Dominic Winters

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Name:Dominic Winters
Rank:Lieutenant Junior Grade
Position:Valkyrie Pilot
Species:Kzinti - Ferasan Augment
Orientation:  Pansexual
Height:7ft 6in / 2.29m
Weight:425lbs / 193kg
Hair:Tan with black stripe patterns throughout it, pale white fur on the chest, inner arms, legs and groin. Has a short black mohawk like mane that grows from the top of his head down to between his shoulder blades.
Eye color:Amber-Gold with Tiger-like Irises
Played by:(Not Found yet!)


Games of Challenge



Martial Arts


2363 - 2367: Los Angeles Polytechnic Academy 2368 - 2372: Starfleet Academy
Service Record
2372 - 2374: Ensign, CONN Officer, USS Akira

2374 - 2375: Ensign, Fighter Pilot, USS Thunderball

2375 - 2378: Lieutenant JG, Fighter Pilot, USS Thunderball

2378 - 2380: Lieutenant, Fighter Pilot, USS Monarch

2380 - 2381: Lieutenant JG, Undercover Operative, Void Dragon Pirates

2381 Transferred to USS Theurgy
2373: Starfleet Cross for Distinguished Service

2374: Starfleet Medal of Valor

A new addition to the Theurgy crew as a Pilot for the Valkyries, Dominic was a highly experienced officer with a storied and somewhat complicated history. Having served on multiple vessels, from Helmsman of the USS Akira to piloting Peregrine Fighters in the Dominion War to finally to the MKII Valkyries. He was a recent transfer from an SI operation, being brought onboard the Theurgy by the IKS Vaskat.



Dominic was born on a small space station in a dark corner of Federation space in the year 2351, the result of a successful experiment between Kzinti and Ferasan geneticists seeking to create some kind of designer soldier and function as the original template. He was born in an artificial womb, however the geneticists would not see the full fruits of their labours as Starfleet under the direction of Intelligence raided the facility and shut it down. During the raid they found a two year (Standard Earth) old Dominic, tagged subject 01 hidden away with other non combatants and once cleared the facility along with the research was taken into S.I possession and likely destroyed.

Dominic himself got adopted by one of the officers involved with the raid, one Lieutenant Commander T’ren, a Caitain male married to Jascinta Winters; a City Administrator of Los Angeles. They were warned of his unique traits and likely unique needs depending on how he developed as a child due to his augments. He grew up on Earth in a fairly loving home with some observations from his parents and a solid doctor who at the time was aware of his origins. As he grew he got bigger, stronger, quicker and turned into a right ball of energy for them to deal with. However they were prepared well for what to expect with Kzinti and enrolled him into a variety of different sports at first to help expend all that energy, teach him some discipline and give him some interactions with other children. Outside of his schooling they enrolled him into martial arts courses as a means of focus, trying out different sorts to see what fit him best. Eventually going with Judo and Kickboxing. When his telepathy began to manifest, Dominic wore a blocker during his schooling days while undertaking classes to control his ability so he didn’t accidentally project into other peoples minds or be overwhelmed by the emotions and thoughts of people around him.

His schooling years were spent attending LA’s Polytechnic school wherein he kind of stood out. Being the largest in the class and children being the vicious little critters they can be. He got bullied and tolerated it, took it in stride as best he could and made some friends throughout the years. He inevitably got into fights with more aggressive students who picked at him or his friends. When his younger brother and sister got brought into school he became protective of them. He took up Ice Hockey and Football wherein he earned the nickname Atlas for being an absolute unit on the field for his strength alone.

Overall he became a bit of a problem student when it came to attendance in his middle years at school. Showing up only about two thirds of the time and still did reasonably well despite it. Much to the chagrin of the teachers at the time who had to deal with him. In his later years of High school (Years 10-12), Dominic got roped into his schools sports teams and athletics circles and became semi-popular due to his presence in the teams. While his social skills weren’t great and his limited social battery held him back from getting really deep into it, Dom did get to attend some of the more fun parties and celebrations. He did get a reputation however for building a small ‘body count’ of partners over time from this, though he never entered into any long term relationships. Along with getting his revenge on certain school bullies and other folks in Ice Hockey and Football. He attended a Starfleet Prep program to help get him into the Starfleet Academy.


