Kestra Pren

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Name:Kestra Pren
Position:Rapid Response Field Commander
Species:Trill (Former Betazoid/Trill Hybrid)
Orientation:  Biexual
Birthplace:Rigel III
Height:5ft 5in / 1.65m
Weight:140lbs / 64kg
Hair:Dark Brown/Black
Eye color:Hazel
Played by:Olivia Munn
Writer:P.C. Haring

Martial Training

Weapons Training

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2366-2370 - Starfleet Academy

2370-2372 - Advanced Battlefield Tactics Training - Starfleet Academy

Service Record
2370-2372 - Ensign - Advanced Battlefield Tactics Training Candidate - Starfleet Academy

2372-2373 - Ensign - Security - USS Wellington

2373-2375 - Lieutenant JG - Security - USS Wellington

2375 - Lieutenant - Security/Rapid Response Field Commander - AR-558

2375-2381 - Lieutenant - Starfleet Security Special Assignments

2381 - Lieutenant - Security Officer - Rapid Response Field Commander - USS Theurgy


2373 - Christopher Pike Medal of Valor

2375 - Distinguished Service Award, Christopher Pike Medal of Valor

Lt. Kestra Pren was an elite security officer serving under various commands for Starfleet. After investigating the incident at Tactical CONN Station OMEGA, Kestra learned of her genetic twin, the truth of her own history. As a result, she defected to the USS Theurgy to aid in the opposition against the Parasite infestation of Starfleet Command at the end of the 24th century.



Early Life

Born July 7, 2349 on Rigel III to a Betazoid mother and a Trill father, both of whom were civilians, Kestra was not one to dream about joining Starfleet and going off to explore strange new worlds. Far from it. As a child, young Kestra was blessed with a vivid imagination and curiosity but the concept of space travel did not capture her imagination. Neither she nor her family were naïve to universe around them, nor were they luddites by any sense of the word, but they were content to live and remain on Rigel III, and only occasionally travel to other worlds as vacation or if circumstances required.

In that regard she had a fairly normal childhood, attending elementary and then middle school, making friends, having a social life as was appropriate for her age and the like. She was content to remain a civilian and make a life for herself on Rigel.

That all changed during the summer of 2353. Kestra and her friend Tess, a Bajoran/Human hybrid were abducted by an unknown assailant and exposed to genetic experimentation. Kestra was forced to watch as Tess and others who had been abducted where experimented on. She watched the aftermath of their deformities and eventual deaths when the procedures failed to yield desired results. Then it was her turn..

Kestra would never remember the procedure itself, but she was lucky and the experimentation on her was successful. She woke to find herself in the place where she had been abducted and was shocked…and frightened to find herself a full Trill, her Betazoid half excised.

What Kestra did not know, could not know at the time was that her abductors had been Savi scientists, working on a procedure they called "The Correction". The procedure had been successful but instead of destroying the unused Genetics, they were used to spawn an exobiological clone, a full Betazoid genetic 'twin' who would grow up to become Reggie Suder

For as traumatic as the senseless murder of Tess would have been for any six year old, it had an even more startling impact on Kestra as she realize just how powerless and victimized she had been. With that on her mind, Kestra made a vow to herself, a vow not of revenge but of preparedness. Never again would she allow herself to be caught off guard, to never be defenseless, to never be helpless again. And so she trained. She took up self defense, the martial arts, and began training. Against her parents wishes, she learned how to properly wield various weapons and she continued to train.

But protecting herself was not enough for Kestra and as she grew, the memory of Tess’s death and her own assault continued to drive her and even as she continued to train, she found herself driven to protect others. At first she thought that serving on the Rigelliean police force was the answer for her, but when a Starfleet recruiter showed up at her high school, she knew there was a better place for her. Her grades were strong enough to graduate high school early, her test scores were strong enough for early entrance and with her parents consent, 17 year old Kestra Pren left Rigel III for Starfleet Academy

The Academy

It came as no surprise to the young cadet that she went into security. While she was encouraged to cross train as a tactical officer, the tactical officer role felt too passive for her. She was not nor would she be content to stand by and watch passively while others did the dirty work. No. She knew that if she was supposed to be a protector of others, then she needed to be one of the boots on the ground and in the thick of it. As such she continued to study the martial arts, learning forms of both armed and unarmed combat.

