Daniel Havenborn, callsign "Salvo"

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Name:Daniel Roman Havenborn
Position:Fighter Pilot
Orientation:  Heterosexual
Birthplace:Ouranos, Mars
Weight:192 lbs
Eye color:Brown
Played by:Theo James
Before his transfer to the USS Resolve, Daniel quite enjoyed spending time in the holodeck, working on creating his own holonovel. He kept it under lock and key as he wasn’t quite ready for other people to see it.
Daniel also loved to read anything from ancient Earth history and was quite skilled with energy weapons and bladed weapons, although being skilled with a bladed weapon was more recent.
Daedalus Academy of Military Science (two semesters)
Starfleet Academy, class of 2374
Tactical CONN Academy, class of 2378.
Service Record
2367-2370: Served aboard the USS Navarre as an enlisted man
2374: Assigned to the USS Persephone as an officer.
2378: Assigned to the USS Resolve.
2378: Assigned to the USS Theurgy.
Citation of Conspicuous Gallantry
Purple Heart

Daniel Roman Havenborn was Squadron Commanding Officer for the Grey Wolves Squadron aboard the USS Resolve. Havenborn aided in the opposition against the parasites that compromised Starfleet Command in the end of the 24th century.


2349 – 2367 – Early Life

Daniel was born to Vander and Francesca in the city of Ouranos on the planet Mars (Sol IV). Growing up Daniel and his brother Rogal were often times left under the care of their Aunt Larice and Uncle Emile. His father was a career military man in the Ouranos Military Police Force and generally worked long shifts patrolling the Ouranos territory. His mother worked as a chief fabrications engineer at the Ouranos Armory, making weapons and armor for the OMPF. Daniel’s Uncle Emile essentially became his father figure and the young Daniel aspired to be like him. From the day he was born he was taught about his family’s history; from the Havenborns of ancient Rome to the Havenborns who joined the Eastern Coalition. It was shortly after the formation of the United Earth government that remnants and supporter of the Eastern Coalition were exiled from Earth and settled on Mars establishing the domed cities of Ouranos and Daedalus. For years the two cities managed to keep to themselves, carving out their own little pocket empire on Mars. The newly developed United Federation of Planets had no wish to start a war with them and as such they began to work out a diplomatic treaty which was met with setback after setback with both sides being unreasonable. For the past hundred years the treaty has gone through hundreds of revisions with no end in sight.

The young Daniel always enjoyed hearing about his family line; he loved learning about their ancient history. However when his sister was born tragedy struck the family, his mother and father had been visiting relatives out in the Daedalia Planum when his mother had to give birth. The region that they were visiting had a single doctor who couldn’t be contacted and because of this Daniel’s mother, Francesca, had trouble during childbirth and died shortly thereafter. When Daniel found out he blamed his sister and when he attempted to hurt her he was sent away to live with his Aunt and Uncle who subsequently punished him for what he tried to do.

While living with his Aunt and Uncle he did very well in school and was even offered early scholarship to the Daedalus Academy of Military Science, to which Daniel accepted. He joined DAMS and while he made lots of friends his mind began to wander. Unlike Starfleet his people had opted not to leave Mars at all, they did trading with other cities on the planet but their military forces were purely planetary based. The Ouranos Military Police Force had an Air Wing and a Ground Force, while the Daedalus Military Police Force maintained a fleet of Ground Force consisting of hover-tanks to light vehicles. The closest either military force got to anything space based is the Ouranos Anti-Matter Missile Range located several miles south of Ouranos. Though Daniel would eventually learn from some of his reading in a restricted section that three of the twelve original ships that had brought the exiles here were buried out in the Daedalis Planum, these three ships were meant to have been the first of a number of warships developed for when his ancestors had planned to strike back at Earth, a plan that had never come to fruition.

Now knowing about these ships Daniel now had to urge to see the galaxy, he wanted to learn more about it and when he told his Aunt and Uncle about this they warned him that leaving would mean he’d be disowned and shunned for life however Daniel was not discouraged. When his brother found out however the two of them got into a heated argument and a fist-fight over it. In the end his brother Rogal left and that would be the last time to two would speak.

When Daniel turned 18 he graduated primary school with top marks and the Daedalus Academy of Military Science began processing him for the next semester, offering him many benefits and his choice of post-schooling appointment. Daniel now wanting to explore the galaxy told them that he was quitting and when he told his Aunt and Uncle about his plans to join Starfleet, they were very disappointed in him. While his Aunt and Uncle told him that he’d be welcome to visit them they knew that the rest of the family wouldn’t allow it. Shortly afterwards he announced his decision to join Starfleet to the rest of his family and as expected his father told him he was no longer any son of his and was told to leave as soon as possible. It took Daniel a few days to arrange a transport and during his time at home he found that even his friends had begun to shun him, the only people to really pay him any attention were his Aunt and Uncle and the shop owners that he bought things from.

