character pages of the aforementioned characters. It is also common sense that relatives and spouses belonging to the characters of other writers are off limits unless you get permission from that writer.

Please click the links below to view our listed NPC characters. Some may still be missing, but they will be added as soon as there is time for it. Have in mind that these lists are in a perpetual state of development, so if the NPC you are looking for is not here, you can contact the Game Moderator for directions and advice.


When you use an NPC in your thread/objective/joint-post, you must:

  • Add text to his or her entry with something along the lines of "S/He was present in X, when Y and Z did this, during Episode XX."
  • When the thread is finished, you supplement as needed with "S/he did/didn't sustain injuries."
  • If the NPC died, you need to add a † in front of his/her name, and add his/her death to the NPC entry.

When you create a brand new NPC for your thread that may be used again later, you must:

  • Add his/her name and rank to the relevant NPC page, along with either:
  1. A relevant image of him/her from Sci-Fi Avatars if you find one that fits
  2. You can also use non-uniformed images as long as they are not too "21st century".
  3. The third alternative is to use the default uniform image below.
  • Write a relevant description of the character that is no longer than three (3) standard paragraphs.
  • Make sure to only add characters that serve on the USS Theurgy, unless they belong on the Story NPCs page.
  • PM the GM when the entry is made, and you will earn 1 Story Token.

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  • Unless otherwise stated, most of the character avatars on these NPC pages above come from Sci-Fi Avatars, and due credit goes to the artist Fruitloop and the administrators on that site. A huge thanks from Star Trek: Theurgy goes to Fruitloop's tireless efforts in compiling avatars for all the sims out there. Without her efforts, our NPC pages would not have turned out as well as they did.
  • Another thank you goes to jreeves1701, who made our default LCARS crew images!