In 2368 after graduating from high school Dominic applied for Starfleet Academy, aiming originally to join as a member of Starfleet Security. By this point he had gotten good at hiding the extent of his augments (His strength, stamina, reflexes), and while he did very well on the physical side of the tests, his demeanor and temperament were not considered up to snuff for what Starfleet at the time sought. He got recommended however for Tactical and CONN as he showed the potential to do well in these fields. He did test for them and during his time found himself absolutely loving the roles in Tactical and CONN. He settled into Starfleet Academy well enough and made friends with a fellow student and new roommate of his, Tobias King who joined the same year to pursue Starfleet Medical. They got along like a house on fire from the get go, two halves of the same coin where Dominic being the quieter, gruff one while Tobias was the more outgoing and extroverted sort. They shared many first experiences together, where one went the other was almost always nearby.

Out of both curiosity and a little nudging from Tobias, to round out Dominic’s knowledge he took a Minor course in Engineering as a means of learning and understanding the vessels he is on beyond the rudimentary. Mind you, a minors in the course so he was not an engineer by any stretch of the imagination. He applied himself very well at the Academy, growing into a much more mature teen and young adult who was not so much a problem child. Though still somewhat introverted. Something that likely won’t change. His time otherwise was great and he got to participate in a variety of sports at the Academy, Chess, Parisses Squares turned out to be his favourite as it did allow him to unleash his aggression and release some of his restraint.

He graduated from the Academy in 2372 second in his classes with him getting a pass in his minor of engineering. Tobias studied medicine and graduated in 2373. Dominic got posted almost immediately to the USS Akira, wherein he assumed the position of CONN Officer primarily. Though he did take third shift as Tactical on different rotations for variety. Not to mention shuttle pilot if requested. His first posting was incredible for Dominic though and this is where he started building the reputation for giving his COs gray hairs. His reaction times permitting him to execute tight, rapid turns and maneuvers that really put the craft to the test. Of course his Captain did appreciate the skills that the young man had, even if he lacked the experience.

DOMINION WAR (2373-2375)

The first few months of the Dominion War Dominic distinguished himself as the Akira engaged with Dominion ships, young Dominic had his first real taste of combat at the battle of Toros III. The Akira took a right beating while assisting in destroying the Dominion shipyards, his potential as a pilot shone here as he put the escort through its paces evading Dominion weapons fire while tactical laid down brutal weapons fire. The ship suffered damage still but nowhere near as much as it could of and through his deft skills he earned a Meritorious service medal.

Post battle of Toros III, the Akira limped back to Utopia Planetia shipyards for a thorough repair and Dominic got an offer to transfer into the Starfleet Peregrine squadrons. He took up the offer and got transferred to the USS Thunderball, a retrofitted Galaxy Class vessel fresh off the production line that had been adapted with expanded hangar bays and replimat facilities for the squadrons it carried.

Through shared communications both Dom and Tobias learned they were serving on the same ship and the two quickly bunked up in the same quarters. He participated in several smaller battles with the Thunderball and his Squadron. They participated in Operation Return where Dominic was in the first wave of the engagement where the fighters had to draw off the Cardassian attack ships. Eventually when they broke off to pursue the fighters the engagement turned into a melee free for all. The battle lasted a staggering five or more hours, possibly longer. With Dominic forming in with stragglers of various surviving wings and directing them to pick off heavily damaged Jem’Hadar and Cardassian vessels. What earned him a Medal of Valor in the battle, was when he and that flight of fighters took a strafing run on a badly damaged but still extremely dangerous Dominion Battleship in the mid lines. They targeted a large hull breach in the vessel and with the remaining Micro-Torpedoes stored, focused their fire, subsequently hitting something sensitive internally causing the ship to start breaking apart and detonating its core as they flew off. Survivors of the Thunderball’s fighters and the Thunderball itself, along with many others took advantage to help widen the gap and punch through that flank of the line. His fighter got tractored into the landing bay as the Thunderball passed by on the way to Deep Space 9.

Post battle Dominic took time for a little R&R on DS9 before being put back onto the war effort, acting as a specialist pilot while the Thunderball was getting much needed repairs and its Peregrine Fighter complement being repaired, rebuilt or replaced.

Throughout the latter part of the conflict they moved from Battlezone to Battlezone, Dominic got co-opted by SI or other groups to act as a CAS unit, Escort or act as a pilot for a vessel. He even got into direct ground combat on a personal level with Dominion Forces and on a rare occasion, a boarding party. He like many other personnel participated in the Battle of Cardassia, providing at first offense as part of the tip of the spear for the Federation assault and then switching it up to defending their carriers from incoming attack ships.

