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The Orions were a warp-capable humanoid species from the Alpha Quadrant. This species originated from the planet Orion. Orions were known for their distinctive green skin, although at least some had a more pale greyish complexion. Orion males were on average taller and more muscular than the average Human male. Orion females typically had black hair. Orion females were vknown for their extreme carnal appetites and their innate skill of seduction. A Human male could rarely resist the alluring dance of the Orion slave girl.


External Features

As a race, Orions were bipedal humanoids known for possessing a distinctive green skin tone that separated their outward appearance from other races. The green hue of their skin, which varied in tones from olive shades to almost emerald colours, was due to contribution from both their copper-based blood chemistry, and the presence of trace amounts of chlorophyll in their epidermis. Skin shade had little leaning on societal status, apart from a rare mutation that could cause a green/grey skin tone that was often regarded as inferior, though made the candidate more suitable to undergo reconstructive surgery in order to infiltrate other races.

Aside from this, on outward appearance, Orions were not physically dissimilar to Humans, though there was a more prominent physical gender divide. On average, Orion males tended to be somewhat taller and broader than human males, with larger muscles that were maintained with minimal work and developed as a natural process as opposed to a response to hard labor or exercise. The average female on the other hand, tended to be smaller and more provocative in appearance, usually with ample bosoms and slender waists. Both genders of the species tended to develop a naturally athletic physique at the end of childhood, gaining muscle definition and giving an appearance that ranged from toned to bulging. The natural athleticism however did tend to decline as an Orion aged.

Yet it was not unheard of for Orion gender physiques to be reversed. Whilst uncommon, some males were known to develop lithe and toned bodies more akin to their female counterparts. Some females were also known to become more buxom and broad as they aged, mimicking the appearance of a male. Orion medical scientists have long debated whether this is due to a natural occurrence, a result of upbringing, or a mutation.

As for facial features, Orions were also similar to Humans, though they tended towards more aquiline noses and sharper features, whilst their irises could vary between blues, greens and darker shades, along with the occasional gold and yellow tones. As a race they did not possess any physical developments, beyond skin tone, that made them appear outwardly alien, such as shaped ears, facial ridges, or epidermal patterns.

Whilst there was no recorded instance of an Orion developing body hair, well groomed head and facial hair was often seen as a sign of status within society, and evolved primarily as a means to attract others. Hair was usually dark, but it was not uncommon for Orions to dye their hair more exotic colours as a means of standing out. For lower class citizens, it was often considered disrespectful to have longer hair than someone of a higher class, resulting in the workforce and laborers to have short, sometimes forcibly, cropped hair. Within the Syndicate, many male soldiers heads were chemically treated to remove and prevent hair, as a conscious effort to make themselves appear more brutish and threatening.

Internal Biology

Internally, Orions were quite different from other humanoid races. Their copper based blood chemistry made them similar to Vulcans internally, though the similarities ended there.

Orion bone structures, though notably similar to other humanoids, did have several notable differences. For example, the joint structure of Orions was slightly different to most other humanoids, providing a wider array of articulation of limbs such as lower legs and forearms, whilst also serving as very sturdy plates that were featured prominently in Orion martial arts. The unusual, almost avian, qualities of the Orion joints could be most keenly observed when watching the typical dance style of an Orion Slave Girl.

The chlorophyll in their epidermal layers also affected the way that Orions gained energy. Whilst they still relied on the consumption of food and drinks orally to gain nourishment, and had highly efficient intestines with which they absorbed the nutrients from food, their digestive tracts were inefficient means of getting energy. Whilst the energy gained from their epidermal chlorophyll was converted handily into sugars stored in the muscles, the sugars created from food consumption were primarily used to sweeten the production of sweat, which in turn made other beings more susceptible to their pheromone production, due to the sweet aroma their bodies produced.

The unusually plant-like means of gaining energy also affected the sleep cycles of Orions, who had multiple small sleeps throughout the day, rather than one longer sleep like most other humanoids. This also facilitated the Orion readiness to use stimulants and narcotics much more frequently than other species, which could allow them to stay awake for longer periods of time. A typical piece of Orion technology, translated most easily as a 'Sunrise' was used to provide an Orion with high concentrated UV rays when not on their homeworld. These devices could take the forms of full beds, lights, and handheld devices.