With tensions between the Federation and the Dominion at an all time high and continuing to rise, Starfleet reluctantly rolled out a series of advanced battlefield tactic courses designed to train elite cadets in more complex tactics, higher standards of excellence, and mold them into a force that could supplement existing security forces and fight toe to toe with the Jem’Hadar. Immediately following her graduation from the Academy, Ensign Pren enrolled in the pilot program and remained at the academy for another two years as she pursued her training, eventually to graduate at the top of her class.

USS Wellington

By the time she finished her training, the Dominion War had broken out. Kestra reported for her first shipboard assignment on board the USS Wellington. During one of it's earliest engagements, the Wellington ambushed and boarded by Jem'Hadar. The crew was quickly overwhelmed and put on the defensive. During the fight, Kestra rallied her shipmates and, utilizing the tactics she had learned at advanced training, led a consolidated force that was credited with ending the Jem'Hadar threat and saving the ship. Her team was credited with securing the Main Engineering section and manually executing a warp burst that not only removed the ship from the ambush, but also cut the Jem'Hadar off from their reinforcements. What proceeded was an hours long siege of the ship wherein Kestra's unit, operating mostly on their own, proved instrumental in stopping the boarders aboard ship. For her actions, she was awarded the Christopher Pike Medal of Valor and received a promotion to Lieutenant JG.

In the aftermath of that attack, the Wellington's Commanding Officer and Security Officer put their heads together and approached Kestra with a proposal. They wanted her to organize and build a Rapid Response Team aboard ship. Under their guidance, Kestra was to train a selection of the crew and teach them to be elite first responders who would also serve as the vanguard on any frontline action the ship, or it's crew saw. The model worked, and for the next year and a half Kestra's RRT saw considerable action, until her entire team was transferred to the USS Veracruz at Starbase 371 just after her promotion to Lieutenant.


The Wellington and Veracruz ware in station together, when word came that an emergency mission to resupply and reinforce AR-558, a communications array erected and then abandoned by the Dominion in the Chin'Toka system. The Veracruz met up with the Defiant and together the dropped off relief while rotating out personnel.

Although the crew of the Defiant had successfully repelled the Jem'Hadar ground forces, and removed the threat of the Houdini mines, AR-558 was no more safe than it had been. Even without their tactical advantages, the Dominion continued to press the attack to reclaim their communication array and Kestra's Rapid Response Team was pressed into combat more times than she cared to count. In one pitched battle, Starfleet engineers came up with a method to neutralize the Jem'Hadar's ability to shroud. Kestra did not fully understand the science of it, but she knew her team needed to deploy a series of scanners and emitters in the no mans land between the Starfleet and Dominion bases of operations.

As they did this, they came under heavy fire from Dominion forces which forced Starfleet personnel to retreat back to the array. Kestra's team held the line, defending the retreat. However they were not content at that. Under heavy fire, Kestra led a small team of five forward and while defending from the Jem'Hadar, completed the mission by placing the last of the scanners. One of Kestra's team was killed, and two others were severely wounded, but Kestra pulled the injured back to safety. As a result of her actions, Allied forces were able to set in permanent defensive emplacements that permitted them to secure their position and finally launch a counter offensive to destroy the Jem'Hadar base. Kestra and her team led the attack, and as a result of her actions at AR-558 she received the Distinguished Service Award, and her second Christopher Pike Medal of Valor.