2367 – 2374 – Starfleet Service & The Academy

As Daniel left his home on Mars he enlisted in Starfleet and after his training he served on the USS Navarre, an Excelsior-class starship, and for three years he served with distinction in the Tactical department, his Commanding Officer on the Navarre even sponsored his application to join Starfleet Academy.

His time at the academy however wasn’t what he had imagined it to be, he had expected it to be like his time at DAMS but it was much more relaxed, you didn’t have drill instructors waking you up at 0400 and if you missed a meal there were plenty of places to get another one. It took him awhile to get used to everything, he was used to much more abuse from his instructors when he got something wrong but after his first year things became much easier for Daniel. In his second year he made some lasting friends and even went on a few dates, however when he got into Nova Squadron he found his love of piloting. He switched minors from Security to CONN, with his major remaining in Tactical.

In his third year while part of Nova Squadron Daniel was sponsored by his Tactical Studies teacher for Cadet Training Squadron 47, otherwise known as Red Squad. His teacher had become impressed with him recently and felt that he deserved this appointment. Daniel was thankful and worked hard to be a good Red Squad Cadet. In his fourth year Daniel was one of sixteen Red Squad Cadets chosen for an extended field training class onboard the USS Dauntless, an Akira-class starship, the class lasting the whole semester allowed him to see firsthand what it was like to serve on an active starship with warp fighters. He quite enjoyed his time onboard the ship and worked hard to impress his instructors. When he graduated he was promoted to Ensign and assigned to the USS Persephone, a heavily modified Steamrunner-class designed to serve as a pocket carrier, he joined the crew as a fighter pilot officer.

2374 – 2378 – Dominion War & Aftermath


The USS Persephone was assigned to fight in the Dominion War in the final months; Daniel flew a Peregrine-class warp fighter during the war and was successful in becoming an Ace however it came with a heavy price with his squadron suffering almost 90% casualties during the war. Nearing the end of the war Daniel was nearly captured when he stayed behind to provide cover for the Persephone as she retreated from the combat zone heavily damaged, and just as Daniel was about to jump to war his fighter was attacked by a Jem’Hadar attack ship. He managed to escape the attack ship and even destroy it by getting inside its shield grid and setting off a chain reaction. However this cost him as his fighter was heavily damaged and he had to shut systems down, including life support. When the Persephone returned with a task force, Daniel had ejected and was drifting in space.

The Persephone’s crew searched for over 12 hours before finally finding him, his flight suit had managed to keep him alive just barely however his recovery was expected to take months. He was transferred to Starbase 146 for medical recovery, and during that time he fell in love with another officer stationed at the starbase. Lieutenant Junior Grade Valerie Shu Xian Lim was serving a science officer onboard the starbase and the two began a relationship while Daniel was stationed there for medical recovery. After a few months Daniel had recovered and was itching to get back to the war; however, the war ended before he had that chance. The Persephone was recalled to Starbase 146 along with half a dozen other starships to undergo post-wartime refits. Daniel was chosen among others to be part of the new Tactical CONN department that had been started. He spent a year with the other potential candidates, he already knew much of what they were teaching him but he took the opportunity to learn the new controls of the Mark-I Valkyrie-class warp fighter. Both Valerie and Daniel realized that they loved their careers more than each other ended their relationship on good terms.

2378 – 2381 – Lost in Space

Shortly after his graduation from the Tactical CONN training, he was assigned to the USS Resolve, a Luna-class Starship, along with several other pilots. He was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade for his actions during the war and was among the crew when they disappeared into the spatial anomaly. When Daniel was assigned to the Resolve he hadn't flown the Mark-II Valkyrie-class warp fighter yet and for the first couple weeks he spent time in training and soon moved on to actual sorties, it didn't take him long to learn how to control the Mark-II to the point where he had made small personal modifications to his warp fighter. During his time onboard he worked hard to help keep the unit running smoothly however the more they worked on getting home the harder things got for the squadron. After several months it became apparent that they wouldn’t be able to keep all twelve flying so he and the other pilots were tasked by the SCO to come up with alternatives.