POST DOMINION WAR (2375 onwards)

After the war Dominic had to deal with mild PTSD that he kept to himself for the most part, a restless night here or there, other symptoms he kept to himself. He got promoted as well from Ensign to LT Junior Grade, an event that had him quite proud of his accomplishment. In 2376 while the Thunderball underwent a post war refit, Dominic got recommended for Advanced Tactical Training and headed back to Starfleet Academy. He graduated with an A- before returning to the Thunderball which had been fitted with the MKII Valkyries. With redeployment Dominic was reassigned as one of the new Tactical-CONN Officers officially and while he didn’t train anyone he did come with excellent experience for new pilots and got along with the older ones. The Thunderball got assigned to lighter duties for a time, putting out brushfires, anti-piracy and even doing some diplomatic work and other assignments the Galaxy-Retrofit could perform. This gave Dominic time to recuperate some from the traumas of the war with lighter duties. As Staff took time off or when vacancies happened, Dominic volunteered to handle third or fourth shift Tactical or CONN for variety in shifts. Over the next few years Tobias transferred off to a frontier outpost to practise his medicine as he sought to be away from a warship. While Dominic sought to stay as such outposts lacked any need for a fighter pilot. This was after a heart to heart conversation between the two. Course they keep close contact and still do, reacquainting themselves with each other whenever they met up.

In 2378 after his promotion to Lieutenant, Dominic got offered a transfer from the USS Thunderball to the USS Monarch, a Soverign class Cruiser. Sent ahead to replace a lost pilot and Valkyrie, Dominic found himself in a very different environment. More strict, more by the book to the point of anal-retentive in manner. It was a stark difference in environments from the Thunderball and its more relaxed and flexible operation and while he was able to continue with taking different shifts on the ships bridge. He found himself chafing slightly for a bit under the command of the Flight Leader, LT Commander Akan Th’rashk. An Andorian with whom the two almost immediately took a distinct dislike to one another. Despite this they forcibly worked together. On more than one occasion Dominic got pulled by S.I for tasks that required his skillset.

Things did come to a head eventually between the two as their mutual dislike of each other flared up from a training scenario as the two argued over tactics used in a particular training scenario that they participated in. This got heated to the point that Akan began to yell and Dom’s temper began to flare. It ultimately culminated in a fight with which nobody is quite sure who laid hands first they know who laid them last and it was Dominic. Akan got sent to the infirmary and Dom to the Brig. After treatment and an investigation performed and while it was discovered that likely Akan had taken the first swing, Dominic used excessive force to end the fight which had resulted in his injuries. Dom got demoted down to LT JG after time with the counsellor revealed underlying issues concerning the effects of the war, stress and other circumstances which warranted him to take a much needed leave.

He spent a couple of months travelling different worlds and taking time for himself, eventually winding up on a neutral pleasure world where he spent two weeks. He got involved in some questionable vehicle races there and with some rather aggressive piloting and pulling off a win he earned the attention of Caitain Captain Taliss, a Captain in the Void Dragons. A group of Pirates and Scavengers who formed in the last year of the Dominion War, salvaging old battlefields for ship hulks and the like that could be repaired and fielded or sold. After spending a night with her, Dominic got contacted by an S.I Agent who’s Operation initially got disrupted by the presence of another Officer. Taking this in stride to see if they could get a man on the inside, Dominic got roped into the spontaneous operation and did manage to get in as a Pilot and muscle for Captain Taliss. (Among other more personal services.)

With the wind down of the Operation in early 2381 and Starfleet making arrests based off the Information gathered by Dom, shutting down that sect of their Operation. He got pulled and took a month off before getting a transmission from a very highly placed member of Starfleet Intelligence and directed to a pickup point where he was updated on the situation regarding the USS Theurgy and directed to join the crew in their mission.

Personality Profile

When you first meet Dominic you’ll see an individual who carries himself with quiet confidence. Standing tall and proud with excellent posture and grooming. Highly dedicated to his job and always looking to improve, Dominic will do his best when on duty to perform in what position or function he has been assigned.

Socially speaking when off duty, Dominic has a limited social battery and leans more towards being an introvert rather than an extrovert. Preferring smaller crowds and group over larger social gatherings which can deplete his battery quickly unless he has a space or some time to take a breather. He does prefer sticking with people he knows however in larger groups, the friendlier the better. Aside from this Dominic comes across as a fairly independent entity who enjoys being self-reliant and fairly willful which has proven both helpful in life but also a detriment when it comes to meeting others of a willful nature and they clashed.