Starfleet Security - Special Assignments

Following the War, Kestra transferred into Starfleet Security's special assignments division. While not as action packed as her time during the war had been, Starfleet sought need of her talents and abilities in various special circumstance operations as they came up. Her operations often required cross coordination with other divisions of Starfleet and were, generally, considered higher risk than the duties assigned to a normal security officer. Some of these assignments included but were not limited to an insertion into Orion Syndicate controlled territory to extract federation hostages, an intelligence gathering mission inside the Breen Confederacy, and a Duck Blind mission to evaluate the cultural contamination caused by accidental contact between a Starfleet ship, and a pre-warp civilization.

Tactical CONN Station Omega

In what would turn out to be her final assignment as a member of Starfleet Secruity, Kestra was sent to investigate the destruction of Tactical CONN Station Omega. Official records indicated a training accident, but her superiors wanted first hand information, and also wished to see what, if anything, could be salvaged. Early in her investigation a cursory review of the station’s manifest indicated a Betazoid by the name of Reggiene Suder had been assigned, and Kestra was shocked to see that this woman looked exactly like her, except for the fact that she was a Betazoid. This made no sense to Kestra. Sure there were look alikes and even twins. But twin across species lines? Especially a full Betazoid twin when Kestra herself had been born a half Betazoid? No. That made no sense at all and despite her mandate, she found herself drawn to Suder and a need to know who she was and began to inquire as to her whereabouts as her body was not among the dead.

USS Theurgy

Kestra found Suder’s records sealed. She made inquiries into Command but was stonewalled. She even returned to San Francisco to bang on Admiral’s doors to demand answers, but she never made it inside before Starfleet Security took her into custody. She found herself in the office of an Admiral Anderson who told her she was making too much noise for her own good and that of her twin. This was the first anyone had ever acknowledged Suders existence to Kestra.

A deal was struck. Anderson had answers for her, answers she might not like. He was willing to share those answers. But if she accepted his offer, she would also have to unconditionally accept reassignment to a posting of his choosing. No. She could not know what the assignment was, that knowing the assignment meant taking the assignment. Between the desire to know who and what this Reggiene Suder is and her sense that Anderson was about to send her somewhere that needed her skills and protection badly, she eagerly made the deal. It was then that Anderson read her into the Theurgy's mission and sent her to the Romulan Neutral Zone, where she would wait at starbase to be picked up by a member of the Theurgy and transferred to that Command.

Personality Profile


Kestra was a protector and a fighter. Having been victimized at a young age, Kestra decided that she would be a victim no more and dedicated her life to the protection of those around her. She was tough as nails, well versed in many forms of both armed and unarmed combat and took her job extremely seriously.

Off duty, Kestra was a warm, caring, and compassionate individual. She enjoyed her leisure time, though she was not frivolous. She was more than happy to go to a party and have a good time, but was never the party animal, choosing instead to enjoy herself, be social, have a drink or two and make sure that she keeps her wits about her so that she can be there to ensure things go well for all involved. Even in her social gatherings, the need to protect never turned off.

Physical Profile

Kestra kept herself in shape almost to a fault and is well toned. As a result of the rigorous training and exercise routine she maintained, she had a bit more muscle mass than the average female Trill, but not so much more that it would be overtly noticeable. She typically wore her hair at shoulder length or just above, and while her styles would vary from time to time, she often found it easier to maintain a more simple, and more practical look. Kestra did not fuss over cosmetics, though she was known to wear makeup that accented her eyes. She has no piercings or markings beyond her Trill spots, though she does still bear some of the scars of physical injuries she sustained during the course of her duties. While these scars could be easily removed, she has chosen to keep a select few as reminders that she is not invulnerable, and of her own personal history and how that's motivated her to become who she is today.

Kestra’s wardrobe tends to be more of the practical and stylish than the outlandish and over the top. She has adopted many styles of clothing, but her collection is curated to emphasize practicality and freedom of movement. This is not to say she has no fancy or delicate pieces in her wardrobe, but rather that they are not often the preferred choice. She carries herself with a serious but approachable attitude that she hopes will convey a sense of safety and comfort to those around her so they are more comfortable coming to her if they are in trouble.


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