The Orion brain was notably susceptible to psionic abilities however, and they had no natural means of preventing, or recognising, the presence of psionic intrusion into their own heads. However, as a race they had a predisposition to be extremely charismatic, and Orion's were known thought the Alpha and Beta quadrants to be greatly deceptive and untrustworthy, though they often first appeared to be very friendly and hospitable. Lie detectors in particular had little effect on Orion physiology, as the usual signs would not be present. Truth serums were also limited in their effectiveness. Whether this was down to their brain chemistry or their societal evolution however, it was difficult to say.


A notable biological feature that distinguished Orions from other species were the potent pheromones naturally secreted within their unusually sweet smelling sweat, which many humanoid races (as well as animals, including insects) found be very pleasant. Whilst all Orions possessed naturally strong pheromones when compared to other humanoid species, some Orions possessed far more potent pheromones that were theorised to have evolved as part of a Darwinian defensive mechanism.

By 2381, Starfleet - along with many other factions in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants - had begun to take specific inoculations against the influence of Orion pheromones. This, when specifically dealing with Orions, knowing their nature at that point in time. These inoculations lasted for 4-6 hours, and would significantly reduce the susceptibility of this Orion ability. When the counter-agent (named Antipheromone 10) was active, it inhibited the action of Orion pheromones, along with other pheromones of similar kind.

Almost all Orions exuded a natural pheromone which was more potent than that of the typical humanoid. The intensity of such pheromones varied on an individual basis, as did the effects they could present. The most common effects of the average Orion's pheromones, when exposed over a period of at least a few hours, could include: mild arousal, relaxation, a raise in metabolic rate, a increase in adrenaline production, lightheadedness, a slight rise in aggressive tendencies and an inability to concentrate. It was comparable in most humanoids to the slight 'buzz' experienced upon consuming alcoholic beverages.

However, some Orions possessed far more potent pheromones that had more debilitating effects on those exposed to them. These more potent pheromones were almost exclusive to a small percentage of female Orions, though it was possible for males to possess the same abilities if they had a strong genetic disposition. Whilst the effects also varied depending on the individual, they were generally much more potent than the effects exuded by most other Orions. Increased exposure could result in effects such as disorientation, lethargy, extreme vertigo, dangerous rises in metabolic and adrenal systems and heightened aggressive impulses. The pheromones could also act as a potent aphrodisiac, cause the affected individual to become intensely enamoured to the producer of the pheromone, and even make individuals especially prone to suggestion and manipulation.

As the chemical composition of the pheromones could differ greatly between different genetic groups, the effect on other species could sometimes greatly vary. One such pheromone was known to cause headaches in Human females, disrupt the sleep cycles of a Denobulan, whilst not having any effect on a Vulcan or her bonded mate. Yet in other strains, the hormonal rush could be fatal to young Klingon males.

It is known that the Orion Syndicate, one of the the dominant powers in Orion society, routinely screened children as they came of age to identify the pheromone intensity. Those of high levels were usually taken and trained by the Syndicate to become agents and 'slaves' gaining immediate status and power in society. The Orion Syndicate's scientists are also known to have developed a pheromonal suppressant, though it is perhaps the most closely guarded secret in the entire Syndicate. The suppressant was known to be used as both a punishment, and also as a means to infiltrate other societies without the identifying pheromones. The well managed use of this pheromone was used by the Syndicate to enforce the illusion that only the females possessed their debilitating pheromones, which allowed their recently expanded network of Male agents to be especially effective in the field.


Sexual Organs

Due to the pheromonal biochemistry of Orions, the species evolved to use sexual intercourse primarily as a means of pleasure for as far back as their recorded history goes. The reproductive system is in fact very inefficient when compared to other humanoid species.

The male reproductive system features a penis and testicles like many other humanoid species. However the nerve endings in the area were almost three-times the amount of a typical Human male, enabling them to get much more pleasure out of sexual intercourse. Their penises were also particularly textural, which maximised pleasure during intercourse to the receiving party. The semen of an Orion male contained very little genetic material and it would take at least twenty five deposits to contain the same amount of genetic material as the average Human male. The semen of an Orion male also contained a high concentration of sugars, which lead to a very sweet taste and smell.