During a particularly nasty run-in with an alien race the SCO was mortally wounded and while he had been able to pilot his Valkyrie back to the Resolve the medics were unable to help him, he left certain instructions for Daniel and the other pilots to do and with his dying breath field promoted Daniel to full Lieutenant and command of the squadron. While Daniel had been privy to a few of the senior staff briefings he originally felt very out of place amongst them though after awhile the strangeness of it began to fade and he worked closely with Captain Kendrick keeping him informed of fighter operations and working with the other senior officers on how to get home.

However slowly one by one his squadron was reduced to only three operational warp fighters, which he managed to keep running by cannibalizing parts from the other warp fighters, he hated having to do that but having three warp fighters was better than nothing. Although the warp fighters were supplemented by the fighter-shuttles idea that one of his pilots had come up with and he had left her in charge of that.

After three years of being lost in space and limping through Romulan territory to get home, Daniel was pleased when he saw Starbase 84 outside of the window, he and most of the remaining pilots had gathered in the lounge to watch it, it was much more beautiful than seeing it on a viewscreen. As the ship docked and the crew was welcomed home Daniel felt relieved but also felt uneasy about it. Like most of the other crew, he was worried that it might be an illusion or too good to be true.

Personality Profile


Daniel tried his best to be a good man but experience had taught him that no matter how good a man you were, there were beings out there that would want to hurt you or others. Daniel wasn’t afraid to do what needed to be done, and while he had made his share of mistakes, he stood by his morals as best he could. Having command has also made him slightly more protective of those under his command and he tried his very best to make sure that none of his pilots were left behind whether they were dead or alive. Daniel was also very secretive of his early life and he had only told a handful of people about his life prior to joining Starfleet.

Physical Profile

Daniel stood 6 foot by zero inches and weighs 192 pounds, he was in good shape and tried to adhere to an exercise regimen, though it didn't always go as planned. He generally kept his hair trimmed/cropped short so that it wouldn't interfere with his helmet or flight suit and also because it was far easier to maintain when it was short. He had brown eyes and generally tried to keep clean-shaven, although on his vacations, downtimes or when the mood struck him, he did tend to grow it out a little but always worked to maintain it short as well. He didn't have any tattoos or piercings, aside from an old and faded piercing on his right hand between his index finger and his thumb.

Special Notes: Genetic Enhancements

Daniel, like all members of the Neo-Eastern Coalition, was genetically enhanced. Not to the extent of the Augments of whom they originally served, but enough to help them survive in their new adopted home. Most children had the genetic enhancements performed on them before their first birthday; though the type of enhancement varied on what the parents of the children choose to groom their child for. Some are enhanced for service in the Ground Forces, some in the Aerospace Forces; others still were groomed for the Special Forces (though these children were generally kept separate from their peers).

Daniel himself was being groomed for service in the Ouranos Military Police/Aerospace Forces and as such he was given enhancements to help him in that service. Daniel's strength enhancements put him over baseline Human and under baseline Vulcan, the rough estimate being twice the human strength for his muscle mass. He had increased stamina allowing him to survive in inhospitable environments slightly longer than baseline Humans. He also had an improved memory system that bordered on the eidetic, allowing for faster learning and a reinforced muscular system, allowing him to better withstand physical trauma.

The strength and stamina enhancements had to be maintained through a strict training regimen otherwise the enhancements would become inhibited and eventually become defunct and had to be reapplied. Daniel, like the rest of his people, also had an increased appetite because of the genetic enhancements and thus required far more sustenance than normal humans.

When Daniel joined Starfleet, his enhancements were found and while there had been some reservations over it, Starfleet Medical finally concluded that his enhancements were not extreme enough to warrant his not being able to serve. Although his medical records stated these enhancements, they were sealed as per Daniel's request and required the Chief Medical Officer's authorization of a starship to unseal.

Special Notes: Harem Marriage

Amongst the city-states of the Neo-Eastern Coalition of Nations, there existed a form of group-marriage called a harem marriage. It was generally the most common form of marriage, though monogamous marriages still existed. Originally, it was just called a group marriage, but the middle eastern cultures continually referred to it as a harem and eventually, it was decided to rename it as a harem marriage. By 2381, however, many would still call it a harem for short, but everyone within both city-states understood what it meant.

A harem marriage consisted of multiple men and women cohabiting together and sharing the responsibilities of a family. Everyone was equal and consent was required amongst all parties involved. In sharing responsibility of the family, everyone took care of any children that were born and all were considered parents. A typical household had roughly eight consenting adults, with two to four children although there was no set limit to how many consenting adults could be part of a harem marriage.

On a more personal note; whenever Daniel Havenborn had explained his people's customs he had mentioned harems. However, upon mentioning them, people would assume he meant the historical Earth variation, in which he would explain that his people's definition of the word was much different.