He has a temper and a fierce one at that which has been tempered with years of discipline and restraint, however when it pops it can pop and quite spectacularly at that. Unless you’re on the receiving end of it. Then it can be downright terrifying. In battle Dominic lacks the same lack of caution other Kzin do but does have their cool, near inhuman willful and collected nature which has served him very well in stressful situations. Though this does not mean he is immune to the after effects and has his own coping mechanisms, such as with the Dominion War giving him post traumatic stress in the form of flashbacks, anxiety and the occasional flinch at loud noises. Beneath the surface though Dom loves a good fight and facing other challenges that allow him to put his skills to the test and get an adrenaline high out of it.

In a professional space he comes across as stoic, slightly guarded and for some detached with how cool, controlled and calm he can be. Save for moments where he reacts without thinking. Personally or when in a more social, hair let down sort of setting Dominic can be much more of a goofball, bad jokes, puns, and other sorts of humor seeping in. He has unfortunately a bit of an easy individual and has low-ish standards for partners. His time in the war did instil in him a deep hatred for Cardassians and the Dominion, to the point he will not deal with members of the Dominion in any shape or form unless forced. While Cardassians are held at an extreme arms length and barely tolerated. Due to his augments, Dominic can get restless without being occupied doing something to the point of fidgeting which may lead to pacing and irritation.

Physical Profile

Dominic stands at 7ft 6in and as a Kzin he sports a powerfully built frame honed by years of sports, martial arts and physical training coupled with his hybrid heritage casts a pretty intimidating visage. His eyes are a bright, intense amber-gold colour with round pupils, along with the reflective layer that caused his eyes to glow slightly when picking up light in the dark. His thick pelt was a deep, dusty gold colour over the back, head, legs and tail wherein it fades into a paler cream on the undersides. Namely the chest, inner arms, groin and inner thighs. He sported beautiful, deep black stripe patterns streaking through his pelt. Otherwise physiologically he can pass pretty well for a full grown male Kzinti. There are some differences however.

His ears, while rounded and sporting a rough similar shape to the Kzin, are thicker and furry all around rather than membranous like the Kzin’s parasol type ears. They are still capable of folding flat, though not to the point of complete closure. His hands end in four thick fingers and a thumb, each sporting razor sharp, deadly retractable claws. Though his right hand’s claws have been replaced with Cybernetics from his time in the war. His inner right ear sports a barcode like tattoo that’s been there since he was a child. Beyond that he has had very few scars on his body as many of them had been corrected cosmetically.

From the top of his head, just between his ears is a darker ridge of fur like a mohawk that travels down the back of his neck and fades out just between his shoulder blades. His upper canine teeth are slightly larger in length by nearly two inches which gives him a slight look of a saber-tooth feline. This grants a wicked bite and doesn’t impede his eating habits much. Finally his reproductive system mostly matches that of the Kzinti, though he is far more capable to engage in sex for the fun of it rather than solely reproduction. The cartilaginous barbs that they have on the secondary knot are softer for more stimulation over the potential pain they bring.

Despite being furry Dominic did grow up on Earth so clothes have always been a must, in which he favours loose fitting tunics without sleeves and baggy slacks and custom made shoes and sandals as needed for social situations.

Special Notes

Augments: Dominic was an augment, featuring the potential for twice the strength and endurance of your average male Kzinti. This does require him to maintain it with regular exercise and caloric intake increase. His agility and reflexes are also quite high, being roughly twice that of peak Kzin. Overall he required a 20-30% increase to caloric intake to maintain this.

He had an impressive ability in being able to recover from injuries quicker than most, recovering in 2/3rds the time others would.

He was an expert in Judo and Kickboxing, with training in Klingon and Vulcan Martial arts, skill listing in that order.

Has sired at least two children out there in the galaxy.

He can speak English, Kzin, Ferasan / Cait and Klingon. Knows how to curse in a few other tongues.

Excellent pilot, put him at the helm of a ship and he will make it work! He has a killer sweet tooth with a big love for chocolate, hard candies and things that are not gooey. Have you tried getting cream centered candy out of fur?!

Can eat plant based foods in limited quantities and gain nutrition from him due to the presence of the enzymes in his digestive tract. To enjoy a full diet though he takes a monthly shot of medication that lets him eat normally. Without it, to much plant based food can lead to gastro-intestinal distress of varying degrees and a great deal of irritation.

Active Telepath with basic training.