The female reproductive system was also designed for pleasure, with large concentrations of nerve endings throughout the external and internal regions of the vagina. The species did not possess a clitoris, but instead had a fleshy ridge above the vaginal opening which provided great pleasure on contact. The vaginal canal also featured ridges that would cause great stimulation during penetration. Orion women also experienced overwhelming pleasure during childbirth, and very little pain, due to the elasticity of the vaginal canal.

Pleasure centres across both genders included the anus, the tongue, and the index and middle finger, all of which had high concentrations of nerve endings that made it very pleasurable to give, as well as receive, a number of sexual acts considered hedonistic by many other cultures. Orion sexuality was very open, with no consideration as to the gender of their other party when initiatives sexual relations. The same was also true of romantic relations, but whilst Orions did engage in monogamous relationships, these tended to be dedicated to emotional and financial well-being, rather than for sexual purposes. This fact made Orion cross-species relations unusual and typically difficult to maintain without lots of compromise from one party.

Home World

Artist's impression of Vondem's Western Hemisphere as seen during the night. Original image from Memory-Beta

The Orion homeworld, also known as Vondem, or simply Orion, was a two mooned planet in the Alnilam system, surrounding a blue-white Star within the Orion Sector in the Beta Quadrant. The system was located on the border between Federation and Klingon space, with a full orbit taking approximately 796 Earth days. An unusual planetary feature of Orion was its tilted axis, which caused the planet to experience just one day and night every 796 days. The equatorial region of the planet however, experienced a rapid day-night cycle during the dawn and dusk equinox, when the equator was closest to the sun and rotating on axis. During the early evolutionary stages of the Orion species, they were forced to be a heavily nomadic people whose to follow the sun in order to get enough energy to survive.

Another notable feature of Orion, was that the Orion’s were not the first occupants of the planet. Orion once harboured a highly advanced civilisation, which served as the basis of the mythology for the Orion people. Scriptures found in Orion ruins have even been examined by Federation archaeologists, the information found providing a basis for which to revolutionise modern immunotechnology. However, despite numerous archaeological digs and invitations to the best archaeologists in the Federation, there was not any information found regarding what happened to the ancient inhabitants of Orion, nor were any physical remains discovered.

The gravity on Orion was slightly higher than that of Earth, but not significant enough to be uncomfortable for visiting species. The landscape was relatively flat, with minimal seismic or volcanic activity. As dusk approached however, rain was almost constant, whilst as the dawn drew in, tornadoes, hurricanes and other severe weather conditions were not uncommon to develop.

The topography of Orion was difficult to map as it differed greatly between the day and night. During the night on either the East or West hemisphere, a network of oceans and archipelagos formed, whilst during the day, the oceans receded greatly and instead the landscape became more savanna like, with interspersing lakes and smaller seas. Around the equator was a jungle-like region, whilst both poles were blistering deserts during the day, and frigid wastelands at night. Orion also had a surprising lack of seawater, with over 90% of the planet’s naturally occurring water being salt-less. Due to the copper-based biochemistry of the Orions however, they needed significantly less salt in their bodies than humanoids with iron based blood, which allowed them to thrive on this planet.

Due to the landscaping vastly changing during the day and night, Orion cities were usually built on higher ground, often with multiple tiers; tending to grow upwards rather than outwards. Some of the most notable natural disasters on Orion occurred during the dusk, when flash flooding occurs, where entire cities were drowned without warning. However, these disasters were all but eradicated once the technology was developed to map the Oceans and learn which locations would be safest to build. The ruins on the planet were most well preserved around the equatorial region, in the lush forests that bloomed around the most climatically stable region of the planet. The city holding the seat of power for the Orion governing bodies, Kinarvon, was also located in this region.

Personality, Lifestyle and Culture

The Orion species was reputed to be an especially hedonistic one, their entire existence centered around concepts considered to be outdated by many other races. They valued materialism, self-indulgence and hedonism, and were an opportunistic race that had very few ethical and moral laws that corresponded to those of other warp capable species known to the Federation.

