Qo'noS Shore Leave Calendar

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This page is for planning events during the Qo'noS shore leave in Interregnum 01-02, which takes place between Episodes 1 and 2 of Season 2. Each day will have a bullet point list of events including the time in which the events occur. This, to aid all writers in orienting themselves around what their characters might be doing before and after each event. Away missions and major events should be listed here as well. This Calendar is available to be edited by everyone, so please make sure to add relevant events! Just remember to use past tense, like in the rest of the wiki.

Interregnum 01-02 of Season 2 begins on the 19th of April 2381, known hereby as Day 1, and more days will be added as the weeks are opened up for story development. Here you may find available Story Objectives to be fulfilled if you have no plot ideas of your own for your characters. There are none listed yet, but a new announcement will be made when such are added as well.

Day 01 - April 19, 2381

  • At 0800 hrs. Captain Ives summons new members of the Senior Staff to the Conference Lounge of Deck 01.

Day 02 - April 20, 2381

  • Add first major event!

Day 03 - April 21, 2381

Day 04 - April 22, 2381

  • Add first major event!

Day 05 - April 23, 2381

  • Add first major event!

Day 06 - April 24, 2381

  • Add first major event!

Day 07 - April 25, 2381

  • Add first major event!

Those are the currently available days in Interregnum 01-02 Season 2!