Wealth and Commerce

One of the few commonly regarded values in Orion society, was that ‘Something must be given, if something is to be received’, a principle which meant that no self-respecting Orion would accept, nor offer something as charity. The Orion concept of value extended beyond monetary gain, and was also assigned to intangible goods as well. Pleasure was considered to be a very valuable commodity, as were concepts such as reputation, beauty, revenge and countless other motives, some having no obvious value to anyone aside from the individual interpreting it. Everything gained through a transaction had a purpose to an Orion, even if it could not be seen to an onlooker. The Orion language had no words for concepts of thanks, gratitude or appreciation, as they were unnecessary in a society that expected some form of trade for any transaction, and no self respecting Orion would accept, or give, something for free. A seemingly ‘free’ gift from an Orion was known to be met with the utmost suspicion, as it indicated that the Orion would have obtained something from the ‘gift’ that the recipient is not aware of.

Due to the materialistic value of their society, Orions were a naturally hedonistic race, who sought to gain as much pleasure from life as possible. They placed high value on carnal pleasures, such as sex, food, drink, narcotics, dance and enjoyment, and did all that they could to strive for the most decadent life they could hope to achieve. Orions openly displayed wealth and there was no such concept of modesty in their society. In fact, to present oneself as less than their financial status would allow was considered to be deeply shameful by most of Orion society.

As a means of displaying wealth, Orions often pierced their bodies with elegant jewelry crafted from precious metals, studded with valuable gemstones from across the quadrant, that they were known to display very openly, and often tailored clothing to reveal midriffs. Their clothing was often made out of expensive, rather than practical, materials, such as silks, along with materials gained from rare animals, such as imported leathers and furs, even going as far as to use materials gained from other beings, such as the flayed skin of a Gorn, to make particularly fashionable items.

The concept of ‘hoarding’ money was alien to an Orion, whose society favoured spending everything they had as soon as they recieved it, which resulted in a very fast paced economy that had daily fluctuations in areas of poverty and areas of wealth.


Orion lifestyle was fast paced and self centered, the main goal being to gain enjoyment beyond all other things. As such, the concept of morality never quite caught on, as it was something that impeded in the obtention of pleasure. As such, there were no strongly defined societal rules, laws or guidelines that defined their society, instead being based on the concept of exchange and practicality of their actions.

Contrary to what other races believed, Orion was not a planet of crime filled slums, but rather, an individualist culture where individuals strove to look after themselves above all others, and would use any means to reach their goals. However, Orions were extremely pragmatic about their actions and decisions, and although they would readily exploit, deceive and betray others to better themselves, they would never do so if it was not the most practical way of gaining pleasure. For example, whilst stealing, murdering or raping would be efficient ways to gain one’s desires, it would also have the notable side effect of encouraging the victim’s dependants to strike out against the aggressor. It was rarely possible to know how well connected any one Orion was…

Despite the hidden levels of their society, Orions were reputably an untrustworthy race. Their dispositions to be treacherous and deceitful for their own sake tended to be byproducts of their individualist outlook, rather than an intrinsic desire to spread discord to others. In order for an Orion to best cater to their own personal gains, it was required that they frequently rearranged their own beliefs, loyalties, and obligations in order to ensure they did not miss out on opportunities and pleasure. Orions as a society found social ideologies and religious beliefs to be greatly amusing, and of little consequence beyond the trivial.

Whilst some Orions outwardly appear to possess qualities such as loyalty and charity, these were never to be taken at face value. Those appearing as being loyal to another only tended to remain loyal as long as the arrangement stayed in their favour. However, when the arrangement stayed fixed in favour of the Orion party, their loyalty was without question. A perfect example of this exists within the Orion Syndicate, where agents and high ranking members benefit greatly from the arrangement, and would suffer greatly if they were to rebuke it, whilst lower ranks tend to be either chemically enthralled or intimidated into staying in place.

Orion’s tended to lean towards a more chaotic style of life, and most Orion's found regimes such as starfleet unbearably oppressive. The few Orion's who had joined Starfleet tended to have been raised by other races or those who found a need to flee from Orion planets and outposts to other reasons. Some Orions were known to serve in the Klingon fleet, though these individuals tended to either be Syndicate agents, or members of diplomatic detacheés whom worked directly with the Klingons.



Orion’s have an estranged concept of family, as having and raising children is, to some, detrimental to a pleasurable lifestyle. This estrangement is also partially down to the very low chances of conception between Orions, which was approximately once out of one hundred attempts at intercource. Before fertility technology was developed, immense orgies were usually the most efficient way of attempting pregnancy.

Whilst some parents chose to raise their children in a familirial setting as would be common for a [[[Human]]], they were by far the minority. Most Orion infants were placed in the care of designated caregivers for the early years of an Orion’s life. Once the Orion child reached the age for schooling, it was then expected for them to fall under the care of the school until graduation.

For those who took the attention of the Orion Syndicate, it was usually at the age of five and a half Orion Years was usually the age in which most Orion children had reached sexual maturity and began to develop pheromones. The Orion Syndicate would routinely screen children at this age to test pheromonal potency, and would quickly ‘adopt’ any children demonstrating especially potent pheromones to train to be future agents.

Usually full education would finish at the age of eight (sixteen in Earth years) which would then prompt the child to choose a vocational path, whether to apply for further education, military training, or simply wander alone, the choice was expected to be finalised within a year, after which they would be removed from their provided accommodation and move on to the next stage of their life.

Should the Orion fail to achieve the progression required to move into the care of higher educational facilities, the military, the Orion Syndicate or any other interested party, after graduation, they would be cast out and left to their own devices to survive, often moving into one of the many slums and shanty-towns that dominated the cities of Vondem.


Social etiquette dictated that Orions were intrinsically polite, often making points to expand their vocabulary and live up to their reputation of being ‘silver-tongued’. The almost intrinsic charisma made it very easy for the race to lie with an easy smile and no outward symptoms. Deception, subterfuge and trickery were common language for a typical Orion, and as a species, they took great enjoyment in appearing enigmatic and mysterious to outsiders.

Orions tended to draw large webs of acquaintances and connections throughout their lives, but rarely made strong interpersonal relationships. Formal courtship and marriage between Orions was known to happen, however these relationships rarely demonstrated traditional monogamous values as known to some other species and instead usually served to provide a base of emotional support rather than being a physical relationship.


Orion mythology draws considerable influence from the ruins decorating the equator of the planet, with whom they associated an omnipotent protector. Early Orions believed that an omnipotent being built a wall to protect the planet from the lethargic darkness that tried to sweep over them. Every half-year, their protector waged a great battle with the darkness, which the Orion’s believed was the rapid day-night cycle experienced half way through the year, before subduing the darkness once again. Upon the advent of astronomy, this mythology fell largely into disbelief.

The Orion people believed that their protector kept them bathed in light in order to look down at the people for entertainment. In response to this belief, Orions would celebrate the protector with great carnal demonstrations, erotic dances, performative sexual demonstrations, depraved and kinky sexual displays and heaving orgies with dozens of participants. As the mythology became redundant, these practices had become so embedded in Orion lifestyle that they continued, despite no longer being in worship of a deity, but instead simply for pleasure.


As a result of the fast-paced individualist strive for pleasure, Orions were notably unwilling to perform any tasks in which they were unlikely to achieve their own goals of pleasure and self-gratification. As such, Orions relied heavily on slavery in order for their society to function. Many Orion slaves were Orions who were willingly or forcibly inducted in order to pay off debts to those with more power than themselves. However, since the advent of warp technology, a vast many of the slaves on Orion belong to other species.

Despite common belief, not all slaves were labourers and physical workers, though the vast majority did tend to be sold into these roles. Orion slavers kept a keen eye for slaves who performed their duties amicably, whom would be easily resold for higher prices to fill more noteworthy positions. Such slaves often found themselves risen in society. Many key positions in Orion society are occupied by those taken as slaves, owned by individuals or organisations who ensure that their slaves are placed into the best positions to fit the needs of their masters. On Those Orions whom had the means, tended to use their slaves as a display of their own personal wealth; the better treated the slaves, the greater the wealth off the owner. Some slaves were treated as adored pets, and were largely free to explore their own pursuits within the confines of their owner’s estates, others, served as concubines, staff, or managers of the household, filling whichever roles their owners required them to.

The Orion slave trade was also a front to the notorious Orion Syndicate, which was rumoured to be the only form of governing body for the Orion species. The Syndicate used the slave trade in order to deploy operatives into key positions throughout the Alpha and Beta quadrants, as an Orion pleasure slave was easily worth their weight in Latinum for a humanoid interested in sexual exploits…

Orion Syndicate

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